Going to take Commerce on the 11th and 12th but am uncertain what to do after it? Well here is my guide on the top 20 professional courses after 12th commerce.

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Commerce as a stream of education can be defined as a study of trade and business activities such as the exchange of goods and services from producer to the final consumer.

Following are the 20 most prevalent professional courses after 12th commerce that can be pursued by students like you and me. These include teen MBA’s, some common courses like B.Com, CA, etc.

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Top 20 Professional Courses After 12th Commerce

Short Courses by Henry Harvin-

# Teen MBA

  • Are you baffled after passing the 12th commerce? What to do next?  Henry Harvin has come up with novel opportunities for our commerce students. Do not worry and ponder the courses that Henry Harvin offers. Weren’t sure whether you could do an MBA as a professional course after 12th class commerce?
  • Yes, you can pursue an MBA as a professional course after 12th commerce. MBA is one of the courses which you can pursue even after taking any stream.
  • Henry Harvin Teen MBA equips you with both soft and hard skills which will enhance your opportunities as well as your personality.

# Content Writing Course

  • When you start reading any piece of work you might think about how to produce this kind of interesting piece of work?  What is content writing? So on…..
  • To start with any writing you must have at least basic knowledge about producing content. There are different types of writing and different formats as well. To gain this knowledge you should approach a coaching center.
  • Henry Harvin® Education’s Content Writing Course gives you complete knowledge and guidance with practical experience to work on live projects.
  • Henry Harvin® is a prominent career and competency growth center. It also restructures the growth of a person and organizations globally by its excellent content writing training.
  • Henry Harvin® is the most popular eLearning centre through which more than 23000+ people have trained.

# Digital Marketing Course

  • Digital marketing is a component of marketing that applies to market tactics online with the use of computers and mobile phones.
  • Henry Harvin’s Digital Marketing Course helps you to accelerate your career and enhance your financial status with this desirable course.
  • They offer you this within your comfort of pursuing it online or offline, accredited with the certificate, learn from experts, brush-up sessions, live projects, guaranteed support of internship and placement, and freelancing privileges.
  • This course welcomes all the entrepreneurs, website owners, bloggers, and students willing to enhance their skills of marketing and examine the real results.

# GST Course

  • This course helps you to expedite your knowledge regarding the goods and services Tax by updated information of the tax. It will enhance your decision-making, problem-solving and analytical prowess. 
  • You can procure hands-on experience in pointer segments of GST regulations like TDS compliance, input tax credit, and refunds. Henry Harvin’s GST Course helps you scrutinize myriad problems related to chance and give you a chance to solve that. It is the best platform to explore, analyze and interpret intricate segments.

Check the GST Course Tutorial for Beginners

# The Income Tax Course

  • Henry Harvin’s Income Tax Course is meant to comprehend the intricacies of taxation and accounting.  Henry Harvin’s expert professionals provide an interactive online platform to understand the application of the financial segment.
  • Make yourself compatible with the progressive world by a boost to vocational education and experiential learning with Henry Harvin. You can achieve your goal and secure your future. Learners do not perplex your mind and choose the right track to move forward. The Income Tax Course from Henry Harvin gives you a perfect path to rise in your career.

# Accounting and Taxation Course

  • The course assists you to enhance your knowledge in financial aspects. Henry Harvin provides an online class of 64 hours to advance your skills in accounting and taxation.
  • Accounting and taxation course accomplishment can add value to portfolios. These courses help you to explore the untapped job market. Henry Harvin provides training and internship opportunities for our students. Move to the next level of accounting and taxation and build up a better upcoming with Henry Harvin. 
  • Henry Harvin inculcates you the secrets of accounting and taxation to visualize your career in this field.
  • Research more facts about accounting and taxation with Henry Harvin and become successful.

# SAP FICO Course

  • This course provides students with discrete details on financial accounting and managing and helps the learners to become experts in using SAP FICO software.
  • It is a 44-hours instructor-led training certification program with Henry Harvin.
  • Henry Harvin provides brush-up sessions for our candidates to revise the concepts.
  • Henry Harvin encourages students by offering a hundred percent placement and internship program.
  • You can be an expert in the SAP FICO Course with Henry Harvin. You can devise strategies for finance after joining this course with Henry Harvin. Grab the chance and climb on the ladder of success.


# IFRS Course

  • The IFRS Course from Henry Harvin will accomplish the international accounting standards and IFRS. 
  • Henry Harvin’s instructors guide you to execute IFRS in financial reporting. 
  • Experts use unique pedagogy to teach you. Henry Harvin provides practical knowledge through internship programs and job options to brighten your future.
  •  Instructors are well-experienced and teach the foundation of IFRS.
  • The duration of the IFRS course from Henry Harvin is 60 hours of digital live training. Moreover, Henry Harvin provides 1- year brush-up sessions to achieve learners’ destination.
  • The IFRS certification course from Henry Harvin is ranked as the highest. Our experts give you the live projects for scrutinization.  



The most common option after 12th commerce is B.COM

  • B.COM is offered by almost all the universities and colleges in India as well as most countries (except the UK). The eligibility criteria for B.COM is:-
  •  The candidate must have studied Commerce in class 11 and 12 with Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics, Maths/optional subject and English as main subjects.
  • The candidate must meet the minimum cut-off criteria for admission to the college applied to.

# B.COM (Honors)-

  • The Bachelor of Commerce with honours is a postgraduate degree which can be pursued by meritorious students.

The eligibility criteria mentioned that students must have completed a Bachelor of Commerce degree, so they require an average grade of at least B+.

The degree involves intensive study, culminating with the completion of a research dissertation.

Bachelors in Economics-

  • This is an excellent course which provides deep insight about the economic structure, economic policies and analytical concepts.

Wanting to prepare for Indian Administrative Services, doing Bachelors in Economics may prove to be the decisive point in your selection.  

# Bachelors of Business Administration

  • This 3-year course is all you need for improving your basics and building a base about core business analysis. It is one of the best professional courses after 12th commerce.
  • If you are interested in getting a hold of all the business aspects, this course might hit the bullseye for you.

# Bachelor of Management Studies

  • This is another three-year training which provides excellence in managerial skills and inculcates leadership skills.

The syllabus is huge as it contains various topics including Human Resource, Research methodology.

This course provides you with both theoretical and practical training which enhances your overall skill arsenal.

# Chartered Accountancy

This is a famous choice for many commerce students. Chartered Accountancy opens doors to various employment sectors.

This professional course after 12th commerce is provided by the Institute Of the Chartered Accountants of India.

Chartered Accountancy is a highly rewarding career for which you will have to show utmost determination and will have to make few sacrifices.

# Company Secretary-

This is yet another famous choice by students for professional courses after 12th commerce. This course is provided by the Institute Of Company Secretaries Of India.

A company secretary is one who efficiently manages the administration of the company and also acts as an in-house legal expert.

After doing CS you can either work independently or you can look for a job in the corporate world.

# Cost and Management Accountant

This course which is provided by the Institute of Cost Accountants of India lets you either work independently or you can hold managerial jobs in firms.

Your basic duty being a CSA is to maintain cost accounting records, helping in planning and controlling the cost of products.

# Certified Financial Planner

ertified planner

CFP is a course provided by the Financial Planning Standards Board which interestingly can be done in 6 months as well as 3 years.

This is one of the best courses for people wanting to become others financial managers.

CFP certification can be undertaken in two modes– Regular Pathway and the Challenge Status Pathway, which is decided by the eligibility of the candidate.

# Bachelor of Law

This may come in as a surprise but it is possible that you can study law as a professional course after 12th commerce.

The Bar Council of India provides certification after the completion of the LLB course.

Studying law widens your opportunities and adds fame to your resume when applying to foreign universities.

# Bachelor of Arts-

Bachelor of Arts is another professional course you can pursue after 12th commerce.

For applying for BA you have to have secured at least 50% marks in 12th.

# Bachelor of Interior Design-

What Is a Digital Marketer

This is a course specially designed for those with creative minds. All the commerce students out there this one is in your reach.

Basically, in this course, students get an understanding of how to design interiors and also learn how to combine their creativity and practicality.

# Journalism and Mass Media-

Good service cooperation, Consultation of Businesswoman and Male lawyer or judge counselor having team meeting with client, Law and Legal services concept.

If you want to pursue journalism then there is an option for diploma as well as degree.

Journalism is an exciting field to work in and by getting a degree you may be able to work in both digital well as print media.

# Animation And Multimedia Courses-

Commerce students can go for diploma/certificate/degree when choosing animation and multimedia courses.

These include animation designing etc, and the duration may vary from course to course.

# Hospitality Diploma Courses

This is one specific course which even a 10th passed student can do. However, its true the qualification for this course is less but the benefits you reap from it are even greater.

These courses will enhance your resume and also present you as a confident lad when going for interviews.

# Bachelor Of Statistics-

This course is for the math nerds who enjoy toying with data in hand!

Indian Statistical Institute is the premium institute which gives you a degree on B.Stat.

The bar for this course is high as there is a written test first and then an interview meaning that only elite nerds (no offence!) can surpass this task

# Actuarial Science-

This is a relatively newer course that is a combination of maths and statistics and tells about the risk factor in the finance and other relevant sectors.

This course is provided by the Institute of Actuaries Of India. To pursue this course, one must first clear the entrance test held by the IAI. The entrance test is called the ACET.

# Bachelor of Computer Application –

This course provides students with extensive knowledge about computers and its applications.

 It is a very popular course amongst IT aspirants and gives them an experience of interning with big IT companies.

The ever growing IT industry creates demand for BCA graduates with lucrative job offers.

# Bachelor of Fashion Designing-

This course is one of the rare courses which can be pursued by students from any stream because to flourish in this industry you need creativity and a sense of trends.

To be eligible you need to secure 50% marks.

Some of the best institutions providing this course are:-

  • NIFT
  • Pearl Academy


Hope this blog helped you out about what professional courses you can pursue after 12th commerce. If it did make sure to slap that like button and to share this article with those still facing the dilemma!

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