What Is Mini MBA?

A mini MBA is a graduate-level program which covers traditional MBA courses like accounting, management, finance, entrepreneurship, etc., but, in a more introductory and concise manner. It mainly focuses on the fundamentals of business management.


This program offers both online as well as in-person teaching. Though you can’t get a degree qualification, you still get professional credentials. Henry Harvin is one such site which offers mini MBA programs for teenagers.

The First Mini MBA

The first-ever mini MBA program was introduced in 1949, at the McGill University in Canada. Then, over the years, numerous mini MBA programs came up in the UK. Now, many colleges and universities in the US are offering similar programs.

Pros and Cons of Doing Mini MBA

Before doing a program, you should always know the pros and cons it has to offer. So, listed below are some of the reasons as to why you should/shouldn’t do a mini MBA program.


The first advantage is the cost. Although the cost can vary, the average tuition fee exceeds US$60,000, oftentimes reaching US$150,000 at top business schools. On the other hand, a mini MBA tuition fee ranges from US$500 to a few thousand.

The second advantage is that it is time-efficient. Depending on the institution, mini MBAs can last as little as two weeks or maybe span across several months.

Since it is a much smaller commitment than a regular MBA, it can benefit full-time workers and/or caretakers, who cannot afford to invest substantial sums of money and time into a full degree.


Though mini MBAs can make it easier for some people to go back to school, they cannot guarantee its graduates the same benefits of doing a regular MBA since they aren’t universally recognised as a degree.

Although they cover the same topics as a regular MBA, the limited amount of teaching hours and modules doesn’t give students the necessary skills to set up their own business or to drastically improve as an employee, or,  at least not to the same extent as a full-time MBA program.

Mini MBA Skills For Teenagers

I have listed some of the top mini MBA skills, that teenagers can take up and skills they should possess, down below.

Finance And Accounting


This course offers an in-depth overview of the finance as well as the accounting world. It will help you understand the “language of business. This means that it will teach you how to measure, process and communicate financial information of a company. This will help you get familiar with the most important financial statements as well as financial accounting techniques.

It also explains the broader context of how and where to apply and use the key financial tools in order to attain meaningful answers. It also provides a backdrop for both financial dimensions of business management as well as for understanding the nature of financial statements, analysing the data, planning, and controlling.

Skills you’ll learn:

You’ll learn how to prepare and analyse balance sheets, understand the budgeting process, cost behaviour and its impact on management decisions,  how to communicate and to question financial information effectively, and much more!

There are many institutions and organisations that offer finance and accounting courses. Some of them are Mercury Training, IBM, etc.

Human Resource Management


This course covers activities which all business professionals need to understand like strategic planning, staffing, recruitment, hiring and training of employees, along with performance management and appraisal, safety and health of employees.

This is a perfect program for those who wish to pursue a career in management in HR and strategy. This includes diversity, mergers and acquisitions, rapidly developing labour markets and emerging economics and international leadership.

Skills You’ll Learn:

Through this program, you’ll understand the process of finding, selecting and recruiting the right employees. You’ll also be able to grasp the classic view of business strategy, and, performance evaluation and feedback management.

Some of the institutions which offer this program are IBM, APIIT, etc.

Business Leadership


This is a very practical and interactive training course which provides you with the necessary skills and knowledge required to lead a business. It also prepares you for more superior responsibilities.

This course will equip you with the knowledge and confidence to lead and manage yourself in a fast-moving and complex environment.

Skills You’ll Learn:

This course will teach you what the essentials of leadership and management are and also help you understand the importance of innovation. This will shape you into an individual who can take charge and uphold responsibilities.

Digital Marketing


This course will provide you with unique opportunities that will help you build a proper understanding of digital marketing. It also talks about the irreversible changes, and how these necessitate changes in the way advertising and marketing are done.

Skills You’ll Learn

This course will empower you to think not just tactically, but also strategically. It will make you a strategic partner across the organisation. Also, it will shape you into being an instinctively holistic thought leader.

Rutgers is one such institution that offers a mini MBA course in digital marketing.



Every company is interested in the effective promotion of the goods and services it has to offer. “Promotion” here implies the enforcement of the sales process. It is a direct way to increase a company’s profit and capital. Thus, the sales process takes a pre-eminent place in the business of commercial companies.

Skills You’ll Learn:

This course will teach you how to launch loyalty programmes, review various sales planning and forecasting methods, and also how to properly form optimal distribution and pricing strategies.


To summarise, this blog talks about the skills taught by mini MBA for teenagers.

  • It helps us to not only think tactically but also strategically.
  • You’ll be able to grasp the classic view of business strategy, and, performance evaluation and feedback management.
  • It teaches us how to take charge and uphold responsibilities, which are the qualities of a true leader.
  • You can become an instinctively holistic thought leader.
  • It will also teach you how to properly form optimal distribution and pricing strategies.

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