Market today is too competitive and unfavorable situations may come any time which leads to the flock of unhappy customers to the competitors, often taking their friends with them. Hence it is necessary for the organization to identify the best marketing approach and make efforts to know their customers as much as possible to attract and retain them. These techniques can be learned easily through a Marketing Analytics Certification.
 After doing a Marketing Analytics Certification, you will be able to interpret, track and analyze data from any platform that can be used for tracking or advertising the business performance. You will learn that all the analytics and advertising platform that your team is using currently is based on the core marketing analytics principles. It will also help you in learning technical aspects of the business and understand the products and techniques available to marketers and how to preserve them so that you can ensure data integrity.A Marketing Analytics Certification is something that all marketers should take, as it teaches you the elements that are critical to the growth of business and your marketing efforts and restricts the losses that can affect the organization as a whole. 
Course DescriptionMarketing Analytics Certification teaches you data collection and analysis, its assessment and use of that data, which is an important and priceless tool. It is as priceless as the sales results from your marketing campaigns.
The first step of doing marketing is to comprehend what’s in your database and what it means for you. If you don’t understand this, then you are doing your marketing in the dark. Marketing Analytics Certification will help you study the profound depths of marketing analytics and enable you to develop and apply the right strategies. 
Look at these 7 compelling reasons to do a Marketing Analytics Certification:

1. Become more Proactive and EffectiveMarketing analytics help organisations evaluate and anticipate the market and customer behaviour and respond proactively. Marketing analysis contains solutions that perform data or statistical mining methods which enables you to score and develop analytical and predictive models based on the combination of variables.   
2. Personalize your Marketing and Customer EngagementsLearning about marketing analytics enables organisations to explore how customers behave differently in defined segments. It even helps in predicting the customer’s probability to respond to different offers. Doing this allows them to tailor the content, timing and delivery channel of offers to fit the preferences of customers. 
3. Sharpen Social Media StrategiesLearning more and new strategies to handle social media for your business is imperative. Organisations get a sincere external perspective by social media analytics that helps in identify influencers and understand customer value. By sharpening the social media strategies, you can personalize customer engagements which are necessary for your business and organisation.
4. Real-Time Engagement of your CustomersReal-time engagement of your customers is the foremost thing for your business. Marketing analytics helps you in learning skills for real-time decisioning. It teaches you how to combine intelligence with speed so that it provides a competitive advantage for in- person, online or even on the phone with a customer. 
5. Visualizing successMarketing analytics makes your data visualization better so that it brings analytics within reach of non-technical marketers and hence allows sharing, decision making and collaboration to mutually become more competent and effective. 
6. Analysing the present It’s essential to understand the present market to make your strategies right and act upon them accordingly. But what if you are not able to evaluate the current market? That’s where marketing analytics help you. It enables you to determine how your marketing initiatives are operating currently. It answers various questions for you and your business such as:

  • 1. Your most profitable customers prefer which channels?
  • 2. How are your customers engaging with you?
  • 3. What is the position of your brand on social media sites, and who are talking about it?

7. Forecasting and Determining the FutureMarketing analytics not only help you in examining the current market but also helps in predicting the future. It can deliver data-driven forecasts that you can use to influence the future. It enables you to answer questions like:

  • 1. How the revenue will be affected if you add ten more sales people in under-performing areas?
  • 2. How can you convert the short-term wins into loyalty and current engagement?
  • 3. How to use your current portfolio and which cities you should target next?

ConclusionBy the end of this Marketing Analytics Certification, you will learn how to excerpt information in the ways marketers should. You will learn many important things such as: how to segment the markets and customers, develop products that add value to its consumers and companies, settle the best values for a product in various situations and much more.
But, most of all, you will learn influential and proven analytical techniques that will make you expert in systematizing decision-making power.

How does marketing analytics certification helps?

One can interpret, track and analyze data from any platform that can be used for tracking or advertising the business performance. It teaches you the elements that are critical to the growth of business and your marketing efforts.

What is the need for this certification?

It helps Manager to become proactive and efficient, improves social media strategies, further visualizing, analysing and forecasting the future of the campaign, and making him expert in systematizing decision-making power.

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