What is HR Analytics?

Human Resource Analytics (HR analytics) is the analysis of people and the application of analytical processes to an organization’s human capital to increase employee productivity and retention.

Rather than gathering data about your employees’ performance at work, HR analytics collects data to understand each of your human resource processes better. It then uses this information to make informed decisions about improving those processes.

It is the responsibility of the HR department to develop, provide orientation, and train employees. The HR department is also responsible for employee benefits and compensation. The HR department also handles the selection and promotion of employees. Assigning employees to different departments is also their responsibility. Therefore, they have to employ cost-effective solutions when using resources.

Have you ever found it difficult to answer these questions:

  • What is your employee turnover rate?
  • How many of your employees will leave your organization within the next year?
  • How many turnovers are regretted?

Almost all human resource professionals will answer the first question for their organization. However, it will be difficult to answer the other two questions, especially if you don’t have detailed data.

Professionals must combine different data and analyze it thoroughly to answer the other two questions. For example, the human resources department collects information but does not know what to do. Here is the solution! Analyze it now and make informed decisions. When an organization uses the collected data to analyze its people’s problems, they engage in operational HR analytics.

Have you had enough of Googling the top 10 HR Analytics Courses in India? Here, you will find information about HR Analytics Courses in India curated to your needs and save you time.

1. Henry Harvin HR Academy 

Henry-Harvin logo

Henry Harvin Education provides top-notch training for HR Analytics Courses in India. In addition, Henry Harvin Education’s Certified HR Analytics (CHRG) Course curriculum and training facilities are excellent.

The institution has been certified to ISO 29990:2010. In addition, Henry Harvin Education has received the Top Corporate Training Award. Several associations are affiliated with the institution, including UKAF, UKCert, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, MSME, and PMI. For more evidence of Henry Harvin’s top-ranking and achievements, check out the 200 plus Youtube testimonials, 1400+ Google reviews, and 4.5-star ratings on Trustpilot, GoOversea, and Goa Board. 

Henry Harvin Best Certification Training and Courses

Henry Harvin Ranks #1

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Henry Harvin Education is known as one of the leading providers of HR Analytics training in India. Our instructors are hand-picked with the utmost care to provide you with world-class training from the comfort of your armchair in your favorite corner of your home. Tutors who teach HR Analytics Course training are seasoned SAP experts with over 12 years of experience. In addition to more than 500 lectures, they have delivered 150 keynote addresses. 

Course Curriculum

Module 1: Analyzing HR data

Module 2: R programming basics

Module 3: Cleaning the data

Module 4: Managing people and talent

Complimentary Module 1: Developing Soft Skills

Complimentary Module 2: Writing Resumes

Benefits of the course – 

  • Enroll in one of the top HR Analytics Courses, and you will be eligible for the One-Year Gold Membership. 
  • You can access Henry Harvin Education’s E-learning Access anytime, anywhere, including recorded classes, presentations, and other course content.
  • Once the learners have completed the course, Henry Harvin (authorized by the Government of India) will award them a Certification of HR Analytics Training. You can use it to boost your resume and LinkedIn profile. 
  • Henry Harvin’s HR Analytics Course also provides the opportunity for internships. These internships help students better understand the course through practical experience. 
  • A year after the students’ job placement, Henry Harvin Education offers boot camps and hackathons to assist them. 
  • In addition, the institution offers zero percent interest rate EMI with complete transparency (no hidden costs).
  • Students at Henry Harvin Education have a high chance of getting hired by international companies such as Amazon, Google, JP Morgan, etc. 
  • Make yourself stand out and get better job opportunities. 

The course lasts 40 hours

Henry Harvin’s course is a win-win package, so do not miss it. 

Henry Harvin HR Analytics Course fees:


Other Henry Harvin Courses:

Also Check This Video:

2. Udemy

udemy logo

In the 21st century, Udemy is the leading provider of affordable online courses. Face-to-face classes have been difficult for trainers and learners due to the ongoing pandemic. In addition, with the advent of home learning, students’ attention span has decreased dramatically. As a result, self-paced videos have dominated this new era of learning at home. 

Ultimate Human Resources: HR Analytics Course (with Payroll) is available through Udemy. It is among the best HR Analytics courses in India. Meghana (NextGenHR) teaches this course. In addition to being an HR professional, she is also an experienced trainer and coach. Her expertise encompasses HR Management, Payroll, Compensation, Training Development, and Performance Coaching. With an MBA in Human Resources, she is an enthusiastic trainer. With an extensive background in human resources, she is an enthusiastic trainer. 

HR Analytics Training, Payroll Software, Labour Law, Compensation and Benefits, HRMS, Employee Engagement, HR, Analytics, Employee Engagement, and Grievance Management are among the trainer’s expertise. Meghan has trained over 400 employees in Payroll Compensation and Benefits to date. 

Benefits of the course – 

  • Self-paced videos.
  • Students can work on practical assignments at any time and anywhere. 
  • They can download the Excel case study worksheets, course materials, and practice materials. This will provide them with the necessary practice. In addition. one of the top HR Analytics Courses on Udemy provides a downloadable eBook on Compensation and Payroll. 

3. Croma Campus

Croma Campus logo

Croma Campus Training and Development Private Limited (2010) is one of the most resourceful and valuable HR Analytics courses. This company won the Leading Training and Placement Company award in Noida. The company provides IT training from the basic to the advanced levels. The trainers are industry professionals with 8-10 years of experience. Participants gain both theoretical and practical knowledge. Students will gain an understanding of all aspects of HR. 

Added benefits of the course:

  • More than 1600 documents
  • There are more than 1000 job descriptions
  • Twenty statutory documents
  • Letters from 60 HR
  • A total of 290 HR forms,
  • Recruiting modules: 11
  • Nine performance management processes
  • 62 records in 62 formats 

4. Protouch

pro touch logo

A leading provider of HR Analytics Courses in India is Protouch. The institution is widely recognized for providing life-changing training. The organization is ISO 9001:2015 certified. Protouch strives to make a positive impact on business and culture. We support business productivity and leadership development. All levels of training are provided. Protouch offers highly engaging corporate training, workshops, and coaching services. Participants will achieve good results. 

Protouch is one of the top HR Analytics Courses in India. The institute’s objective is to help candidates become more competent. Dr. Aparna Sethi is the institute’s founder and trainer. In the management system, she has made significant contributions. The trainer obtained a degree in human resources and marketing. She has worked in various industries and organizations for over 20 years. Her goal is to apply academic research and application to the corporate world across diverse domains. 

Benefits of the course – 

  • One of the HR Analytics Courses offered by Protouch Institute is designed to provide top-notch skills and employability. 
  • Tutored by the leading experts in HR, it is a 100% practical course. 
  • By providing lifetime job assistance to young professionals, Protouch has made their lives easier. 
  • By partnering with Times Group and various other managements, it offers top-notch education. 
  • With their note-worthy skills, alumni of Protouch are globally recognized. 
  • Protouch offers the Pro HR Toolkit. 

5. HR Spot 

HR spot logo

India’s leading provider of HR Analytics Courses in HR Spot. This program is for those seeking a career in corporate America. The program is ISO 9001:2015 certified. For more than a decade, HR Spot has been your one-stop shop for all your HR courses. Several awards have been given to the company, and it is affiliated with leading organizations such as AIMA, AHRMIO, ISTD, and IIHR. Education Congress recognized the company as the Best Skill Learning Institute for 2020. In addition, the company was awarded the HR Champion Award for HR Training. Furthermore, the company has earned Star Greenbelt Award for Training and Development and Best HR Practice Award. 

Benefits of the course – 

  • With this top provider of HR Analytics Courses in India, the students can attend as many theory and practical classes as they like.
  • Job interview demo sessions.
  • Members’ cards include live projects, case studies, HR training presentations, assignment samples, course materials, and interview preparation questions.
  • Several awards have been presented for HR Spot’s training and services. 
  • HR Spot provides learners with access to its internal job portal. 

6. International Institute of Human Resources – Bangalore (IIHR)

iihr logo

A leading HR Analytics course in India, IIHR was founded in 2012. The institute specializes in Human Resource Management. In the HR field, IIHR Certifications and courses stand out from the rest with ten years of excellence. Accreditations include ISO/IEC 17024:2012 and ISO 9001:2015. India’s government recognizes IIHR as offering the best job-oriented programs and human resource skill development. Obtaining the Certified Human Resource Generalist (CHRG) credential is a valuable professional distinction that will enhance learners’ resumes. 

Benefits of the course – 

  • Tutored by the leading experts in HR, it is a 100% practical course. 
  • Providing lifetime job assistance has made the lives of many young professionals easier. 
  • By partnering with the Times Group and other managements, it offers world-class education. 

7. SBMC School of Human Resource

sbmc logo

HR Analytics Courses in India are offered by Shri Balaji Management Consultants (SBMC). The company was founded in 2004. Its headquarters are located in Canada, and Its corporate office is in India. With its HR strategies and significant projects, it has gained clients worldwide. It is the organization’s main goal to make a difference in the future and enhance business solutions. Over the years, SBMC has worked with several clients, providing efficient solutions to their business challenges. In addition, many leading institutions have come to SBMC for advice and guidance. As a result, their associated companies have benefited from new, high-quality solutions. 

SBMC trainers provide the latest trends in the HR industry and adhere to the latest trends. Many of them have ten years or more of experience in the HR industry. In addition, SBMC provides individual training that is centered on the student. Trainers want students to understand the concepts and earn a job in any of the leading companies. 

The course offers the following added benefits: 

  • Among the takeaways from India’s best HR Analytics courses are resume building and professional profile creation. 
  • They are provided with live projects for the best and most efficient practical experience.
  • They receive course materials and preparation sessions for interviews. 
  • To get the best inputs, learners are trained in advanced Excel. 
  • SBMC provides HR glossaries and management case studies. 
  • Students gain practical experience in the industry. 
  • Help with a job. 

8. Aptron Solutions – Delhi 

aptron logo

Founded in 2003, Aptron Solutions is one of India’s leading HR Analytics Courses. The company offers an engaging learning environment. It offers more than 250 IT courses as well as non-IT courses. It provides training for many top companies such as Microsoft, SAP, CompTIA, Red Hat, etc. With APTRON solutions, learners can upgrade their skills through advanced technologies and a broad curriculum. For their uncompromised services, they have won several awards throughout the years. 

APTRON solutions trainers have more than seven years of industry experience. Award-winning HR Analytics training has been provided to their clients through their continuous efforts. They guide the HR teams of many top multinational corporations as they are experts in their field. They have worked for leading companies like HCL, TCS, IBM, Birlasoft, etc. 

The Course has the following additional Benefits: 

  • IT industry demands are met by this course. 
  • After completing the HR Analytics course, students receive placement assistance. 
  • Flexible training schedules. 
  • All year round, students have access to APTRON’s lab facilities. Participating in live experiments can practice their technical skills and gain experience. 
  • The institution provides extra Time Slots for unlimited practice sessions. 
  • Wi-Fi, digital pads, and projectors are included in the classroom infrastructure. 
  • Course materials include technical and HR interview questions, soft copies, books, PDFs, and sample papers.
  • It is valuable and globally recognized that APTRON Solutions offers HR Analytics Certification. 
  • Students receive individual attention from the trainers. 
  • Students are made to understand technical topics effortlessly. 
  • To help students gain confidence, they can attend mock tests, group discussions, interview sessions, and presentations. 

9. Middle Earth HR 

middle earth hr logo

A high-ranking HR Analytics course in India is Middle Earth Human Resources (MEHR). The organization was founded in 1997 and is dedicated to its mission – Practical Joyful Learning in People Management. With over 5000 corporate clients in many sectors, this 24-year-old company has an impressive client base. Middle Earth HR courses rank among the top 10 globally. Over 350 Fortune 500 companies are affiliated with the company. More than 500 workshops have been conducted in Asia and Africa by Middle Earth HR. Over 50 countries participated in the workshop. 

The organization has mentored and supported over 5000 organizations with more than 10000 HR projects in India, Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. Over the years, Middle Earth HR has won numerous awards from HR.com and Training Industry. In addition, MEHR’s HR Analytics Certification Course is taught by trainers with over 15 years of experience at leading companies. As a result, MEHR has the foundational knowledge of HR analytics to propel a learner’s career. 

Benefits of the course – 

  • Live and real-time projects allow students to gain practical experience and hands-on knowledge about their subject. 
  • Students learn how to solve practical problems faced by HR. 
  • The organization offers a year of coaching and boot camps to sharpen your skills.  
  • They offer no-cost EMI options. 
  • You can count on MEHR’s support team to assist you with any questions or concerns. 
  • Students can choose from a variety of HR courses.  
  • A membership portal is active. A job placement service is available after learners complete the course. 
  • Books, case materials, and tuition are included in the course fee. Applications are not required. 

10. Computer Education & Technology Promotion Association (CETPA)

cetpa logo

CETPA provides HR Analytics Courses in India. In addition, the company offers software and embedded training programs for engineering and other fields. CETPA is ISO 9001:2015 certified for providing high-quality and specialized training. It is trusted by everyone and is the leading training provider for many working professionals. More than two lakh students have taken classes with CETPA. Over the past five years, the organization has been named the Best IT and Embedded Training Company in India. It has provided high-quality education by conducting workshops for over 500 colleges in India. 

Added Benefits in the Course – 

  • Leading companies like Wipro, Amazon, Infosys, IBM, and TCS offer learners the chance to work there.
  • Oracle, Panasonic, Autodesk, Microsoft, and Nuvoton are CETPA’s official partners. 
  • Experience in the field. 
  • CETPA offers high-quality lab services and infrastructure.
  • HR professionals have conducted training at CETPA with over eight years of experience. 
  • Learners receive training from essential to advanced levels.
  • HR departments in the industry are familiar with the jobs and functions they perform. 

11. AIHR Academy

By mastering powerful reporting skills and using the right metrics, AIHR Academy will enable you to make fact-based HR decisions. By the end of the HR analytics course, you will have acquired a broad skill-set covering the entire reporting process – from implementing HR metrics to creating automated HR dashboards. HR professionals who wish to work with data will benefit from this course.

12. Talentedge

HR analytics course is designed for participants with limited math/statistical skills. They will primarily use SPSS for our illustrations and initially use MS Excel for our calculations. By using analytics, professionals can tackle real-life people challenges and develop a deeper understanding of data and people management. 

13. 360 DigiTMG

Aside from gaining an understanding of current developments and practices in HR analytics, students will learn what it means to be a professional in that field. As a result of the HR analytics course, you will possess a broad skill set covering the entire reporting process – from implementing HR metrics to creating HR dashboards. Those working in HR who are interested in working with data will benefit from taking this course.

14. Middle Earth HR

There are many models and systems that are used in HR analytics, as well as how Machine Learning can be used to predict employee turnover. Candidates are screened and recruited using various techniques. Also covered in this module is the process of analyzing and designing appropriate surveys for predicting employee performance. It is also possible to mine the emotional state of the workforce using deep learning. 

15. Nulearn

Throughout the program, participants will gain a deeper understanding of different aspects of HR Analytics, including descriptive analytics, predictive analytics, and prescriptive analytics. Also, students will develop Machine Learning approaches for HR and people-centric transformation.

In conclusion – 

Organizations and employees have different demands, and it is challenging to meet both. People who can solve unique problems and offer unique solutions are more critical than ever in an era of social and technological change—users today and tomorrow need to be taken into account. Productivity is the key to processing data and products. Reducing costs is an essential aspect of management. As a result, it proves how important Human Resources are to an organization.

A skilled and efficient HR department is a necessity. HR is responsible for producing high-quality work and upholding an organization’s values. HR must adapt to change as technology and problems change. HR Analytics is one of the fastest-growing fields within HR. It holds great promise for the future as well as the present.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1. What is the best HR certification in India?

Certifications in Learning and Performance, Payroll Specialist, Senior Professional in Human Resources, HR Analytics Professional, Compensation and Benefits Manager, Recruitment Analyst, and HR Analytics. 

Question 2. What are the benefits of working in human resources?

It offers you steady growth, you’ll be a good influence on those around you, help others change or shift careers, coordinate the entire team, and you’ll earn a good salary. 

Question 3. Which are the 10 highest-paying HR jobs in India? 

Managers in Human Resources, Recruitment, and Placement Managers, Executive Recruiters, HR Directors, Training and Development Managers, International HR Associates, Human Resources Managers, Employee Relations Specialists, Compensation and Benefits Managers, Vice Presidents of Human Resources. 

Question 4. How do you prepare for an interview for the role of HR Analytics?

Questions relating to specific roles (i) Behavioural (ii) Situational (iii) Problem Solving (iv) Motivational questions  

Question 5. In your previous position, what was the most significant challenge you faced?

Describe your challenges honestly and precisely. Employers will expect a more detailed description of the solution. In addition, you will be judged on your ability to provide the answer.


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