About Me: Introduction

Hi, I am Benjamin Wilson. I am here to share with you my experience with the TEFL Certification course that I have completed recently with Henry Harvin. 

Let me first tell you how did it all start?

While searching for the course options I came across this website which I found quite interesting to take a step ahead. I made a few queries about the course and started an interaction with the counselor Lisa on SMS.

Since I was already looking forward to doing this course, I gathered all the information about the course; its content, classes, fee structure, and the placements afterward.

In no time I was provided with all the answers to my queries. After fetching all the details I made up my mind to go ahead with it and finally now when I have completed it, I am quite happy with the decision I made. 

About the course

Now you all must have a doubt what’s so special about this course with Henry Harvin? Though all the basic aspects of the course including the trainer and the placements are good the best part that fascinated me the most is the course content provided.

The content covers all the points starting from the very basics which help to understand everything clearly. The content formation and all the terminologies used are up to a level that anyone can grasp very easily. The pictorial representation of the content aids the knowledge provided. Any queries or doubts about any topic can be resolved by the trainer in no time. 

Personally, I found doing this course with Henry Harvin very productive because it helped enhance my knowledge of the domain. Also, I came to know many of the career opportunities that this course will lead me to.

So, I would suggest if you guys are looking for this course, you have come to the right platform to proceed with. I would like to give it a 4.7/5. 

Hope this review helps you to make the correct choice for your future endeavors.

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