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Henry Harvin®️ online practice tests, study guides, and courses will help you pass your ASVAB exam in the 1st attempt I Pass the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery Test (ASVAB) with multiple practice tests I Prepare for exams with videos, flashcards, and more I It is simple to learn and easy to crack I Learn whenever and wherever you want I 98% success rate for all ASVAB learners

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1100+ Practice Questions

With hundreds of practice questions, we offer several full-length practice exams.

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Watch engaging tutorial videos on a variety of challenging ideas.

300+ Interesting Flashcards

Learn with our specially designed, easy to handle flashcards whenever and wherever you go.

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About the ASVAB Preparation Course

All About ASVAB Preparation Course

The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery Test is known as the ASVAB. It is a timed, multiple-choice exam. ASVAB is a test that measures one's proficiency in science, math, and language. The Department of Defense created the highly regarded and well-researched ASVAB aptitude test. The curriculum assists students in discovering their skills and interests, potential careers, and all entry points into various career fields.

ASVAB Prep Classes

Prepare for the ASVAB exam by covering various subject areas from arithmetic reasoning, assembling objects and more. With well structured classes of Henry Harvin®’s ASVAB prep classes, get exams ready with mock tests and assignments that will measure your ability. Get one-on-one training from exceptional tutors and earn an outstanding score

ASVAB Prep Course

Henry Harvin® provides a well designed course curriculum for ASVAB prep. The course includes concepts such as arithmetic reasoning, assembling objects, paragraph comprehension, etc. Get e-learning access to various portals. Get progress reports by giving regular module wise practice tests.

ASVAB Test Prep Course

ASVAB test prep course, includes a series of potential sample questions and practice tests. These tests are well structured and designed according to the ASVAB protocol. Outstand your scores by practicing them online.

ASVAB Training Course

Learn essential skills and abilities for gaining adequate knowledge for the ASVAB exam by signing up for the ASVAB Training Course provided by Henry Harvin®. Gain in depth knowledge about the main topics of the exam and get equipped with various resources for study material. Hone your skills by practicing the sample questions.

Subject Covered

  • General Science
  • Arithmetic Reasoning and Mathematics Knowledge
  • Word Knowledge
  • Paragraph Comprehension
  • Electronics Information
  • Auto Information
  • Shop Information
  • Mechanical Comprehension
  • Assembling Objects

Cater to Every Type of Learner

  • Visual Learners: Access Videos, Flashcards and more to learn
  • Reading Learners: Highly reviewed and in-demand content
  • Rote Learners: Attend lessons multiple times with multiple trainers
  • Learn By Practice: Gain Confidence! Take our practice tests multiple times


  • 24 Horus of Live Two-way Interactive Sessions
  • 1:1 Doubt Resolution

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ASVAB Preparation Course Curriculum

  • Module 1: General Science

    • Life science: botany, zoology, anatomy and physiology, ecology
    • Physical science: force and motion, energy, fluids and gases, atomic structure, chemistry
    • Earth and space science: astronomy, geology, meteorology, oceanography
  • Module 2: Arithmetic Reasoning

    • Operations with whole numbers
    • Operations with fractions and decimals or money
    • Ratio and proportion
    • Interest and percentage
    • Measurement of perimeters, areas, volumes, and time and temperature
  • Module 3: Word Knowledge

    • Definitions presented alone, with no context
    • Words in the context of a short sentence
  • Module 4: Paragraph Comprehension

    • Literal comprehension: your ability to identify stated facts, identify reworded facts, and determine sequence of events
    • Implicit, inferential, or critical comprehension: your ability to draw conclusions; identify the main idea of a paragraph; determine the author’s purpose, mood, or tone; and identify style and technique
  • Module 5: Auto and Shop Information

    • Automotive components
    • Automotive systems
    • Automotive tools
    • Automotive troubleshooting and repair
    • Shop tools
    • Building materials
    • Building and construction procedures
  • Module 6: Mathematics Knowledge

    • Number theory: factors, multiples, reciprocals, number properties, primes, integers
    • Numeration: fractional parts, decimals, percentages, and conversions; order of operations; exponents; rounding; reducing fractions; roots and radicals; signed numbers
    • Algebraic operations and equations: solving or determining equations, factoring, simplifying Algebraic expressions, converting a sentence to an equation
    • Geometry and measurement: coordinates and slope, Pythagorean theorem, angle measurement, properties of polygons and circles, perimeter, area, volume, unit conversion
    • Probability
  • Module 7: Mechanical Comprehension

    • Basic compound machines: gears, cams, pistons, cranks, linkages, belts, chains
    • Simple machines: levers, planes, pulleys, screws, wedges, wheels, axles
    • Mechanical motion: friction, velocity, direction, acceleration, centrifugal force
    • Fluid dynamics: hydraulic forces, compression
    • Properties of materials: weight, strength, expansion/contraction, absorption, center of gravity
    • Structural support
  • Module 8: Electronics Information

    • Electrical tools, symbols, devices, and materials
    • Electrical circuits
    • Electricity and electronic systems
    • Electrical current: voltage, conductivity, resistance, grounding
  • Module 9: Assembling Objects

    • Problem-solving strategies for puzzles
    • Application of methods for solving various puzzle types
    • Strategies for connection problems
    • Determination of why solutions for connection problems are appropriate

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