What is Marketing Analytics?

The usage of marketing metrics to determine the effectiveness of marketing is known as Marketing Analytics.

The effectiveness of the marketing is determined by not only the ROI(Return on Investment), but also by the ongoing trends and consumer behaviour.

Marketing Analytics offers a deep insight into the consumer psychology.

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Although it is an upcoming medium to analyze the efficiency of the online media, not many have been able to use it as effectively as it could be.

Marketing Analytics is slowly becoming more powerful and easy to implement.

It helps the company or individual to make maximum profit and also minimise the amount spent on marketing.

Top 10 Marketing Analytics courses in Singapore 

#1 Henry Harvin

Key features:

  1. Ranked top analytics course: Henry Harvin has been ranked as the top university in the imparting Analytics course.
  2. Job support and alumni status: The students are provided with an internship and also post internship support. They also provide them with job opportunities.
  3. Recommended by IIM Ahmedabad and IIT Bombay Alumni: The courses are so exceptional and adequate that they have been recommended by IIM Ahmedabad and IIT Bombay students.
  4. One year membership of Analytics Academy: It provides with live sessions, weekly job support, internships, recorded videos, monthly Brushup sessions, interview skills, career services.
  5. Trusted by 160 corporates, 60 colleges: It is trusted by leading corporates such as Abbott pharma, Avon cosmetics, NTPC, SAB Miller, Apollo tyres, Deloitte, Fidelity investors and more….

Course provided:

Course duration: 52 hrs of classroom training, 12 hrs of online training, 50 hrs of e-learning access

For further query:

Mail id- [email protected]

Henry Harvin Best Certification Training and Courses

Henry Harvin Ranks #1

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Phone- 91-9015266266

Official website- https://www.henryharvin.com

Henry Harvin Marketing Analytics Course fees :


Cities in India where Henry Harvin Marketing Analytics Course is Provided:


Other Henry Harvin Courses:

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#2 Equinet Academy

Equinet Academy logo

Key features:

  1. Practical approach: It gives its students an interactive and fully involved, hands-on approach for the course. Every child is provided with individual laptops. The students work in unison with the teachers on every aspect of the curriculum. They are given real-world experience in problem-solving and handling the consumers.
  2. Well structured curriculum: The students work with an online digital marketing curriculum designed by experts using instructional design methodologies.
  3. Outcome focused: The curriculum focuses on the results. It helps the students analyze the current trends and consumer behaviour.
  4. Lifetime access to course material online: The students would be provided with sufficient material online.
  5. Bite-sized course module: For easy comprehension of the students, the curriculum is in small modules.
  6. Up to date: The course material is upgraded and renewed for the students.
  7. Developed and delivered by industry experts: The course module is created by marketing experts.
  8. After training support: After the course, the students are helped with their queries and provided complete support.
  9. Best for: Interactive digital marketing course

#3 Kaplan Academy

Kaplan Academy logo

Key features

  1. It provides Certified Digital Marketing courses.
  2. It offers Post-Graduate studies.
  3. It is the worlds largest and most diverse institute in Singapore. Its headquarters are in the US.
  4. Students from almost 35 countries have joined in Kaplan Academy Singapore.
  5. It offers around 500 academic programs.
  6. For the third consecutive year, Kaplan has been offered the “Best Private Educational Institution”. It was awarded “EC council global award 2018” & “BERG icons of learning 2017”.
  7. Best for: Modules for all types of marketing strategies 

#4 Impossible Marketing

Impossible Marketing logo

Key features:

  1. It is a leading digital marketing and online advertising agency in Singapore.
  2. It offers hands-on marketing training program for companies and individuals who wish to manage their marketing campaigns.
  3. Best for: Skills future credit eligible courses

#5 M.A.D School

M.A.D School logo

Key features:

  1. Customer Behavioral insights: This module helps the students take decisions using metrics to improve the efficiency of their company. It equips the participants with tools and techniques to analyze the data available.
  2. Journey Mapping: This deals with mapping the consumer behaviour both before and after-sales, with the exact awareness of the consumer behaviour, it becomes easier for the marketer to increase the brand reachability.
  3. Brand communication strategy: It helps the students to redesign their message to reach the maximum audience and improve their brand value.
  4. Digital Marketing for senior management: Since the digital world is ever-changing and consumer needs unpredictable, the module should be flexible.
  5. Observation by a mentor: In this module, the participant’s research, analyze and submit reports supervised by a mentor.

Course offered:  Diploma in digital marketing course.

#6 Marketing Institute of Singapore

Marketing Institute of Singapore logo

Key features:

  1. Institute believes in promoting marketing as a philosophy.
  2. It is renowned for using both theoretical and practical methods to add knowledge amongst the participants.
  3. It has nurtured more than 40,000 students till date
  4. It provides academic learning and networking opportunities to thousands of its members.
  5. The institute wants to serve the community to fulfil its vision of ‘creating marketers’

Courses Offered: Fast track Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, Integrated Digital Marketing Strategies, and more.

#7 Happy Marketer

Happy Marketer logo

Key features:

  1. It is southeast Asia’s leading training and service provider in the field of online marketing.
  2. They offer training in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and other locations.
  3. They have trained professionals from several notable organizations.
  4. Data analytics: it believes in upskilling media managers and hands-on practitioners on Analytics fundamentals

Current course: Google Analytics 

#8 Singapore Management University (SMU)

Singapore Management University (SMU) logo

Key features:

  1. SMU is a private University: The Wharton Research centre collaborated with the university through the Wharton-SMU agreement. It has four schools, three centres, and a library.
  2. It offers undergraduate, postgraduate, professional, and specialized degree programs.
  3. The university has an extremely experienced and trained faculty and Eminent guest lecturers.

Current Course: Professional Course in Digital Marketing 

Module Covered: Creating and curating display content in your digital strategy, creating and curating video content in your digital strategy, building a WordPress site for conversion, persuasive copywriting in your digital strategy, Search Engine Marketing, and Social Media Marketing.

#9 Adssential Marketing

Adssential Marketing logo

Key features:

  1. It is an upcoming digital marketing agency that helps the marketer to achieve their maximum potential.
  2. It comprises of an efficient team ready to gain a competitive advantage for the clients.
  3. To elevate the company’s visibility using various tools and techniques is their mission.
  4. They teach a customer-driven approach.
  5. They provide integrated customer solutions.
  6. They have a fast response rate to deliver maximum output.
  7. The team is efficient and ready to guide you no matter what tools you chose. Be it Search Engine Optimization or building a website the team is there to help.
  8. Best for Digital Marketing 

#10 Web Design Course Singapore by Scott Tan

Key features:

  1. Easy to understand at affordable prices
  2. No usage of complex and complicated programming
  3. Has no hidden cost and is free from upselling.
  4. Conducted by efficient, qualified faculty who are ever willing to guide and help you.
  5. Conduct in small groups so that you have personal attention.

Current Courses: Facebook Marketing for business, LinkedIn course for Business Owners/Property Agents/Internet Marketers, Google Plus for business owners/property agents/internet marketers

Modules Covered: Understanding Facebook demographics, Facebook marketing concepts, design your Facebook strategy, LinkedIn strategy, how to turn your LinkedIn into a sales platform, how to have a powerful branding online, SEO google plus profile, and more.

Why is Marketing Analytics important?

Marketing Analytics immensely increases and improves the decision-making process of the individual or the company.

One can understand the market and consumer needs better and hence increasing its effectiveness.

Marketing Analytics are the eyes and ears of the organisation.

They provide valuable psychological insights into consumer behaviour.

Marketing Analytics help efficiently look into the market campaigns and optimise their functioning.

It helps you to test the hypothesis about marketing and sales. It helps you to develop the tools to measure the customer assets, lifetime value and design.

It helps you develop your brand and increase the brand value.

Is Marketing analytics a good career option?

Marketing Analytics is a very lucrative career option. It can be taken by anyone who can learn and is dedicated towards his goal. One can opt for it, whether directly after 12th or after a time. With the upsurge of online marketing and industry, the need for the people who can analyze data is increasing exponentially.

It is one of the most promising career options in the upcoming years.

Skills required for a successful Marketing Analytics

A successful Marketing Analytic should have the following set of skills to create an impact in this industry.

  • Strong communication skills
  • Ability to understand data
  • Some experience in the field of Statistics 
  • Basic knowledge of software such as excel 
  • Training in Marketing 

Role of a Marketing Analytics

He helps the business by making informed decisions about the market.

He helps the company in solving problems, use data as a tool, and decide what areas to venture into, which products to invest in.

He is not only involved with the statistical aspects of the company, but also takes part in the communication involved with the costumers and the thinking involved in the problem-solving process.

He is also responsible for preparing and analysing Quantitative Data.

He is responsible for documenting and presenting reports.

Digital growth in Singapore 

  • Singapore constitutes the highest mobile subscriptions in the world.
  • The number of Internet users in Singapore increased by 258 thousand between 2019 and 2020
  • The number of social media users in Singapore increased by 72 thousand between 2019 and 2020.
  • The number of mobile connections in Singapore in January 2020 was equivalent to 147% of the total population.

The digital world in Singapore and all other parts of the world are transforming significantly. Companies are rampantly hiring Marketing analytics and digital marketing heads to ensure that they remain in the top form in the online advertising game.

They have dedicated teams with the primary goal of coming up with innovative and latest marketing strategies for the business.

Researchers indicate that the online industry in Singapore has changed more in the past 2 years than in the past 5 decades.

  1. Content Marketing is still the dominant digital marketing technique.
  2. Marketing via interesting, and more engaging Visual Content.
  3. Facebook posts with images.
  4. Tweets with images.
  5. Infographics
  6. Visual user-generated content
  7. Interactive content

Singapore has been performing exceptionally well in the digital sector in the past few years. As a result, the digital market of this place has become super competitive. It is soon getting converted to be the HUB of the digital marketing world. Now is the time to move into the Singapore marketing arena. The country is adapting to the fast-changing and ever-changing world of online marketing.

SEO and content marketing in Singapore 

It is observed that many consumers conduct pre-research online before purchasing. That’s where digital marketers believe that creating great content is one of the most important SEO technique.

Mobile Marketing and advertising in Singapore 

More than 4.5 million people in Singapore are active mobile phone users, and most of them search for information online via smartphones. Most of them have incorporated mobile marketing as a regular marketing strategy.

Segmented email campaigns in Singapore 

The majority of the Singaporeans (76%) check their emails mostly every week.most of them also tend to see personal ads sent through mails. So, it is an effective way of advertising.

Video Marketing in Singapore 

A 2020 report states that video marketing gives them a very high ROI(89%).

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  1. I appreciate how well they explained this marketing analytics training. I get the best study materials from them. I respect their approaches to teaching. This course should be taken by beginners.

  2. I appreciate how well they explained this marketing analytics training. I get the best study materials from them. I respect their approaches to teaching. This course should be taken by beginners.

  3. All concepts were explained using excellent real-world examples. Despite the fact that I am new to this institute, I now fully comprehend each and every idea. Thank you for sharing me this marketing analytics course.

  4. Kritika aggarwal Reply

    I like this course because this course are so easy. And i tell you one thing their ideas, information and experience are also great. I would like to recommended you who are interested in this course. please watch there blogs .

  5. Hi I am Shiva , Henry Harvin is provide good material about this marketing analytics course. Their blogs are great and helpful . these blogs are very informative and enjoyable. I suggest you all beginners who is interested in this course please join the Henry harvin institute.

  6. Rakul preet Reply

    If you find the best institute for doing marketing analytics course. So you can watch their blogs. Their blogs are very interesting about this course . So I suggest you please watch their blogs. And build up your career.

  7. If you find the best institute for doing marketing analytics course. So you can watch their blogs. Their blogs are very interesting about this course . So I suggest you please watch their blogs. And build up your career.

  8. Rihaan vermavery Reply

    This course is very interesting and Material is very good . They provide best informative information for us . Best marketing analytics course and great experiences teacher.

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  11. I liked everything about this course, especially the pace or way of teaching. All concepts were taught very well with real examples. Though I am a novice to this institute, I have gained complete understanding of each and every concept. Excellent!!!

  12. An amazing learning experience! Especially the way of explaining things, moving from one concept to another while interconnecting the concepts and implementation of the concept in real-world scenarios was very good. I would rate this program a five star.

  13. The course is quite informative with exposure to commonly used techniques in marketing. It covers topics like conjoint analysis, market basket analysis, the customer data to support the marketing strategies to improve retention, acquisition and overall experience of the customers. The course is worthwhile for the beginners.

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