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Post Graduate Program in Blockchain

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Advance your career in Post Graduate Program in Blockchain with Henry Harvin®, one of the best learning platforms | Develop both theoretical and practical knowledge of tools and technology | Learn the online degree program to create and build Blockchain from the scratch | Thoroughly understand how to increase security, trust, transparency of data across business network | Become a Blockchain expert and showcase technical expertise and skills | Get training and support from our experts |

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Key Features

9 in 1 Program

Training + Projects + Internship + Certification + Placement + E-learning + Bootcamps + Hackathons + Gold Membership

Jain University Diploma

Get the prestigious Skill Diploma from Jain University after the completion of the Post Graduate Program in Data Science

Comprehensive Curriculum

Get 100% guidance on PG Program in Blockchain. Upgrade your skills in data security, data transparency, data traceability and industry-related trends

100% Practical Training

Get hands on experience with practical training + Learn to do projects in Blockchain + Focus on learning while working on Tools & Technology

1 Year Gold Membership of Blockchain Academy

Live projects + Guaranteed Internship Weekly Job Support+ Recorded Videos +  Monthly Bootcamp Sessions Interview Skills + Career services

100% Money Back Guarantee*

If you are not satisfied with our PG Program in Blockchain, post completion of the first session we will refund your entire amount

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About the Post Graduate Program in Blockchain

Post Graduate Program in Blockchain

The Blockchain Post Graduate Program can be seen as a one-stop solution for every domain. The Henry Harvin’s online PG Program in Blockchain helps learners to acquire all the fundamental knowledge on how Blockchain enables automation, scalability, transparency, and autonomy. The Post Graduate Program covers all the technical and functional aspects needed to build any blockchain solution using the best tools and techniques in the industry. On enrolling in the program, gain insightful learning of Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. The demand for Blockchain professionals is growing rapidly.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • A Bachelor’s degree with an average of 50% or higher marks
  • Candidate having prior coding knowledge
  • Candidate having basic understanding of Java 
  • A minimum work experience of 2 years is necessary after the completion of graduation 

9 in 1 Program

  • Training: 60 hours of Live Online Interactive Classroom Sessions
  • Projects: Facility to undergo projects in Hyperledger, Smart Contracts, and more
  • Internship: Internship Assistance to gain experiential knowledge in Blockchain PG Program
  • Certification: Get Hallmark Certification of the PG Program in Blockchain from Henry Harvin® Govt of India recognized & Award-Winning Institute, and showcase expertise
  • Placement: Get 100% Placement Support for 1-Year post successful completion
  • E-Learning: Access to abundant Tools and Techniques, Video Content, Assessments, etc
  • Bootcamps: Attend Regular Bootcamps spread over the next 12 months on the Industry demand
  • Hackathons: Free Access to #AskHenry Hackathons and Competitions
  • Membership: 1-Year Gold Membership of Henry Harvin® Blockchain Academy for the Post Graduate Program in Blockchain

Trainers at Henry Harvin®

  • Most respected industry experts with 11+ years of working experience
  • Carefully selected by our training partners and recognized by numerous organizations over the years for their work
  • They have delivered 100+ keynote classes for the  Post Graduate Program in Blockchain
  • Have delivered 220+ lectures and are currently empaneled as domain experts with Henry Harvin® Blockchain Academy

Alumni Status

  • Become a part of the Blockchain Academy of Henry Harvin® and join the 3,00,000+ large Alumni Network Worldwide

Gold Membership Benefits

  • Avail 1-Year Gold Membership of Henry Harvin®️ Blockchain Academy that includes E-Learning Access through recorded Videos, Games, Projects, CPDSPe Studies
  • Free Bootcamp Sessions for 1-Year
  • Earn the Prestigious Henry Harvin®️ Alumni Status and become one of the reputed 3,00,000+ Alumni across the globe
  • Guaranteed Internship with Henry Harvin®️ or partner firms
  • Weekly 10+ job opportunities offered
  • Experience Industry Projects during the training

Learning Benefits

  • Acquire the in-demand talents required to participate actively in the Crypto world
  • Development of Smart Contracts including functionalities of smart contracts and specific network languages like Ethereum’s Solidity, Chaincode, Viper, etc
  • The program content will provide learners to develop cognitive and technical skills 
  • Learn to evaluate blockchain technologies beyond cryptocurrencies
  • Hands-on experience to solve corporate level Blockchain issues
  • Gain in-depth subject knowledge and expert insights from industry-driven comprehensive curriculum
  • Understand the essential elements, protocols, and interfaces of Blockchains
  • Understand the technical requirements
  • Launch networks and platforms confidently 

Recognitions of Henry Harvin® Education

  • Winner of Top Corporate Training Award, Game-Based Learning Company of the under 40 Business World Award
  • Affiliated with the American Association of EFL, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, MSME, UKAF, UKCert, Project Management Institute (PMI), and ISO 29990:2010 certified
  • Reviews: 1400+ Google Reviews, 200+ YouTube Testimonials with 4.5+ Rating Rated on GoAbroad, Trustpilot, GoOverseas & more

Career Benefits

  • Get intensive training to develop technical expertise required for successful career in Blockchain 
  • Enhance your career with comprehensive knowledge of Blockchain
  • Gain exposure to real-life projects
  • Get expert Support in polishing your hard skills and soft skills for interview preparation
  • Openness to plenty of job opportunities such as Blockchain Developer, Blockchain Project Manager, Blockchain Web Designer, Blockchain Security Engineer, and so on
  • Opportunity to work on innovative projects using cutting edge technologies
  • Improve your CV & Linkedin Profile by adding Post Graduate Program in Blockchain
  • Improve Blockchain competency and learn to handle popular tools and platforms

Know the complete offerings of our Post Graduate Program in Blockchain

Post Graduate Program in Blockchain Curriculum

In this module, candidates will learn an introduction to Blockchain and the fundamentals of Blockchain. Learn about Blockchain history, benefits, technology, Blockchain ecosystem, etc.

  • Blockchain introduction
  • Blockchain technology, network, and its mechanism
  • Blockchain history, Blockchain benefits, blocks and transactions in Blockchain, peer-to-peer systems
  • Block structure in Blockchain
  • Dynamic shared ledger, digital signatures, building Blockchain solutions & Using hashes as addresses
  • Bitcoin keys storage, using a key as identity
  • Bitcoins trade and transactions
  • Blockchain ecosystem core, and Blockchain layers: data layer, consensus layer, and network layer

This module introduces details about Bitcoin, how Blockchain impacts on cryptocurrencies, what the Ethereum environment is,  the Ethereum virtual machine, and more.

  • Bitcoin introduction, what is Bitcoin?, Bitcoins network, Bitcoin mining, Bitcoin wallets, Blockchain alternatives, smart contract, public network and private consortium
  • Ethereum virtual machine, Ethereum environment, Merkle tree, Dapps, Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), double-spend problem
  • Blockchain impact on cryptocurrencies
  • Bitcoin mechanics, transcriptions, scripts, peer-to-peer network, blocks, and security measures

This module covers the comparison between Bitcoin and Blockchain, how to identify Bitcoin wallets, Jaxx wallet, how to define the selling of Bitcoin, etc.

  • Identification of Bitcoins and their era, where and how to get Bitcoins
  • Identifying Bitcoin wallets & Jaxx wallet 
  • Defining the selling of Bitcoins
  • Comparing between Bitcoin and Blockchain, transaction and transaction scripts
  • Defining scripts in Bitcoin
  • Describing various transaction forms in Bitcoin, listing the nodes in the Bitcoin network, etc

In this module, candidates will learn about what is Bitcoin Mining?, how to identify successful mining, what are the types of mining pools, benefits of pool mining, how to combine transactions into blocks,  etc.

  • Understanding Bitcoin Economics
  • What is Bitcoin mining?
  • Fabrication of block header
  • Defining mining, understand more about mining:
  1.  Identification of successful mining, types of mining pools
  2. What is solo mining? List the problems in solo mining
  3. Benefits of pooled mining, consensus
  4. Independent verification of mining & autonomous verification of mining
  5. The checklist for the mining verification
  6. Combining transactions into blocks & combining verified transactions
  7. Portrayal of difficulty & condition of difficulty
  8. The creation of block header, main chain & orphan block
  9. The creation of a new block &  independent validation of the new block
  10. Race for Bitcoin mining and hash race, difficulty with the hashing power of miners, etc.

In this module, candidates will upgrade their knowledge in Smart Contracts, Ethereum, Solidity operators, Ethereum network interface, comparison between Wei and Ether, etc.

  • Understanding Ethereum
  • Defining Smart Contracts
  • Ethereum cryptocurrencies’ identification, Ethereum transactions & the consensus mechanism in Ethereum
  • Listing various development technologies
  • How to identify Ethereum clients
  • Defining platform functions
  • Understanding and describing Solidity operators and functions, the MetaMask setup, Ethereum network interfacing, the first smart contract, Ethereum accounts and how to go about receiving Ether, structuring a contract, declaring a function, deploying and undeploying a contract; comparing between Wei and Ether, Remix testing, what is a gas transaction?, etc

The module will teach candidates on how to do Blockchain installation, Go language installation, create Smart Contracts on Ethereum, what is  Remix browser, etc.

  • The creation of smart contracts on Ethereum
  • Remix browser
  • Defining MetaMask, Blockchain installation & Go language installation
  • Explaining Blockchain creation: 
  1. The genesis block list, genesis.json file parameters, and Blockchain making rules
  2. Performing Blockchain mining
  3. Blockchain environment contract deployment
  4. Boilerplate requirements
  5. Project file walkthrough, syntax highlighters, compiling Solidity and script, the testing architecture, installing modules, running Windows, Web3 Versioning, Web3 Providers, Refactor to Async/Await, deployment with Web3, Web3 Version Fix, initial message verification, testing message updates, deployed contracts in Remix, Crowdfunding Smart Contract, Voting Ballot Smart Contract, application architecture of Ethereum and its overview, getting started with create-react-app, multiple Web3 instances, Web3 setup, etc.

In this module, candidates will gather complete information on what Hyperledger is and its details.

  • Understanding Hyperledger Blockchain and Hyperledger consensus algorithm
  • Explaining Hyperledger Iroha
  • Identifying different Hyperledger components
  • Learning about Channels, Policies, and Chaincodes
  • Listing various Hyperledger Explorer components
  • Defining Hyperledger Composer
  • Hyperledger introduction: 
  1. What is Hyperledger? distributed ledger technology and its challenges
  2. Hyperledger Fabric Developer Environment tools, their usage, and their setup on: Windows, Mac OS, Linux/Ubuntu, AWS, and Cloud virtual machines
  3. Development Environment topology, Fabric Under Hood: concepts and terminologies, ledger implementation; Dev Environment walkthrough: Orderer and CA Server, Peer and CouchDB setup, Peer nodes: Anchor Peers, and Endorsing Peers, Client nodes, Orderer nodes, Endorsement Policies, Membership Service Provider and Certification Authority, and Chaincode Development.

This module covers the benefits of Hyperledger, its conceptual components, structure, how to use Hyperledger composer to develop applications, and more.

  • Hyperledger Composer and its benefits
  • Hyperledger conceptual components, the structure and example: business network automated auction market for cars, model, metadata, script file, ACL, open-development tool sets, archive, business networks testing, business networks modeling
  • Hyperledger Composer playground, and using Hyperledger Composer to develop applications

In this module, candidates will learn to create a private Blockchain with Multichain, learn how to connect Blockchain, how to connect Blockchain from a second server, how to identify Multichain interactive mode, various usage of Multichain, and many more.

  • Defining MultiChain and describing its various streams
  • Creating and deploying a private Blockchain
  • Explaining how to connect to Blockchain
  • Identifying MultiChain interactive mode
  • Defining the Transaction Metadata
  • Listing Native assets, streams and mining, 
  • Bitcoin to private Blockchain, the hand-shake process & the aim of MultiChain
  • Various use cases of MultiChain
  1.  MultiChain permission and assets
  2. The basics of retrieving from streams
  3. Consensus model
  4. MultiChain flexibility
  5. Deployment options
  6. Speed and scalability
  7. Downloading and installing
  8. Initializing and connecting to Blockchain from a second server, connection permission, creating a new address, permission to create assets, new assets, native assets, connected peers, checking asset balance, verifying transactions, and resending assets.

The module covers the important use cases in Blockchain, how to keep the record, etc. Other learning of the submodules are: Decentralized cloud storage, identity management, e-voting, Blockchain land registry, and more.

  • Potential use cases in Blockchain
  • The proof of existence
  • Identity management
  • Record keeping, UPROOV: 
  1. Mobile Trust Machine
  2. Online music problem solution
  3. Car leasing and sales
  4. DocuSign
  5. Forecasting
  6. Augur
  7. Log operational maintenance data
  8. Cloud storage
  • STORJ: Decentralized cloud storage
  • Retail: OpenBazaar
  • Ascribe: for securing your work, ride sharing, and supply chain management, Blockchain and IoT, autonomous decentralized peer-to-peer telemetry, IOTA, Freight Transportation, IBM Watson IoT, ADEPT, banking industry projects: payments, trading platform, KYC, loan management process, capital market system, and fraud reduction, government: online voting, real estate, capital markets, and devising public policies
  • Estonia: identity management and e-voting
  • Georgia: Blockchain land registry, Delaware
  • USA: Smart Contracts and making public policies, and
  • Dubai: Digital passports
  • Business Communication
  • Preparation for the Interview
  • Presentation Skills
  • Resume Building Techniques

Know the complete offerings of our Post Graduate Program in Blockchain

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Post Graduate Program in Blockchain Training Certification Process


Counselling and Registration

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Attend hours of sessions and gain credits to get course completion certification from Henry Harvin® Blockchain Academy


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Submit the Hand-on Projects assigned during the training to the Trainers for Assessment and Certification 


Earn Certificate

Post Completion of the training, get Certification of Post Graduate Program in Blockchain from Henry Harvin® Blockchain Academy in front of your name.  Post it on Social Media and apply for internship and freelancing Projects

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Commonly Asked Questions

Blockchain is a system of recording information in a way that makes it difficult or impossible to change, hack, or cheat the system. A blockchain is essentially a digital ledger of transactions that is duplicated and distributed across the entire network of computer systems on the blockchain.


Blockchain helps in the verification and traceability of multistep transactions needing verification and traceability. It can provide secure transactions, reduce compliance costs, and speed up data transfer processing. Blockchain technology can help contract management and audit the origin of a product.


Blockchain is the underlying technology that many cryptocurrencies — like Bitcoin and Ethereum — operate on, but its unique way of securely recording and transferring information has broader applications outside of cryptocurrency. A blockchain is a type of distributed ledger.


Since blockchain is supposed to be extremely secure and unalterable, many individuals have dubbed this technology as “unhackable”. However, recent incidents have unfortunately shown that hackers can access blockchains in certain situations.


Bitcoin is a form of digital cash that eliminates the need for central authorities such as banks or governments. Instead, Bitcoin uses a peer-to-peer internet network to confirm purchases directly between users. Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System.


Blockchain technology is secure as it is decentralized and distributed. There is no single point of failure, which makes it much harder to corrupt. Hacking into one part of the system cannot affect other parts.


Commonly Asked Questions

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