Dear Student,

As part of the membership program of Henry Harvin Analytics & Marketing Academy, you are entitled to a 100% Guaranteed Internship to gain practical exposure and hands-on experience of learning from the training and certification program.

Please find basic information about the Internship:

  • Duration: 1 Month (can be extended to 2 months based on performance).

  • Weekly Mentoring Sessions: Attend weekly meetings with your mentor to get a project briefing and review of the previous project

  • Type of Projects: Get projects from diverse domains and industries to gain extensive exposure related to Analytics & Digital Marketing.

  • Methodology:

    • Step #1:Problem Statement Dissemination

    • Step #2: Goal, Plan, and Agenda Setting

  • List of Projects: (Data Science/Analytics/Machine Learning/Digital Marketing)

    • Crime Detection Analysis

    • Market Basket Analysis

    • Healthcare, Disease Prediction analysis

    • Stock Market Analysis (Time Series Analysis, fitting of Curve)

    • SEO

    • Social Media Marketing

    • Note: The data in all these projects is real-time and from the industries themselves. But as data is very important for any industry, therefore, here the data samples are masked!

  • No of Projects: You get a choice to do weekly projects / mini-projects. Now it is up to you how many projects you want to be a part of.

Internship Designations: (Data Science/Analytics/Machine Learning)

  • Business Analyst Intern

  • Process Analyst Intern

  • Functional Analyst Intern

  • User Experience Analyst Intern

  • Research Analyst Intern

  • Usability Analyst Intern

  • Data Analyst Intern

Internship Designations: (Digital Marketing)

  • SEO Analyst Intern

  • SEO Intern

  • Digital Research Analyst Intern

  • Ad Campaign Intern

  • Social Media Intern

Projects are a unique feature of Henry Harvin programs that you get as part of your membership program.

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