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HR Business Partner 2.0 Course


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Henry HarvinⓇ promises a career in the field of Human Resource (HR) Business Partner 2.0 | Boost your business acumen by understanding how you can add value to the business by finding out strategic challenges | Get trained from our expert trainers and learn the practical skills and techniques to succeed as a strategic business partner.

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Key Features

9 in 1 Course

Training + Projects + Internship + certification + placement +E-learning + Bootcamps + Hackathons Gold membership

Comprehensive Curriculum

The Curriculum of the HR Business Partner 2.0 Certification Course will enable to configure master HR Business Partner 2.0 Certification Course to collect, analyze and retrieve vital coding information and create the application

100% Practical Training

Get hands on experience with practical training + Learn with projects + Focus on learning while working + Popular GCAO Pedagogy

E-learning Portal

You can access the exclusive learning management system (LMS) on the go. Use the given login credentials to use Moodle app on either your phone or laptop and get a Certified HR Business Partner 2.0 Course at ease

24×7 Lifetime Support and Access

Live projects + Guaranteed Internship Weekly Job Support + Recorded Videos +  Monthly Bootcamp Sessions Interview Skills + Career services

100% Money Back Guarantee*

If you are not satisfied with our HR Business Partner 2.0 course, post completion of the first session we will refund your entire amount

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About the HR Business Partner 2.0 Course

Human Resource Business 2.0 Course

The course is designed with valuable information on how Human Resource (HR) Business Partner 2.0 operates in practice. The course helps to identify the knowledge and skills, attitudes, strategies, outcomes required in HRBP 2.0 and how to operate HR Business Partner.

9 in 1 Course

  • Training:  42 hours of Two-way Live Online Interactive Session
  • Projects: Facility to undergo projects in Human Resource Business Partner 2.0 and implementation and more
  • Internship: To gain experimental knowledge of Human Resource Business Partner 2.0
  • Certification: Get certification of Human Resource Business Partner 2.0 course from Henry Harvin ® Govt. of India recognized and award-winning Institute
  • Placement: 100% placement support for one year post successful completion
  • E-learning: Access to abundant tools and techniques, video content, assessment, and more
  • Bootcamps: Regular bootcamp session over next 12 months
  • Hackathons: Free access to #AskHenry hackathons and competitions
  • Membership: Get 1-year Gold Membership of Henry Harvin® HR Academy for the Human Resource Business Partner 2.0 course

Trainers at Henry Harvin®

  • Most renowned industry trainers with 12+ years of working experience
  • Have been invited for 110+ keynotes classes for Human Resource Business Partner 2.0 course
  • Have delivered 200+ lectures and are currently impaneled as domain experts with Henry Harvin® HR Academy

Gold Membership Benefits

  • Avail 1 year Gold Membership of Henry Harvin® HR Academy that includes E-Learning Access through recorded videos, games, projects CPDSPe studies
  • Free Bootcamp Session for 1 year
  • Earn the Prestigious Henry Harvin® Alumni Status and become one of the reputed  3,00,000 + Alumni across the Globe Guaranteed Internship with Henry HarvinⓇ or partner firms
  • Weekly 10+ job opportunities offered
  • Experienced industry projects during the training

Alumni Status

Become a part of the Elite ERP Academy of Henry Harvin® & join the 3,00,000+ strong Alumni Network Worldwide.

Learning Benefits

  • Learning HR Business partner 2.0 will help in collaborating with leadership to communicate the mission and strategy of the company
  • Acquire knowledge about the connected HR management
  • Learn to build HR programs, policies and initiatives strategically
  • Ability to identify in advance when and where change management will be needed and proactively participate in developing plans
  • Acquire fluency in communication and speak confidently in business
  • Develop problem-solving capabilities, listening and communication skills
  • Manage Document in an efficient way and Access to Employee Documents
  • Connect globally with people in the arena of HR Business Partner 2.0

Recognitions of Henry HarvinⓇ Education

  • Winner of Top Corporate Training Award, Game-Based Learning Company of the under 40 Business World Award
  • Affiliated with American Association of EFL, Ministry of Corporate Affairs ,MSME, UKAF, UKCert, Project Management Institute(PMI), and ISO 29990:2010 certified
  • Reviews: 1400+ Google Reviews ,200+Youtube Testimonials with 4.5+ Rating Rated on Goa Board Trustpilot, GoOverseas & more

Career Benefits

  • Build up networking skills within the business unit to add value in the HRBP role
  • Gain ability to analyze and interpret data
  • Get hired by international brands like Amazon, Google, etc and get jobs with exceptional growth opportunities
  • Improve your CV and Linkedin profile with professional and technical development and get promoted
  • Learn to help business leaders to understand workforce needs and incorporate results into workforce strategy and planning
  • Learn to gain insights in HR operations 
  • Learn to function as senior advisors, consultants, and experts to business leaders
  • Ability to develop relationship with employees who have knowledge and decisions-making power

Know the complete offerings of our HR Business Partner 2.0 Course

HR Business Partner 2.0 Course Curriculum

In this module candidates will learn about what value does HR deliver in an organization?

  • The type of value HR delivers has evolved from efficiency to functional excellence to strategic HR to outside-in

In this module candidates will learn about  What are the contextual factors shaping HR’s business centrality?

  • HR is not about HR but the business. Business requires acknowledging and appreciating: 
  1. Context: the changes facing our world today (STEPPED trends: social, technological, economic, political, environmental, and demographic). 
  2. Pace of change (VUCA), which is employee productivity and  increasing. 
  3. Individuation and the needs of individuals to find belief and purpose, become better, and belong to a community.

 In this module candidates will learn about  Whom does HR serve? Who are the “customers” of HR?

  • HR stakeholders have evolved from internal (employees, line managers, organization) to external (customers, investors, community)

In this module candidates will learn about How can HR help increase employee productivity and experience (well-being)? 

  • Improve talent (people, experience, workforce) through: 
  1. Competence (flow of people into, through, and out of the organization).
  2. Commitment (employee value proposition, sentiment).
  3. Contribution (meaning, purpose)

 In this module candidates will learn more competitive organization?

  • Organization has four times the impact on business results than that of the individual talent! Organization thinking has evolved through these stages: 
  1. Morphology (roles, reengineering, downsizing).
  2. Alignment/systems (STAR, 7s, Health).
  3. Capability (known for and good at doing).
  4. Ecosystem capability (building capabilities within the ecosystem not just organization).

 In this module candidates will learn How can HR build better leadership throughout the organization?

  • Leadership matters, and understanding leadership evolves from: 
  1. Leader (individual) to leadership (collective).
  2. Inside to outside (Leadership Brand).
  3. Leadership Code 1.0 to 2.0 (emerging competencies such as navigating paradox, risk without recklessness, meaning maker, etc.)

In this module candidates will learn What is the strategy of the HR department?  

  • An HR function or department requires a strategy that answers three questions: 
  1. Who we are (partners, allies, experts).
  2. What we deliver (talent, leadership, organization).
  3.  Why we exist (create value by responding to context or serving stakeholders)

In this module candidates will learn How should the HR department be organized? 

  • The structure of the HR department is built on three principles: 

          1.Separate HR essential/transaction work (increasingly delivered with technology) from strategic work (delivered by HR professionals and line managers).

         2. The HR organization should match business strategy and organization: 

  1. Single business—functional HR. 
  2. Multiple businesses—decentralized HR. 
  3. Diversified/allied business strategy with matrix structure—HR as professional services (centers of expertise, shared services, embedded HR). 

     3. In most large firms, businesses have a matrix or diversified/allied strategy and structure, so HR operates as a professional services firm within the organization

In this module candidates will learn How should HR design and deliver HR practices? 

  • A host of HR practices exist around people, performance, information, and work. The criteria for HR practices are: 
  1. Integrated by offering HR solutions not isolated HR practices. 
  2. Aligned to the strategy inside the organization, and customers and investors outside the company.
  3. Innovative by looking for new ways to design and deliver. 
  4. Simple by making HR solutions easy to access and use.

In this module candidates will learn  What are the required skills for HR professionals? 

  • The required competencies of HR professionals have evolved over the last 30 years. In response, HR professionals have dramatically increased their competencies over this timeframe. It is not just about competence but matching HR competencies to the desired outcomes: 
  1. Personal effectiveness: be a credible activist.
  2. Stakeholder value: be a strategic positioner. 
  3. Business results: be a paradox navigator. 

 In this module candidates will learn How can HR use technology to leverage digital information? 

  • HR plays two roles in the digital space: 

It helps create a digital business strategy. 

  1. It helps create a digital business strategy. 
  2. It applies digital information from technology to better deliver HR. There are four stages of HR digital work: 
  1. Efficiency (do HR better). 
  2. Innovation (do better HR). 
  3. Information (access ideas). 
  4. Connection (connect people)

In this module candidates will learn How do we define HR analytics? 

  • HR analytics is accessing and using information to improve HR value creation. This work has evolved through four stages: 
  1. Scorecard (HR activities). 
  2. Insights (general data). 
  3. Interventions (specific actions). 
  4. Impact (business results).

 In this module candidates will learn how to be HR professionalsand with others in their organization? 

  • While HR structure matters in assigning roles and accountabilities, HR professionals need to build relationships with each other inside HR and with those outside HR. Relationships require: 
  1. Sharing a common purpose. 
  2. Respecting differences. 
  3. Governing, accepting, and connecting. 
  4. Showing empathy/care for others. 
  5. Sharing experiences. 
  6. Growing together
  • Business Communication
  • Preparation for the Interview
  • Presentation Skills

Resume Building Techniques

Know the complete offerings of our HR Business Partner 2.0 Course

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HR Business Partner 2.0 Course Training Certification Process



Consult one of the counselors to enroll in the right batch. Register yourself for the Human Resource Business Partner 2.0 Training Course


Attend the Training in Human Resource Business Partner 2.0 Course

Attend the Instructor-Led Sessions of the Human Resource Business Partner 2.0 Training Course and get your Course Completion Certification. Go Through the Recorded Sessions, in case you missed any topic or training


Submission of Projects Assigned

Submit the Hand-on Projects assigned during the training to the Trainers for Assessment and Certification


Complete the Human Resource Business Partner 2.0 Training Course

Post Completion of the training, get Course Completion Certification of Human Resource Business Partner 2.0 Training Course from Henry Harvin® HR Academy in front of your name.  Post it on Social Media and apply for internship and freelancing Projects

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