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  • Secret Sauce of Stephen King's Book which Sold 350 Million Copies Globally
  • William Shakespeare's Writing Style which makes him World's Greatest Writer
  • JK Rowling's Formula of Success which produced Best Selling Book Series in History
  • Quentin Tarantino’s 5 Methods of Writing which makes him Lead the Top 100 Screenwriters of All Time


About the Course
  • Duration/Mode: 16hrs Live Online Classroom Training 
  • Trainer: Passionate writers having 'Born Writer' traits with 10+years of experience
  • Live Projects:  Experience Industry Projects during the training 
  • Alumni Status: Get a Henry Harvin Alumni status & network with 23000+distinguished alumni worldwide  
  • Membership: Get 1-Year Membership of Henry Harvin Content Academy and avail the following benefits:
    • E-Learning Access: Includes Recorded Videos, Games, Projects, Case Studies
    • Brushup Session: 12 Month Brushup Session for 1-Year Worth Rs. 6000 for Free
    • Internship: Guaranteed Internship with Henry Harvin or partner firms
    • Job Opportunities: Job Opportunities every week  
  • Benefit #1: UNDERSTAND the principles of creative writing, including form, technique, and style.
  • Benefit #2: BECOME a creative writing enthusiast who can learn to apply the basic rules and conventions to their creative writing
  • Benefit #3: DEMONSTRATE a broad understanding of pieces of literature in English and the role played by it in the creation of fiction writing and book writing.
  • Benefit #4: APPLY the principles of creative writing to pen down poems, stories, blogs, or essays.
  • Benefit #5: MASTER the universal foundation that helps in writing great fiction
  • Benefit #6: CREATE complex yet realistic characters that come out as real ones from your writing
  • Benefit #7: CONSTRUCT memorable settings that shape the world of the characters
  • Benefit #8: ACQUIRE the art of framing gripping plots that can hook the reader to top your piece of writing 
  • Benefit #9: DEMONSTRATE the professional habits of creative writers
  • Benefit #10: LEARN to discover your writing style
Takeaways of your Investment 
  • 16 Hrs Hours Classroom and Online Training
  • Certified Creative Writer Certification 
  • Access to the Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Recorded Videos of the Session
  • 100% Placement, Internship and Project Support exclusively entitled for Creative Writer Professionals 
Why Henry Harvin’s Creative Writing Course?
  • Ranking: Ranked No.1 Writing Course by Trainings360
  • Employment Support: Live Projects + Guaranteed Internship + Weekly Job Support
  • Practical Training: Focus on Learning While Doing + Popular GCAO Pedagogy
  • Post Training Support: Recorded Videos + Monthly Brushup Sessions
  • Certification: Get Certified Creative Writer certification from Henry Harvin Education with affiliations from the American Association of EFL, UK Cert, UKAF, Content Writing Association in India, MSME & Govt of India
- Email: sahil@henryharvin.com
- Helpline No.:+91 9015266266
- Whatsapp: http://bit.ly/2BLvdAF
​Who Can Attend?
  • Digital Marketers / Marketers / Sales / Business Development professionals
  • Existing entrepreneurs/business owners looking to scale up their business
  • Professors / Teachers / Trainers 
  • Bloggers / Content Writers 
  • Housewives / Retired / Unemployed individuals 
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs 
  • Professionals / Corporates
  • Students 

Batch Dates

12th July Onwards Instructor-Led Live Online 16 Hours INR 7,500.00

Registrations Open
18th July Onwards Instructor-Led Live Online 16 Hours INR 7,500.00

Registrations Open
  • Initiating Creative Writing    
    • Understanding Creative Writing
    • Difference between Blogging & Creative Writing
    • Writing Styles, Tones, and their usage to build Write Ups
  • Language & Grammar Skills 
    • Sentence Structures
    • Common Grammatical Errors
    • Use of Punctuations
    • Building Vocabulary & Grammar Skills
  • Literary Elements & Techniques    
    • Structure of a Story
    • Developing a Literary Piece
    • The importance of Point of View
    • Creating images with Figurative Language
  • Creating Stories    
    • Building the Narrative Pace
    • Preparing a Perfect Draft
    • Overcoming Writer’s Block
    • Writing Hacks
  • Fiction Writing    
    • Writing prompts
    • Forms of Short Fictions
    • Compiling a Book of Short Stories
    • Writing your First Book
  • Script Writing    
    • Introduction to Script Writing
    • Dialogues and it’s types
    • How to punctuate a dialogue
    • Play-Writing
  • Poetry Writing    
    • Difference between Prose & Poetry
    • Forms of Poetry
    • Understanding Rhyming Schemes & Rhythms
    • Syllable counts, it’s Usage, & Check
    • Usage of Literary Devices in Poetry
  • Should have an elementary knowledge of English
  • Should have basic knowledge of MS Office
  • Strong instinct towards writing creative content

No, there is no prerequisite required to attend this course.
Of Course. Our workshop is designed for pre-intermediate and intermediate learners so that they gain knowledge of the basics of content writing.
No, professional training in English is not a pre-requisite to this workshop, but having it will be helpful in grasping ideas and techniques taught in the course.
No, we will not be providing project, placement and employment support at the end of the workshop

How it is beneficial for you?

Advantages to different domains and industries

Commonly Asked Questions

Creative Writing is “writing that expresses ideas and thoughts in an imaginative way”. It is an expression of feelings and emotions embedded in words.

Creative writing includes:
Novels, poems, epics, short stories, screenplay/ songs for films and television.
These days writing articles and blogs on the Internet are becoming a popular part of this domain.

Creative writing does not include forms of writing like:
Textbooks, Journalism, Technical writing etc.

Creative writing can sharpen your imagination, add vocabulary to express more profusely, connect you to a vast community of readers. It can be therapeutic too.

If feel you have the required key skills for creative writing which include:
Writing talent, originality, ability to work independently and self-promotion abilities, you can join the creative writing course.

With Internet becoming popular day by day there is tremendous scope for Creative Writing. The world is your playground now:

There is tremendous scope. You can become:

  • A Writer.
  • Copywriter.
  • Journalist.
  • Web Content writer/ Editor.
  • SEO Executive.
  • Proofreaders/Sub-Editor.
  • Content Marketing Specialist.
  • Social Media Specialist etc.

There is great demand for all kinds of writers in the market at places like: Newspapers/Magazines, Ad agencies, Digital Marketing agencies, IT companies. There is also a great scope for freelancers.

At the earlier stage, creative writers can earn an amount of Rs. 15000/- to 20,000 per month, pertaining to which brand you are working for.

Freelancing is equally beneficial. As a freelancer attains a Certification Training on Creative Writing and gains experience, he/she can earn about Rs 40 to 50 thousand per month.

Creative Writing can also be integrated with script writing for movies and TV shows. Writing feature news, indulging in food blogging and reviewing, working for online magazines etc.

Creative writers also have an option to become consultants for creating content for company web sites and business portfolios among other such freelancing activities etc.

This is an ideal course offered by Henry Harvin for aspiring writers. You’ll get basic strategies and tools to help you put your thoughts down on the page and also relevant industry experience.

The content of this program is designed in a simple way so that it can be understood by anyone of any experience level to become a writer. The creative writing course will help you in bringing your thoughts and ideas into words.

It is a world-class creative writing course written by professional writers imparted with expert personal guidance and advice on style, presentation, copyright and selling your writing. The Certification Training on Creative Writing would give you an opportunity to sail in the sea with professionals.

Education will be imparted both online and offline by tutors followed by assigning homework to be submitted within the specified deadline. Henry Harvin also provides an opportunity of internships to give better understanding.

The classes are available on Monday Wednesday and Friday for two hours between 8 to 10 pm or on Saturday Sunday between 8 to 11 am for 4 weeks. (The timings are subject to change as per the online and offline deliveries).

Curriculum will individually be given on your email ID with PDF attachment/s. It will be also available on our website which is password protected.

It can be easily accessed from your laptop, mobile, tablet or from workstation at home/Office.

The fees is INR 10,000/- for the course duration. You can even opt for a trial/demo class.

Get to know more about Henry Harvin’s Creative Writing Course Spells Creativity Enhancement

Ever since man became aware of the beauty, cruelty and sorrow around him, he has expressed himself through different art forms. Cave art and early literature is proof of man’s creative urges. When man started writing about his emotions and physical feelings, it was called literature. In other words, literature is creative writing.

The ability to make up characters and plots and place these in realistic venues is a special talent that a few blessed people possess.

When the writing is not professional, journalistic, academic, or technical in nature, it can safely be branded as creative writing. Creative writing focuses on narrative craft, character development, plot delineation, scene development and the use of literary devices.

Traditionally, literature divides itself into prose, poetry, and drama.

According to Witty and La Brant, (creative writing) “is a composition of any type of writing, at any time primarily in the service of such needs as the need for keeping records of significant experience, the need for sharing experience with an interested group, and the need for free individual expression which contributes to mental and physical health.”

Novels, short stories, and essays focus on writing in an original style, rather imitating any style that already exists. These are categorized as prose.

In some cases, the focus is on various traditions of poetry and poetics. Poetry has its own classifications of rhyme and meter. A poet’s imagination can soar only within the bounds. Song writing also has boundaries into which it must fit. These are the boundaries of musical notes.

Another genre of creative writing is screen play writing and play writing. In these areas, the plot and characters already exist. It is now up to the writer to recreate them in real time.

Crime and horror stories are also born in the imagination of the writer and are categorized as creative writing. The aim of these genres is to give the reader thrills which will frighten sleep away from the readers’ eyes.

In all cases, words are the staple. Having a good vocabulary which exceeds the limits of imagination is the most important ingredient. Then, it is not enough to know words. It is more important to be able to use words and turn of phrase effectively enough, to create an atmosphere. The atmosphere needed would depend on the circumstances at that point in the creative writing. The setting of the piece being written, could demand a romantic, sorrowful, joyous or scary atmosphere.

Any one who has the urge to write often asks, “have I got what it takes to be a successful writer?”

The answer lies in attending a creative writing course at the Henry Harvin Content Academy to reach your full potential.

Like all the other academies run by Henry Harvin, one of the attractive features of the Henry Harvin Content Academy, is the offer of a free demonstration class. It gives a fair chance to the would-be writer to decide whether the curriculum offered, is what he is looking for.

The Henry Harvin Content Academy also gives the aspirant the full freedom to decide whether the week day live virtual classroom course is for him. He can choose from the other options which are weekend live virtual classroom or Sunday live virtual classroom courses. All the options carry a fee of INR 5,000.00 and the duration of all the courses is 8 hours.

The Henry Harvin Content Academy focuses on learning while doing. GCAO pedagogy is another very attractive feature of the creative writing course, creative writing training and the creative writing course online.

GCAO pedagogy stands for “goal centric action oriented” learning and teaching methods. Presently this kind of pedagogy is very popular. Practical work is given priority when GCAO pedagogy is practiced as is done in the creative writing course, creative writing training and the creative writing course online at the Henry Harvin Content Academy.

Creative writing course, creative writing training and the creative writing course online at the Henry Harvin Content Academy enable the student to express himself effectively. All feelings that are written entertain the reader and share the writer’s experience vicariously. Writers attempt to share experiences of love, loss or any other emotion, through storytelling. No matter what the writer is aiming to express, the first step is the use of imagination. This is taught most effectively at the Henry Harvin Content Academy.


The curriculum at the Henry Harvin Content Academy has three main segments.

  • Language Skills
  • Internet Skills
  • Other Digital Skills

Language Skills

In this segment, the student learns:

  • Basics and jargon
  • Grammar
  • Presentation skills
  • Text designing

Internet Skills

Inter skills will teach the aspirants

  • Research skills
  • Graphic skills
  • Data and reporting
  • Legal knowhow
  • Digital skills

In dealing with language skills, the academy hones up the knowledge of grammar. Here the aspirant polishes the finer points of grammar such as punctuation and sentence construction. When sentences are read along with different punctuations, the tones they covey can vary from a statement to an exclamation of joy, surprise or horror.

Any creative work which wants to rise above the mundane, has to be presented attractively. Presentation skills are a part of this segment.

Designing a text is as important as presentation. Unless a would-be author can guide his designer, justice cannot be done to the text.

Even if it is a work of fiction, there should be authenticity in the settings. The would-be author is therefore trained in internet skills at the Henry Harvin Content Academy. The students learn advanced online research, internet through Google and Google keyword planner to facilitate their creative writing.

As part of this segment, students are also given legal knowhow so that they have awareness of what happens if they go against the established laws

There is much more a would-be writer can learn before he can become a successful creative writer. The whole curriculum of the creative writing course, creative writing training and the creative writing course online at the Henry Harvin Content Academy is designed so that the student acquires wings to soar in unchartered places and he lands as a confident and successful writer.

Warning! Beware of Fraud Overseas Job Providers, Fraud Institutes and Fake Certificates issued by them. To ensure the authenticity of the institute and HENRY HARVIN certificate please contact HENRY HARVIN at 9015266266 or finance@henryharvin.com. OR Click Here to verify the certificate and view public notice issued.

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