Advanced Industry Resource Planning Course

Advanced Industry Resource Planning Course

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Elevate your career with our comprehensive advanced industry resource planning course, tailored to nurture modern business resource planning | Learn about SAP Finance and Costing with Purchase planning, and material management | Gain the work experience of a resource planner with dedicated project mentors from the industry.

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26 Feb 2024

Learning Period

4 Year

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There's a reason that 95% of our customers undertake 3+ courses as a minimum with Henry Harvin®

Know the complete offerings of our Advanced Industry Resource Planning Course

Key Features

10 in 1 Course

Live Classes + Projects + Internship + Certification + Placement + E-learning + Masterclass + Student Engagement & Events + Gold Membership + Entrepreneurship Mentorship

Industry-Validated Curriculum

The curriculum is designed in a structured & coherent manner by our qualified experts to meet the requirements of the learners. 

Real-Time Projects

At the end of the course, each learner gets hands-on experience by working on 15+ real-time case studies and projects.

Top Notch Industry Professionals

Get trained directly from domain-specific industry experts to polish your existing knowledge and skills.

24x7 Support and Assistance

Full-time access and support to resolve your technical queries and doubts. Get Free access to the E-learning Portal and future updates.

1-year Gold Membership

Once enrolled at our HR Academy, attend different batches with different trainers during the membership period without paying extra.

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About the Advanced Industry Resource Planning Course

Advanced Industry Resource Planning

Advanced Industry Resource Planning course is a four-year comprehensive course that allows one to learn about SAP MM S/4 HANA and FICO training with Split Valuation, Report and Inquiry, and many more.

10 in 1 Program

  • Training: 4 Years of Two-Way Live Online Interactive Sessions
  • Projects: Facility to undergo projects in Report and Inquiry, Evaluation and Introduction to Resource planning, & more
  • Internship: Get Internship Support to gain experiential learning
  • Certification: Get course completion Certification of Advanced Industry Resource Planning from Henry Harvin® Govt of India recognized & Award-Winning Institute, and showcase expertise
  • Placement: 100% Placement Support for 1 Year post successful completion of the course
  • E-Learning: Free access to E-learning Portal and future updates
  • Masterclass: Access to 52+ Masterclass Sessions for essential soft skill development
  • Student Engagement & Events: Access to all student engagement & events throughout the program
  • Membership: 1-Year Gold Membership of Henry Harvin® HR Academy for the Advanced Industry Resource Planning
  • Entrepreneurship Mentorship: Mentorship from Young Successful Entrepreneurs to set up a sustainable & scalable Business from scratch at both Freelance & Entrepreneur level

Trainers at Henry Harvin®

  • Most respected industry experts with 17+ years of working experience and recognized by numerous organizations over the years for their work
  • They have delivered 450+ keynote classes for the Advanced Industry Resource Planning Course
  • Have delivered 550+ lectures and are currently empaneled as domain experts with Henry Harvin® HR Academy

Alumni Status

Become a part of the Elite HR Academy of Henry Harvin® and join the 4,60,000+ large Alumni Network Worldwide.

Gold Membership Benefits

  • Avail 1-Year Gold Membership of Henry Harvin® HR Academy that includes E-Learning Access through recorded Videos, Games, Projects, CPDSPe Studies
  • Access to Masterclass Sessions
  • Earn the Prestigious Henry Harvin®️ Alumni Status and become one of the reputed 4,60,000+ Alumni across the globe.
  • Guaranteed Internship with Henry Harvin®️ or partner firms
  • Weekly 10+ job opportunities offered.
  • Experience Industry Projects during the training

Learning Benefits

  • Access to E-Learning Portal
  • Learn from the latest Industry trend Curriculum
  • Earn globally recognized Certification
  • Achieve a lucrative position in an organization or become an entrepreneur
  • Evaluation and Introduction to Lean Six Sigma
  • Use management industry resource techniques to make and support decision-making
  • Learn the essentials of recording and maintaining records
  • Understand principles and techniques used for costing and finances
  • Prepare a trial balance (including identifying and correcting errors)
  • On completion of the course, become eligible for various Job Roles

Know the complete offerings of our Advanced Industry Resource Planning Course

You Get 10-In-1 Program

Two-way Live Training Course


Hallmark Certification


10+ Projects


Guaranteed Internship


Personalized Job Support


Student Engagement & Events




E-Learning Access


Gold Membership


Entrepreneurship Mentorship


Advanced Industry Resource Planning Course Curriculum

  • First Year

    Module 1: SAP FICO S/4 HANA Course

    • Introduction to ERP
    • SAP FI Financial Accounting Basic Settings
    • SAP FI General Ledger Accounting
    • SAP FI Accounts Payable
    • SAP FI Accounts receivable
    • SAP FI Asset Accounting
    • Sap FI Reports
    • Bank Accounting
    • SAP CO CONTROLLING Basic settings for controlling
    • SAP CO Cost Center Accounting
    • SAP CO Internal Orders
    • SAP CO Profit Centre Accounting
    • SAP CO COPA Reporting
    • SAP Integration

    Module 2: SAP PP Training

    • Introduction to SAP PP
    • Enterprise Structure
    • Factory Calendar
    • Planning
    • Capacity Planning
    • Manufacturing
    • Master Data
    • Production Order
    • Variant Configuration
    • Sales and Operational Planning
    • Planning Material Requirement
    • Batch Management
    • Repetitive and Discrete Manufacturing Process
    • Integration with QM and MM

    Module 3: SAP SD Training

    • Introduction to SAP Sales and Distribution
    • System Prerequisites
    • User Navigation
    • Presales Inquiries
    • Pre Sales Quotations
    • Sales Orders
    • Delivery
    • Billing
    • Reversals
    • Rebate and Settlements
    • Warranty and Repair
    • Account Receivables

    Module 4: SAP MM S/4 HANA Course

    • SAP Overview
    • Basic Concepts of SAP MM
    • Master Data
    • Procurement Data
    • Purchase Order Scenarios
    • Valuation and Account Determination
    • Inventory Management
    • Invoice Verification
    • Special Procurement
    • Stock Transfer
    • Release Strategy
    • PO Pricing
    • Split Valuation
    • MRP
    • Report and Inquiry
  • Second Year

    Module 1: Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

    • Evaluation and Introduction to Lean Six Sigma
    • Define
    • Measure
    • Analyse
    • Improve Control

    Module 2: Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

    • Evaluation, Introduction to Lean Six Sigma and Technologies
    • Define Phase
    • Analyse Quality Control
    • Improve Quality Assurance
    • Control
    • hypothesis testing
    • DOE

    Module 3: Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt

    • Enterprise-Wide Planning
    • Organizational Competencies for Deployment
    • Project Portfolio Management
    • Training Design and Delivery
    • Coaching and Mentoring Responsibilities
    • Advanced Management and Analytic Methods

    Module 4: Advanced Excel Course

    • Introduction to MS Excel
    • Working With Tables
    • Understanding Cell References
    • Basics Functions of Excel
    • Sorting Data
    • Filtering Data
    • Data Consolidation/ Basics of Formula/ Functions
    • If Functions and Test Functions
    • Working With Dates, Countlifs, and Sumlfs
    • Lookup and information Functions
    • Using Named Ranges
    • Data Validation
    • Dynamic Array Formula
    • Using Conditional formatting
    • Macros (only Recording, non-VBA)
    • Summarizing Data With Pivot Tables
    • Working With Slicers
    • Power Pivot / Power Query
    • Charts
    • Other Topics
    • Excel Dashboard
    • Protecting and Security
    • Mail Merge

    Module 5: Industry 4.0

    • Introduction
    • Smart Factory
    • Challenges and Impact of Industry 4
    • Pillars of Industry 4
  • Third Year

    Module 1: HR Payroll

    • Overview of Payroll Management
    • Labour Law Statutory Compliances & computation
    • Tax saving Investment Deductions and Exemptions
    • Payroll Processing and Reports

    Module 2: GST

    • Basic Concepts of GST
    • Registrations Procedure
    • Records Management & Tax Payment
    • Litigation Management

    Module 3: IT 

    • Litigation Management (Assessment / Appeal / Offences)
    • TDS/TCS
    • Income Tax from Other Sources and House Property
    • Capital Gain
    • Business Income
    • Income Tax
    • Filing of Income Tax Return / Tax Audit
    • Doubts Resolution

    Module 4: ChatGPT

    • Unveiling ChatGPT: Conversing with Superintelligence
    • Prompt Engineering and ChatGPT Plugins
    • ChatGPT for Productivity
    • ChatGPT for Developers and Exploring ChatGPT API
    • GPT Models, Pre-processing and Fine-tuning ChatGPT
    • Building an AI AI-powered chatbot
    • Deploying and Integrating ChatGPT in Business Applications
    • Working with GPT-3
    • Building and Deploying GPT-3 Powered Application
    • ChatGPT: Best Practices, Limitations, and Avenues for Future Development
    • Developing Web Application using ChatGPT
    • Popular Generative AI Tools

    Module 5: German Language

    • Introduce yourself/countries/occupations
    • The alphabet & the numbers
    • Personal pronouns and verbs in the present tense
    • Personal pronouns in the accusative case
    • Professions and activities
    • School, training, curriculum vitae
    • The perfect tense
    • The group of nouns
    • Weather and smalltalk
    • Success: sport and profession
    • Sentence connectives: Subordinate clauses
    • Adjectives with prepositional case
    • Two-part sentence connectives
  • Fourth Year

    • Projects and Internship
  • Complimentary Module 1: Soft Skills Development

    • Business communication
    • Preparation for the Interview 
    • Presentation Skills
  • Complimentary Module2: Resume Writing

    • Resume Writing

Know the complete offerings of our Post Graduate Program in Advanced Industry Resource Planning Course

Skills Covered

PO Pricing

Evaluation to Lean Six Sigma

Improve Control

Analyse Quality Control


Project Portfolio Management

Career Services By Henry Harvin®

Career Services

Placement Drives

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Get Ahead with Henry Harvin® Advanced Industry Resource Planning Course Certification

  • Earn your Certification

    Our course is exhaustive and this Certification is proof that you have taken a giant leap in mastering the domain

  • Differentiate yourself with Henry Harvin®

    The practical knowledge and actionable skillset you've gained working on projects, simulations, and case studies will set you ahead of the competition

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  • Training Certification

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