The Henry Harvin institution is quite popular in Delhi. Students have praised a lot for their techniques and methodologies. I had done quite a few courses from the institute which were under my college subject stream. This summer I wanted to go out of my comfort zone and try something new and refreshing. Of course, I thought of Henry Harvin and thank God they had online courses available for almost all the programs. My cousin suggested that I take a shot at the RPA using Automation course. And I did. Results were shocking!

Have you ever heard of a course with the best resources and the experts working together? Well, Henry Harvin makes that possible. Our instructor was a woman with 30+ years of experience and she had been in the Robotics field for years. She shared her experiences and gave us pointers on how to deal with mind-boggling situations. There were new terminologies at every step. I was very excited to perform the assignments given. They boosted my enthusiasm and kept me focused. There were doubt sessions separately to clear everything. The materials that were passed on were so updated that they could be used in the industrial field as well. 

Now having gathered a ton of information and knowledge, I cannot wait to implement these in my professional life. My friends were impressed with my improvement. I recommended the course to them as well. Not to forget the certificate that will make your resume stand out from the crowd. Thank you, Henry Harvin!


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