I joined Henry Harvin for a distance learning of a certified TEFL course. My session was from 15th January 2020 to 28th March 2020.

During my quest for a trustworthy online TEFL course, I had to go through the details of many institutions and their classes, but Henry Harvin was the only institution that could satisfy my requirements. I will write a detailed Henry Harvin TEFL Review for the ease of anyone who might need it. 

  • Introduction
    • Henry Harvin is a noteworthy prestigious institution with more than eighteen certified course training, 1500+ alumni, and having impressive media and placement partners.
    • The trainers at Henry Harvin are senior industry domain experts.
    • Henry Harvin offers an AAEFL (American Association of the EFL) accredited certified course of TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language).
    • The course is an affordable online course of 120 hours and is self-paced.

  • Benefits of learning TEFL

From my experience of the course, I will state a Henry Harvin TEFL review:

    • TEFL course helps you understand the problems of teaching English to non-English speakers.
    • You evolve and gain enough confidence to face a class.
    • TEFL course helps you to gain an in-depth understanding of learner’s psychology.
    • TEFL helps you gain experience in evaluating students equally and without being biased.
    • The course helps you to elevate your productivity by adopting practical class and time management techniques.
    • The course trains you to create original lesson plans to grasp the attention of your pupils.

The Course Fee:

The TEFL course fee of Henry Harvin is $599, usually, but they are having an offer till 19th April for the course fee to be $299.

The TEFL Course Curriculum of Henry Harvin Education Review

The course of TEFL of Henry Harvin has a well-structured curriculum that is easily covered in 120 hours by the proficient experts of the domain. The course is divided into 11 units, covering essential topics of the training. I will provide all the groups:

UNIT 1- An Introduction to English Language Teaching

UNIT 2- Teaching Language Skills

UNIT 3- Structuring and delivering lessons 

UNIT 4- Managing class environment

UNIT 5- Resources and Materials

UNIT 6- Digital Technology in the classroom 

UNIT 7- Learner-centered Classroom 

UNIT 8- Teaching English to Young learners 

UNIT 9- Teaching Business English 

UNIT 10- Teaching English Abroad 

UNIT 11- Teaching Test Preparation Courses

The Certification:

The Henry Harvin Education reviews don’t fail to mention the benefits of the course certification. 

    • Firstly the TEFL course of Henry Harvin is certified and internationally recognized
    • Many job opportunities from all over the world open up for you
    • As an EFL teacher, you get a unique platform as a candidature for the high paying teaching jobs.
    • With this certification, your CV gains new heights with the AAEFL credentials.

Conclusion: Henry Harvin offered free lifetime access to their online LMS platform and job support, which was unique in comparison to other institutes. The TEFL course of Henry Harvin proved to be very beneficial for me, and I would highly recommend it.