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About the Course
  • Duration/Mode: 8hrs Live Online Workshop
  • TrainerSeasoned industry experts with 10+years experience 
  • Benefit #1: Learn the essential skills needed to become a Content Writer.
    • Language Skills including Basics and Jargons, Grammar
    • Bookish vs. Digital Presentation Skills
    • Internet Skills including Research Skills, Graphic Skills
    • Data & Reporting, Editing Skills, Legal Knowhow, Other Digital Skills
  • Benefit #2: Skill to transform thoughts into effective digital content
  • Benefit #3: Develop the skill to create unique content 
  • Benefit #4: Develop an understanding of how to keep updated with the latest content marketing trends 
  • Benefit #5: Learn to edit, craft clear and consistent content  
  • Benefit #6: Acquire skills in researching and promoting content 
Takeaways of your Investment 
  • Welcome Kit
  • Online Reference Material 
  • High Tea/Lunch
  • Certificate of Participation 
  • Internship Opportunity
Why Choose Henry Harvin?
  • Gain Practical Training: Focus on Learning While Doing + Popular GCAO Pedagogy   
  • Dynamic Curriculum: Our course material is constantly updated to provide the best learning experience 
  • Emphasis on Creativity and Innovation: We encourage you to think out of the box by giving you challenging assignments and tasks 
  • Certification: Get a certificate of participation from Henry Harvin Education
  • Ideal Student-Teacher Ratio: Individual attention is given to all our students to make the learning process easier for them
Who Can Attend?
  • Digital Marketers / Marketers / Sales / Business Development professionals
  • Existing entrepreneurs/business owners looking to scale up their business
  • Professors / Teachers / Trainers 
  • Bloggers / Content Writers 
  • Housewives / Retired / Unemployed individuals 
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs 
  • Professionals / Corporates
  • Students 

Batch Dates

Weekday Batch Live Virtual Classroom 8 Hours INR 5,000.00

Registrations Open
Weekend Batch Live Virtual Classroom 8 Hours INR 5,000.00

Registrations Open
Sunday Batch Live Virtual Classroom 8 Hours INR 5,000.00

Registrations Open

Language Skills
  • Basics and Jargons:
    • Introduction
    • Tactical vs Strategy
    • Expert vs Influencer
    • Agglomeration vs Aggregation
    • Creative vs. Technical Writing
    • Readability vs. Searchability
    • Content Formats
      • Online/Offline - Print/Digital and Transactional Cost. 
  • Grammar
    • Bookish v/s Digital
    • Tone & its Types
    • Style and its Types
    • Sentence Structures
    • Common Grammatical Errors
    • Spellings: UK/US
  • Presentation Skills
    • Punctuation Rules in Digital Content Writing (Comma, Full Stop, Hyphen, Apostrophe, Parentheses, Questions Mark, Exclamatory Mark, etc.),
    • Content Flow & Presentation
  • Text Designing
    • Use of Comma
    • Spacing
    • Capital
    • Italics
    • Margins
    • Indentation
    • Bullets
    • Fonts, Font Size

Internet Skills
  • Research Skills
    • Advanced Online Research
    • Internet through Google
    • Google Keyword Planner
    • Wolfram Alpha(Computational)
  • Graphic Skills
    • Cover page designing
    • Logo software
  • Data & Reporting
    • Google Analytics
    • Understand Ranking Reports: Woorank, Alexa
  • Editing Skills
    • Editing Tools: Grammarly, Ginger, Hemingway
  • Legal Knowhow
    • Checking for copyrights
  • Other Digital Skills
    • Spinning Software
    • Creative Common
    • Google Local Pages
    • Blogging
    • Article directories
    • Content Tags
    • Categories
    • Using Social Media for content distribution

No, there is no prerequisite required to attend this course.
This workshop would not only cover topics like Language skills, internet skills but would also include checking for copyrights, cover page designing, etc. These skills are good to have for a student/graduate.
Of Course. Our workshop is designed for pre-intermediate and intermediate learners so that they gain knowledge of the basics of content writing.
No, professional training in English is not a pre-requisite to this workshop, but having it will be helpful in grasping ideas and techniques taught in the course
No, we will not be providing project, placement and employment support at the end of the workshop. But we do offer internship opportunities to selected students.

How it is beneficial for you?

Advantages to different domains and industries

Commonly Asked Questions

Yes, this course will help you understand the basics of content writing and would fetch you the desired job. Even if you are in the transition phase, this course will act as a guiding light.

We at Henry Harvin are equipped to provide in-depth knowledge on the basics of Content Writing at the convenience of your home but with a live classroom experience.

The sky is the limit. This content writing basic course will open the required doors of opportunity for writers.

The content writing basic course in itself is diverse and gives ample space to candidates to play with and explore their genres. The best candidates would be given internship opportunities.

There are plenty of job opportunities available in the market. You can either work from home or opt for a full-time job. Move ahead with your writing board and let the world hear you.

  • Gain the required practical know-how.
  • Learn to use the many helpful tools and techniques required.
  • Get placement assistance.
  • Hoan your skills by laying emphasis on your creativity.

Enrol yourself today for the content writing basic course to experience:

  • Learn from the industry experts.
  • Get hands-on experience of the latest tools.
  • Step an inch closer to your dream by jumping onto the success ladder.
  • Become a professional content writer.

The course content is designed to improve your writing style in a given duration. You will learn about the technicalities involved in writing good content. It will add to your portfolio.

The pre-requisites for the content writing basic course are-

  • A laptop/desktop and
  • Internet connectivity (if you opt for the virtual classroom)

Yes, the course is designed to involve all sets of learners. The trainers are well equipped to help everyone to manoeuvre through the course easily.

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We at Henry Harvin are always willing to help you in every possible way. Post the completion of the course, we provide internship opportunities and also provide learners with the rights to our learning management system to view our resources.

At Henry Harvin, we are focussed on providing the best and updated curriculum to our learners both through virtual classrooms and live training sessions. We foster creativity and make people learn by doing.

Henry Harvin gives you multiple options here:

  • Login to the learning resource and view the recorded session.
  • Seek permission to attend the same with the next batch.
  • Attend the remaining session with the next batch.

You will receive the certificate within the next 1-4 weeks.

The given course is strategically designed as per the latest developments in the industry. Learning online is going to be one of its kind experience.

Although knowing the language is a pre-requisite for better understanding. But being proficient would help you gauge the concept better.

The course has been designed keeping in mind all levels of learners. The course will help you delve deeper into the technicalities of content writing like language skills, internet skills various content types etc.

Our course is available both as a live classroom as well as online. You can select either of the two methods depending on your ease.

Use Your Language Skills, Learn Content Writing at Henry Harvin

Everyone has done some creative writing at school. We pride ourselves on our language skills. Today it is possible to use those skills to earn a living or to earn an additional income by becoming a content writer. The avenues open in this category are many- a person can join a firm and make a career out of it or work part time to pay for another branch of study or work from home in his spare time. If writing is your hobby, you can become a content writer for the joy of writing lucratively.

Content writing is giving information on the web. Blog posts, posts on social media, web pages and content for audio and video recordings are some of the ways in which content is written for the web. Content writers also write white papers, e-books, newsletters, brochures, flyers and other material which can be used for marketing either offline or online.

Content writers aim at providing specialized written content to people who browse the net in search of information. Different web sites offer content based on the product or service they are used for.

The mainstay of content writing is relevance and search-ability. These aspects of content writing make it different from writing for any other medium.

When a reader searches a website, it is with a specific query in mind. The matter provided by the content writer on the subject searched for should be useful and helpful. It should fulfill the reader’s expectations.

Some words are used repeatedly in web searches by readers. These words are known as key words. Content writers are expected to use these words frequently so that search engines point out the relevant web sites which contain the material they aim at acquiring. The more the use of key words, the easier the search-ability.

A content writer is expected to produce quality content. The content should be relevant, accurate and to the point. The content should be able to satisfy readers who could be investors, employees, present or potential customers. It could even be a random reader who is interested in increasing knowledge in a certain area or finding out about a firm.

An aspiring content writer could join a firm or do freelance work for various firms. There will be a steady flow of work if a firm employs you. The demand for such writers is great.

Being a freelance writer could mean periods when there is no work. The work you do could be varied.

Just getting work is not enough to make you a successful content writer. You need to know the technicalities of content writing.

To be a successful content writer, one needs to do a Foundation Content Writing course from Henry Harvin academy.

The Henry Harvin academy offers the best course in content writing. There are a variety of courses available to suit the convenience of different people.

  • The Henry Harvin academy holds classes in different batches:
  • There is one batch that meets every day during the week.
  • Another batch is a weekend batch and
  • the third batch is held only on Sundays.
  • There is also an 8-hour live online workshop.
  • The duration of all the batches is 8 hours.
  • The method is live virtual classes.
  • The course fee is INR 5,000

In the basic content writing course at Henry Harvin an aspiring writer gets the basic introduction to the course.

The basic introduction to the course is followed by detailed instruction in

The basic introduction to the course is followed by detailed instruction in

  1. Language skills
  2. Grammar
  3. Text designing
  4. Internet skills
  5. Data and reporting
  6. Editing skills
  7. Legal knowhow
  8. Other digital skills

A content writer cannot afford to be less than perfect in even one of the above-mentioned areas. The Henry Harvin academy is the only place where an aspiring writer can gain deep knowledge in these areas as their course in content writing is the best.

Legal knowhow

The writer may know grammar and have language skills but legal knowhow is essential. If the writer does not have thorough knowledge of the law, it can lead to penalties, plagiarism suits and other legal hassles.

Digital skills

Other digital skills such as spinning software, creative common, google local pages, blogging, article directories, content tags and categories using social media for content distribution are essential to a content writer’s repertoire of skills. These skills are taught very well at the Henry Harvin academy.

Editing skills

The basic content writing course at Henry Harvin also imparts good editing skills to its students. Good editing skills are imperative for any writer who wants to be a master of the craft. The method used to teach this skill at the Henry Harvin academy is the best and is not available in any other institution.

Data and reporting

The module that contains data and reporting includes a study of Google analytics, understand ranking reports, Woorank and Alexa.

Content flow and presentation

The Henry Harvin academy teaches presentation skills. These include the use of comma, full stop, hyphen, apostrophe, parentheses, questions mark, exclamatory mark in digital content writing. This is a very important component of good writing skills. One error in punctuation can change the meaning of a whole paragraph and lead to total mayhem in the writing.

Text Designing

No matter how good the written material, if the presentation is not up to the mark, the whole piece falls flat. The Henry Harvin academy teaches the correct method and manner of using spacing, capital, italics, margins, indentation, bullets, fonts and font sizes.

Language Skills

The most important skill a writer must possess is the skill of language which includes tactical vs strategy, expert vs influencer, agglomeration vs aggregation, readability vs. searchability, content formats and online-offline – print-digital and transactional cost.

If you want to be a good and successful content writer, you will benefit the most if you take the basic content writing course at the Henry Harvin academy. It is the best and it will make you a well-rounded writer with a solid grip on grammar and style and having the ability to write under tight deadlines with spot-on researching ability.

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