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Course Objective
This course is designed to supply students the knowledge and skills to organize a comprehensive research proposal, conduct a literature review, write technical content, design experiments/surveys to acquire data, analyze the data using standard qualitative and quantitative techniques and use of statistical packages, writing thesis, reports and research papers.

About Technical Writing Course
  • Duration/Mode: 24hrs Training + 24hrs Live Online Brushup Sessions + 50hrs E-Learning Access
  • Trainer: Seasoned industry experts with 10+years experience 
  • Alumni Status: Get a Henry Harvin Alumni status & network with 18000+distinguished alumni worldwide.
  • Membership: Get 1-Year Membership of Henry Harvin Content Academy and avail the following benefits:
  • E-Learning Access: Includes Recorded Videos, Games, Projects, Case Studies 
  • Brushup Sessions:  12 Monthly Brushup Sessions for 1-Year 
  • Internship: Guaranteed Internship with Henry Harvin or partner firms
  • Job Opportunities: Job Opportunities every week  

Top 10 Learning Benefits of CTRW Course

#1: Improve your technical writing skills 
#2: Be aware of the ethics in scientific communication 
#3: Ability to prepare comprehensive research proposals 
#4: Explore and identify different types of literature review 
#5: Effectively communicate the technical details to Non-technical audience 
#6: Ability to write a thesis and research papers for journals 
#7: Streamline your writing process to achieve a better paper in less time
#8: Master English expressions that experienced writers use to write clearly and concisely
#9: Know what to write in every part of every section of a Research paper
#10: Use free software to create perfect citations in seconds.

Takeaways of your Investment
  • 24-Hours Live Virtual Training
  • CTRW Certification 
  • 1-Yr Membership of Henry Harvin Content Academy
  • Monthly Brushup Sessions
  • Study Material
  • Access to the Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Recorded Videos of the Session
  • 100% Placement, Internship and Project Support exclusively entitled for CTRW Professionals  
  • Add-On Supplements provided to effectively deliver projects
  • Hallmark of CTRW next to your name. For Ex: Karan Singh (CTRW)

Batch Dates

On-campus On-campus 24 Hours INR 8,500.00

Registrations Open
30th May Onwards Live Virtual Classroom 24 Hours INR 8,500.00

Registrations Open
14th June Onwards Live Virtual Classroom 24 Hours INR 8,500.00

Registrations Open
20th June Onwards Live Virtual Classroom 24 Hours INR 8,500.00

Registrations Open

Module 1- Getting Started with Research Paper​   

  • What makes a Great Paper
  • Elements of Writing Style
  • Structure of a Research Paper
  • Process to Write a Research Paper
  • How to Select Topic of Research Paper 

Module 2- A2Z of Data

  • Data Collection
  • Data Management
  • Data Presentation

Module 3- Developing Internet Skills

  • How to Make Beautiful Graphic With Zero Photoshop Skills
  • Develop Research Skills using Advanced Google Search
  • Develop Research Skills using Google Keyword Planner

Module 4- Writing a Research Paper

  • How to write the introduction section of a Research paper
  • How to write the Method Section of a research paper
  • How to write the Results section of a research paper
  • How to write the Discussion section of a research paper
  • How to write the conclusion section of a research paper
  • How to insert references electronically and manually
  • How to draw tables and figures for your paper

Module 5- Publishing a Research Paper

  • Authorship and authors’ responsibilities
  • Selecting a journal for publication
  • Submitting your paper
  • Understanding peer review
  • Journal decisions
  • The editorial process
  • Measuring impact
  • Plagiarism and other ethical issues 

Module 6- Developing Technical Writing Skills

  • How to write User Manuals
  • How to write Project Reports
  • How to write FAQ
  • How to write Quick Reference Guides
  • How to write Case Documentation
  • How to write DIY Guides
  • How to write Proposal Writing


"I gained experience of professional technical writing with industry tools, techniques, case studies, delivery methodologies, practical models, research papers, strategies, examples, session activities, experience sharing, videos, PPT's and industry best practices"
Neha Mandal (Participant, December Batch)
- Email: sahil@henryharvin.com
- Helpline No.:+91 9015266266
- Whatsapp: http://bit.ly/2BLvdAF

How it is beneficial for you?

Advantages to different domains and industries

Commonly Asked Questions

A Technical Writing Course/ Technical Writing Course Online is framed on the lines to ensure training individuals on precise writing needs of technical writing and covers different areas of writing skills.

With digitization gaining grounds extensively, all businesses- big & small, need the assistance of Technical Writers to promote, advertise and communicate effectively. As a Technical Writer with substantial experience, you can fetch a salary as high as 28 lakh per annum. Even as a freelancer you can comfortably earn more than other genres of content writers.

The best part of a Technical Writing Course is that you don’t need to possess a particular qualification, thus, anyone who has a good command over English language plus a knack for digital tools and techniques can enroll.

Not restricted to any specific professional group, this course will be highly rewarding to anyone who is a freelancer or running a small business, and also students looking to learn the A-Z of technical writing.

If you intend to enroll for a Technical Writing Certification Course Online or offline, there are few prerequisites like industry recognition, trainers experience, industry relevant curriculum, projects and case studies, and post class support that you need to cross check before deciding. With high demands of such writers many content writing courses are being offered by institutes who don’t possess the experience or know-how of the course, but advertise themselves as ‘the best’. If you enroll with any such institute you will be duped and will suffer loss of time and money.

Henry Harvin is a name on which you can safely bet for a Technical Writing Certification Course because it is:

  • South Asia's oldest and India’s first institute to launch formal Digital Content Writing Training & Certification.
  • Ranked No.1 Course by Trainings360
  • Trainers are seasoned industry experts with 10+years experience
  • Possesses affiliations from the American Association of EFL, UK Cert, UKAF, Content Writing Association in India, MSME & Govt. of India.
  • Guarantees Internship with Henry Harvin or partner firms

Catering to a huge demand from a wide range of people for this Technical Writing Course, Henry Harvin offers the unmatched privilege of both options to its candidates.

  • Option 1: You can enroll for classroom mode or
  • Option 2: Or opt for live online classes

You can select any as per your convenience. Classroom sessions are regular physical classroom sessions. And Live Online classes are virtual live classrooms and therefore, provide the same inspiring and supportive environment as classrooms.

Right now candidates from Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Gurugram, Noida can avail classroom training. Looking at the massive demand and wonderful response, Henry Harvin will be adding some more names to this list in very near future.

This Technical Writing Certification Course is of 32hrs Training + 24hrs Live Online Brush-up Sessions + 50hrs E-Learning access.

This Technical Writing Course will cover A to Z of technical writing; tools, techniques, case studies, delivery methodologies, practical models, research papers, strategies, examples, session activities, experience sharing, videos, PPT's and industry best practices.

This comprehensive Technical Writing Course educates you thoroughly on the dos and don’ts of technical writing. Trainers, who are themselves accomplished technical writers with extensive experience, impart practical training in how to create content clearly, concisely and effectively.

Taking up this Technical Writing Certification Course only from Henry Harvin and no other institute will ensure that:

  • You are enrolled with the most effective yet cost effective course.
  • You will earn CTRW Certification with Hallmark next to your name after successful completion of the course.
  • You will get guaranteed 100% Placement, Internship and
  • Project Support exclusively entitled for CTRW Professionals.

The major learning benefits from this Technical Writing Certification Course is it will:

  • Enhance your technical writing skills
  • Make aware of the ethics in scientific communication
  • Create ability to prepare comprehensive research proposals
  • Teach to explore and identify different types of literature review
  • Ensure ability to write a thesis and research papers for journals
  • Help master expressions that are used by experienced writers to write clearly and concisely
  • Teach use of free software to create perfect citations in seconds

Henry Harvin enjoys a distinguished place among all others as it is South Asia's oldest Content Writing Course, being the first Institute to launch formal Digital Content Writing Training & Certification. With best trainers and years of experience behind them the practical training you will get from here will help you create a niche for yourself as a Technical Writer. With small but smart investment in this Technical Writing Course you will open doors for jobs with handsome salaries!

Technical writing is that exclusive genre of Content Writing that is high in demand by all businesses as all of them need Technical Reports, User Manuals, Policy Procedures, Instructions, Documentation and many more.

By taking up this Technical Writing Certification Course you enjoy the unmatched benefits as you gain 1-year membership of Henry Harvin Content Academy which makes you eligible to avail the following major advantages:

  • E-Learning Access: Recorded Videos, Games, Projects, Case Studies
  • Brush-up Sessions: 12 Monthly Brush-up Sessions for 1-Year
  • Internship: Guaranteed Internship with Henry Harvin or partner firms

Although knowing the language is a pre-requisite for better understanding. But being proficient would help you gauge the concept better.

The course has been designed keeping in mind all levels of learners. The course will help you delve deeper into the technicalities of content writing like language skills, internet skills various content types etc.

Our course is available both as a live classroom as well as online. You can select either of the two methods depending on your ease.

What’s new in the world of Technical Writing

Learning a niche skill is a bit of a gamble no doubt! Since demand for certain professions and job roles is limited to certain industries and geographical areas, it is best to understand your core competencies and the socio-economic environment before choosing the type of course or training that one wants to pursue in his career.

Technical Writing is certainly one of those skills which is for a selected group of people who have a penchant for using techno lingo while drafting documentation even though the audience could be anyone.

For example, a technical writer working for Samsung might be responsible for drafting a product description about its latest flagship phone, however, the audience that it will address could include those who have no understanding of the technical features of a phone. Hence, a technical writer should be able to as comprehensible and explicit as possible to the readers.

Even the best educational institutes are mindful of these aspects while designing a Technical Writing course. Henry Harvin, a premier training institute in India that provides a Technical Writing Training program in has made sure that its curriculum is taught in a way that students learn how to write complex literature reviews, research papers, and surveys in a clear, concise, and easy to understand manner.

With that being said, this is one of those professions which is extremely challenging yet highly lucrative and respected, irrespective of the organization one joins and works with.

Some of the ways in which Technical Writers can outshine from the competition is as follows:

In-fact, it’s not just about having an attitude to learn, it is also about being willing to do so from the heart and mind! Even a layman can become an expert technical writer if he/she is broadminded and have an insatiable desire to understand complex theories and systems that create such writers. As the old saying goes — “Creativity spawns from curious minds”.

Yes, indeed! as discussed earlier briefly, a technical writer might be given an assignment or a project where he has to use complex systems or topics like flow charts, machine manuals, quantitative research statistics, new theories, or specific studies. Even then, the hallmark of a great technical writer would not be in his writing prowess but more in his ability to be able to write in such a manner that resonates with the heart and mind of the audience and readers.

A scientific study and research paper prepared by a technical writer might need to be written in very simple language with a complete explanation of jargon terms if the audience member reading the paper has no background of science and research

It is worthwhile to mention here that a good technical writing course today is teaching students how to write clearly with plausible logic flow amidst the technical terms. Students are taught to use their own objective understanding to back-up any factual data which needs to be expounded.

It is also important to train yourself to be resourceful and be aware of the right source of references and citations which may need to be acknowledged in the final document. Simple is the best way to get understood.

presenting your ideas and figures graphically can greatly enhance the appeal of a writing piece in front of its intended audience. Visio, Adobe photoshop, and flowchart maker are just some of the many platforms which can act as partners for writers to create technical documents that can positively influence the visual and interest level of your target audience.

Many of the above applications are available via freeware hosting sites or from the market at an affordable price tag. However, even if you are not willing to spend any money on such tools, you can hone this skill on your own to present writing in the form which is appealing to his/her eyes. Ultimately, whatever works for their eyes will work for your technical documentation.

this is especially helpful when a writer does not hold have any technical background or lacks technical knowledge in the field for which he is preparing the documentation. For example, writing a white paper for a scientific team might require you to sit with scientists to understand their studies and gather accurate updates and ideas on the subject matter. Some Institutes providing Technical Content Writing courses in India like Henry Harvin also conduct refresher sessions for students post-course completion and these sessions are usually held by professionals working as Technical Writers in different organizations.

It is extremely beneficial if a writer has someone in the technical writing field whom he can look up to and get inspiration and motivation. Reading and understanding another writer’s style of writing especially those who are a very good help in better presentation and articulation of your work as a writer. Hence, the best-practices of this nature help everyone.

Technical data just cannot be created out of thin air. Any data which is being written and subsequently explained requires a very agile mind to make it simplified and easy to understand.

Still, there is no doubt that it takes more than intelligence to make everything work according to how data and information are best interpreted which implies that it is certainly much more than a mere text(choice of words and phraseology) and graphics choice. Logical and sequential flow is the very core of technical writing skills around which all other aspects of it revolve and work.

Lastly, a good Technical Writing certification course can provide proper knowledge of the various tools required for effective technical writing that can help you out in honing writing skills, and thus help build a technical writer’s reputation for drafting and creating technical documents that are compelling, reliable and supported by facts.

Henry Harvin, which is one of the world’s premier training Institutes runs Technical Writing Training courses in India in select cities where students get to learn and improve their technical writing skills along-with gaining knowledge on how to communicate technical writing details to a non-technical audience.

Warning! Beware of Fraud Overseas Job Providers, Fraud Institutes and Fake Certificates issued by them. To ensure the authenticity of the institute and HENRY HARVIN certificate please contact HENRY HARVIN at 9015266266 or finance@henryharvin.com. OR Click Here to verify the certificate and view public notice issued.

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