• Introduction
    • I enrolled for the TEFL course of Henry Harvin on 1st October 2019. It took me around 100 days to finish my course, and in another two weeks, I received my AAEFL accredited certificate of TEFL course completion.
    • I will write a Henry Harvin TEFL review by answering how Henry Harvin qualifies as on the best institutes for online TEFL training.

In a sea of online courses, one might be in distress on which TEFL course to choose? Points to notice when looking for a TEFL course and how Henry Harvin matches to all of them:

  • Is the course online or offline, and which is better to be hassle-free?
    • I would say an online certified TEFL course is better than an in-classroom course because it lets you learn from the location of your comfort and save you from the unnecessary load of travelling and exhaustion.
    • The TEFL course of Henry Harvin is an online 120-hour long course trained by industry domain experts.

  • Where to take the TEFL course in home-country or abroad?
    • There is no need to travel abroad just for a course. It will save you a lot of time and money to opt for a trustworthy internationally accredited certified TEFL course in your home country, or better yet to go for an online course option like Henry Harvin’s TEFL course.

  • Is the TEFL program of the institute accredited?
    • Henry Harvin offers an American Association of EFL accredited certified course.
    • The curriculum of the TEFL course of Henry Harvin is of international standards.

  • How long will it take to be certified?
    • The extended TEFL courses of other institutes take 6-7 months but the compact self-paced TEFL course of 120 hours of Henry Harvin takes 80-120 days to complete.
    • Hence Henry Harvin helps you to get a job opportunity quickly.

  • What is the course fee for the TEFL course?
    • Usually certified TEFL course fee of other institutions varies from $1000-$2000. Whereas for the same internationally recognized program, the course fee of Henry Harvin’s TEFL course is $600. Currently, Henry Harvi is offering this course at the special price of $300.

  • How much is the TEFL course load?
    • Many TEFL courses that offer the certified curriculum, which requires a minimum of six months to cover, and it causes unnecessary load on the students.
    • The TEFL course of Henry Harvin is self-paced and allows the student to complete at ease of within a year of enrollment. And the curriculum of the TEFL course of Henry Harvin is divided into 14 modules in parallel to global standards.

  • Reading the Henry Harvin TEFL course reviews:
    •  The Henry Harvin Education reviews were highly appreciative and positive. After my experience with Henry Harvin, I too agree to them..

  • Does the course help an individual with job placements?
    • Henry Harvin guarantees 100% interview opportunities after course completion.
    • And Henry Harvin is probably the only institute that offers job support with its placement partner in more than 42 countries.

The conclusion to my Henry Harvin TEFL course review:

I am delighted to share my experience, Henry Harvin. I would highly recommend the TEFL course of Henry Harvin.