I am a son of proud parents today. I don’t mind sharing my sad story with you. My life had no vision, and got rejections of several organizations after the first few rounds of interviews with them. I knew there was something that I was lacking. It was true. My parents inspired me that I should know where I was lacking and try to come up the learning curve defeating all odds. My weak point was creative writing. 

After thorough research, I got to know about Henry Harvin offering a creative writing course with Gold membership. Initially, I was apprehensive about joining the course, but, the course is my ticket to a successful career. Yes, I would say that because I have gained immense knowledge and could crack an interview of one of the prestigious digital marketing agencies. 

My parents are extremely happy and proud for me. Now, they are no more worried about my career because I have found my way out of the dark tunnel. The course brought out the creativity in me giving me practical experience. 

CCWS Certification

Something that made me prouder is the CCWS certification that every creative writer wants to have. I got that after completing my course. There is no happiness in the world greater than the happiness of acquiring a prestigious certificate. This certificate is a dream of every writer. I have it now. I owe my success to Henry Harvin. I am sure, their dedication towards training will fetch them stars in the future.

I am just one product out of many. There are many who will tell you more. I am proud that I chose Henry Harvin and turned my cloudy days into sunny days. The academy has given me the wings to fly higher.

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