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Technical writing is a description of different unique work where the writer is confining regarding a conventional kind of materials that requires coordination, guidance, or education or knowledge. The skilled or professional and experienced as well as potential technical prose way has a piece of pretty definite information and different additional things than other writing analyses such as crafty writing, creative writing, and business writing, etc.


In another word, technical writing course is an entirely relevant profession, essential for anyone operating in a technology-related job, for professionals and expert or specialist implying their assistance, and for personalities looking for appealing, full-time, Part-time flexible, comfort and a skilled job as writers.



Bangalore is known as ‘The City of Technology’. Many technology centres have come up with various Information Technology(IT) related courses. As IT professionals are constantly in demand, numbers of technology institutes are rising in Bangalore. 


Along with the IT profession, Digital Content Writing is the next demanding industry rising today in the world. Digital Content Writing is nothing but creating content for the digital world. Content writing includes blog writing, article writing, technical writing, medical writing etc.


In this article, we will get insights into Technical Writing and Technical writing courses in Bangalore

So, the question is now up; where you can learn Technical Writing Course in Bangalore?

Let me help you.

Top 10 Technical Writing Course in Bangalore

1. Henry Harvin – Best Technical Writing Course In Bangalore

Henry Harvin Contact No:-  +91 9891953953 | Chat on WhatsApp with Henry HarvinHenry Harvin logo

Henry Harvin is the most reliable, trustworthy Institute with the utmost essential, credible, competent education Institute offers 32-hour instructor-led training, including much-needed certification contributing Capacious Writers and Administrator- Certified Technical Writing training.

Henry Harvin Institute renders the desirable and the relevant required courses needed in this digital era for better tomorrow converge on a particular distinctiveness of Technical Writing. It represents all the features compared with Technical writing by including recent desirable thoughts and acquired programs as well.

Technical Writing Training in Bangalore by the utmost gleaming reliable Institute known as Henry Harvin is implementing the extensive freshers as well as experts with exceptionally deep-felt opportunity including inscribing various occurrences in said filed for their brilliant, prosperous career. They are already earning enduring amount and making a living from it and encountering the different flexible, flourishing life.

To do the particular or indeed endless then you requirement utilize accordingly furthermore do everything in an illustrated way, take a Technical writing course that will secure or make an enormous distinction.

Henry Harvin Being a Credible Training Institute for Technical Writing Courses in Bangalore:

If you are endeavoring for an opportunity to lighten your career in Technical Writing then, Henry Harvin provides technical Writing courses in Bangalore and other cities of India as well as the utmost gleaming Education, is a unique Competency Development Institute, Contributing related Education Resolutions those marked to the well-known people from performance including academics.

As a competency and knowledge enlarging Institute, Henry Harvin Education emphasizes, provides furthermore enhances individual talents-sets those are deemed notable of interchanging space-time. 

Master, as well as adequate technical writers, are on tremendous passion appeal to the role of Technical writing in the top of a lot of businesses, organizations, foundations, including institutes.

The course fee is roughly around 11250 INR for a self-paced course and 12500 INR for a gold membership course.

Henry Harvin Technical Writing Course fees:

Henry Harvin Provides Technical Writing Course in Theses Cities:



Henry Harvin® Technical Writing Course Ranks #1 in India by The Tribune

Also Henry Harvin Provides these Courses

Also, check this video:

2. TechTotal Soft Systems Pvt Ltd – Best Technical Writing Course In Bangalore

Contact No: +919989699562

TechTotal Soft Systems Pvt Ltd

It is one of the few companies that provide technical training courses in Bangalore. They claimed to have professional experience along with technical expertise that is required in a technical writing course.

They are keen to offer training excellence. So that, they will become the finest organization for a technical writing course.

They offer you technical writing certification. They have over five years of experience in the domain of technical writing, instruction designing and E-learning.

TechTotal is known for its high-level training with quality teaching that is offered for reasonable costing. They offer you two program; normal track and fast track.

Duration for a normal track is 30 days and for a fast track, it is 15 days. They have a weekend program also that is for seven weeks. 

They assist you with job placement and training with a live project. 

3. Winprotech IT Solutions India – Best Technical Writing Course In Bangalore

Contact No: 080 4166 4222

Winprotech IT Solutions India

It is another institute that offers a technical writing course in Banglore. It has more than nine years of experience in training. 

They design their course curriculum based on requirement and best practice of the industry. Their curriculum is also best on research based on the industry that promises you a great outcome.

Winprotech IT solutions provide you with four modules that cover all the aspect of a technical writing course.

They have designed thirty hours for the theoretical part, thirty hours for the practical part, and twenty hours of doubt and assessment sessions with your trainer. This institute provides study material with access to their LMS.

4. Technokraft India – Best Technical Writing Course In Bangalore

Contact No: 098453 16974

Technokraft India

Technokraft India is another institute that offers technical writing course in Bangalore.

They give equal emphasis on the concept of technical writing and using this theory with tools.

TechnoKraft also gives importance to the use of the English language and grammar. They trained you as a professional technical writer by giving assignment after each module. Along with this, they train you with basic and advanced tools used in technical writing.

This institute prepares you for the technical writing world with an example of presentation and mock interviews. They also provide you with study material and evaluation examination.

TechnoKraft assist you with certification and job assistant.

5. Black and White Tech Writing Solutions – Best Technical Writing Course In Bangalore

Contact No: 9538 244 233

Black and White Tech Writing Solutions

Black and White Tech Writing Solutions offers a technical writing course in Bangalore. It also has its office in Australia.

Black and White Tech Writing Solutions have course material that includes in-depth knowledge about the English language and grammar, concepts on technical writing, use of technical writing tools and also works upon communication.

Their course is carefully constructed keeping in mind the need of present demand in the world of technical writing. They offer a curriculum designed in such a way that it has the perfect balance between a theoretical concept and practical knowledge.

They have limited students per batch. New batches start every month.

6. DocEmpo technical writing services

Contact No: 072041 95762

DocEmpo technical writing services

It is one of the institutes for a technical writing course in Bangalore.

DocEmpo provide training with all the aspects of technical writing with structured and unstructured authoring, API documentation, video learning etc

They have highly qualified trainers with practical knowledge who emphasis upon quality learning. 

DocEmpo will assist you with live project and job placement. They conduct a weekly examination to motivate their students.

7. SkyWay Technologies

SkyWay Technologies

It offers a technical writing course in Bangalore.

They believe in education. That’s why their training is conceptual and practical. With their training, they try to boost confidence and enhance the communication skills of the trainee.

8. Technical Writer of India (TWIN)

Technical Writer of India (TWIN)

Technical Writer of India (TWIN) is one of the largest community for technical communication and technical writers and over 4000+ subscribers. They offer a technical writing course in Bangalore.

TWIN operated by various volunteers. They have collaboration with Europe’s largest association of technical communication, Tekom. TWIN also collaborates with Mount Carmel College(MCC), one of the reputed colleges in Bangalore.

TWIN offers four weekends of training in classrooms and one month offline programs. The course fee is approximately 14,999 INR

For more details, go to 

9. Speakeng India

Contact No: 9148294666

Speakeng India

It is one of the institutes that offer technical writing course in Banglore.

Speakeng India offers soft skills courses and short time technical writing course

10. Coders Academy (Mass Ventures)

Contact No: +91 96869 16333

Coders Academy (Mass Ventures)

It is one of the institutes that offer technical writing course in Bangalore. They offer technical writing course along with other numerable courses.

Goes by the name Mass Ventures, they have started their journey in 2013. They offer a software technical training writing course.

They have in-class training as they have good infrastructure and experts from respected training faculties.

What is Technical Writing?

Technical writing is a process of writing information about utility product or any services in a user-friendly manner. Generally, we can see the use of technical writing in users manual that comes with any product. Technical writing also involves resume writing, business proposal write-ups, and whitepaper writing.

Technical writing is more topic-specific when compared with content writing. This requires trained writers, who will do a great job in a specified manner. This demand has given opportunities to many aspiring technical writers.

To train these aspiring candidates, a technical writing course is getting popular. Technical writing has many aspects, including using simple but impactful language, correct use of grammar and use of tools that are specific when it comes to technical writing. A technical writing course will improve all required skills, also it will give you the experience to work on a live project. 

11. Why technical writing course is important?

Any form of writing implies the way of communication. Writing is a process where ideas, information, knowledge and experiences are explained in such a way that one who reads it gets it.

As technical writing involves writing related to a specific topic, it is considered a great way of communication.

Technical writing course improves the way of communication. Technical writing course helps you to communicate clearly and crisply. It makes you observant, as technical writing involves keen observation of the process and steps involves in a specific product or service.

Technical writing needs you to write instructions as well. For that, you need to organize steps that will eventually reflect in writing.

If you are into technical writing and specialised in the API documentation, then you are settled with a high-paying job with a good career graph.

12. Skills of Technical Writing/Writer

To become a successful technical writer, you require certain skills to enhance your work. They are as follows:

1. Research  

To write a technical document, you need information full of facts. For this, you have to do lots of research to gain valuable information from the data collected. Research can be done online, in-field, from reliable sources and experiences, published work or article, libraries.

Once you collected all the resources, you need to organize and plan for your presentation.

2. Audience

Every person who will use an online platform cannot be your targeted audience. To gain popularity as a technical writer, you need to know who is your target audience is.

Technical writing grabs the attention of people who are crazy about technology. They can be an expert or knowledgable about technology. Students and business professional who are interested in technology can also be your target audience.

As a technical writer, you need to provide these people with the exact information that is easy to understand.

3. Communication Skill

It is an integral skill when it comes to technical writing. The way you communicate with your potential client to gain information or with the target audience to convey that information is a crucial part of technical writing.

4. Technical Skills 

It is important as a technical writer to know the technical aspects to convey your information correctly and crisply.

You cannot give valuable information if you do not know about a specific topic.

5. Writing

After collecting all the information, planning and organising, you need to present your information accurately. This is where writing comes into the picture. A technical writer should be pro with writing skills. Use of correct grammar, tone style and format is necessary.

6. Document Design

To add a professional look to your document, you must know about graphics. It will enhance your work.

7. Fluency in Digital Tools 

Technical writing will look perfect and professional if you use the correct digital tool. To master technical writing, you need to know tools like MS Office, Adobe photoshop etc. technical wrier are expected to master these tools.

8. User Testing and Research

As a technical writer, you must first research and test a product and then expected to write a proper step to step guide. This guide should be easy to understand and follow.

As a technical writer, you should master the above skills that will help you to inform, instruct and persuade your target audience.

9. Scope of Technical Writing 

Technical writing is slowly rising and becoming a demanding profession. Technical writing use in the following way;

  • Information technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Biotechnology
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Insurance
  • Product and supply chain
  • Engineering
  • Financial services and consultancy
  • Insurance
  • Government and NGO(non-profit organizations)

If you want to become good at technical writing, you should master all the above skills. For mastering, you will need a good technical writing course.

10. Benefits of Technical Writing:

Now as you know what precisely technical writing is and how it can be useful to guide your career in the best possible way. But before making any decisions you should be aware of the remarkable benefits of the most honorable said profession, and you should also know extraordinary vital benefits of career opportunity too.
The below-mentioned benefits will help you decide more proficiently.

1. Technical writers will be enormous in interest for many years to come
No doubt the need for a professional writer is going to be enormous in the next few years and going with the trend is a smart move; if you are interested in writing and want to make a robust, reliable, and most remarkable career, then this is the best time to join. Professional technical writers including the market superior will dominate remarkable for copious years to come.
Technical writing is for those who occupy amazing expert or technical and exponentially combined experience in making appealing content to draw traffic or a desirable audience. Infinite growing characters in the means of deciding on a career are usually determined to incorporate something people cherish, but that’s not enormously expensive or valuable if there are no career possibilities in the field of choosing.
Technical writing isn’t a small-term profession or career that is relating to wilt protecting the ensuing decade or so. Companies or enterprises will permanently necessitate enough people to indite user manuals, and provide files. The said benefit is possible after completing a technical writing course in Bangalore implementing by the most gleaming Institute is known as Henry Harvin.

2. Technical writing opportunities to receive a productive continuation:
A mistake concerning writers, in predominating, is that they are weakened or starved experts, people who unusually achieve adequate to accomplish their obligations like handling assessments and many more. It might be explicit for some grantors but not for entire specialists or experts. No doubt technical writers have the chance or opportunity to execute outstanding nourishment at what they do.

Countless companies are obedient to contribute top wages to retain people with approved writing abilities or capabilities so that you could achieve a precise or also exceptional living. A technical writing course in Bangalore will help you with every possible aspect.

11. Jobs after Technical Writing Course in Bangalore

Web technical writers:

A Web content Writers Embrace content individually for different sorts of uses, and the most common and useful or can say most demanding is online use. In this modernized era, digital media education or profession is emerging as different technologies transportation users to the Websites, but these sorts of Technical writers can match powerful opponent for available occupations.

They usually are flexible freelancers and may work for several clients. Most know bachelor’s degrees in writing, English, or learning, plus they require to be familiar with composing for successful communications and the Website or Web as well.

12. Marketing Specialists:

 One of the best and most reliable job after technical writing course is a marketing specialist or professional well-known as a market report or analysis critics; support coordination concludes out what jobs or trade. They undoubtedly know the marketing best and interpret market data on a provincial, rural or federal level, and determine what people are acquiring, what clefts are in the business, what sort of personalities order what products, and what people are enthusiastic to spend on those products.

There is an enormous demand for a Market expert and increasing on a regular basis due to its essential work that brings traffic, Technical Writing Course in Bangalore offer you said privileges of the job.

13. Google


This list would be complete without Google’s technical writing course, one of the most basic Technical writing courses in Bangalore or anywhere else. It is free and aims to encourage technical education for software engineers, computer science students, and product managers in the engineering business.

This free course is engaging, enjoyable, educational, and beneficial to the students’ professions. Google asserts that tens of thousands of engineers have completed this course and found employment uses for the skills obtained.

Although the course demands a modest level of English writing proficiency, you do not need to be a master author to enrol. Again, you are not necessarily to be an expert coder, but a background in coding is required.

Technical writing course fees: Free

14. TWIN


TWIN, or the Technical Writers of India, provides one of the best Technical writing courses in Bangalore. Additionally, they provide training in Delhi, Gujarat, and other places. They are a group of writers and linguists who give training in language and writing.

Beginning in 1998, TWIN has grown to become one of the largest communities offering quality education to young writers in technical writing, languages, editing, etc.

They have a Facebook page with over 5,000 users who regularly discuss the newest trends in the technical writing business, their applications, and their impact on the industry’s future.

Technical Communication Professional or TCP is the name of their training program for aspiring writers in the technology sector. Their faculty members have years of experience that they transfer to students through teaching techniques that emphasise practical application.

Technical writing course fees: 10000

15. NSTC


The Nano Science and Technology Consortium (NSTC) is a professional organisation dedicated to advancing nanotechnology-related research, education, business partnerships, and training.

Initiated in 2006, they are one of the most outstanding Technical writing courses in Bangalore. Through educational processes, they provide a platform for growth and collaboration in the Nano Science and Technology sector, bringing together students, industries, and the government.

The NSTC offers a comprehensive course designed to educate students in the vast field of technical writing. As a writer that demands a great deal of technical knowledge, technical writing necessitates considerable research from writers with expertise in the area. NSTC assists its students in conducting the necessary research in an organised, systematic manner to produce the best potential product.

Technical writing course fees: 17000

16.Technical Writer HQ

Technical Writer HQ

Technical Writer HQ offers an internationally known certification course in Technical writing courses in Bangalore. It is a five-star course with over 3000 students. They offer top-rated courses designed to educate students and professionals who want to advance their skills in the technical writing sector, and the knowledge they transmit to their pupils boosts their employment chances.

Their One Week Technical Writer Certification provides students with a foundational understanding of the technical writing niche. These Technical writing courses near me offer students the abilities necessary for success in the field of technical writing, so enhancing their career and wage possibilities.

Upon course completion, students comprehensively understand technical writing roles, projects, teams, and documentation.

Technical writing course fees: 12000

17. Alison Training

Alison Training

Alison Training is one of the top Technical writing courses in Bangalore. What is the best feature of Alison Training’s Technical Writing Course? It is entirely free!

This course introduces students to technical writing principles, including documentation, technical report writing, and communication-related topics.

This is a level 1 course, and as such, it is best suited for novices who seek to acquire a foundational understanding of the technical writing business. The course covers several aspects of technical writing, including the writing process, recognising the audience, catering to the audience’s specific demands, and defining the requirements of this target audience.

The Technical writing courses near me last between two and three hours and offers a completion certificate upon completion of the 34 basic subjects.

Technical writing course fees: Free


So, above are the top 10 technical writing course in Bangalore. Technical writing needs lots of efforts, knowledge, time management and skills. And, to acquire these methodologies, a technical writing course will guide you. One has to choose a good technical writing course that will offer you the best outcome for your investment.

Bangalore is known Silicon Valley of India. To find a complete package for a technical writing course in Bangalore is a great task. With the above information, I hope to minimize those efforts for you.

Various Opportunity to get Placed:

Check out the most recommended and equally important Best Creative Writing Course In Bangalore to gain the overall writing skills and expertise

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    Q.1. Does technical writing skills will be required in the distant future?

    Ans. Technical writing isn’t a small-term profession that is relating to wilt protecting the ensuing decade or so. Enterprises will permanently necessitate enough people to create, user manuals, and provide files.


    Q. 2. Why to opt for Henry Harvin Course on Technical Writing in Bangalore?

    Ans. Henry Harvin is the most reliable, trustworthy Institute with the utmost essential, credible, competent education, It offers 32-hour instructor-led, including much-needed certification.


    Q. 3. Is technical writing and content writing the same?

    Ans. No, they are not the same.


    Q. 4. What is the difference between content writing and technical writing?

    Ans. Content writing is a way of expression through writing and technical writing is instructive writing.


    Q. 5. Is a technical writing course worth taking?

    Ans. Yes, as it has fast-growing business globally.


    Q. 6. Do you need technical knowledge for becoming a technical writer?

    Ans. Not necessary,  it is better if you have technical knowledge but if you don’t have then you can acquire it by doing a technical writing course


    Q. 7. What salary does a technical writer expect?

    Ans. Technical writer’s average salary in India is 498723 INR

    Post Graduate Program in Technical Writing

    Strengthen your Writing prowess as you master the art of simplifying Complex Technical details into clear and well-structured documents

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