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Henry Harvin® Entrepreneurship Academy has been set up with an objective to upskill the current technology and management workforce with an in-demand Entrepreneurship skill set.

These skills are imparted through action-oriented learning solutions that are carefully handcrafted by subject matter experts with extensive industry experience.

These learning solutions are delivered using our unique goal-centric pedagogy by select professionals from leading organizations who also empanelled as domain experts with the academy.

This enables the academy in achieving its goal of empowering aspiring Cyber Security professionals to reach their full professional potential

Henry Harvin® Entrepreneurship Academy aims to function in its outreach geographies and generate 1+ Million Entrepreneurs by 2030!

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Henry Harvin is a world-class edtech company offering courses in a myriad of domains. Collectively, it offers more than 200 courses on a global level spread in 97 countries. These courses are curated by industry adepts and are delivered through well-established professional trainers from each domain. Moreover, proactive classes and upskilling are game-changing for any aspirant in the respective domain.

 Each of these courses is categorised under different Academies and accordingly, there are various academies under Henry Harvin like Law Academy, Technology Academy, Writing Academy, Entrepreneurship Academy, and so on. With a remarkable array of elite clientele, Henry Harvin is one of the most revered Institutions in the global Edtech arena. The Henry Harvin Entrepreneurship academy offers four main courses intended to upskill learners in the field of Business Management.

The Mini MBA  Course from Henry Harvin is one of the online entrepreneurship courses to enrich the knowledge of Business administration for professionals, entrepreneurs, and the like. Marketing, Technical, and Finance skills are imparted through short  6-week online training sessions. The main advantage of this course is the top-notch training by experts for a meagre time and money investment. 24-hour brush-up sessions, 1-year membership at the Entrepreneurship Academy, recorded videos, etc are the add-ons of this course. This course is regarded as one of the best Entrepreneurship courses in the domain.

Earning online is the newest trend in any industry and apparently, there are multiple options available too. But, choosing the best suitable one from an ocean of options is a tedious task. Here, at Henry Harvin Entrepreneurship academy, the Certified Earn online specialist course gives insights into this aspect. The 8-hours online training provides deep knowledge of various domains like Podcasts, Social Media Marketing, and so on. Business models, Affiliate marketing, Freelancing, Youtube, Fiverr, etc are the main areas encompassed in this course. Multiple sessions with multiple trainers are also available with this course.

If your child projects the symptoms of an entrepreneur, then the Junior MBA Course for grades 3-8 is one of the best online entrepreneurship certification courses for your child. An array of benefits like self-confidence, creative thinking, positive thinking, goal setting, and the likes are imparted and instilled through this course. An overall 32 hours of training with less than 2 hours each session is the duration of this course. The page shows the names of a few kid entrepreneurs and their success stories.

Advanced Program in Leadership in the Digital Era is yet another online certificate course in the domain. This course majorly deals with Digital marketing, Financial and Strategic management, and snippets of evolving technology in the Digital domain. As the course name goes, it instils much-needed leadership skills in learners for better performance in their job roles. The 60-hours of online training, internship, projects, Bootcamps, and hackathons are the attributes of this online Entrepreneurship training course. OSI Layer, Data Link Layer, Application Layer, HTTP, Disruptive Technologies, Human Resource Management, etc are the learning benefits of this course.

Each of the above courses is a Certificate course and after completion of training, the certificates are issued. For details of Course fees and Schedules, visit the course page.


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