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About Content

Content is the type of information and experiences that are directed towards the end-user and audience. It is the type of information that is relevant in a given context. Content is the presentation of information for a purpose to an audience. Content is something that is to be expressed through some medium as speech, writing, or any of various other methods.

Content can be delivered through different media e.g. internet, television, films, mobiles, radio, magazines, books, e-books, etc. Content is whatever there is on the web page be it images, text, video, infographics, etc. Whatever there is within the page is called content. As on the world wide web, it is said that “content is king”. Hence good content is very important.  

The creation of good content is key to getting people to access your site.

Here is the list of the top 10 content writing course in India

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Ranks Amongst Top #5 Upskilling Courses of all time in 2021 by India Today

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1. Henry Harvin Education-
Best Content Writing Course in India

Henry Harvin Education is one of the pioneer institutes for conducting professional and technical certifications in India. This is one of the best institutes in India that caters to skill development across the platform.

The course is ranked among the top 5 upskilling courses of all time  in 2021 by India Today and

The institute conducts courses in a variety of domain as TEFL Course, Digital Marketing Certification Program, Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Course, Certified GST Course, SAP FICO course, HR Payroll Course, and many choices of courses are available.

Henry Harvin Education has focused on offering courses that can add value to the portfolio of both working professionals and students and also helps both aspiring and seasoned professionals to explore the job market which depends heavily on specific domain knowledge and skill set.

The content writing course curriculum consists of a total of 8 modules. The first module is on language skills, the second module consists of internet skills, the third module covers business & marketing writing, the fourth module is on content strategy, the fifth module is on technical & research writing, the sixth module is on academic writing, the seventh module is of creative writing,  in the eighth module you will learn about how to get international projects and earning online. There is also a complementary module of soft skills development. The content writing course will give you knowledge about 50+ tools that are helpful in writing.

Training duration is of 32 hours of live online Interactive classroom sessions. There are two modes of course:- Self-paced course which is of fees INR 13500/-, Live online classroom session which is more preferred and its fees is INR 15000/-  The fees of the course is There will be monthly Bootcamp session spread over the next 12 months. You will learn 30+ content types. The guaranteed internship is provided with Henry Harvin or partner firms. You will get the personalized job notifications every week to bring the best job options for you.   

After completion of this content writing course in India, you will receive the certification from Henry Harvin.

2. Skills Upgrader-Best Content Writing Course in India

This is a consultancy and counseling company dedicated to career growth and personal development. Skill Upgrader is committed to helping you to meet your professional goals. Skill Upgrader ensures you have the best learning experience possible and achieve the desired learning outcomes.

The content writing course provided by the institute is an award-winning training program that is developed with the guidance of industry professionals. This content writing course in India offers comprehensive content writing training. The course will give you knowledge about content types, optimizing search engine content, and how to market your content.

The course curriculum consists of 15 modules as:-Introduction to content writing, Web Hosting, Content Creation, Understanding the Writing Process, Search Engine Optimization, Keyword Research, Content Marketing Strategy, Keyword Research, and other modules are also there. 20+ content writing tools are covered in the course.

The course provides online classroom training of 4 weeks, Content writing internship and freelance writing opportunities are provided.

3. Digital Academy 360-Best Content Writing Course in India

The Academy offers many other courses including the content writing course. The mission of this content writing course in India is to provide quality and industry-based training at an affordable cost. Digital Academy 360 offers the best courses for enhancing your skill.

The training provided by the Academy follows a detailed curriculum.  This content writing course offers sessions from basic to advanced levels.

The Academy has developed a Content Writing Certification program in India to offer an extensive content writing program with industry-standard training and also providing 100% placement assistance…

This content writing course curriculum consists of a basic understanding of content writing, language and grammar, and the writing process, learning about the forms of writing, and learning the methods to earn money through your content, WordPress website designing is also included in the course. 

The course duration is of 2 months. And there is both online and classroom mode available. You will industry-relevant skills from professionals. Trainers are industry experts and have 10+years of experience in industry-based live projects. The Academy has 15+centres in India and fees are also affordable.

4. IIDE(Indian Institute of Digital Education)-Best Content Writing Course in India

This is India’s Premier School for digital education. The institute was established in 2016. The institute has continuously strived towards imparting digital skills to learners. They conduct classes through online and offline mediums and are associated with top colleges of Mumbai.

This online content writing course in India is designed to help you understand content marketing concepts in detail and the various format of content that can be used for marketing. It also gives knowledge about how to create, publish and promote content.  

This content writing course will give you details regarding Setting up your base, Breaking down the AIDA Funnel, Defining your Brand & Target Audience, Content Creation & Content Publishing. 

The institute conducts 6+hours of Live class. In this online course, you will get access to video lectures for 30 days. Practice tests and assignments are provided. After completion of the course, an industry-recognized certificate from IIDE is provided.

5. ECT (Education & Career Times)-Best Content Writing Course in India

This is the training organization recognized by the Government of India. The organization is headquartered in Delhi. In the content writing course in ECT, you will learn theory, and also working on live projects will validate your learning. ECT content writing certification is globally recognized.

ECT conducts courses in digital marketing, content writing and communication skills, and personality development. The course curriculum consists of introducing content writing, boosting your vocabulary, avoid common grammar errors, learn writing tools, tips& techniques, creative non-fiction writing style, fiction writing, business writing, technical writing, academic writing skills, how to monetize your writing skill.

This content writing course in India includes. Training is provided by both offline and online modes. There are 32hours of classroom/live training and 50-hours of e-learning and useful videos. The course duration is of three months. The fees of the course are INR 15,000/-. The content writing course from ECT provides 100%placement assistance. An internship opportunity is also provided. This content writing course is designed to make you an accomplished writer.  

6. Online Idea Lab

Online Idea Lab offers one of the best content writing courses in India. The Online Idea Lab offers services in Digital Marketing, Amazon Web services, Web/App development, and content creation. This is a next-gen organization with operations across India, the USA, and Canada.

With the Instructor-Led content writing online course you can get a strong foundation in content writing. This content writing course will focus on the three main aspects of writing which are content research, content writing, and content promotion. Some topics of  Sub-modules included in the course are: Content writing & Ethics, Reading & Analyzing Content, Proofreading & Editing, Content writing tools, and other topics are also there.

Placement assistance is provided by their in-house team. Career guidance and support from the trainers are provided. You will learn to use 20 tools that will help you in different processes of content writing. The course fees vary for the online and classroom mode.

7. Inventateq

This is a software training institute that offers training and placement in a variety of courses. The training in the various field aims at making students as well as working professionals more employable. They have helped freshers, working professionals incorporate the knowledge into their minds through hands-on real-time training. The training at Inventateq desire to create value, earn trust and deliver result.

Inventaq utilizes a hands-on approach for all the classes. This content writing course in India provides the basic skills and knowledge for beginners in content writing. They provide classroom and online training. They have centers in Bangalore and also in Chennai.   

The course curriculum will cover basics of content writing, types of content writing, things to consider while writing,  content writing for SEO, blogging, eBook strategies, copywriting, email writing, white paper & case studies, career opportunity for content writers, content marketing.

The course duration is 30-35 hrs training classes. 100% placement assistance is provided.

8. V-Skills

Vskills is the leading certification body of India. Vskills certification is well recognized in the industry as certification of skills and knowledge. Vskills certification helps students or employees quantify or prove their skills that are valued by the employer and are in great demand.

The course curriculum consists of Introduction in content writing, content writers-In the bigger sense, types of contents available in the industry, writing tips, essential models, job avenues in the industry, etc.

The learning hours for this content writing course is 13 hrs. The fees of the course are 3,499/-. Online e-Learning Access is provided. After completion of the course, Government certification is provided.

9. Mindstairs

 This is one of the popular institutes offering content writing training in Kolkata. The course will help the students as well as professionals to give a boost to their career and get employed with the top MNCs in the country.

This content writing course in India will help you in knowing different forms of writing techniques like technical writing, creative writing, copywriting, ad-copy writing, press release, etc. You will also get to know the idea and concept about the editing, importance of graphics in writing, design, and style of writing, punctuation, title and subtitles, paragraphs, correct phrases, etc.

There will be a dedicated teacher who will assist you in clarifying all your doubts and queries. Mindstairs academy is a popular content writing training institute in India. If you are in search of a content writing training institute online then this is one of the best options to consider for.   

10. Thoughtful Minds Web Services Pvt. Ltd.

In the year 2006, the company was established. This has been successfully offering world-class academic writing and submission services to the international students of 15 countries worldwide.

They conduct content writing classes that are available online via Skype or Google Hangout. The duration of the classes is 45min from Monday to Saturday and the course is for 45 days There are morning, afternoon and evening batches are available. After completion of the class, some assignments are given to gain practical experience. The fees of the course are INR 5000/-

The objective of this content writing course in India is to help aspiring content writers in achieving their ambition. You will know the ways to get content writing work online. Certificate of completion is provided after the 45 days training is finished.

About Content Writing

 This is the process of planning, writing, and editing web content for the purpose of digital marketing. It is the method of creating content for the consumption of the people who want to get information on a particular subject. Content writing comes in many forms. It can be written on one specific category or on a broad range. Content writing is a key part of every digital marketing strategy. The main purpose of content writing is to provide reliable information to a target audience. It is a way of drafting content to communicate a message to the target audience.

Types of Content Writing- Some of the most common types of writing in the field of Content Writing are:

Article Writing– This is the type of writing that aims to give information or opinion over a selected topic which can be published in the magazine, newspaper, or also on online forum or websites.

Ghostwriting-This is the type of writing in which content is written on behalf of another person and getting paid for it. In this writing, you hire someone to write quality content pay them and then retain the copyright over the content.

Copywriting- This is the type of writing to promote or advertise the brand and its product or services. This includes writing copy for brochures, advertisements, catalogs, websites, etc.

Press Release Writing- This type of writing is used by most companies to create brand awareness. If there is the announcement of some latest development in company management, there is the option of Press Release which can be published in a magazine or newspaper to connect with the target audience. For driving more traffic to your website press release can be published on different social media platforms.

Creative Writing- This is the type of writing that uses the imaginary power of the brain,  use of narrative craft, character development, different figure of speech so that it gives beauty to the sentence while retaining its true meaning.

Business Writing- This type of writing is used for internal communication by professionals in the business or company. E.g. official email, reports, memos, etc.

SEO writing– This is Search Engine Optimization writing. This type of writing includes writing the web content using specific targeted keywords that enhance the visibility of websites in the search engine result.

Technical writing- This is the type of writing which is used for writing an instruction manual and any document that defines the function and usage of any product in a simpler language that is easily understood by the readers. E.g. user manual, product description, reference guide, training material, internal development documentation, etc.

Medical writing– This is the type of writing in the medical/scientific field which includes new development in medical science, medical journals, medical research document for disease and cure,  article writing in medical-related magazines, etc.

Academic writing- This is the type of writing that is objective and focuses on supporting information with reliable data and evidence. The purpose of academic writing is that it contributes to the field of knowledge on a topic. This a formal style of writing that is used in universities and journal articles, books on academic topics, essays, and research papers these all come under the category of academic writing.

Depending on your choice of genre in writing, you can select your writing style and enhance your skill by working on it.

Benefits of Content Writing

There are many benefits related to content writing. Some of them are as given:

If you know how to write excellent content,  there are lots of opportunities to work full-time, part-time, or as a freelancer content writer.

Content writing develops the strong research skills of the writer. As it involves thorough and in-depth research and analysis on any particular topic, which adds value to the content.

Content writing develops the skill to communicate better and effectively through print and online mediums.

Content writing develops the skills to translate thoughts into words that will be of interest to the user.

Content writing helps an individual to grow professionally and contribute immensely to the team and organization.

About Content writing Course

A content writing course helps a beginner in the formulation of effective strategies required to create unique quality content. The Content writing course will teach you a way to write your content in a form that will attract readers. The content writing course will teach you different tools and techniques to use for creating effective content. The course will teach you to write efficiently.

The Content writing course is of great use for both beginners and experienced people. The course is about learning writing and how one can become an expert content writer.

Scope of Content Writing in India

 In India Content writing has massive scope.  And this demand for content writers can also be a rise in the coming years. As most of the businesses nowadays are creating their online existence they require highly skilled writers to make their website appealing through highly engaging content.  An ever-increasing number of businesses are hiring content writing agencies to manage their content. Most organizations hire a content writer to manage their content. The brand that invests in content marketing has a higher conversion rate. The content writing career has an excellent scope in India. There is an ample amount of learning opportunity available in the content writing field.

There are lots of companies in India working for online marketing. Content writing & content marketing are booming professions. Since Social media and internet users are increasing rapidly in the country which means more and more digitalization. Now more and more companies begin to understand the importance of building credibility with the customer. Content writing has become a popular and much-in-demand profession in India.  There are numerous Indian content writing companies that offer a wide range of writing services to people who wish to develop their website content. Thus, there is a bright scope of content writing in India and worldwide.  

There is this famous quote about content writing “ Learn everything you can, anytime you can, from anyone you can- there will always come a time when you will be grateful you did”  Sarah Cardwell Tweet


In the present scenario most of the population is dependent on the internet to get their desired product and services. The Internet has become the most favorite marketplace for finding the favorite shops, blogs, and source of trusted information. Hence it is essential for every website owner to keep their website attractive and informative. Having good content on a website is the path to gain more traffic. Content writing is one of the effective methods to boost business income. A well-written, informative, search engine-friendly, and user-friendly content ensure a regular flow of traffic to the website. Consistent content creation that offers genuinely useful information will give power to a successful content marketing campaign.

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Q.1.What is content writing?

Ans. Content writing is the process of planning, writing, and editing web content typically for digital marketing purposes.

Q.2 Is content writing a good career option to opt for?

Ans. There has been an incredible demand in the field of content writing. More and more businesses and marketers are shifting online so the demand for creating online content has also increased.

Q.3 How would I know if the content that I am writing is totally unique or not?

There are many plagiarism checkers like-
# Small SEO Tools
# Duplichecker
# Copyscape
# Grammarly
# Copyleaks
# Paper Rater
# Plagium

Q.4 Why do I need quality content for my website?

readers have a very limited attention span. For them, you are just one of the tabs that is open. You need to have engaging content to keep visitors on your website and to keep them for the maximum duration possible.

Q.5 Do I own the content that I write?

You own the content till the time you have not been paid for it. Then it becomes the property of the client to which you have sold the content.



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