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Ranked Amongst Top RPA using Automation Anywhere Training Course in India | Trained 6,520+ Participants | Learn to implement RPA solutions in your organization | Master RPA key concepts for designing processes and performing complex image and text automation | Interactive Instructor-Led Training | Get Exposure to 10+ Industry Projects

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32 Hours

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Know the complete offerings of our RPA using Automation Anywhere Course in Surat

Key Highlights

Ranked Amongst Top 3
Attend Unlimited Batches With Multi-Domain Expert Trainers
Upgrade RPA Skills with 10+ Projects
24x7 Learner Assistance and Support
Hallmark of CRPAP Certification Next to Your Name
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Access the best jobs in the industry

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Facility to undergo various projects along with the course.

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Get a guaranteed Internship with Henry Harvin® and in top MNCs like J.P. Morgan, Accenture & many more via Forage.

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About the RPA using Automation Anywhere Course

Duration of RPA using Automation Anywhere Certification

  • 32 hours of Live Online Classroom Core Sessions
  • Post that, 52+ Live Online Masterclass Sessions
  • Attend Unlimited Batches for the next 1 year from the date of enrollment without paying anything extra

About Robotic Automation Process (RPA) using Automation Anywhere Training

Receive a globally acclaimed testimonial certification after the training. Certified RPA Practitioner (CRPAP) credentials will revamp your prior achievements as an RPA developer for designing innovative solutions to enterprise-level project challenges. Use it as a symbol of upgraded expertise with your name. For example, Sandeep Kumar (CRPAP).

Trainer Profile of RPA Course with Automation Anywhere Certification

  • Expert trainers with an in-depth knowledge of the latest RPA software and tools provide training at Henry Harvin®. Their multi-domain exposure and ability to teach you through their experience leads to successful learning outcomes.
  • The trainer not only has topic expertise but also an enormous teaching experience of training over 700+ individuals globally
  • You can attend multiple sessions from multiple trainers during your membership period

1-Year Gold Membership Program

Get 1-year free Gold membership of Henry Harvin® Automation Academy, and avail the following benefits:

  • E-Learning Access: Get unlimited access to recorded videos, games, projects, and case studies
  • Masterclass Sessions: Access to 52+ Masterclass Sessions for Essential Soft Skill Development 
  • Job Opportunities: Weekly personalized job notifications on mail to bring you the best in the industry
  • Interview Skills: Support in clearing interviews with startups and top corporates
  • Perks of Membership: Gain exclusive access to Complementary Modules, namely, Soft Skill Development and Resume Writing along with the course curriculum

Career Benefits of RPA using Automation Anywhere Certification

  • With us at Henry Harvin® acquire new generation automation skills.
  • Learn to automate otherwise manually performed workflows that are based on rules, replicated across different projects, time-consuming and large scale in nature.
  • Learn to identify the workflow, process mapping, and bot integration.
  • Achieve eligibility for better job opportunities and networks to grow in the field of automation.
  • Revamp your credentials by specializing with RPA using Automation Anywhere certification in the era of automation to lead the organizational ladder.
  • Get expertise in RPA using the Automation Anywhere training platform from scratch.
  • Acquire organizational growth or job roles in automation processes with higher-paying options.
  • Upgrade your CV with certification credentials of Certified RPA Practitioner (CRPAP) and grow professionally.
  • Become an expert in automation with Automation components to be globally accepted as a professional with the Automation Anywhere certification course with RPA training.

Learning Benefits of Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

  • Learn the tools of RPA using Automation Anywhere to eliminate drudgery from business processes with automation capabilities.
  • Master the ability to control bots.
  • Understand automating UI Interfaces, calling SOA, Rest, or Web services.
  • Enhance the efficiency of production by automating repetitive processes with RPA.
  • Understand how to include Automation Anywhere Platform to improvise better security and management capabilities.
  • Upgrade your quality and speed of the back-office tasks with RPA using Automation Anywhere studio.
  • Learn to automate the different systems, applications, databases, manual tasks to increase efficiency.
  • Start automating organizational applications by enabling integration between several operating systems, interacting with the database.
  • Gain expertise in digital transformation to be able to create a digital workforce that helps businesses achieve rapid growth.
  • Know about the features of RPA using Automation Anywhere studio to eliminate gaps between different sources, systems, applications, databases, manual tasks.
  • Get introduced to Natural Language Processing (NLP) that has improved the reading and understanding of documents. Bots will now be able to predict and take decisions when required.
  • Learn to track compliance issues in advance and sort them out.
  • Learn how to provide timely and effective services to customers.
  • Master RPA for handling daily mundane tasks with 10+ projects such as Invoice Processing System, Recruitment Tasks, Supplant Redundant & Mundane Tasks in a Workflow, Automate the Billing Data of Clients, Investment Reports, etc.

Projects covered (Hands-on Practical Experience)

1. Data Manipulation

  • Validate the user's string input
  • Sorting the Data
  • Verify the Data
  • Calculating and finding Data

2. Exception Handling

3. UI interactions

  • Finding the weather using Google
  • Notepad Automation
  • Extracting data from ACME
  • Email Automation

Know the complete offerings of our Robotic Process Automation using Automation Anywhere Training & Certification in Surat

Curriculum For RPA using Automation Anywhere Course

  • Module 1: Overview of Robotic Process Automation

    In this module the candidate will learn about Using RPA, Myths and Evolution of RPA, Developmental Methodology, Job Roles and Responsibilities of RPA, Benefits and Tools of RPA

    • What is RPA?
    • Why to automate repetitive tasks/processes?
    • Myths about RPA
    • Evolution of RPA
    • RPA Development Methodology
    • RPA Job roles and responsibilities
    • Benefits of RPA Applications/ Where is it used? - (Industries using RPA)
    • List of RPA tools
    • Quiz Module 1
  • Module 2: Introduction to Automation Anywhere

    In this module the candidate will learn about Automation Anywhere, what are Products, Architecture and Benefits of Automation Anywhere, BOTS and its Types and Client Features of Automation Anywhere

    • Installation of Automation Anywhere
    • What is Automation Anywhere
    • Automation Anywhere benefits
    • Set up of Automation Anywhere
    • Automation Anywhere products
    • What are Bots?
    • Automation Anywhere architecture
    • Types of Bots
    • Automation Anywhere Client Features
    • Quiz Module 2
  • Module 3: Introduction to Enterprise Web Control Room

    In this module the candidate will learn about Enterprise Web Control Room, Overview of Web Control Room, Components and Interface Control Room, Control Room Administrator, Workflow Design and Report Generator.

    • Web Control Room
    • Overview Benefits of Control Room
    • Control Room Interface
    • Components of Control Room
    • Control Room administrator
    • Workflow Designer
    • Report Generator
    • Quiz Module 3
  • Module 4: Automation Anywhere Client Variables and Commands (Part-I)

    In this module the candidate will learn about Automation Anywhere Client Variable and Commands, which includes understanding Recorders, Types of Variables and Commonly Used Commands.

    • Recorders
    • Types of variables
    • Commonly Used Commands
    • Quiz Module 4
  • Module 5: Automation Anywhere Commands (Part-II)

    In this module the candidate will learn about Automation Anywhere Commands, which includes understanding Internet Command, Application Commands and System Commands

    • Internet Command
    • Application Commands
    • System Commands
    • Quiz Module 5
  • Module 6: MetaBots and Its Usage

    In this module the candidate will learn about Meta Bots - its uses, Designer, Creation, Records Logic, Recording, and Configuration and Calibrations in MetaBots Screen

    • Meta Bots and its Usage
    • Meta Bot Designer
    • Creation of Meta Bots
    • Record Logic in Meta Bot
    • Configuration in Meta Bots screen
    • Calibrations in Meta Bots screen
    • Recording in Meta Bot
    • Import and Export Dataset command
    • Quiz Module 6
  • Module 7: Advanced Features of Automation Anywhere

    • Integration Command
    • Security
    • Image Recognition
    • Error Handling
    • FTP/SFTP
    • XML Automation
    • Object Cloning
    • Quiz Module 7
  • Module 8: Features of Enterprise Web Control Room

    In this module the candidate will learn about Features of Web Contro;l Room. which includes understanding Dashboard, Activity, Bots, Devices, Workload and Audit Log.

    • Dashboard
    • Activity
    • Bots
    • Devices
    • Workload
    • Audit Log
    • Quiz Module 8
  • Module 9: IQ Bots

    In this module the candidate will learn about OQ Bots, Installing IQ Bots, Creation of IQ Bots, Designing IQ Bots and Validation and Scheduling of IQ Bots

    • Introduction to IQ Bots
    • Install IQ Bots Designer
    • IQ Bots Creation
    • Design IQ Bots
    • Validations
    • Scheduling IQ Bots
    • Quiz Module 9

Know the complete offerings of our in RPA using Automation Anywhere Course

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Skills Covered

Automation Anywhere Architecture

RPA Software Components

Automation Anywhere Client

Web Control Room


Web Recorders

Tools Covered


Know more about 50+ tools covered in this RPA using Automation Anywhere Course in Surat


Get Ahead with Henry Harvin® RPA using Automation Anywhere Course in Surat Certification

What you'll Learn in this course

Lead with CRPAP Certification

Distinguish your profile with the global credential of Certified RPA Practitioner (CRPAP) and showcase expertise by using the Hallmark of CRPAP next to your name. For example, Mr. Karan Kumar (CRPAP). You will be able to develop sophisticated bots for different organizational operations and your certificate will be acclaimed globally.

Be Future-ready with Henry Harvin®'s RPA using Automation Anywhere Certification and Training

With Automation engulfing all the industries, RPA Training using Automation Anywhere certification course is a required skill that introduces you to the world of automation. With the ability to automate and implement bots you can improve the operations of any organization. You will be ready to advance in a career in Robotic Process Automation to set you ahead in any sector.

Display your Accomplishments

Portray about your Certification of RPA Practionioner - on LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter; magnify your resume and share with your network across different domains.

Training Certification

Get a Hallmark Certification of Certified RPA Practitioner (CRPAP) from Henry Harvin®

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