As a fresher with no prior experience in the field, I was a little apprehensive about joining the TEFL course. Hailing from Utah, USA, I was working as a marketing manager in an MNC, but I always felt a passion for teaching.

Being a native English speaker and a travel addict, the perfect career opportunity for me, I felt, was being a TEFL teacher, i.e., an English teacher to a non-native English-speaking student.

After extensive research, I came across this institute, Henry Harvin Education, which offered an online self-paced 120-hour TEFL course under my budget of $300. Truth be told, I had never heard of this institute before, but I am glad I got to know about them.

Before I get into specific details about their TEFL course, let’s clear a few things. Yes, I applied but I could not get lucrative job opportunities without any TEFL certification and Henry Harvin Education provides a TEFL certification at the end of the course which helped me score perfect jobs with a salary almost as good as my previous job.

I sent in a query with them and soon I was connected with their counselor on SMS, Stephen, who walked me through the entire curriculum of the course and the various modules that would be covered.

Soon I enrolled on June 9th, 2020, and finished my course in almost 7 weeks. I had read a few of the negative reviews online claiming this institute to be a scam, but I would have to say, I learned all the tricks of the trade under their TEFL course.

Not only did I get to practice teaching in a live class with students from all language backgrounds but also, I gained extensive experience with classroom management and pre-planned exciting lesson plans for my students.

The best part of my TEFL course with Henry Harvin Education has to be the extremely talented and supportive mentor, Mr. Hall who helped me gain a deeper insight into the psyche of students.

His critical and valuable feedback on the assignments helped me thoroughly throughout my journey. The internships and placement support are just icing on top.

I would definitely recommend Henry Harvin Education for the TEFL course to anyone looking to broaden their career prospects as a TEFL teacher and add immense value to their life. 

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