Certified Professional in Cabin Crew Course

Certified Professional in Cabin Crew Course

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Elevate your career prospects with Henry Harvin® Certified Professional in Cabin Crew Course | Gain the skills and knowledge necessary to excel as a cabin crew member | Understand the principles of aviation, passenger handling & airport management | Our expert instructors offer personalized instruction and hands-on training | Enroll now and take the first step towards an exciting new career in aviation

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26 Feb 2024

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Learning Period

244 Hours

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About the Certified Professional in Cabin Crew Course

Certified Professional in Cabin Crew Course

Are you interested in a career in aviation?

Welcome to Henry Harvin® Certified Professional in Cabin Crew Course .This course is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to excel as a cabin crew member. Our expert instructors will guide you through safety procedures, customer service, and more. You will r eceive personalized instruction and hands-on training. Upon completion of this course, you will be prepared to take on the challenges of the cabin crew profession. This exciting career path offers opportunities for travel and personal growth. Enroll now and start your journey toward becoming a certified cabin crew professional.


Who can Enroll and Eligibility criteria

To enroll in this course Candidate must have passed 10+2 (in any subject) and meet the eligibility criteria listed below 

  • Age: 18-24 years 
  • Height: 5 feet & above (Female)/ 5.5 feet & above (Male)
  • Weight-height in proportion
  • Eyesight Good 
  • English Proficiency

9 in-1 Benefits

  • Training: 244 Hours of live Two-way interactive online sessions
  • Projects: Facility to undergo projects related to Key aspects of dynamic needs of the aviation industry.
  • Internship: Get Internship Support to gain Practical knowledge
  • Certification: Get Course Completion Certification of Certified Professional in Cabin Crew Course from Henry Harvin®  a Govt of India recognized & Award-Winning Institute
  • Placement: 100% Placement Guarantee For 1-Year post successful Completion 
  • E-Learning: Free access to E-learning Portal, video content, assessments, and future updates.
  • Masterclass: Access to 52+ Masterclass Sessions for soft skill development
  • Hackathons: Free Access to #AskHenry Hackathons and Competitions
  • Membership: 1-Year Gold Membership of Henry Harvin® Aviation, Hospitality, Travel & Tourism Academy for the Certified Professional in Cabin Crew Course

Trainers at Henry Harvin® 

  • Most renowned industry experts with 14+ years of work experience and recognized by various organizations over the years for their work.
  • Have been invited to 350+ keynote classes for the Certified Professional in Cabin Crew Course.
  • Have delivered 410+ lectures and are currently enlisted as domain experts with Henry Harvin® Aviation, Hospitality, Travel & Tourism Academy

Alumni Status 

Become a part of the Elite Aviation, Hospitality, Travel & Tourism Academy of Henry Harvin® and join the 3,00,000+ large Alumni Network Worldwide.

Learning benefits

  • Earn globally recognized Certification 
  • Gain in-depth knowledge of cabin crew responsibilities and duties.
  • Learn effective communication skills to provide high-quality customer service to passengers.
  • Gain practical experience through hands-on training in safety procedures and emergency situations.
  • Enhance your problem-solving and decision-making abilities in a fast-paced environment.
  • Improve your teamwork and leadership skills while working with diverse groups of people.
  • Increase your employability in the aviation industry with a recognized certification.
  • Develop personal and professional growth opportunities through international travel.

Know the complete offerings of our Certified Professional in Cabin Crew Course

You Get 10-In-1 Program

Two-way Live Training Course


Hallmark Certification


10+ Projects


Guaranteed Internship


Personalized Job Support


Student Engagement & Events




E-Learning Access


Gold Membership


Entrepreneurship Mentorship


Certified Professional in Cabin Crew Course Curriculum

  • Module 1: Introduction to the Aviation industry

    • Introduction to the aviation industry and aviation regulations
    • Airport and airline organization and structure
    • Regulatory Context of the airline industry
    • Aircraft types, configurations, and systems
  • Module 2: Aviation operations

    • Airport and passenger processing
    • Flight operation
    • The aircraft cabin
    • Theory of Flight and altitude physiology
    • Flight planning and navigation
    • Meteorological factors affecting aviation operations
    • Crew resource management (CRM) and communication protocols
    • Emergency procedures and incident reporting
    • Customer Service
  • Module 3: Aircraft and Airport Basics

    • Organizational structure on board the aircraft
    • Communication on board the aircraft
    • Cabin crew duties in normal operations
    • Aircraft and airport terminology
    • Aircraft structure and systems
    • Airport categories and classifications
    • Airport layout and facilities
    • Passenger check-in and boarding procedures
    • Baggage handling and cargo procedures
    • In-flight services and equipment
    • Cabin crew duties and responsibilities.
  • Module 4: Inflight Services

    • What is Inflight Services?
    • Food and beverage service procedures
    • Passenger comfort and special needs
    • In-flight entertainment systems and devices
    • Security procedures and protocol
    • Sales and marketing techniques for duty-free items
    • Cabin preparation and safety checks
    • Cabin crew grooming and personal presentation.
    • Load and Unload Aircraft
    • Food production methods
    • Information need for catering orders
    • Inflight Meal types
    • Quality and Safety
  • Module 5: Inflight Safety and security

    • Coordinated efforts to increase aviation security
    • Unruly passengers as a threat to aviation security
    • Unlawful interference
    • Emergency procedures and protocol
    • Handling of emergency equipment and survival gear
    • Firefighting techniques and equipment
    • Passenger safety briefings and demonstrations
    • Crew resource management and communication
    • Security threats and responses
    • Cabin security checks and procedures
    • Crisis management and contingency planning."
  • Module 6: Passenger Handling

    • Greeting and welcoming passengers
    • Assisting passengers with special needs
    • Handling passenger complaints and conflict
    • Conducting safety briefings and demonstrations
    • Serving food and beverages
    • Managing in-flight emergencies
    • Dealing with unruly passengers
    • Coordinating with other crew members for efficient passenger handling.
  • Module 7: Baggage Handling

    • Baggage policies and procedures
    • Types of baggage and luggage restrictions
    • Handling oversized and overweight baggage
    • Safety measures when handling baggage
    • Security procedures for baggage
    • Loading, unloading, and transporting baggage
    • Managing lost or delayed baggage
  • Module 8: Swimming

    • Water evacuation procedures
    • Use of life jackets and other flotation devices
    • Handling emergencies such as water landing and ditching
    • Conducting safety briefings and demonstrations for passengers regarding water safety
  • Module 9: Managing abnormal and emergency situation

    • Perspective on air transportation safety
    • Turbulence and cabin decompression
    • Firefighting and smoke removal
    • Emergency landing and evacuation
  • Module 10: Medical emergencies on board the aircraft

    • Medical emergency equipment on board the aircraft
    • Performing CPR, AED and Heimlich maneuver
    • Flight and cabin crew incapacitation
  • Module 11: Dangerous goods

    • Air transportation of dangerous goods
    • Handling dangerous goods in the aircraft cabin
  • Module 12: Customer service and interaction with passengers

    • Creating a customer service environment
    • Serving passengers with additional needs
    • Managing unruly or drunken passengers
  • Module 13: Soft Skills Development

    • Beginners English
    • Presentation Skills
    • Communication Skills
    • Grooming Skills
    • Interview Skills

Know the complete offerings of our Post Graduate Program in Certified Professional in Cabin Crew Course

Skills Covered

Communication skills

Problem- Solving

Customer service


Aviation regulations

Aircraft equipment

Safety Procedures

First Aid

Medical emergency response

Career Services By Henry Harvin®

Career Services

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Share what kind of job you are looking for and we will provide you with verified job openings that match your requirement.

Get Ahead with Henry Harvin® Certified Professional in Cabin Crew Course Certification

  • Earn your Certificate

    Post-successful completion of the course, earn Henry Harvin®  Certified Professional in Cabin Crew Course  Certificate and Post it on social media, get it framed, and increase your value in the industry.

  • Differentiate yourself with a Henry Harvin® Certification

    The practical knowledge and actionable skillset you've gained working on projects, simulations, and case studies will set you ahead of the competition

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  • Training Certification

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Certified Professional in Cabin Crew Course Training Certification Process

Counseling and Registration

Consult with our counselors to check your eligibility and the right batch, and then Register for the Certified Professional in Cabin Crew Course.

Attend the Training 

Complete Training by Attending 244 hours of sessions and for the Certified Professional in Cabin Crew Course  Training and get Henry Harvin® Certification.

Delivering Projects Assigned

Gather experience with real-world assignments and practical projects to upgrade your existing skills. Deliver these mini-projects to be eligible for the Henry Harvin® Course.

Earn Training Certification

Post-successful completion of the course you will receive Henry Harvin®  Certified Professional in Cabin Crew Course  Certification. Post it on social media, get it framed, and increase your value in the industry.

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Know the complete offerings of our Certified Professional in Cabin Crew Course


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