About Course
  • Duration/Mode: 32hrs Live Virtual Training + 24hrs Live Online Brush up + 50hrs E-Learning Access
  • Trainer: Seasoned industry experts with 10+years experience 
  • Membership: 
  • Fees : INR 15000
  • Get 1-Year Membership of Henry Harvin Anaytics Academy and avail the following benefits:
    • E-Learning Access: Get Recorded Videos, Games, Projects, Case Studies 
    • Brushup Sessions: Free Brushup Sessions for 1-Year 
    • Job Support: Get access to 10+ Job Opportunities every week
  • Alumni Status: Get a Henry Harvin Alumni status & network with 18000+distinguished alumni worldwide 

Course Curriculum
  • Module 1: Introductory topics to Analytics, Programming, Data Structures; Data Manipulation & Summarisation
  • Module 2: Analytical modelling, Statistical test, Linear regression, Visualisation using graphs, Logistic Regression, Missing value & Outlier analysis
  • Module 3: Clustering, Decision tree, Ensembles(Begging & Boosting)
  • Module 4: Gradient bossting, Support vector machine, Bayes qualifier

Learning Benefits: 
  • Understand 'What' & 'How' aspects of Machine Learning
  • Get insights from Industry Best Practices for Data manipulation & summarisation
  • Fecilitate Predictive decision making by getting better insights into the data
  • Gain insight into customer behaviour  across Different Channels through segmentation and accurate lifetime prediction 
  • Get Full Fledged View of how to detect financial spams, make medical predictions, improve precised financial decisions, have accurate sales forecast and many more related topics
  • Take Actionable better Data-Driven Decisions to increase market share 
  • Helps with Adjusting to Macro Changes in predictive models

Carrer Benefits:
  • Become Eligible for machine learning jobs demanding background 
  • Open doors to Job Opportunities Abroad demanding specialization
  • Fill the void of thousands of untapped High-Paying Jobs in analytics with Talent Shortage 
  • Get Promoted in current profile with most in-demand skill 
  • Distinguish your profile from peers during Job Interviews 
  • Earn a Rewarding Certification- 'Certified Machine Learning Practitioner' (CMLP)
  • Upgrade biz card with Hallmark of Global Credential-CMLP Professional added next to your name
  • Improve CV & Linkedin Profile with professional development 
  • Support a Startup with high ROI  
  • Build a Startup in one of the most rewarding fields of today- Machine Learning!

Batch Dates

College Students Instructor-Led Live Online 32 Hours INR 15,000

Registrations Open

Module 1
  • Introductory Topics to Analytics
  • Introduction to Data Management
  • Basics of Programming
  • Data Structures
  • Data Manipulation & Summarisation
Module 2
  • Analytical Modeling
  • Statistical Tests
  • Linear Regression
  • Visualisation using Graphs
  • Missing Value and Outlier Analysis
Module 3
  • Clustering
  • Decision Trees
  • Ensembles (Bagging & Boosting)
Module 4
  • Gradient Boosting
  • Support Vector  Machine
  • Bayes Classifier

How it is beneficial for you?

Advantages to different domains and industries

Commonly Asked Questions

Machine learning is a technological advancement that helps in bringing together computer science and statistics to equip data analysts to develop the predictive power. Thus, a Machine Learning Course helps in acquiring a must-have skill for all who want to tackle mountains of raw data into refined trends and predictions.

Today all businesses need data analysts who are adept in machine learning, as they can effectively mine the data and then with the help of statistical tools analyze and interpret it for better insight. By taking up a Machine Learning Certification Course you will unlock the power of this emerging field that shall open up many job opportunities.

This Machine Learning Certification Course is most well-suited for business analysts, analytics managers, information architects, developers looking to become data scientists, and also graduates seeking a career in Data Science and Machine Learning. Additionally, students with a passion for machine learning and intending to explore further this domain, must pursue this course.

This Machine Learning Course will help you to explore the concepts of machine learning and also throw light on how it’s transforming the digital world. An exciting branch of Artificial Intelligence, this Machine Learning course will provide all the skills that you need to become competent in this field.

Before enrolling for a Machine Learning Course, put in some effort to research and know which course will be best suited for you. Ensure the authenticity and reputation of an institute, as there are numerous fake institutes offering Machine Learning Certification Course. Beyond this look for trainer experience, course curriculum, learning and career advantages, alumni reviews and then take an informed decision.

Henry Havin offers a comprehensive and advanced Machine Learning Certification Course that will help you harness the world of machines with a power of code and is cost effective too. This Certified Machine Learning Practitioner certificate will act for you as a first-class ticket to the most sought after jobs in data analysis today.

R is a programming language for statistical computing which has gained great prominence in recent years in data science because of its versatility in the field of statistics. This Machine Learning Course is certainly superior and will facilitate predictive decision making by giving better insights into the data.

Henry Harvin gives you the ease of enrolling in this Machine Learning Course on-campus classes or opting for online classes, depending on your preference. The curriculum remains the same for both the courses. It is interesting to note that online classes will be virtual live classrooms that will provide a learning environment as inspiring and supportive as on-campus classes.

Both online and on-campus Machine Learning Certification Courses are similar in nature and will be completed in a month’s duration with 32 hours of active training.

The Online Machine Learning Course with R is a comprehensive course that will be broken up as: 32hrs live virtual training + 24hrs live online brush up + 50hrs E-learning access.

Considered as the best course on Machine Learning, this has been designed by professional data scientists that will walk you step-by-step into the exciting world of Machine Learning. Beginning from the basics of R you move on to visualizing and summarizing the dataset and go on to learn evaluating algorithms and finally make predictions.

Conducted by seasoned industry experts with 10+years experience this well structured Machine Learning Certification Course helps you dive deep into Machine Learning in an interesting way. You learn all about analytical modelling, statistical tests, linear regression, visualization using graphs, logistic regression, missing value & outlier analysis, et al.

As this Machine Learning Certification will equip you to understand the predictive models of tomorrow with a blink of an eye, lots of well paying jobs will open up for you. You can fill the void of thousands of untapped high-paying jobs in analytics as there is an acute talent shortage.

Henry Harvin Machine Learning Course imparts major learning benefits such as:

  • Understanding 'What' & 'How' aspects of Machine Learning
  • Getting insights from Industry best practices for data manipulation & summarization
  • Taking actionable better data-driven decisions to increase market share
  • Learning adjusting to macro changes in predictive models

Draw immense career benefits by taking this Machine Learning Certification from Henry Havin:

  • Distinguish your profile from peers; get promoted in current profile with most in-demand skill.
  • Earn a Rewarding Certification, 'Certified Machine Learning Practitioner' (CMLP).
  • Upgrade your biz card with Hallmark of Global Credential-CMLP Professional added next to your name.
  • Build a Startup in one of the most rewarding fields of today- Machine Learning!

Henry Harvin Taches the Best Ways to Make Your Machines Learn

The world is moving very rapidly towards total automation. The demand for ‘smart’ machines is growing even more rapidly. This whirlwind movement towards automation has given birth to another kind of demand---- the demand for professionals who can ‘teach’ machines to learn.

A few decades ago, one was in elite company, if one had a degree in computer science. It could set one off on a path to great success in terms of big pay packets a swank office and world travel. Today, the professionals who programme the computer to learn from experience are in that elite zone of computer science.

Machine learning enables a machine, a computer to analyze huge amounts of data to deliver results which can tell the company about the opportunities that are available. After analyzing data, the computer can also forecast the risks that are inherent in a certain project. To be able to do this, the computer needs to be trained. Such training requires expertise, time and resources. Once these algorithms are developed, the computer delivers faster, more accurate results.

Human beings have to learn to write the algorithms to make a computer to do this job. It is in this area that Henry Harvin provides the best course in machine learning certification. Henry Harvin also gives the best machine learning online course and the best machine learning training an individual can get in the market. Having trained at Henry Harvin, to write algorithms which are used to train machines in learning, an individual becomes a competent professional.

This is what a Certified Machine Learning Practitioner (CMLP) does. This person develops programs which condition computers to improve from what they have been doing with the data that is already fed. Once it is trained, a computer does not need a command from the operator to learn and improve. Once programmed, the computer learns by itself from the data that it has already accessed by studying examples, data or patterns and then makes better decisions with regard to output.

There are different categories of algorithms – supervised, unsupervised and semi-supervised

Supervised algorithms

These algorithms use labeled or classified previous data to analyze present data to predict future course of action. The algorithms can find errors, and then compare and correct the output.

Unsupervised algorithms

When unsupervised algorithms are used the data is not labeled or classified. They draw inferences from the data and describe what could be the possible outcome

Semi-supervised algorithms

Semi-supervised algorithms use some labeled and more unlabeled data to come to conclusions. Machine learning with R is machine learning, neural networks, regression, naive bayes classifier, bagging, boosting and random forest classifier. SVM stands for Support Vector Machine. Support Vector Machines are used for both regression and classification tasks. Classification is widely supported by SVM.

Doing a machine learning course, a machine learning certification course, an online course in machine learning or training in machine learning from Henry Harvin opens up a world of opportunities. These courses and training have a comprehensive syllabus and faculty support. This empowers individuals to be confident and efficient. A combination of efficiency and confidence makes the individual most eligible for jobs that require a machine learning background.

Many such job opportunities are available both in India and abroad. Armed with qualifications from Henry Harvin, the institution which provides the best curriculum, getting appointed to high paying jobs in foreign locations is easy.

It is easy to crack interviews for jobs requiring this specialization, for those have done the courses from Henry Harvin because they provide the best possible curriculum and faculty support.

Not many institutions offer courses in Machine Learning with R. Henry Harvin is a leader among the few institutions that do these courses.

Students of Henry Harvin will be the first among equals because they will have acquired the most up to date possible knowledge of Machine Learning. Their training and online course in Machine Learning will be the best training available. Their qualifications from Henry Harvin will make them stand out, in their profile on LinkedIn and CV every where else,

  • The faculty comprises experts from the industry. Every faulty member has more than 10 years of experience. They are the best teachers, expert and yet are empathetic towards new learners.
  • The courses comprise a 32-hour long live virtual training.
  • Further there is a 24-hour long live, online brush up. This helps students to resolve doubts and problems. If there are grey areas in the grasp or understanding of the course material, this 24-hour period helps in the resolution of the glitches.
  • To enhance every individual’s grasp of the curriculum, Henry Harvin provides them with a 50-hour slot of E learning. This can be accessed at convenience.
  • The courses are priced at INR 15000/. This is easily and quickly recovered once the job market becomes available at the end of the course.
  • Henry Harvin provides the best job support. Every student can access more than 10 job opportunities every week. No other academy has such a wide net work all over the world.
  • All students get the elite Henry Harvin Analytics Academy membership for 1 year, at no extra cost. This membership opens up a plethora of add-ons
  • Even after the course has been completed, Henry Harvin continues to hand hold the new entrants in the job market for a year. Individuals can use the best brush-up sessions available in the market.
  • Module 1: Introductory topics to Analytics, Programming, Data Structures, Data Manipulation and summarization
  • Module 2: Analytical modelling, Statistical test, Linear regression, Visualization, Logistic Regression, Missing value and Outlier analysis
  • Module 3: Clustering, Decision tree, Ensembles (Begging & Boosting)
  • Module 4: Gradient boosting, Support vector machine, Bayes qualifier
  • There are other benefits such as being added to the Henry Harvin family as an instructor, a guest blogger or an affiliate. At Henry Harvin you get the best Individual and corporate training.

Warning! Beware of Fraud Overseas Job Providers, Fraud Institutes and Fake Certificates issued by them. To ensure the authenticity of the institute and HENRY HARVIN certificate please contact HENRY HARVIN at 9015266266 or [email protected] OR Click Here to verify the certificate and view public notice issued.

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