To your surprise, there is no ownership of six sigma methodology ! So, tomorrow if you want you can claim an anonymous six sigma certification in the name of ”Modi Six Sigma’ ‘Gandhi Six Sigma’ ‘Yadav Six Sigma’ or ‘Kumar Six Sigma’ and no one can legally object you. But still you want to spend thousands of rupees to get a recognized six sigma certification (either online or offline) and a beneficial training. 

Now the question that arises is of which institute and why? This decision depends on many factors like-

  1. Course content
  2. How well is it recognized
  3. Validity of the certificate
  4. Brand name of Institute
  5. Duration
  6. Cost

And many more…
There are many institutes providing Six Sigma Certification. This article takes you through different institutes of six sigma(in India) and which amongst them is the best.

1. Henry Harvin Education
Henry Harvin is a certified institute that offers training and consulting for professional courses globally. They provide only training courses and not certification courses. Henry Harvin say that they provide result oriented training and also teach how to get accurate results and optimise the cost. They say it is globally recognized but is not well known amongst other six sigma institutes.

2. ASQ
ASQ provides the quality community with training, professional certifications, and knowledge to a massive network of associates of the global quality community. They provide separate training and certification, where in they charge separately for the training and certification. They say after attending the training, you can give the examination as and when required, else they provide a participation certificate. They provide classroom training that helps to understand the concepts in detail and hence give the best result.

3. Benchmark
The facilitate business improvement workshop. They are one of the oldest in market but they provide only training and for certificate they conduct an examination, which is valid only for 3 years. After every 3 years of time, one needs to pay some extra amount and get it re-validated. They are associated with Exemplar Global, which is a global organization, providing training and certification for professionals seeking personnel certification of their skills and training providers wanting to get third party accreditation of their courses.

Company NameHenry HarvinTraining 24*7ASQBenchmarkAIGVar SigmaISI
Training Fees1250010850 + Taxes25000 + Taxes23324+Taxes12800+Taxes16250+Taxes8500+Taxes
Examination FeesIncluded in training fee$110$400Included in training feeNAIncluded in training feeNA
Duration4 days (32 Hours)3 days9 days4 days1.5 months (30-35 hours)4 days3 days
Why usGlobally recognized, valid lifelong, standard offering conducted everywhereResult oriented , cost optimisation, accuracy in result9 Days classroom training that helps to understand the concepts in detail and hence give the best resultOldest in market the result is pretty good; standard of evaluation is a bit high.Process excellence, project excellence, reduce chances of errorsExcellence in handling projects and doing crisis managementLess cost & project mandate

4. AIG
AIG is a premier training organization engaged in providing Six Sigma and other quality related training. They say that they work on process excellence, project excellence, reducing the chances of errors. Again, it is recognized worldwide but they provide only training i.e. only participation certification.

5. VAR Sigma
VarSigma is an operational strategy consulting firm focusing on Strategy, Innovation, Operational Excellence, Lean Six Sigma, Decision Sciences, Big data analytics and Change Management. Their certification is by Exemplar Global.

6. ISI
The Indian Statistical Institute was founded by Professor P.C. Mahalanobis in Kolkata on 17th December, 1931. They are one of the oldest amongst all in the market but providing only training course. They take email examination, where in they say they mail you the question paper and the participant needs to solve that and revert back within certain time. The certification by ISI holds less value, if we compare it with its competitors.

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