Hi everyone, this is Emily Anderson and I have been an English teacher in NYC for 4 years. A few months back, I realized that my teaching career was stuck and there was no more scope for improvement. This is when I decided to teach English abroad and online as well to add a little extra money in the pocket.

My colleagues told me about the TEFL certification and its value. So, I started looking for TEFL certification courses online which I could do at my own pace along with my job. Henry Harvin’s 120-hour self-paced online course struck me, and I made an inquiry.

Soon, Michael, their counsellor contacted me and outlined the details of the course curriculum and their placement support. Hesitantly, I enrolled in the course but as it turns out, it was quite a positive investment for me.

The learning material of the course was thorough, well-designed, and wide-ranging covering all aspects of teaching a foreign language to students of different first languages. Although I have been a teacher for a few years, I learnt some very engaging, innovative, and crafty teaching techniques which have made my classes entertaining and enjoyable for the students.

Truth be told, I was a little apprehensive about being a student again after so long, but I am glad I went for the TEFL certification. It has brought massive value to my career and life.

However, the curriculum, learning material, and the teaching techniques were not the highlight of the course for me. The best part was definitely the assistance of Henry Harvin’s placement staff who worked 24/7 to bring the best job proposals for me. The opportunities started coming in even before the course was over.

They also helped me prepare for the various interviews with the online companies and guided me on other career services as well. I had offers from companies like Qkids, Magic Ears, GoGoKids, and VIPKids.

This after-sales quality service most impressed me because most other institutes leave you in the lurch once the course is complete. Henry Harvin’s job support crew went above and beyond for me.

This association turned out to be profitable for my career as I even saw enormous growth in my income. I most certainly recommend Henry Harvin’s TEFL certification course and give them a rating of 4.6/5.

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