The second wave of the pandemic has hit hard in the metropolitan areas of India. I am from Mumbai and the condition here is pretty bad. Since colleges and universities are taking online classes, there was time to explore various new topics. I was always keen on Artificial Intelligence, specifically robotics. So, I did some research regarding Robotics courses and came across Henry Harvin.

The RPA certification course using automation was the perfect start to my interest. 

The lecture sessions were incredibly knowledgeable and fun-filled. Each session was interactive and informative. Expert trainers were present to guide the students through the latest RPA software and tools and gather in-depth knowledge. There were even projects to give us for our better understanding and gaining experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the classes and felt more drawn towards the subject. After completing the course, I received a globally acclaimed certificate. I can definitely feel my confidence boosted after going through every lesson and reading the excellent resources. 

I would suggest every student to take this robotics course from Henry Harvin. Some students may not be directly involved in the particular stream, but don’t let that stop you from taking part. The instructors begin from scratch and do not hesitate to clear all your doubts. Choose Henry Harvin since it is ranked third globally among other RPA using Automation courses. Thank you, Henry Harvin, for curating such a wonderful course and bringing out the best in me!


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