I was a newbie with little to no knowledge about TEFL and its courses. From being a marketing manager at a top firm in New York to being jobless, I was alone exploring the deep waters of teaching English. What was driving me was a desire to teach, shape young minds, and travel the world (you can even call me a travel addict).

As a native English speaker, the best career opportunity was to become a TEFL teacher and teach English to students all around the world. Since I had no information about the field, my friend recommended Henry Harvin Education for their TEFL Academy. Their self-paced online 120-hour TEFL course for only $300 was truly a blessing for me.

Before anyone asks me, let me clear a few things. No, I could not get a well-paid teaching job anywhere without a TEFL certification. Henry Harvin at the end of the course (condition – you send in all your assignments) provides TEFL accredited TEFL certification. They helped me grab a lucrative job with a salary virtually the same as my earlier job and satisfaction of following my passion.

I filled a query form and at once I was connected with a counselor named Linda through SMS. She filled me in about the course curriculum and the different modules which are covered under the course.

I enrolled on March 23rd, 2020, and completed the course with the TEFL certification in about 9 weeks. I was spooked by a few negative reviews online but today I can confidently say my decision to join Henry Harvin’s TEFL was totally right. I proudly claim that I have learned all the tricks of the trade.

Thanks to the teaching practice I received through teaching a live class of students from different language backgrounds, I gained insightful experience in classroom management. I even got to prepare the first few lesson plans during the course.

The highlight of the TEFL course is Mr. Hall whose valuable and sometimes even critical feedback on the assignments walked me through the entire course. He was incredibly supportive and helped me understand the psyche of students.

I most certainly recommend Henry Harvin’s TEFL course to anyone looking to broaden their horizons as an EFL teacher.

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