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Learn behavior analysis and become a professional analyst | Henry Harvin® is the best online learning platform | Learn the exceptional skills and art of behavioral data analysis and interfacing with a global skill set and premium practical knowledge | Enjoy a perfect learning environment for the Professional Behavioral Analyst Course through 100% practical learning sessions

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Curriculum For Professional Behavioral Analyst Course

  • Module 1: Introduction to Ethics for Behavior Analyst

    This learning module has introductory chapters and classes on Professional Behavior Analyst. It will offer the necessary fundamental introduction to professional and ethical compliance code, Focused ethics, professional conduct, etc.
    • Professional and Ethical Compliance Code for Behavior Analyst.
    • Focused on Ethical and Professional Conduct
    • Related responsibilities to clients and colleagues
    • The Certifying Organization
    • Quiz Module 1
  • Module 2: Organizational Behavior Management (OBM)

    It is an introductory learning module for Organizational Behavior Management. In this module, a student will learn about the fundamentals of organizational behavior, scientific management theory, etc.
    • Employee Evaluation
    • Encouraging Teamwork
    • Focus on improving organizational efficiency
    • Observing behavior dynamics in group settings
    • Identifying organizational and efficiency issues
    • Developing a plan to address and modify issues related to organizational process
    • Quiz Module 2
  • Module 3: Behavioral and Functional Assessment

    In this learning module, a student will enhance the descriptive assessment and functional analysis. The other submodules are incorporating behavioral measurement, data display, data interpretation, etc.
    • Data Interpretation
    • Definition of target behavior and outcomes
    • Assessment and Functional Analysis
    • Incorporating behavioral measurement
    • Data Display
    • Quiz Module 3
  • Module 4: Experimental Evaluation of Interventions

    Here, in this module, a student will have exposure to an overview of traditional statistical between-subjects research methods and ethical issues.
    • Incorporating Behavioral Measurement
    • Data Display
    • Program Monitoring and Evaluation
    • Traditional Statistical in Behavioral Analysis
    • Quiz Module 4
  • Module 5: Radical Behaviorism

    It is a single dedicated learning module on Radical Behaviorism. In this module, a student will learn about B.F. Skinner’s articles on radical behaviorism, Determinism, private events, verbal behavior, etc.
    • Contingency-shaped vs rule-governed behavior
    • A Radical behaviorist perspective on culture and society
    • B.F. Skinner’s seminal articles
    • B.F.Skinner’s responses to radical behaviorism
    • Quiz Module 5
  • Module 6: Advanced Concepts and Principles of Behavior Analysis

    Interfacing of Advanced Concepts and Principles of Behavior Analysis. Students will also learn about the treatment of complex operant contingencies and reinforcement, etc.

    • Verbally governed behavior
    • Function-altering effects of stimuli
    • Stimulus-equivalence and other relational frames
    • Extrapolations from the basic principles of complex human behavior
    • Quiz Module 6
  • Module 7: Developing and Strengthening New Behavior

    In Developing and Strengthening new Behavior, a student will learn about evidence-based procedures for developing and Strengthening new behavior.
    • Research supporting each developing new behavior
    • New learning program for students’ need
    • Quiz Module 7
  • Module 8: Behavioral Systems Analysis

    In this learning module, a student will learn about the applications of behavioral systems analysis. The learning submodules are multilevel functional assessment, the interface between behavioral systems analysis, etc.
    • Application of Behavioral Systems Analysis
    • The interface between behavioral systems and performance management
    • Multilevel Functional Assessment
    • Quiz Module 8
  • Module 9: Industrial and Clinical Safety

    This module will help students learn about behavior-analytic approaches to Industrial and Clinical Safety. They will also learn about common safety practices, risk assessment, reduction of at-risk behaviors, etc.
    • Risk assessment
    • Reduction of at-risk behaviors
    • Creating a lasting impact on safety
    • Applications across a range of setting
    • Quiz Module 9

Know the complete offerings of our in Professional Behavioral Analyst Course

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Skills Covered

Risk Assessment

Behavioral Systems Analysis

Stimulus Equivalence

Organizational Behavioral Management

Professional & Ethical Compliance

Data Interpretation


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