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Six Sigma Green Belt Course + Business Analytics

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Great combo to enhance your Project Management + Leadership + Analytical skills. Learn from industry experts to explore + analyze + solve management problems using 20+ Management Tools plus Analytics-based Business decision-making using popular analytics tools such as R/Python & Advanced Excel.

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Key Features

Ranked No.1 Combo Certification

Henry Harvin’s Six Sigma + Business Analytics Certification is a combination of two top-ranked courses in the industry by Trainings360.

Integrated Curriculum

Our training curriculum is aligned to the IASSC Book of Knowledge which is followed globally and holds value in the industry.

100% Practical Training

Gets Hands-on training on Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and Business Analytics + Live Projects + Focus on Learning While Doing + Popular GCAO Pedagogy

Gain Experience of 12+ Projects

Get the experience of 12 Projects for 1 Year post formal training.

Job guidance and 1-year support of Management Academy

Total job support + Skill enhancement session for interview + E-Learning Access + 12 Monthly Brush Up Sessions

Trusted by 160+ Corporates and 60+ Colleges

Trusted by Leading Corporates such as Abbott Pharma, Avon Cosmetics, Hostbooks, NTPC, SAB Miller, Apollo Tyres, Deloitte, Fidelity Investments plus 12+ IIM's alumni including IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore & IIM Calcutta and 7+ IIT's alumni including IIT Bombay & IIT Delhi.

About the Course

Course Duration

    64-hrs training.

The Significance Of The Combo Certification

    • Six Sigma Green Belt Certified Experts specialize in the tools and concepts of Six Sigma.
    • Certified Business Analytics Practitioners hold multiple skills to drive a company's ROI.
    • Henry Harvin CSSE-GB + CBAP Combo Certification is a specifically designed course to award participants with double course benefits in one, helping them save their time and hard-earned money.


    • Become a certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt professional with Business Analytical expertise.
    • Gain expertise on Six Sigma tools and techniques + Develop Goal-Oriented Business Strategies
    • Learn where and how to apply the Sigma methodologies to accomplish business objectives + How to Explore+Analyze+Solve Business-problems using Analytics Tools like Python & Advanced Excel.
    • Cultivate capabilities in Fact-Based decision making & Data-Driven problem solving + Understand 'What' & 'How' aspects of Data Collection.
    • Learn to analyze, simplify, and solve business or management problems.
    • Sharpen your Business Acumen.
    • Know how to use information in the most beneficial way possible.
    • Learn to put together strategic plans and discover ways to ensure that a Six Sigma project will benefit those plans.
    • Understand the Affinity of Product by analyzing transactional data and learn to derive useful Information from Data using analytic tools
    • Learn essential Project Management + Leadership + Analytical skills in one course.
    • Gain skills to make Customer-centric actions and take actionable Data-Driven decisions to expand the market.
    • Master the art to develop high-quality products/services.
    • Develop the capability to look beyond the present field with this domain and industry independent methodology.
    • Get insights from Industry best practices for Data Measurement & Analysis.
    • Learn to determine Business objectives and data analysis in a more focused way.
    • Understand Analytics-based Financial decision-making to drive the company's ROI.


    • Become Eligible for jobs demanding analytical background
    • Fill the void of thousands of untapped High-Paying Jobs for Six Sigma professionals with analytical skills as well.
    • Open doors to Job Opportunities Abroad demanding specialization.
    • Improve your CV & Linkedin Profile with professional development.
    • Distinguish your profile from peers and Get Promoted in current profile with most in-demand skill.
    • Support a Startup with improved Process and Performance that leads to high-quality products and services and boosts the Company’s ROI.
    • Earn a Rewarding Certification- 'Certified Six Sigma Executive- Green Belt + Certified Business Analytics Practitioner’
    • Build a Startup with one of the rarest skills of today- Management+Analytics.

Course Facilitators

    Henry Harvin’s Training is delivered by Seasoned Industry Experts with specialization. These talented practitioners have valuable exposure, experience and success across diverse industries and are also empanelled as subject matter specialists with Henry Harvin Management Academy.

Membership Program

    Get 1-Year Membership of Henry Harvin Management Academy and avail the following benefits:

    • E-Learning Access: Includes Recorded Videos, Games, Projects, Case Studies
    • Brushup Sessions: 12 Monthly Brushup Sessions for 1-Year Worth Rs.6000 for Free
    • Internship: Guaranteed Internship with Henry Harvin or partner firms
    • Job Opportunities: Job Opportunities regularly on mail
    • Interview Skills: Support in Clearing Interviews with Startups and Top Corporates.

Know the complete offerings of our Six Sigma Green Belt Course + Business Analytics

Course Curriculum

    Six Sigma Green Belt

    • History & Evolution of Six Sigma
    • Six Sigma & Lean Definition
    • COPQ
    • Variation
    • DMAIC Phases
    • Six Sigma Roles & Responsibilities
    • Project Charter
    • Project Charter Contents
    • Process Mapping
    • SIPOC
    • Identifying Customers & VOC
    • Establishing VOC to CTQ
    • KANO Model
    • RACI Model
    • Quiz
    • What is Data?
    • Data Classification & Type
    • Data collection plan
    • Sampling & Sampling Strategies
    • Mean
    • Median
    • Mode
    • Range
    • Variance
    • Standard Deviation
    • Case Study – Basic Statistics
    • Normal Distribution
    • Testing Normality
    • Histogram
    • Dot Plot
    • Box Plot
    • Time Series Plot
    • Measurement System Analysis
    • Accuracy & Precision
    • Repeatability
    • Reproducibility
    • Gage R & R study
    • Process Capability
    • Capability Formulas
    • DPMO, DPU, DPO
    • Rolled Throughput Yield
    • 7 QC Tools
    • Central Limit Theorem
    • Hypothesis testing
    • Alpha risk
    • Beta Risk
    • t-test
    • Improvement Strategy
    • Regression
    • Correlation
    • Scatter Plot
    • Brainstorming
    • 5S
    • FMEA
    • Piloting Solutions
    • Automation
    • Regression
    • Correlation
    • Scatter Plot
    • Brainstorming
    • Automation
    • Mistake Proofing
    • Statistical Process Control
    • SPC Selection Process
    • Control Plan

    Business Analytics Using Python/R Programming

    • Introductory Topics to Analytics
      Understanding the need for Analytics in Specific Domain; CRISP Modeling.
      Properties & Types of Data, Measurement Scale, Basic Statistics on Data
    • Basics of R/Python Programming
      Need for R/Python, Features of R/Python, Download, Setup, Installation; Python & Python IDE; Configuration. eg. Learning to set up Python and share Code
    • Data Structures in R/Python
      Creating and Understanding Basic Data Structures in R/Python - Vector, List, Matrix, Array, Data Frame & Factors which help in creating data in Python programming
    • Data Manipulation & Summarisation in R/Python
      Understanding how data can be summarised in different ways to do Descriptive Analysis which describes features of data.

    Understand what is Modeling and how it can be used in Various Domain

    • Statistical Tests
      P-Value, Z-Value, Hypothesis, Null Hypothesis, Alternative Hypothesis, F Test, ANOVA Introduction)
    • Linear Regression (Using R/Python)
      Start of Machine Learning, Develop a Prediction Model for predicting financial values based on one or more than 1 Independent Variable; Understand the assumptions and measures of goodness of Model, Understand its prediction ability
    • Visualisation using Graphs
      Creating Graph in R/Python and understanding which graph to be used when
    • Missing Value and Outlier Analysis
      Understanding how missing values & outliers are handled in data summarisation & modelling
    • Logistic Regression
      Predicting Binary Outcome (Buy or not, Churn or not, Loan Default or not) based on Independent Variables eg. Predicting Cases for Fraud, Default on Payment etc.

    Grouping customers based on characteristics so that they can be a target for sale increase

    • Decision Trees When to use CART & CHAID to create a decision tree based on categorical variables.
    • Ensembles (Bagging & Boosting) Random Forest, XGBoost: Problems of Decision Tree covered in Random Forest, How group thinking impacts the decisions (from a business point of view)

    Understand how Association Rules can be created using Market Basket Analysis. Finding Interesting association between items purchased by Customers and building strategy to sell more
    Twitter Analysis

    Configure Twitter Account & Application; Setup for downloading tweets and analyse them for positive and negative sentiments related to Financial News/ Articles.

    • Final Assessment
    • Certificate Dispatch
    • Monthly Brush Up Sessions- Live Online (12months).

Know the complete offerings of our Six Sigma Green Belt Course + Business Analytics Course

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Tools Covered

Know more about 50+ tools covered in this Six Sigma Green Belt Course + Business Analytics Course

Get Ahead with Henry Harvin® Six Sigma Green Belt Course + Business Analytics Course Certification

  • Earn your Combo Certification(CSSE-GB + CBAP)

    Get certified as “Certified Six Sigma Executive- Green Belt + Certified Business Analytics Practitioner” from this comprehensive two in one Course once you master this rich domain.

  • Differentiate yourself with a Henry Harvin Six Sigma+Business Analytics Certification.

    The practical knowledge and actionable skillset you’d gain working on projects, simulations, case studies will set you ahead of the competition.

  • Share your achievement

    Use diverse social media platforms such as Linkedin, Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter to promote and share your resume and reap feasible benefits.

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Why Henry Harvin for Six Sigma Green Belt Course + Business Analytics


Ranked No.1 Six Sigma Belts Certification by Trainings360

Post Training Support

Upgrading your knowledge is our responsibility by providing you with newly recorded videos and monthly brushup sessions. In addition, get career services, regular job updates, and much more.

Highly Valued LMS

Get 24x7 + Lifetime Access to Web + Mobile-Based App with Abundant Data Sets, Case Studies, Content, Recorded Videos, PPT and Study Notes.

Alumni Status from Henry Harvin

Join Henry Harvin’s wide network of alumni employed in growing domains all across the globe.


Harvin Education is affiliated to the American Association of EFL, UK Cert, UKAF, MSME & Govt of India.

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Six Sigma Green Belt Course + Business Analytics Course Training Certification Process



Consult with our counsellors to check your eligibility and the right batch. And then Register for the Six Sigma Combo Certification Course


Attend The Training Program

Attend classes of Six Sigma Green Belt + Business Analytics Combo Course to get credits and become eligible for the certification. View session recordings in case you missed any training.


Submit Projects Assigned

Deliver the projects and assignments allocated during the Training as part of the practical assessment system to become eligible for the CSSE-GB + CBAP Certification


Get Certified

Post completion, get CSSE-GB + CBAP Certification from Henry Harvin Management Academy. Post it on social media and apply for internship, placement and freelancing projects.

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Registrations Open
Starts Every Week Live Virtual Classroom INR 15,500/-

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Know the complete offerings of our Six Sigma Green Belt Course + Business Analytics Course

Commonly Asked Questions

Henry Harvin Six Sigma Certification is a globally recognised course delivered by trained Industry experts. It gives project exposure and has been designed keeping the employment and entrepreneurial demands noted.

Certainly! Henry Harvin six sigma green belt + Business Analytics course is equally significant as our independent courses. The combo course is specifically offered to the participants for saving their time and money to be invested in both courses separately.

Anyone who is looking forward to pursuing his career in management or wants to enhance his problem-solving, decision-making, project management, and analytical skills, can attend a Six Sigma Green + Business Analytics Certification Course.

Six Sigma Green Belt professionals can join various companies as Data Analysts, Process Engineers, Process Excellence executives, Business Excellence Managers, Compliance Structural Engineers, Lean Six Sigma Consultants, Project Managers, Six Sigma Trainers or Quality Control executives. And Business analysts are in demand for the post of Data scientists, IT business analysts, quantitative analysts, Solutions architects, management analysts, etc. Hence, this combo course can help you try for higher ranks in the organizations looking for Six Sigma Experts with added skills of business analytics as well.

Not at all!. The Henry Harvin Six Sigma Green + Business Analytics certification program has been designed to help all professionals drive productivity and exceptional quality in their current jobs as well. However, post this course, you will certainly be eligible to get promoted to the higher ranks within your domain.

Henry Harvin has very stringent parameters to choose its trainers and instructors. All experts have immense knowledge of the industry and are well-qualified and experienced in the respected domains. All of our trainers are highly qualified and industry experts with a minimum of 10 years of relevant teaching experience. Each of them undergoes a rigorous process of selection that comprises profile screening, technical analysis and evaluation, and a training demo before they are authorized to train our participants.

As organizations strive for constant improvement, they inquire experts that can apply problem-solving and business know-how to enhance in-house processes. Lean Six Sigma enables and masters you to take the headship in quality management projects, and evaluate data strategically and statistically by using risk management, process mapping, and benchmarks setting abilities. The value of Henry Harvin’s certification is not confined to large firms only but it is boundless and across multi-level organizations.

Six Sigma Green Belt professionals can join various organisations as Data Analysts, Process Engineers, Process Excellence executives, Business Excellence Managers, Compliance Structural Engineers, Lean Six Sigma Consultant, Project Managers, Six Sigma Trainers and Quality Control executives.

Certainly not! This will be LIVE training and all of the classes will be conducted via live online streaming, run by a Lean Six Sigma professional with over 10+ years of work experience. The online training will include interactive sessions that will allow you to ask questions or doubts as well as will let you participate in discussions during class time. We will provide recordings of each training session for your future reference though. We have a vast audience, across the globe in our classes that will help you boost your learning experience.

Our exclusive two-in-one certification course is designed by subject matter professionals working across the globe. The training renders a hands-on learning experience plus Global Learning Framework that will not only give you the resolution to pass the exam but will also help you retain and implement knowledge in the job/business.

Excited to Learn?

Importance of Six Sigma Certification to a Business Analyst’s Career
Most organizations prefer the Lean Six Sigma methodology for process improvement efforts and also for ensuring the profitable completion of projects. Six Sigma applied initially to manufacturing industry processes, can now be employed in practically every domain of an organization for constant process improvement.

Learning six sigma methods will certainly help business analysts to attain modern skills and become more efficient at work. Business Analysts can thus opt to go for a six sigma training program to learn these skills and prosper their career.

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