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How to Improve Your English Speaking Skills with a Book

Improving English speaking skills with a book can be an effective method. You must explore the best English-spoken book that shares the latest techniques, tools, and methods that will make a difference in English-speaking skills. 

Spoken English Books are associated with quality content that is easy to understand and user-friendly. These Books help to improve your spoken skills with various methods and technology. Learning to speak English fluently will boost your confidence to have a command of English Speaking.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Mastering English Speaking through Books

Mostly people lack confidence and cannot speak in English fluently. Looking at the difficulty and complexity people face while speaking in English. Let’s explore how Spoken English Books will help learners to speak English fluently and confidently.

 Top English Speaking Course Books provide a comprehensive guide for fluent English speaking. This is an advantage in your learner journey and a proven credential for your career. In addition to this, there are several job roles for people with a command of English both written and spoken.

Key Points: Take Your English Speaking Fluency to the Next Level

  1. Choose the Right Book: Select a book that matches your language proficiency level. For beginners, choose books with simple language and clear dialogue. As you progress, you can challenge yourself with more complex texts.
  2. Read Aloud: Reading loud and clear is the best way to practice pronunciation, intonation, and fluency. Choose a passage from the book and read it aloud, paying attention to your pronunciation and rhythm. 
  3. Practice Dialogue: Many books provide interactive content for practice. For instance, dialogue between characters. Act out these dialogues by assigning different characters to yourself and practicing the conversations. This helps improve your conversational skills and fluency. English Conversation is the best way to boost your English Speaking skills.
  4. Shadowing: Shadowing involves listening to an audio recording of the book while simultaneously reading along. Try to mimic the speaker’s pronunciation, rhythm, and intonation as closely as possible. This technique can help improve your speaking skills by reinforcing correct pronunciation and natural speech patterns.
  5. Record Yourself: Record yourself reading passages from the book or engaging in dialogue. Listen to the recordings and evaluate your pronunciation, intonation, and fluency. This is how we identify areas for improvement and practice those specific aspects.
  6. Use a Dictionary and Annotations: When you encounter unfamiliar words or phrases, use a dictionary to look up their meanings and pronunciation. 
  7. Engage in Discussion: After reading a section of the book, discuss it with a friend, language partner, or teacher. Share your thoughts, opinions, and interpretations of the text. 
  8. Role-play: Act out scenes from the book with a partner or group of friends. Assign roles to each person and immerse yourself in the characters’ roles. Interact with your peer group in English only this will improve your English conversational skills.
  9. Set Goals and Track Progress: Set specific goals for improving your speaking skills with the book, such as mastering certain pronunciation patterns or completing a certain number of dialogue exercises. Track your progress regularly and celebrate your achievements along the way.

By incorporating these strategies, you can effectively use a book to enhance your English speaking skills and become a more confident and proficient speaker.

Language is not a genetic gift; it is a social gift. Learning a new language is becoming a member of the club – the community of speakers of that language. — Frank Smith. 

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Top 20 Books for English Speaking Course

Let us have a look at the list of the top 20 books for English-speaking courses.

1. The Quick and Easy Way to Effective Speaking- By Dale Carnegie

This book by Dale Carnegie speaks in detail about English speaking and its application at different levels of studies. At times, big business people face a block in their effective speaking and this book works on all such blockades. Going through this book one would realize its effectiveness and relatability to English-speaking course design. 

The techniques, fundamentals, and developmental keys discussed in this book develop confidence and prepare one to be fluent in speaking English. From writing a speech, to making a presentation in English this book discusses every tiny detail of language learning.


Paperback- ₹150.00

Kindle- ₹21.57

2. Think English, Speak English- By Julian Northbrook

Stop translating and start thinking. That’s the mantra of this book by Julian Northbrook. An eye-opener for many, this book focuses straight on the mental drill for understanding English, articulating it, and conversing fluently in English without translating it in the head. The author is an expert when it comes to the English language and blending it into an entrepreneurship status.

The author himself has faced language problem and thus understand the psychology behind knowing and not knowing a language. His guide in the book is certainly going to help many while doing an English-speaking course.


Kindle- ₹0.00(available with kindle unlimited)

Paperback- ₹2018.00

3. Teaching the Spoken Language – By Gillian Brown

The book shares some relevant teachings from the author’s research on effective communication in English. The anatomy of spoken English and its differentiation from written English is discussed in detail. 

Some small techniques and quick tips are discussed in the book that would help in becoming proficient in English. There is a very important part in the book mentioned by the author wherein he discusses how to assess the English spoken language. Published on 01 Feb 1984, this book still finds relevance with the current English-speaking courses and their reference books.


Paperback- ₹2735.00

4. The Black Book of Speaking Fluent English- By Christopher Hill

John Edward Christopher Hill was a historian and also taught at Oxford after WW II. His intention in writing this book was to familiarize mass with the best way to learn spoken English. He has mentioned three golden rules of speaking English fluently, the process of shadowing which is often not paid attention to, and intense listening practices. 

He made it a point that the reader must understand that it is comparatively very easy to move from beginner to intermediate level of language learning but from intermediate to the advanced level of speaking English, the path is tough and needs constant monitoring. Those who choose English-speaking courses must refer to his book for anecdotes and examples.


Paperback- ₹1556.00

Audiobook- ₹233.00

Kindle- ₹294.00

5. How to Improve English Speaking- By Marvin L. Wiese

This book shares some key pointers one would need to enhance their English. This book has been structured to cater to those who struggle to speak fluent English, who are not able to use effective sentencing and those who need to speak with confidence during their professional meets. With real-life examples of how businesses flourish on the effective spoken language, this book is a guide for all the learners of English-speaking courses.


Kindle-  ₹215.00

6. Spoken English- By Alison Reid

The Goodwill publishing house has a new book in their cart that focuses on language learning and teaching. Alison Reid has written the book. This book breaks the myth around the common understanding that one who can write well can speak well too. Spoken English needs a way more different approach than written English. And that’s where this book comes to the rescue. Speaking fluent English is a skill that the book helps to achieve.


Paperback- ₹125.00

7.  Talk English- By Ken Xiao

If you want to speak English like a native, then this book is the perfect step-by-step guide for you. From pronunciation, tone, flow, expression, vocabulary, speaker’s perspective, natural and constructive sentences this book teaches you all. 

On his practice and journey to master spoken English, the author broke many myths, understood the language well, and emerges as a good speaker as a native English-speaking person. The same is shared in the book for the readers and individuals who take up English speaking courses and aim to become fluent in English.


Paperback- ₹613.00

Audiobook- ₹233.00

Kindle- ₹49.00

8. Ship or Sheep?- By Ann Baker

This book by Ann Baker is very helpful in learning correct pronunciations and getting the art of speaking native English very organically. This book has a collection of examples and exercises along with audio CDs that focus on the sound and understandable intermediate level of spoken English. This book has been beneficial for those who are doing intermediate English-speaking courses.


Paperback- ₹2675.67

9. Speak English Like an American- By Amy Gillet

Amy Gillet was herself a teacher who taught English in the US and Europe. This book from her is the secret to speaking fluent English. A collection of idioms and phrases with engaging content, illustrations, and a lot of practice work helps individuals to enhance their language skills. Those who are enrolled in English speaking course must have a look at this book as it has a good collection of business expressions, daily conversations, and phrases.


Paperback- ₹2548.00

Audiobook- ₹305.00

Kindle- ₹449.00

10.  Effortless English- By A J Hoge

Often its heard that even after doing a course in spoken English, one finds it difficult to speak in public. Anxiety and nervousness create a cloud of doubt behind which the knowledge gets suppressed. 

As a result, effective usage of skills doesn’t seem possible. A.J. Hoge has worked on the same issue in this book. His knowledge of working closely with government, and business enterprises bring out a lot of success mantras in this book which is sure to help the reader find their mantra too.


Paperback- ₹648.00

Kindle- ₹449.00

11. Practical English Usage- By Michael Swan  

For all those who are in the intermediate and advanced levels of spoken English courses, this book is for you. Sold over a million copies, this book is a go-to reference for grammar that has been extensively discussed over twenty-eight sections of this book. 

Much emphasis has been given in the book on differentiating formal and informal usage of language along with ample examples, that clear doubts if any for the readers in the best possible way. A highly circulated, referred book and a must to have if one is doing English speaking course.


Paperback- ₹449.00

Hardcover- ₹8782.00

12. English Collocations in Use- By Felicity O’Dell & Michael McCarthy

english collection

Collocation plays an important role in mastering English. This book has been designed by Cambridge University with phrases, idioms, phrasal verbs, and vocabulary best suited for those in the intermediate and advanced levels of spoken English learning. Most of the English proficiency tests focus on collocations and this book is apt for referring to and learning through.


Paperback- ₹15,997.00

13. The Practice of English Language Teaching- By Jeremy Harmer

One of the most interactive and essential guides for effective English, this book is a pedagogy for teachers and those who need to incorporate detailed learning systems in their language. This book comes with DVDs which include methods of teaching English and imbibing it in different parts of the world. 

This itself talks in-depth about the theoretical and practical application and variation of a language as per geography. With a good collection of practical ideas, theories, and assessments the book serves the purpose of an English-speaking course.


Paperback- ₹4777.00

14. The English Fluency Formula- By Gabby Go Natural English

This book is a guide for intermediate-level learning. It comes with information good enough for an intermediate English level individual to understand the language better and focus on real-world usage and not just limit themselves to the old school traditional ways.


Paperback- ₹4296.00

Kindle- ₹449.00

15.  How I Learn to Speak in English?- By Neetu Sugandh

Neeta Sugandh has brought this compilation of pictorial and written experiences to give readers an insight into communication skills that one may lack and how to overcome them. Well, put up with a proper focus on correct usage with crisp explanation is the unique advantage of the book.


Paperback- ₹180.00

Kindle- ₹60.00

16.  Improve Your IELTS – Listening and Speaking Skills (IR)- By Sam McCarter Barry Cusack

For those who aim to appear for the IELTS examination, it offers ample practice papers, anecdotes, listening material, and pronunciation practice work.


Paperback- ₹258.00

17. The Official Guide to the TOEFL iBT Test – Sixth Edition

If you are aiming for TOEFL, then this book is highly recommended. The way questions, practice papers, and reference reads are included in this book is unmatchable to the contemporaries in the book world. Often the ones who look for reference read to enhance their English-speaking skills end up buying material with very less accurate prep material. This book has been widely accepted, circulated, and recommended by experts over time. The written transcript and audio files help the readers in one and more ways.


Paperback- ₹1234.00

18. McGraw-Hill’s Conversational American English- By Richard A. Spears

This book focuses on the introduction, greetings, small conversations, complex conversations, and polite encounters to name a few. With more than 3000 ways to express, this book teaches a lot about conversational English. With keywords and concepts projecting the whole idea of writing this book, it has been a very helpful book for English-speaking courses.


Paperback- ₹1524.00

Kindle- ₹845.00

19. How to Speak Fluent English- By Paila Ravi Sankar

The author believes that there is no secret way for language learning. And he uses the same theory in his book that talks about simple and effective ways that are sure to get fluency in the language in a very small time.


Paperback- ₹499.00

Kindle- ₹73.00

20. The Advanced English Collection- By Whitney Nelson    

english spkeaker

This is a 3-in-1 bundle of information and guide to improving spoken English and is very helpful for English-speaking courses. The whole idea of the book is to focus on the advanced level of language wherein progression seems low to many. Part 1 of the book unlocks tips and techniques for effective speaking. Part 2 focuses on eliminating errors and acquiring syllable techniques like native English speakers. The third part of the book has views of highly influential speakers, a guide to building rapport for business through fluent speaking, and some more techniques to speak top-notch English.


Paperback- ₹1504.00

Kindle- ₹249.00

21. Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis:

This English speaking book is considered the core book for mastering the English language. It consists of a step-by-step guide to increasing knowledge and mastery of the English language of the readers. If you want to have a superior vocabulary in the English language, this book can be the best English-speaking course book for you. Apart from learning to speak English, this book will also help in the following.

  • Speak and write the language with confidence
  • Read English in a more effective and efficient way
  • Learn the language quickly
  • Developing social contacts

Norman Lewis is the author, grammarian and a leading authority on English-language skills.

22. Speak English Like a Star by Yogesh Vermani:

The author Yogesh Vermani has been helping a lot of individuals to learn English and get a job. He is doing this service for 13 years and is also an instructor on Udemy. The Englis speaking book he has written is Speak English like a Star: Learning English was never so easy.

This English-speaking course book is a Hindi-to-English translation which helps Hindi learners. Apart from that, the book is simple and practical in its approach to teaching English. This book is recommended if one wants to learn English in easy steps. It also covers the golden rules for spoken English and effective communication.

23.My Grammar and I…(Or Should That Be Me?)

This book was written by Caroline Taggart and J.A. Wines and discusses the old-school ways to learn English. The author Caroline Taggart has written over 30 books and this book My Grammar and me will help learners to get fluent in grammar. Both authors are freelance writers and have authored many other works. 

This book starts with a very brief history of English Grammar and covers everything in Grammar. It will be very helpful for grammar enthusiasts to cover their mistakes. This book focuses mainly on filling gaps that are left by the education system. Because even when we have learned grammar at school, we may never become perfect at it. 

24. Everyday English for Grown-ups by Michelle Finlay:

This book will help the learners to get the best grip on the language for adults. It will help both native and non-native English speakers to get a command over the language. This English speaking book will help to gain mastery over grammar, and punctuation, and helps the learners to get jargon-free English. 

This spoken English book will start with a brief history of the alphabet and teaches everything step-by-step. The English-speaking course books also give tips to improve our tone of voice and clarity while speaking English. Moreover, this book addresses the minor changes that everyone makes in their daily lives without knowing it.

25. Usage and Abusage: A guide to good English:

This English-speaking book was written by Eric Partridge and gives good guidelines for standard English. It also explains the common usage of English its mistakes and how to correct them. Recent editions and updates have been made to the book including more American usage of 

English. However, it is an old book, and language enthusiasts may still find this book interesting to read. If you want a better alternative to this book, Webster’s Dictionary of English Usage will be a good choice. This spoken English book will be especially helpful for those who want to write in better English avoiding grammatical mistakes.

Henry Harvin English Speaking Course

The English-speaking course by Henry Harvin Language Academy aims to upgrade English speaking skills by following the CEFR(Common European Framework). The course is the most recognized and top-rated course for English speaking. Apart from fluency, grammar, advanced ideas, topics, and better communication are some of the points on which the course focuses upon. The curriculum has six levels from A1-C2 teaching beginners, intermediate, and advanced levels of English speaking. The course prepares an individual for IELS. Know more about the course here

Merits of Speaking English

Once you understand the merits of speaking English, it becomes easier to relate to the language and enhance your skill. Following are some of the merits:

  •   As a language of international acceptance, English is the first language of more than 400mn people
  • This means, your ability to converse in English is surely going to open new doors in the outer world
  • The internet is basking and thriving on English as the language of communication and entertainment
  • Certainly doing an English-speaking course gives access to so much content available on the internet
  •  English speaking course makes it easy to travel to English-speaking nations
  • Building work relations and using the power to connect with people across the globe
  •  English speaking course helps a lot in clearing IELTS and TOEFL exams.
  • Speak the language that can turn your skills into an employable skill
  • Explore the world of Shakespeare by learning English and speaking the same


From learning the basics to excelling at the advanced level, these books are sure to help you in unlocking your potential to understand the language and speak English fluently. These books are engaging enough, with ample examples from the real world, and cover all the aspects of language speaking. English speaking course books come in handy to your rescue and make you acquainted with the language in the best way possible, even when it’s for work, leisure, travel, coaching, training, or exploring, Grab your favorite book and join millions of fluent English-speaking people.  


Recommended Reads

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Q1. How often should I practice speaking to see improvement?

Ans. Yes, you need to speak regularly to see improvement in English Spoken skills:

  • Consistency is Key: Aim for daily practice, even if it’s just for a few minutes.
  • Set Realistic Goals: Start with 15-30 minutes a day and gradually increase as you become more comfortable.
  • Incorporate English into Daily Life: Try to integrate speaking practice into your daily routine, like speaking to yourself or thinking in English.

Q2. How can I expand my English vocabulary effectively?

Ans: Read a lot of books, newspapers, or online articles to learn new words in context. Use flashcards, apps like Anki, or quizzes like Quizlet to strengthen your vocabulary. Engage in conversations with others to practice speaking and memorize new words. Learn a new word each day by subscribing to a Word of the Day service.

Q3. How important is grammar in speaking English, and how can I improve it?

Ans. Grammar is important, but it’s not the only thing you need to focus on. Fluency and communication should also be at the top of your to-do list. To improve your grammar, you can: Read and listen to correct English usage. This will help you subconsciously improve your grammar. Use grammar apps and books, such as Grammarly and English Grammar in use. Practice writing. Writing helps you form grammatical structures that will help you improve your speaking.

Q4. How can I find a speaking partner?

Ans: Language exchange programs: You can find language partners by using websites such as and

Join Clubs and Meetups: Search your neighborhood for clubs or Meetup groups that speak English.

Online classes: One-on-one instruction with native speakers is available through platforms such as Italki and preply.

Social Media: Participate in English-learning-focused social media pages or groups.

Q5. What are some tips for reducing anxiety while speaking English?

Ans. Prepare Topics: Make a list of topics that you feel comfortable talking about.

 Practice Regularly: The more time you spend practicing, the more self-assured you will feel. 

Speak slowly: Slow down your speech so you have time to think and minimize any errors. 

Have a positive mindset: Concentrate on communication rather than perfection. Errors are part of the learning process. 

Practice Breathing Techniques: Before speaking, take a few deep breaths to help calm your nerves.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why fluency in speaking English is important?

Ans. Conversing in English opens the road to so many opportunities for further studies, travel, and work. Communication is the biggest tool and English-speaking courses focus on enhancing this tool.

Q2. What are the common issues one faces while speaking in English?

Ans. Lack of grammar, fear of mistakes, grammar mix-up, and pronunciation. These can be overcome by taking references from books that talk in detail about English speaking.

Q3. Which is the best course for English speaking?

Ans. Henry Harvin’s English-speaking course is the best course with a 9-in-1 training method that uses a holistic approach to train the students better and prepare them for the world.

Q4. What are the different exams that certify you as an English speaker?

Ans. TOEFL, IELTS, CAE, and CPE are the most widely accepted English proficiency tests.

Q5. Is Henry Harvin’s English-speaking course legit?

Ans. Yes. The learning model has lived and two ways. The internship program, boot camps, and hackathons are some unique highlights of the course, exclusively given by Henry Harvin. Placement assistance and 1-year gold membership work beneficial for the enrolled students.

Q6. Give some tips on speaking English fluently.

Ans. Regardless of your level, here are some tips for speaking English better in easy steps: 
Repeat what you learn
Practice what you learn
Avoid learning word by word. 
Use in your sentence what you’ve learned immediately. 
Record your conversation and get feedback from native speakers. 

Q7. Which course is best for English Speaking in India?

Ans. Henry Harvin Academy is a premier Institute that offers the Best Online Spoken English courses in India and thrives in training candidates on their English language skills and IELTS preparation.

English Speaking Course by Henry Harvin®

Ranks Amongst Top #5 Upskilling Courses of all time in 2021 by India Today

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