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Henry Harvin® School of TEFL Teaching has been setup with an objective to advance the professional journey of individuals eager to pursue teaching English as a foreign language by upskilling them with key skills.

These skills are imparted through action-oriented learning solutions that are carefully handcrafted by subject matter experts possessing extensive industry experience.

These learning solutions are delivered using our unique goal-centric pedagogy by select professionals from leading institutions, and those empaneled as domain experts with the school.

This enables the school in achieving its goal of empowering individuals to reach their full professional potential.

Henry Harvin®School of TEFL Teaching aims to function in its outreach geographies and train 100,000 most procient teachers till 2030

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Board of Advisors

Shailen Pandya

TEFL Trainer| Educational Coaching| Philanthropist

Savitha N

Training Specialist | Project Leader | Enrollment Coordinator

Sheetal Singh

Teaching Coordinator| Curriculum Head| Academic Head| Educational Coach

Chitra Ravichandran

Corporate Soft Skills Instructor| Spoken English Trainer| Verbal Ability Guide | Personality Development Specialist | TEFL Coach


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School of TEFL Teaching

The growing global need for qualified English speakers has resulted in many English teaching positions for persons interested in working as English teachers in foreign schools and institutions. However, with so much material available online, you may be unsure whether or not to enrol in TEFL courses. Just do a little research on a wide variety of material and learn about the necessity of taking TEFL courses to choose the right TEFL certification programme. 

Whether he is a recent graduate, a mid-career professional, an established professional, or a retired teacher, online TEFL courses can be undertaken and valuable to everybody. So, taking a TEFL or TESOL approved course is undoubtedly worthwhile, as it allows you to make money while travelling abroad. Moreover, a TEFL degree can help you get better and more lucrative positions in international schools and institutions. As a result, enrolling in an authorised course can help you increase your value in the global employment market.

Henry Harvin is a global education technology firm that specialises in providing the most acceptable financial certification to professionals and students in both online and offline formats. Kounal Gupta created the startup in 2013. Henry Harvin had a customer base of almost 300,000 persons in 97 countries as of 2020. Its offices are located in San Francisco, California, and Delhi, India's National Capital Region (India). In addition, the organisation works with several well-known management/technology universities, firms, and government organisations as a training partner and educator.

TEFL educators' work varies greatly depending on the requirements of the people they serve. For example, college students may seek the support of TEFL educators to help them prepare for university tests. At the same time, multinational businesses may hire TEFL teachers to assist them with their language learning needs.

Teaching English as a Foreign Language necessitates working in a foreign nation; hence, working as a TEFL instructor necessitates living in a foreign country, either temporarily to complete a specific project or permanently as a freelancer or contract employee. Private tutoring or working in language and public schools for more prominent groups are examples of TEFL. Although being proficient in another language is not usually required for TEFL, it is common for overseas companies to request bilingual educators for TEFL work. Furthermore, most educators believe that knowing another language assists them whether they are living or working overseas.

Teaching English as a foreign language necessitates the ability to communicate the English language clearly and engagingly. According to TEFL instructors, students are encouraged to enhance their English skills by listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Course books, audio-visual aids, and technology-based materials frequently enhance TEFL. Informal exercises, such as role acting and language games, are commonly employed in addition to official education. TEFL instructors can also be available in countries where English is widely spoken, such as Australia. In English-speaking countries, they frequently teach distinct colloquialisms and idioms.

The Post Graduate Diploma in TEFL courses provides Online TEFL Certification, which is a comprehensive programme providing you with a thorough understanding of the field of TEFL. The course was prepared and designed after extensive research, with the diverse needs of an aspiring teacher ready to enter the area of TEFL/TESOL in mind. The course provides a brief history of English Language Teaching and several language teaching approaches. The course also includes a self-study project and a research module. If teaching and travelling the world are your passions, and you want to pursue a TEFL career, you must enrol in a PG Diploma in TEFL courses to make your ambition a reality.

The effectiveness of instructors has been demonstrated, and they have had a substantial impact on professional development. Henry Harvin's 1-year gold membership includes multiple Bootcamp sessions, e-Learning, and other benefits. Henry Harvin School of TEFL TeachingFFF may also assist with internships and job placement. Finally, it provides students with real-world experience.


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