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About Course:
  • Duration/Mode: 32hrs Classroom Training + 24hrs Live Online Training + 50hrs E-Learning Access
  • Trainer: Seasoned industry experts with 10+years experience 
  • Membership: Get 1-Year Membership of Henry Harvin Anaytics Academy and avail the following benefits: 
    • E-Learning Access: Get Recorded Videos, Games, Projects, Case Studies 
    • Brushup Sessions: Free Brushup Sessions for 1-Year 
    • Job Support: Get access to 10+ Job Opportunities every week
  • Alumni Status: Get a Henry Harvin Alumni status & network with 18000+distinguished alumni worldwide 

Learning Benefits: 
  • Understand 'What' & 'How' aspects of Machine Learning
  • Get insights from Industry Best Practices for Data manipulation & summarisation
  • Facilitate Predictive decision making by getting better insights into the data
  • Gain insight into customer behavior across Different Channels through segmentation and accurate lifetime prediction 
  • Get Full Fledged View of how to detect financial spams, make medical predictions, improve precise financial decisions, have accurate sales forecast and many more related topics
  • Take Actionable better Data-Driven Decisions to increase market share 
  • Helps with Adjusting to Macro Changes in predictive models

Carrer Benefits:
  • Become Eligible for machine learning jobs demanding background 
  • Open doors to Job Opportunities Abroad demanding specialization
  • Fill the void of thousands of untapped High-Paying Jobs in analytics with Talent Shortage 
  • Get Promoted in current profile with most in-demand skill 
  • Distinguish your profile from peers during Job Interviews 
  • Earn a Rewarding Certification- 'Certified Machine Learning Practitioner' (CMLP)
  • Upgrade biz card with Hallmark of Global Credential-CMLP Professional added next to your name
  • Improve CV & Linkedin Profile with professional development 
  • Support a Startup with high ROI  
  • Build a Startup in one of the most rewarding fields of today- Machine Learning!

Batch Dates

On Campus New Delhi 32 Hours INR 15,000.00

Registrations Open

Module 1
  • Introductory Topics to Analytics
  • Introduction to Data Management
  • Basics of Programming
  • Data Structures
  • Data Manipulation & Summarisation
Module 2
  • Analytical Modeling
  • Statistical Tests
  • Linear Regression
  • Visualisation using Graphs
  • Missing Value and Outlier Analysis
Module 3
  • Clustering
  • Decision Trees
  • Ensembles (Bagging & Boosting)
Module 4
  • Gradient Boosting
  • Support Vector  Machine
  • Bayes Classifier

How it is beneficial for you?

Advantages to different domains and industries

Commonly Asked Questions

Machine learning with Python course will give you all the tools you need to get started with future predictions about upcoming trends.

After completing this course with Henry Harvin, you will become eligible for machine learning jobs in India as well as abroad. This is the most relevant course for you as per the demands of the market.

We do have class room trainings but in this scenario, we are conducting online classes.

At Henry Harvin, the duration of this course includes 32 hours of classroom training followed by 24 hours of live online training and 50 hours of E-learning access.

The given course will help you both in terms of starting your own business as well as fetching a job. It would help you distinguish your profile from others by adding CMPL with your name.

Looking at the latest demands in the market, the course has been designed keeping in mind the following things:

  • To help learners detect financial spams
  • To make medical predictions
  • To make accurate sale forecasts
  • To take precise financial decisions

The 50 hours free access of E-learning provides the learners with a lot many added benefits like case studies, projects, games, recorded videos etc.

A. You need login to our website with your credentials and our relationship manager will guide you throughout the process.

We accept Card payment, Net banking as well as other online payments.

The fee for the course is INR 15,000 which includes the E- learning resource but the benefits that it offers are way more than the amount mentioned.

Python code is understandable by humans, which makes it easier to build models for Machine Learning.

Machine learning remains a tough nut to crack. But our trained and equipped industry specialist trainers with the use of advanced technology make it easy and understandable.

In the recent era, the use technology has increased multi-folds, in this technology prone era, you have to take the help of new technologies and learn to use them. Thus, this course has become all the more essential for people.

You become eligible for high paying jobs in analytics and become a ‘Certified Machine Learning Practitioner.

We at Henry Harvin provide the best learning benefits provide experts who are experienced. In addition, you also get the membership of our learning resource for 1 year and Job Support.

We at Henry Harvin give you multiple options and provide maximum handholding. In case you miss a class, you can watch the recorded session or can attend the session with the next batch.

Yes, you can ask your doubts and contact the faculty even after the Machine Learning course with Python course.

The course is divided into four major modules which are further sub divided into sub-modules for better understanding.

You can delve deeper into the entire scenario by downloading the brochure from: Click Here

Python Machine Learning at Henry Harvin

Machines are taking over many jobs that men and women did a decade or two ago. Men and women are training themselves to make computers more efficient and smarter. But they can only do as much as they are programmed to do. Computer scientists are working tirelessly to make computers so efficient that they can learn from their own experience and the data that is in their possession.

The main aim of a learner machine is to generalize from the data it possesses. To generalize means the computer has the ability to perform accurately on new data after having experienced it in a learning data set.

Machine learning means to train the computer to draw inferences and predict market risks or opportunities. The most versatile computer language in machine learning is python. It requires specialized learning on the part of an operator to gain mastery in this language. Having attained this mastery, sky is the limit for the professional in terms of job opportunities and salary.

All machine learning identifies, learns or creates rules based on which the machine uses its knowledge. There are different methods with which algorithms identify and utilize the knowledge.

Learning classifies systems (LCS) are algorithms in which a discovery component, and a learning component, perform one of the following

  • Supervised learning
  • Reinforcement learning
  • Unsupervised learning.

Some algorithms teach a machine to use its knowledge based on a set of rules which discover relationships between products in large-scale transaction data recorded by point-of-sale (POS) systems. Rakesh Agrawal, Tomasz Imieliński and Arun Swami found that the sales data of a supermarket indicated that if a customer buys onions and potatoes together, he would often buy hamburger meat also. Knowledge of relationships between merchandize can be used for making decisions regarding marketing activities. These could guide the establishment in their marketing strategy. It helps them to know where to place a certain product and alongside which other products or when to offer promotional pricing.

This is one among hundreds of examples of how useful Machine learning with python is.

Having understood what can be gained by doing a certification course with python, the next question is where the best certification courses are available and how many kinds of courses are available.

There are many institutions and academies which offer such courses but the best machine learning course, the best machine learning certification and the best machine learning online courses are available at Henry Harvin academy. An aspirant can do a certification course or simply learn how to use machine learning in python. The on-line course is much sought-after at Henry Harvin. This is due to the flexibility that Henry Harvin offers. The course content is the best in those categories as compared to all the courses offered by other academies. It is sometimes difficult to gain registration at Henry Harvin academy because the number of aspirants is so much higher than the number of seats available.

Henry Harvin’s machine learning training is the best hands-on training as it offers so many add-ons to the main training.

Any academy is good as its faculty. The faculty at Henry Harvin is highly experienced. Apart from being experienced in their areas of expertise, they are very patient teachers. Students at Henry Harvin are not intimidated by the faculty, as the faculty encourages the aspirants to discuss and solve what ever difficulty they face. The core idea of teaching at this academy, is that the aspirants should gain their certification without any shortfall in learning. This is one of the major reasons why Henry Harvin courses in machine learning, machine learning certification, machine learning online course, machine learning training are considered the best. Most people who have done machine learning with python from Henry Harvin speak glowingly about their experience there.

The machine learning course, machine learning certification, machine learning online course, machine learning training are the best at Henry Harvin as they teach in detail and give deep understanding of the 'what' and 'how' aspects of machine learning.

Best practices for data manipulation and summarization are accorded to the students. These are gleaned from Industry insights.

The machine learning course, machine learning certification, machine learning online course, machine learning training help the students at predictive decision making by getting better insights into the data.

The machine learning course, machine learning certification, machine learning online course, machine learning training are so designed that students learn

  • to detect financial spams
  • to make medical predictions
  • to make precise financial decisions
  • to accurately forecast sales.

All the courses are completed in 32 hours of classroom training spread over a number of days. This gives the students time to absorb the teaching well and to weigh and discuss if there is anything that is difficult for them to understand. The students are then exposed to on-line training for 24 hours. This live training gives the students a real time feel of what will be expected of them when they join the work force.

At the end of the course, all students have access to 50 hours of E-learning which further consolidates their learning. 50 hours access to E-Learning provides the students with recorded videos, games, projects and most importantly, case studies.

  • In spite of having completed these courses with the best faculty and having enjoyed the best curriculum, at Henry Harvin, the students have the additional facility of free brush-ups one year, post the course.
  • Every student has access to more than ten placements and job opportunities every week within the country and abroad.
  • Those who gain their certification from Henry Harvin Analytics Academy, the best and most elite, gain a 1-Year membership to it.
  • When you have the standing of a Henry Harvin Alumni, you can hold your head up in the job market and join 18000+distinguished alumni network, worldwide.

For a fee of INR 15,000, a student becomes eligible for jobs which demand a background in machine learning. They become capable of filling thousands of high-paying jobs in analytics as there is a shortage of qualified personnel in this field.

Warning! Beware of Fraud Overseas Job Providers, Fraud Institutes and Fake Certificates issued by them. To ensure the authenticity of the institute and HENRY HARVIN certificate please contact HENRY HARVIN at 9015266266 or finance@henryharvin.com. OR Click Here to verify the certificate and view public notice issued.

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