It has been said or expected that AI can replace the 50% of manual jobs by 2050. Yet, the job which involves understanding human emotions such are creating music and writing a book won’t be replaced at least not so soon. While the book writing job is secured, the editing job today was replaced by innumerable apps and software. This pushes the author to find the best editing software for their book which will help them in this work. And this article tries to tell you the best book editing software for 2023.

Best Book Editing Software for 2023:

An author puts so much work and dedication to bring life to their book and making it reach many people. Likewise, an editor has to make sure that the author’s work won’t go in vain. They have to read very carefully and sort out any spelling, grammatical and punctuation mistakes. Yet not everyone can afford to get an editor for their book. And these book editing software were a boon for many authors today. It is hard to choose the best book editing software for 2023 while there is a lot of software available in the market but you can compare them and choose and this article can help you with that.

Following are the Best Book Editing Software for 2023:

1. Pro Writing Aid:

Best Book Editing Software for 2023

Pro writing aid can be one of the best book editing software for 2023. Many people apart from book editors such as journalists, entrepreneurs, and all forms of writers use this tool for their writing. As you write it provides many suggestions to improve your writing. This tool also focuses on all aspects of your writing such as grammar, spelling, and readability. 

Features of this software:

  • Firstly, it caters to your writing needs, such as blogging and book writing, both fiction and non-fiction.
  • Secondly, this tool provides about 20 in-depth writing reports including sentence length, cliches, style, diction, etc.
  • Thirdly, editors from the software team have developed their own rules to help people in their writing.
  • And finally, having pro-writing aid is like having a real coach to guide you in writing.


This software offers two plans

  • Free version through which we can use basic features such as spelling and grammar.
  • Premium version which includes all the features of the tool. It is billed for Rs. 1,100/ per month, Rs. 4,345/ per year, and lifetime subscription for Rs. 21,945/.
  • A premium plus option offers the additional benefit of checking plagiarism in our writing as well. This plan is billed for Rs. 1,104/ per month, Rs. 4,355/ per year, and a lifetime subscription of Rs. 22,045/.

2. Grammarly:

Best Book Editing Software for 2023

Grammarly is the most common writing tool used by many people.  This software uses Artificial Intelligence to check the grammar, spelling, delivery, and engagement of the writing. This tool provides real-time suggestions to improve your writing. It has the advantage of its use on all kinds of devices across the world. This software can be used as an extension to our browser, MS word, and can also be used in mobile apps.


  • Grammarly’s features are designed to boost confidence in writing. 
  • This software can be used for both individuals as well as businesses. 
  • It provides suggestions for more enhanced and effective writing.
  • Separate plans for students, institutions as well as working professionals are available.


Grammarly offers three types of plans:

  • Free plan which provides spelling, grammar, and punctuation correction along with tone detection.
  • Premium plan which includes detecting plagiarism, sentence restructuring, citation, etc. It starts at 12 USD per month.
  • Another premium plan for businesses and teams that provides an analytics dashboard, snippets, brand tone, etc. It starts at 15 USD per member per month.

3. Hemingway Editor:


Hemingway editor can be the best book editing software for 2023 if you want to write a non-fiction book. This software is not suitable for fictional books. To begin with, this software focuses largely on the readability part. So it cuts down the extra part which is not needed and those that readers will find difficult to read. Hemingway’s main focus is on making your writing clear to the readers.


  • This software highlights the usage of adverbs, passive voices, complex words, and lengthy sentences.
  • It also provides suggestions for the complex words with the simple words that can be replaced.
  • Hemingway helps you to differentiate between the larger and very larger sentences that help you to cut down your writing. 
  • Yet it is important to remember your audience and their level of knowledge and understanding instead of blindly following this app while you are writing.


Hemingway is available only as a desktop version with a one-time price of $19.99 for both windows and Mac.

4. Scrivener:

Best Book Editing Software for 2023

We all love the Harry Potter series. And its author J.K. Rowling has said that she uses Scrivener for writing. From best-selling novelists to writers of all kinds, Scrivener can be the best tool that one needs. In scrivener, you don’t need to write in any particular order. If you have an idea, just write it and this software will help you arrange it in sections and you can fit back it whenever you need it. 


  • You can move from one chapter to another easily without dragging.
  • If you need to research and have the piece of information already, you can import it as a file or pdf in Scrivener and use it in the background.
  • It is easy to see the outline of your work and no matter how much longer a project you write, it is easy to arrange it back.
  • There are different dashboards available in Scrivener such as corkboard and outliner along with tools to export your files in any format you want.


Scrivener offers a free trial for 30 days and the free trial ends when we use it for 30 complete days. During the free trial, we will get all the access to the software. It has different prices for Mac, Windows, and iOs. For pricing, it is best to visit their website for accurate information.

5. Atticus:


Atticus can be the next best book editing software for 2023 because of its wide features. This software has been developed keeping in mind the need for word processing and formatting in the same tool. Hence Atticus is a combination of both which will be helpful for authors in their book editing. The developer of this software wanted to develop this software which will be a combination of Scrivener, Vellum, and Google Docs. And he has done his best,


  • There are a lot of premade templates available for you to use in this software according to your needs. Moreover, you can create templates as you like.
  • Available in Linux, Windows, Mac, and ios.
  • You can also work in both online and offline modes, and this software has a cloud storage system. Even you can autosave all your work. Hence there is no worry about the loss of your writing.
  • Other features include an in-app spell check, an easy-to-use interface, goal-setting features, and writing preference settings.
  • This software is suitable for both e-books and print books.


Atticus is being offered at a one-time price of $147 for lifetime validity. There are no additional prices for updates. With a one-time purchase, you get all the updates in the future as well.

6. Autocrit:

Best Book Editing Software for 2023

Autocrit is the online best book editing software for 2023. This software has scanned millions of fiction works which enables it to give constructive feedback on your writing. Along with that it also gives you suggestions to improve your writing. It will help you to choose according to your genre whether you are writing horror, romance, or non-fiction book.


  • It helps to make your writing strong.
  • Provides better word choice. 
  • Offer comparisons to best fiction.


  • Free plan
  • Pro plan for 30 USD per month.
  • Annual pro plan for 297 USD per year.


Not all books become best-sellers. To write the best book, you should know not only to write but also to edit and format your book in the right way that your readers will like. The AI software mentioned here does this work and it is in your hands to choose the one which can work the best for you. However, there can be many advancements made to help the authors in editing in these best book editing software for 2023.

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1. What should one look for in book editing software?

Pros and cons
Whether it will suit you or not

2. What are the most common tools used by authors?

Google Docs and Scrivener

3. What is the job of a book editor?

To proofread a book and remove any spelling, and grammar mistakes, and make it a good piece of writing by giving suggestions to improve the experience of the readers.

4. Among the human book editor and book editing software which one is best?

It depends on you as you have to look for factors such as cost and writing. 

5. What is the free software to edit books?

Google Docs and MS word. However, going for a professional tool is better even when it is not free.

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