I am here to share my Henry Harvin TEFL review as a participant of the batch of December 2019. 


  • The Henry Harvin TEFL Course Review
    • Henry Harvin offers a 120-hour online self-paced AAEFL certified TEFL course.
    • The course fee is $600, which at an ongoing offer is currently $299. It is a compact and affordable course with amazing benefits. 
    • Henry Harvin even offers job support with 1200+ placement partners in more than 42 countries in 7 different continents.


  • The Henry Harvin TEFL Course Curriculum
    • Henry Harvin has a structured course with each unit striking and explaining fundamental concepts. The modules are:
    • Module 1- An Introduction to English Language Teaching 
    • This is a module that covers the basics of English teaching like language teaching methodologies, correct pronunciation, English grammar, vocabulary and writing. The course also trains for listening, speaking and reading strategies.
  • Module 2- Teaching process and the Role of the Instructor
    • The second module of the TEFL course covers the professional and personal attributes of being a teacher, the flow of teaching process, different teaching procedures and essential aspects about the learner (like their role, stages of learning, and the learners’ cycle, etc.).
  • Module 3- Teaching Young Learners
    • The 3rd unit covers the difference between young and adult learners and the different approaches an instructor should take with diverse groups of age.
  • Module 4- Teaching Pronunciation, Phonetics and Phonology
    • This module is the training for vocabularies like pronunciations, phonetics, the difference between the former two, vowels and consonants.
  • Module 5- Teaching Grammar (Syntax)
    • The 5th module is all about the basics of English grammar like nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc.
  • Module 6- Teaching Vocabulary (Lexis)
    • The 6th module is about Lexis and the basics of English Vocabulary.
  • Module 7- Teaching Reading (Receptive Skills)
    • This module is about the training for reading skills, to understand the type of readings, and the types of tones and their identification, and lastly comprehension strategies.
  • Module 8- Teaching Listening (Receptive Skills)
    • The 8th module is to realize the importance of listening, the difference between hearing and listening, active listening, levels of listening, barriers of listening and reducing them.
  • Module 9- Teaching Speaking (Productive Skills)
    • This module is about the types of speaking, and it will train an individual to participate in activities promoting speaking and lastly the procedures followed by the importance of teaching speaking.
  • Module 10- Teaching Writing (Productive Skills)
    • The 10th module is training on the basics of writing like the types of writing and uses of punctuation.
  • Module 11- Lesson Planning
    • The 11th module covers the basics and stages of lesson planning. It also gives an idea about the suggested practices and lesson phases a teacher needs to learn before teaching. 
  • Module 12- Classroom Management
    • The 12th module is about the management of a class, its principle and techniques.
    • This course gives an idea about the proximity of body language, gaining an understanding of the cooperation through communication, code of conduct and dealing with misbehaviours.
  • Module 13- Testing and Assessment
    • The second last module is teaching the techniques and aspects of conducting a proper evaluation of the prepared materials. 
  • Module 14- Resources, Materials and Digital Technology in Classroom
    • The last module is about using technology as a resource for teaching.
    • This training will help the professionals to teach students on virtual platforms and enable a wider audience reach.

Conclusion: I enjoyed the TEFL course of Henry Harvin Education, and I would highly recommend it.


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