I wouldn’t say that I was bored during the pandemic. I had a lot of projects and ideas up my sleeves that needed work. But even though I was keeping myself busy, I could feel the lack of enthusiasm. The feeling that you get when doing something you have to but do not want to at that time: exactly the same! I got to know about the RPA using Automation course from one of my friends. She had enrolled for the course a few months back and her feedback was awesome. So I decided to give it a try. If not anything else, at least my programming skills are going to brighten!

First things first. My whole concept about the course changed as soon as I had done my first live lesson. The entire session was tremendously interactive and enjoyable. My class was a heterogeneous mixture of candidates from different walks of life. Some were students, some post-graduates, some working professionals. But our trainer treated us equally and explained every part of the course with patience. With every lesson, I was determined to learn more and apply these techniques soon. 

After completing this course, I felt refreshed and motivated to move forward with my professional career. Finally, I could implement my ideas in my projects and research. The certificate awarded in the end was as valuable as the course because it came from the third-ranked institute in the world. I cannot thank Henry Harvin enough. I am grateful to the institute and my trainers for boosting my confidence.


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