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Invest in the future and enhance your leadership capabilities with the prestigious Doctorate of Business Administration by College de Paris from Henry Harvin® I Immerse yourself in a dynamic learning environment that combines rigorous academic coursework, real-world case studies, and hands-on experiential learning opportunities I Empower to make strategic decisions in a multicultural business landscape I Join our Doctorate in Business Administration and become a global business leader.

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10-in-1 Course

Classes + Projects + Internship + Certification + Placement + E-learning + Masterclass + Hackathons + Gold Membership + Enterpreneurship Mentorship

Industry Expert Mentors

Learn directly by domain-specific industry experts to polish your existing knowledge and skills.

Projects & Case Studies

Validate your skills and knowledge by working on real-world projects with significant real-time case studies.

Access to Curated Jobs

Access the job portal for 1-year post-completion and get updates about recent jobs.

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About the Doctorate of Business Administration Course by College de Paris

Doctorate of Business Administration Course

Doctoral research includes action research, traditional dissertation, or num-journal articles so students can pick what works best for their organization and goals. Many live interactive sessions.

10 in 1 Course

  • Classes: 3 Years of Two-Way Live Online Interactive Sessions
  • Projects: Facility to undergo projects in Article Dissertation, Designing Management & more
  • Internship: Get Internship Support to gain experiential learning
  • Certification: Get course completion Certification in Doctorate of Business Administration by College de Paris in association with Henry Harvin® a recognized and award-winning Institute, and showcase expertise
  • Placement: 100% Placement Support for 1 Year post successful completion of the course
  • E-Learning: Free access to E-learning Portal and future updates
  • Masterclass: Access to 52+ Masterclass Sessions for essential soft skill development
  • Hackathons: Free Access to #AskHenry Hackathons and Competitions
  • Membership: 1-Year Gold Membership of Henry Harvin® Management Academy
  • Entrepreneurship Mentorship: Mentorship from Young Successful Entrepreneurs to set up a sustainable & scalable Business from scratch at both Freelance and entrepreneur levels.

Faculty at Henry Harvin®

  • Most renowned industry experts with 12+ years of work experience and recognized by various organizations over the years for their work. 
  • Have been invited to 350+ keynote classes for the Doctorate in Business Administration by College de Paris.
  • Have delivered 410+ lectures and are currently enlisted as domain experts with Henry Harvin® Management Academy.

Alumni Status

Become a part of the Elite Management Academy of Henry Harvin® and join the 4,60,000+ large Alumni Network Worldwide.

Gold Membership Benefits

  • Avail 1-Year Gold Membership of Henry Harvin® Management Academy that includes E-Learning Access through recorded Videos.
  • Free Masterclass Sessions access.
  • Earn the Prestigious Henry Harvin®️ Alumni Status and become one of the reputed 4,60,000+ alumni globally.
  • Guaranteed Internship with Henry Harvin®️ or partner firms.
  • Weekly 10+ Job Opportunities offered.
  • Experience Industry Projects during the classes.

Learning Benefits

  • Research Methodology and Methods
  • Research Issues within contemporary management
  • Interim Research in Business Administration
  • Designing a Research Project 
  • Developing as a Research in the Business Administration
  • Practice-Based Thesis

Know the complete offerings of our Doctorate of Business Administration Course by College de Paris

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10+ Projects


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Doctorate of Business Administration Course by College de Paris Curriculum

  • Module 1: Thesis management

    • Research
    • a.Scope and Significance
      b.Types of Research
      c.Research Process
      d.Characteristics of Good Research
      e.Identifying Research problem
      f.Meaning of Sampling Design
      g.Steps in sampling
      h.Criteria for good sample design
      i.Types of Sample Design
      j.Probability and non-probability sampling methods
      k.Meaning of Measurement
      l.Types of scales

    • Review of Literature
    • a.Data Collection
      b.Types of Data
      c.Sources of Data Collection
      d.Methods of Data collection
      e.Constructing questionnaire
      f.Establishing, reliability and validity
      g.Data processing
      h.Coding, Editing and tabulation of data
      i.Meaning of Report writing
      j.Types of Report
      k.Steps of report writing
      l.Precautions for writing report
      m.Norms for using Tables
      n.Charts and diagram
      o.Appendix: - Index, Bibliography.

  • Module 2: General Research Methodology

    • Meaning and importance of Research
    • Types of Research
    • Selection and formulation of Research Problem
    • Meaning of Research Design
    • Need of Research Design
    • Features of Research Design
    • Inductive, Deductive and Development of models
    • Developing a Research Plan
    • Exploration, Description, Diagnosis, Experimentation
    • Determining Experimental and Sample Designs
    • Analysis of Literature Review
    • Primary and Secondary Sources
    • Web sources
    • Critical Literature Review
    • Hypothesis
    • Different Types of Hypothesis
    • Significance
    • Development of Working Hypothesis
    • Null hypothesis
    • Research Methods: Scientific method vs Arbitrary Method
    • Logical Scientific Methods: Deductive, Inductive, Deductive-Inductive
    • Pattern of Deductive
    • Inductive logical process
    • Different types of inductive logical methods.
  • Module 3: Quantitative Research Methods

    • Introduction to Quantitative Research
    • a.Session Overview
      b.RQ Hypothesis Course Context Video
      c.What is Quantitative Research?
      d.Ethics of Quantitative Research
      e.Session Summary
      f.Session Overview
      g.Introduction to the Scientific Method of Research
      h.Comparing Descriptive, Predictive and Prescriptive Research
      i.Inductive and Deductive Approaches to Quantitative Research
      j.Constructing Models
      k.Session Summary

    • Exploring Quantitative Research Design
    • a.Session Overview
      b.Fundamentals of Research Design
      c.Components of a Research Design
      d.Characteristics of a Research Design
      e.Session Summary
      f.Session Overview
      g.Research Design for Experimental Research Studies
      h.Research Design for Quasi Experimental Studies
      i.Research Design for Non-Experimental Research Studies
      j.Evaluating Quantitative Research Design
      k.Session Summary

    • Data Collection for Quantitative Research
    • a.Session Overview
      b.Defining Surveys
      c.Exploring Survey Methods
      d.Session Summary
      e.Session Overview
      f.The Process of Questionnaire Development
      g.Designing a Questionnaire
      h.Designing Rating Scales
      i.The Art of Asking Questions
      j.Session Summary
      k.Session Overview
      l.Tips to Conduct Effective Surveys
      m.Ethics of Using Technology in Surveys
      n.Session Summary

    • Measurement and Sampling
    • a.Session Overview
      b.What is Measurement?
      c.True Score Theory, Estimating Measurement Errors
      d.Evaluating Validity of Measures
      e.Evaluating Reliability of Measures
      f.Session Summary
      g.Session Overview
      i.Basic Concepts of Sampling
      j.Problems and Blases in Sampling
      k.Probability Sampling
      l.Non-Probability Sampling
      m.Session Summary
      n.Session Overview
      o.Determining the Sample Size
      p.Sampling Distribution and Statistical inference
      q.Demonstrations on Sampling
      r.Session Summary

    • Constructing Statistical Models
    • a.Session Overview
      b.Significance of Comparing Means for Analysis
      c.What is ANOVA?
      d.Types of ANOVA
      e.Calculating and Interpreting One-Way ANOVA
      f.Session Summary
      g.Session Overview
      h.Building a Statistical Model
      i.Effect of Moderating and Mediating Variables
      j.Demonstration on Mediation and Moderation
      k.Session Summary

    • Enhancing Statistical Models
    • a.Session Overview
      b.What is Factor Analysis?
      c.Conducting Factor Analysis
      d.Demonstration on R: Factor Analysis
      e.Interpreting Factor Scores
      f.Session Summary
      g.Session Overview
      h.What is Factorial ANOVA?
      i.Dealing with Interaction Effects in Factorial ANOVA
      j.Calculating and Interpreting Factorial ANOVA
      k.Session Summary

    • Multivariate Analyses
    • a.Session Overview
      b.Multivariate regression
      d.Logistic Regression
      e.Structural Equation Modeling
      f.Tree Structured Methods
      g.Conjoint Analysis
      h.Session Summary
      i.Session Overview
      j.Time Series
      k.Cluster Analysis
      l.Session Summary

    • Writing a Quantitative Research Paper
    • a.Session Overview
      b.Introduction to Formatting the Research Project for Quantitative Research
      c.Components of a Quantitative Research Paper
      d.Writing the Summary, Background and Purpose of Quantitative Research
      e.Writing the Literature Review
      f.Detailing your Research Design/Methodology
      g.Curating your Results, Analysis and Supplimentary Findings
      h.Outlining your Conclusions and Reccomendations
      i.Making Appendices
      j.Session Summary
      k.Session Overview
      l.Writing Different Types of Quant Papers
      m.Guidelines for Fine Tuning your Research Presentation
      n.Session Summary

  • Module 4: Qualitative Research Methods

    • Introduction to Qualitative Research
    • a.Key Elements of Qualitative Research
      b.Writing Qualitative Research Question
      c.Qualitative Research: Framework
      d.Steps to Write a Qualitative Research Paper
      e.Ethics for Qualitative Research and IRB
      f.Introduction to Design Strategies
      g.Data-Collection and Analysis Strategies
      h.Introduction to research design
      i.Major aspects of research design

    • Data Collection in Qualitative Research
    • a.Sources of Evidence: A Comparative
      b.Assessment (Forms-Strengths-Weaknesses)
      c.Principles of Data Collection
      e.Reliability and Validity

    • Interviews and Focus Groups
    • a.Choosing an Interview Format
      b.Interview Strategies
      c.Interviews and Ethical Considerations
      d.An Introduction to Focus Groups
      e.Conducting Focus Group Research
      f.Appropriate and Inappropriate Uses of Focus Groups

    • Introduction to Data Analysis
    • a.An Introduction to Data Analysis
      b.First Cycle Coding (Description +Demo)
      c.Second Cycle Coding (Description +Demo)
      d.Jottings and Analytic Memoing (Description +Demo)
      e.Assertions and Propositions (Description +Demo)
      f.Within Case and Cross-Case Analysis (Description +Demo)

    • Data Display and Exploration
    • a.Matrix and Networks
      b.Timing, formatting
      c.Extracting Inferences and Conclusions
      d.Exploring Fieldwork in Progress
      e.Exploring Variables
      f.Exploring Reports in Progress

    • Data Analysis Process - Next Steps
    • a.Describing Participants
      b.Describing Variability
      c.Describing Action
      d.Ordering by time
      e.Ordering by process
      f.Explaining Interrelationship-Change
      g.Explaining Causation
      h.Making Predictions

    • Verifying Conclusions
    • a.Tactics to achieve integration among diverse pieces of data
      b.Tactics to sharpen understanding by differentiation
      c.Tactics of seeing relationships in data abstractly
      d.Tactics to assemble a coherent understanding of data
      e.Tactics for testing or confirming findings
      f.Standards for quality of conclusions

    • Writing Report and New Technologies
    • a.Other methods in Qualitative Research
      b.Audiences and Effects
      c.Different aspects / apa
      d.An Introduction to Mixed Methods Research

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Skills Covered

Management Consultation

Business Management

Management Analyst

Article Dissertation

Action Research

Traditional Dissertation

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