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About Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Course
  • Duration/Mode: 5-days/20-hours Live Virtual Classroom (Online) Certification Course on Weekends 
  • Post Training Support: Get additional 12-months/24-hours Post Certification Project Experience Expert Sessions which helps you in the implementation of your learning and add one full project to your portfolio 
  • CertificationDistinguish your profile with global credential of Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification: 'Certified Six Sigma Executive'  and showcase expertise by using the Hallmark of CSSE next to your name. For example: Mr.Rahul Bansal (CSSE)
  • Learning Based Outcomes
    • Get hands-on experience in applying six sigma tools & techniques to real-world business problems.
    • Cultivate capabilities in fact-based decision making & data-driven problem solving, thereby improving processes & performance that leads to increased revenue, decreased costs & reduced cycle time
    • Gain experience of 1 full project during classroom training and 12 projects over a span of one year
  • Job Oriented Outcomes: Fill the Void of Talent Shortage in Analytics Domain by becoming eligible for thousands of High Paying Jobs in India & Abroad with an upgraded profile through this skill & certification. Additionally, Get Promoted from your current position with added skill set
  •  Startup Focused Outcomes: Leverage the power of six sigma by laying the foundation of a Process Driven Startup Company and High-Quality Products & Services. Thus, not only improve an existing startup, but also build one !
Why Henry Harvin® Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Course in Ranked Top 3 in India ?

1. Gain Experience of 12-Projects: Get the experience of 12 Projects over a span of 1 Year post formal training 

2. Seasoned Industry Experts: Henry Harvin® trainers are seasoned industry experts and not mere consultants 

3. Weekend and Non-Office Hours: Saturday and Sunday Evenings

4. 100 Free Repetitions: Attend again and again at zero cost 

5. 24x7 LMS access: Lifetime access to courseware, data, case studies, articles, books, videos, examples etc 

6. CSSE Certification: Showcase expertise by using the Hallmark of CSSE next to your name

7. Job Support: Exclusive job support to CSSE graduates 

8. Free Brushup Sessions: Post-training we have monthly brushup sessions to help practice, implement & resolve doubts

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  • Trainer: Delivered by Seasoned Industry Experts with specialization in Lean and Six Sigma. These talented practitioners bring valuable experience and demonstrated success across diverse domains & industries. These practitioners are also Empanelled as subject matter experts with Henry Harvin® Management Academy
  • 1-Year Membership of Henry Harvin® Management Academy: To know more about the benefits of Membership Programme, email at info@henryharvin.com
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Batch Dates

28th March Onwards Live Virtual Classroom 20(Live Online Certification) + 24 (Post Certification Implementation Classes) Hours INR15,000.00
Registrations Closed
6th April Onwards Live Virtual Classroom 20 (Live Online Certification) + 24 (Post Certification Implementation Classes) Hours INR15,000.00

Few Seats Left
12th April Onwards Live Virtual Classroom 20 (Live Online Certification) + 24 (Post Certification Implementation Classes) Hours INR15,000.00

Few Seats Left
18th April Onwards Live Virtual Classroom 20 (Live Online Certification) + 24 (Post Certification Implementation Classes) Hours INR15,000.00

Registrations Open

This course is carefully designed by domain experts into 8 focused modules with an aim to equip participants with the knowledge of various techniques and tools (statistical & non-statistical) from industry point of view to make decisions based on data and facts:
  • Module 01 - Getting Started with Six Sigma
  • Module 02 - Define Phase
  • Module 03 - Measure Phase
  • Module 04 -Analyze Phase
  • Module 05 - Improve Phase
  • Module 06 - Control Phase
  • Module 07 - Lean Methodology
  • Module 08 - Integrate the Learning 

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  • Tools Learned: Gain the skill to Explore + Analyze + Solve Management Problems using 20+ Management Tools
  • Methodology:  Uses mix of techniques aligned to our unique G.C.A.O. pedagogy which stands for Goal-Centric & Action-Oriented. Demonstrates Business Case Studies using the statistical tools, exercises & brainstorming using Adaptive Probing Methodology along with classroom theories and learning videos 
  • Content: Get 24 x 7 access to Henry Harvin® Hybrid LMS platform (App / Mobile App-based) with Abundant Valuable Content on Lean, Six Sigma and analytics. Those include courseware (PPT / PDF),  data, case studies, articles, books, videos, examples, presentations, resource library & related more
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After Bangalore & Delhi, Now in Mumbai!
- Email: sahil@henryharvin.com
- Helpline No.:+91 9015266266
- Whatsapp: http://bit.ly/2BLvdAF

The Six Sigma Green Belt certified professional is a person who is well versed in the core to advanced elements of Six Sigma Green Belt Methodologies. Someone who leads improvement projects along with serving as a team member as a part of the complex organization projects. Along with it, the personnel also possess the thorough understanding of all the aspects of the Six Sigma method including the understanding of the matters containing within the phases of define, analyze, measure, improve and control under a given time frame. Now if you’re someone who wishes to possess all the above-listed qualities along with understanding the basics to implement, perform, interpret and apply the methodologies of Six Sigma, the Six-sigma green belt certification online program is just the right tool for you. Once you get the six-sigma green belt training online, you will have all the required skills to use the core concepts of six sigma. This course is dedicatedly designed for professionals with little or no prior experience with Six Sigma methodologies. Additionally, the lean six sigma green belt certification will help you develop the critical skills which are required for participating in successful six sigma projects inyourorganisation.
There are many advantages of pursuing this course but the core benefits that it possesses are as follows: • Preparation of Six-Sigma Green Belt Certification Online. • Learning to perform multiple analysis and functions. • Learning to use lean six sigma techniques to tackle personal and professional problems.
The International Association of Six-Sigma Certification conducts an exam of a minimum score of 385 points up to 500 points, in which the candidate must wait for the IASSC-CGB. There are no unnecessary documents required to get enrolled for this online course. As far as the cost of the exam is concerned, students have to only purchase an exam voucher of worth USD 295. Thus, six-sigma green belt certification cost is only USD 295
If you wish to pursue this course as a career or even just a degree and want to learn some more about it, join the advance study program of lean and six-sigma. The top-level professionals use the skills acquired and the impact of it resulted in improved business methods, quality assurance, and great performance.
There are in total of four specialization courses, which is the advanced study of six-sigma certification. 1. Organizational phase 2. Analyze Phase 3. Define and measure phases 4. Control phase
The IASSC certified exam is a 3 hours exam with 100 questions to attempt. It is a closed book test whose questions may extend up to 10 non-grade questions. This exam is administered in across 165 countries of the world with questions like True and False, Multiple Choice Questions, etc.
The certification of IASSC is issued by the International Association of Six-Sigma certification and is recognized as IASSC certified. This issuance includes a certification number, a badge, and addition to the official IASSC Certification marks. This information can be used as a public profile. What does a certified Six-Sigma Green Belt do? • Works under the supervision of six sigma black belt candidates. • Analyses and solves problems • Have the required communication skills to teach what they have learned • Should be involved in improvement assignments • Must have worked for at least three years
Many individuals should consider pursuing this course; some of the most common people who opted for this course are mentioned as follows: • People from Banking services, Information technology, Healthcare and manufacturing business, etc. • Personnel from business excellence, Finance, Engineering, sales operations, and HR, etc. • MBA students or Engineering students can pursue this course for the sake of their future.

How it is beneficial for you?

Advantages to different domains and industries


Warning! Beware of Fraud Overseas Job Providers, Fraud Institutes and Fake Certificates issued by them. To ensure the authenticity of the institute and HENRY HARVIN certificate please contact HENRY HARVIN at 9015266266 or finance@henryharvin.com. OR Click Here to verify the certificate and view public notice issued.

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