I am Lily Rusol, I completed my TEFL Certification from Henry Harvin in February 2020, and it was one of the most enjoyable courses and from my experience, they stand by their reputation of quality. As of 2020, Henry Harvin has trained 100,000 proficient students for English teaching to Foreign Language speakers.

The Henry Harvin TEFL Certification is an international standard activity for English teaching to non-native English speakers. Their TEFL course is accredited by the AAEFL and their credential is globally recognized.

The Henry Harvin TEFL Certification course is brought in affiliation with Tutree, which is a specialist in international teacher recruitment, that necessarily trains you for being eligible for job opportunities from all over the world.

 I have to say, Henry Harvin offers the most comprehensive and the best available certification course. I have recommended their courses to many people and if you follow my suggestion and enroll, you will not regret your choice.

It took me around 120 hours to complete and I enrolled in September 2019. The online live classes are flexible and you can learn from the nicest, skilled teachers from the comfort of your residence.

I surely tell you that Henry Harvin TEFL institution has one of the good TEFL Certification Programs.

Their course will assist you clear your TEFL examination in the first attempt. It will develop and improve your confidence. It will educate the most beneficial teaching skills and procedures by gaining an in-depth knowledge of learner’s psychology.

You will be able to analyze learners without any discrimination or bias and formulate a unique and original lesson plan to educate them. Henry Harvin offers self-paced learning with a 120 hour online TEFL program. 

Here are a few of the various career advantages you will get after getting certified:

•You will get job opportunities from everywhere in the world now that most countries have opened their entrances to TEFL certified educators.

•You can travel most of the world if you wish to do so.

•You can boost your job portfolio and CV.

•You will have access to job assistance, amazing academicians, and the best pedagogical practices.

Overall, I would honestly recommend the Henry Harvin TEFL course if you want to pursue TEFL certification and I give 4.7 rates to Henry Harvin.

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