In today’s ever-changing time learning the need for Human Resource Management has gained significant importance. Nowadays companies are looking for the kind of professionals who deal with the employee’s grievances and any personal issues so the employees remain happy with the organization. Traditional HR education, involves formal degrees and certifications, through individual involvement which is a time-consuming as well as expensive process. In this digital era, HR Personnel are expected to have polished skill sets along with the updated latest trends. Because of all these reasons and a continuous hunger for learning HR Generalist Courses online came into being.

Benefits of HR Generalist Courses Online With Certificates

1. Learning at ease at home

With the help of various online courses, it has become easy to learn things in the comfort of home and at one’s own pace. All types of HR Generalist courses online can be learned with the help of just an internet connection by saving valuable time from the busy schedule.

2. Economical 

Although this may be true, we are doing online HR generalist courses that it is economical as well. As we do not have to commute anywhere nor worry about our lodging expenses, it is very cost-effective to learn.

3. Understanding the mindset of People

In today’s dynamic work culture employees of every age group are working coupled with each other.To put it another way, the young generation and the old master hand are working in one place. There can be a number of conflicts in their ideas, and working patterns due to age differences and geographical barriers. Various HR Generalist Courses In India help to understand the mindset of people as well as become well-versed with the diversified culture to help in their concerns effectively.

4. Adoption of New Trends

In all industries innovative techniques and disturbances are going side by side at a rapid pace, including the HR department. Changes in technology and excessive use of artificial intelligence are also changing the functioning of HR.So,in order to keep pace with new trends it is very important to do various HR online certification courses which not only add value to your resume but also enhance career advancement.

Top HR Generalist Courses Online With Certificates

1. Henry Harvin

Hr generalist courses online

Henry Harvin is one of the top 500 Global EdTech Companies which deals in more than 1200 online as well as offline courses in various fields. It deals not only with various upskilling but also reskilling programs and is a well-known online university for this.

Why opt for the HR generalist courses online by Henry Harvin?

  1. It provides 40 hours of live two-way online interactive sessions.
  2. It also assists in gaining internships to get practical experience after HR Generalist Training.
  3. Furthermore, Henry Harvin provides a certificate for HR Generalist courses.
  4. The training staff at Henry Harvin has more than 15 years of experience.
  5. Henry Harvin provides 100% placement assistance even after the successful completion of the course.

Learning benefits at Henry Harvin

  1. Get knowledge of Statutory and Legal Compliances such as ESI, and EPF.
  2. Know more about Labour law Compliance which mainly includes Trade union and contract Labour.
  3. Gain knowledge about HR Policies which include LTA, attendance, retention, leave management, reimbursement, and manpower planning.
  4. Furthermore, know more about Employee Relationship Management.

Highlights of Career Benefits at Henry Harvin

  1. Job opportunities by many International brands such as Google, JP Morgan, Amazon, and many other top brands.
  2. Become a highly paid freelancer or full-time professional after completing the HR generalist course online.
  3. Indeed, avails more job security with more growth opportunities.

2. Croma Campus

Hr generalist courses online

Croma Campus is also a leading online training company in India that also deals in HR generalist courses online with certificates. In this institute, one can get practical knowledge in dealing with various HR functions. Some of these HR operations include recruitment, retention, joining formalities, exit formalities, compensation management, and many more.

Objectives of HR generalist courses online at Croma Campus

  1. It is important to realize that online management courses help us to understand roles and responsibilities within the organization.
  2. We can learn to add value-added inputs which helps in the overall growth of any company.
  3. With this in mind, with the best HR generalist courses online with certification, we can learn about recruitment, selection, and appraisal processes.
  4. Furthermore, these HR online courses help to learn day-to-day tasks and conduct training which helps to groom the skills.

Trainers at Croma Campus have more than 10 years of experience. After the successful completion of the HR online course, it also provides 100% assistance in placement.

3. IIHR-International Institute of Human Resources

International Institute of Human Resources was founded in 2015 with its headquarters situated in Bengaluru, India. It was set up to become Internationally recognized in the field of Human Resources. Certainly, to achieve the strategic goals of any company IIHR has introduced three competency-based certifications.

  1. Human Resource Manager for Senior Level Professionals with certificates.
  2. Certified Human Resource Manager for Middle-Level Professionals
  3. Certified Human Resource Manager for Entry Level Professionals

Objectives of HR Generalist Online Courses

  1. IIHR mainly deals with conducting numerous offline and online exams to have the mastery of application of various HR principles, policies, and practices. 
  2. Another key point is, that IIHR provides various affiliations, certifications, and accreditations to distinguish itself.
  3. This institute provides various methods to learn HR Generalist Courses via Self-Study, Instructor-Led Virtual online programs, and also On-the-job training programs.
  4. Also, all the required study material is provided for certification programs.
  5. It gives job placement assurance not only in India but also Internationally.

4. Keka Academy

Keka Academy is also one of the leading E-learning providers for HR Generalist courses online for growth in career and organization. As per this institute HR generalist is a one-man army who is first hired for HR in an organization. Although, Keka is a self-paced online course with a small employee size of 51-200. It is an India-based learning provider whose Headquarters is situated in Hyderabad, Telangana.

Objectives of the HR Generalist online courses

  1. In Keka Academy, the management module is managing performance, review, and appraisals. This process helps how different tools can combine and work.
  1. Furthermore, Keka Academy also deals with the Hiro module which helps in maintaining the recruitment cycle. In this process, one will understand how these modules can increase efficiency and get the work done.
  1. Keka Academy provides a certification course for payroll, in which taxable and non-taxable components and standard deductions are also included. Payroll is the main component in any organization and it is the first step to creating a better employee experience.

5. Academy to Innovative HR -AIHR

Hr generalist courses online

Furthermore, AIHR is also one of the globally recognized HR Generalist courses online which provides knowledge, and tools and helps to succeed in HR as a team. It works on the HR Canvas Model which is an HR management tool that not only simplifies HR strategy creation but also effectively communicates HR’s role to business leaders.


In the final analysis, certainly, HR generalist and their certifications have made the awareness of HR more adaptable to the ever-changing environment of the organization. To conclude, we can say that these online HR generalist courses have become a need to enhance your credibility and to remain competitive with the changing desires of employees and co-workers.

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Q1. Why HR generalist online courses are gaining importance?

Ans– HR generalists mainly deal with the employee’s problems and their duty is to keep them happy in the organization. This is the reason why these courses are in demand.

Q2. How are these HR generalist courses helping in making a career?

Ans– HR generalists should be well updated about the recruitment of first employees, second retaining them, and third training them and making good employee relations.

Q3. Are online HR generalist courses cost-effective?

Ans– The provision of learning is online and with no accommodation charges making these courses cost-effective.

Q4.Do these online courses provide certificates as well?

Ans– Yes, almost all online HR generalists provide certificates on the completion of the course which gives enhancement in their resume.

Q5. Is there any placement guarantee with these online courses?

Ans- Yes, most online HR generalist courses give a 100% job guarantee along with money-back assistance.


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