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Learn from Henry Harvin; the pioneer of South Asia's 1st Content Writing Course. Master the nuances of Content Writing along with the Art of English Creative Writing. Both Classroom and live online options are available. Classrooms in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Noida and Gurgaon.

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22 Apr 2024

Learning Period

56 Hours

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There's a reason that 95% of our alumni undertake 3+ courses as a minimum with Henry Harvin®

Megha Nautiyal
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Jyoti Bhatia
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Rishav Saha
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Know the complete offerings of our Master Creative Writing Course

Key Highlights

Ranked No.1
100% Practical Training
Learn 30+ Content Types, Intricacies of Creative Writing
1-Year Membership of Content Academy
Get Prestigious CDCW + CCWS Certification
Trusted by 150+ Corporates and 60+ Colleges

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Access the best jobs in industry

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Access the best jobs in the industry

You Get 10-In-1 Program

Two-way Live Training Course

Two-way Live Online Interactive Classroom Sessions

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Distinguish your profile with global credentials and showcase expertise with our Hallmark Completion certificate

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Facility to undergo various projects along with the course.

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Guaranteed Internship

Get a guaranteed Internship with Henry Harvin® and in top MNCs like J.P. Morgan, Accenture & many more via Forage.

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Get 3 in 1 Placement support through Placement Drives, Premium access to Job portal & Personalized Job Consulting

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Student Engagement & Events

Free Access to #AskHenry Hackathons and Competitions & many other facilities from Henry Harvin®

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Access to 52+ Masterclass Sessions for essential soft skill development

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Get Free Gold Membership of Henry Harvin®

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E-Learning Access

Free access to the E-learning Portal and future updates. Get access to PPTs, Projects, Quizzes, self-paced Video-based learning, a question bank, a library, practice tests, final assessment, a forum, and doubt sessions.

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Entrepreneurship Mentorship

Mentorship from Young Successful Entrepreneurs to set up a sustainable & scalable Business from scratch at both Freelance and entrepreneur levels

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About the Master Creative Writing Course

Content Writing + Creative Writing Certification Course

Duration of Content Writing + Creative Writing Certification Course


  • 56 hours of Instructor-led Core Sessions. 
    Post-training an online examination is conducted on the basis of which certificate is awarded.
    Post-training 24-hours Project Support and Brush-up Sessions are provided for over a span of 1 year.

About the Content Writing + Creative Writing Course Certification

After successful clearance of the Content Writing + Creative Writing Course Certification Exam, participants can distinguish their profile with the global credential of Certified Digital Content Writer + Certified Creative Writing Specialist | CDCW + CCWS and showcase expertise by using the Hallmark of CDCW + CCWS next to their name. For example Mr. Sandeep Kumar (CDCW + CCWS)

Trainer Profile of Content Writing + Creative Writing Course

Delivered by industry professionals having extensive experience as freelance content writers and best-selling authors. These highly talented, creative individuals bring invaluable experience and demonstrated success across diverse domains of Content Writing. These subject matter experts are also empanelled as domain experts with Henry Harvin® Content Academy.

Membership Program:

Get 1-Year Membership of Henry Harvin Content Academy and avail these exclusive benefits:

E-Learning Access:

Includes Recorded Videos, Study Material, Projects, Case Studies, Samples

Brushup Sessions:

12 Monthly Brush Up Sessions for 1-Year for Free


100% Placement, Guaranteed Internship with Henry Harvin or partner firms

Job Opportunities:

Job Opportunities regularly on mail

Interview Skills:

Support in Clearing Interviews with Startups and Top Corporates

Career Benefits

  • Become Eligible for many high-rewarding freelancers jobs demanding content writing and creative writing background
  • Open doors to Job Opportunities in all sectors
  • Distinguish your profile from peers during Job Interviews
  • Earn twin Rewarding Certifications- 'Certified Digital Content Writer + Certified Creative Writing Specialist’ (CDCW + CCWS)
  • Get hold of all the prerequisites of being a successful published Writer
  • Flaunt your proficiency in English Creative Writing on social platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. with Hallmark of twin Global Credential- CDCW + CCWS Professional added next to your name
  • Fulfill your dream of writing a novel or a set of poetry or a memorable memoir

Learning Benefits

  • Learn to Write 30+ Content Types & Earn Online!
  • Skill to Translate Thoughts into Words that Attracts
  • Gain practical knowledge on how to use 50+ tools
  • Develop essential Language Skills to write for International Clients
  • Website Making Skills to create Basic Website and Personal Blog
  • Graphic Skills to design Newsletters, PPT, Logo etc
  • Gain Advanced Research Skills that enables to Write on Any Topic
  • Skill to Identify Target Audience Persona for your Content
  • Develop Effective Content Strategy to Reach your TG
  • Know how to Get Freelance projects from India, US, UK and avoid risk of bad debt in international payment
  • Understand the principles of creative writing, including form, technique, and style.
  • Become a creative writing enthusiast who can learn to apply the basic rules and conventions to their creative writing
  • Demonstrate a broad understanding of pieces of literature in English and the role played by it in the creation of fiction writing and book writing.
  • Apply the principles of English creative writing to pen down poems, stories, blogs, or essays.
  • Master the universal foundation that helps in writing great fiction
  • Create complex yet realistic fictional characters that come out as real ones in your writings
  • Construct memorable settings that shape the world of the characters
  • Acquire the art of framing gripping plots that can hook the reader to top your piece of writing
  • Demonstrate the professional habits of English Creative Writers
  • Learn to discover your distinctive Englsh creative writing style
  • Get ready for name, fame and money

Know the complete offerings of our Content Writing + Creative Writing Certification Training Course

Master Creative Writing Course Curriculum

  • Module 1: Introduction to Language Skills

    • Basics and Jargons; Tactical vs Strategy; Expert vs Influencer; Agglomeration vs Aggregation; Creative vs Technical Writing; Readability vs Searchability
    • Content Formats: Online/Offline – Print/Digital & Transactional Cost
  • Module 2: Grammar: Bookish v/s Digital

    • Tone & Its Types; Style and Its Types; Sentence Structures; Common Grammatical Errors; Spellings: UK/US; Presentation Skills
  • Module 3: Punctuation Rules in Digital Content Writing

    • Comma, Full Stop, Hyphen, Apostrophe, Parentheses, Questions Mark, Exclamation Mark, etc.
  • Module 4: Content Flow & Presentation

    • Text Designing: Use of Comma, Spacing, Capital, Italics, Margins, Indentation, Bullets, Fonts, Font Size
  • Module 5: Internet Skills

    • Research Skills: Advanced Online Research; Internet through Google; Google Keyword Planner; Wolfram Alpha (Computational)
    • Graphic Skills: Cover page designing; Logo Software
    • Data & Reporting: Google Analytics
    • Understand Ranking Reports: Woorank, Alexa
    • Editing Tools: Grammarly, Ginger, Hemingway
  • Module 6: Other Digital Skills

    • Spinning software; Creative Common; Google Local Pages; Blogging; Article directories; Content tags; Using social media for content distribution
  • Module 7: Business and Marketing Writing

    • SEO Writing; Landing Pages; Blog; Social media; E-Book Writing; Newsletter & Magazine Writing; Copywriting; Press Releases; Book Reviews; Product Reviews & Descriptions; Resume Writing; Writing cover letter; Editing & Proofreading
  • Module 8: Content Strategy

    • Permanent challenges in creating effective content; Broader structure for creating content for social media; Creating and promoting brands with strategic content; Segmenting markets; Understanding the target segments; Road map to create strategic content;
  • Module 9: Technical and Research Writing

    • Foundation of Technical Writing; Research Paper; Thesis; Project Reports; Grant Writing; Medical Writing; User Manuals; FAQs
  • Module 10: Academic Writing

    • Study Material; Academic Guides; Tutorials; E-Learning; Instructional Design; Question Banks; Workbooks; Courseware; Rubrics
  • Module 11: Creative Writing

    • Initiating Creative Writing; Understanding Creative Writing; Difference between Blogging & Creative Writing
  • Module 12:

  • Module 13: Literary Elements & Techniques

    • Structure of a Story; Developing a Literary Piece; The importance of Point of View; Creating images with Figurative Language
  • Module 14: Creating Stories

    • Building the Narrative Pace; Preparing a Perfect Draft; Overcoming Writer’s Block; Writing Hacks
  • Module 15: Fiction Writing

    • Writing Prompts; Forms of Short Fictions; Compiling a Book of Short Stories; Writing your First Book
  • Module 16: Script Writing

    • Introduction to Script Writing; Dialogues and its types; How to punctuate a dialogue; Play-Writing
  • Module 17: Poetry Writing

    • Difference between Prose & Poetry; Forms of Poetry; Understanding Rhyme Schemes & Rhythms; Syllable counts, its Usage, & Check; Usage of Literary Devices in Poetry
  • Module 18: Earn Online- Get International Projects; Publish Your Book

    • Content Writing Projects (Website Selection); Choosing the Right Projects; Writing Impressive Proposals; Setting up milestones; Get Freelance Projects; Affiliate Marketing; Ad sense and Blogging; Ghostwriting; Blogging secrets; Create Outstanding Poetry,
  • Module 19:

Know the complete offerings of our Post Graduate Program in Master Creative Writing Course

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svg-seat Limited seats left

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Skills Covered

Poetry Writing

Script Writing

Fiction Writing

Creative Writing

Academic Writing

Technical Writing

Research Writing

Business & Marketing Writing

Internet Skills

Tools Covered


Know more about 50+ tools covered in this Master Creative Writing Course


Get Ahead with Henry Harvin® Master Creative Writing Course Certification

What you'll Learn in this course

Earn your CDCW + CCWS Certification

Our exclusive Content Writing + Creative Writing Course is comprehensive & practical thus, this CDCW + CCWS Certification is proof enough that you have taken a big leap in mastering the domain.

Differentiate yourself with a Henry Harvin Content Writing + Creative Writing Certification

The practical knowledge and actionable skillset you've gained working on projects, simulations, case studies will provide you confidence and set you ahead of the competition.

Show Off your achievement

Talk about your Certified CDCW + CCWS Certification everywhere - on LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter; Boost your resume or frame it - tell your friends and colleagues about it.

Training Certification


Our courses and Course Certificates are trusted by these industry leaders


Know more about the value of this certificate in the industry

Career Services By Henry Harvin®

Career Services

Placement Drives

We are dedicated to supporting our students throughout their career journey. Join us, and let's embark on a journey towards a successful and fulfilling career together.


Premium access to Henry Harvin® Job portal

Exclusive access to our dedicated job portal and apply for jobs. More than 2100+ hiring partners’ including top start–ups and product companies hiring our learners. Mentored support on job search and relevant jobs for your career growth.


Personalized Job Consulting

Share what kind of job you are looking for and we will provide you with verified job openings that match your requirement.

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