Over these few months of staying locked up at home, I started to feel lonely and out of my skin. I love to gather new knowledge and stuff by roaming out and observing things. Somehow this pandemic was causing my vision to blur. My parents observed my restlessness and started to think over it. They thought the best idea would be to enroll me in online courses and keep my energy boosted that way. Being a Computer Science major, I had a deep interest in Robotics and Henry Harvin popped up the perfect course: RPA Using Automation.

To begin with, this was the most thoughtfully curated course. It had the appropriate amount of beginner and advanced. The instructor was an expert and guided us like a friend. He even narrated some of his experiences for us to have full exposure to the subject. The live sessions were hours of precious presentations and enlightenment. I was really enthralled by the application of the latest RPA tools. We were given projects which were brainstorming and exciting. 

One thing that I discovered was, even if you are not too experienced with programming or computer science, you can still opt for this course. The trainers make the process look extremely easy to follow. The globally acclaimed certificate at the end was an incredible attachment to my resume. I would say that Henry Harvin and the whole team has done a great job. I am looking forward to taking part in more such courses to enhance my knowledge.


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