People who want to aspire as an HR Generalist/HR Specialist have multiple opportunities in the job market as demand for HR professionals is very high. If you want to work in an HR department in the most reputed organizations then you must have certain qualities which are, good communication skills(Both written and oral), sound-minded, the ability to handle multiple tasks, and a good attitude. The person should be able to speak confidently to any person and handle any critical situation that arises in an organization.

Let’s take a small peek at what human resources are.

Human resources are the most important resources for any organization? and there are multiple functions involved to handle people who are working for the organization. These include recruitment, selection, hiring, staffing, training, performance analysis, compensation, development sessions, labor laws, employee relations, and many more. 

The HR department plays a major role in the development of an organization. Handling HR functions properly will lead the organization towards success. As an HR professional, your decisions will impact the career of the people who are working in the organization. Which involves motivation, hike, and promotions every action towards an employee will define a positive or a negative impact on an employee. 

If you take a peek into the HR department in any systematic or global organization you will find multiple designation or positions such as HR admin, HR analyst, HR executive, HR generalist, HR specialist, HR associate, Personnel manager, recruiter, HR director, etc.

How To Become an HR Generalist/HR Specialist?

The eligibility and the criteria to become an HR Generalist or HR specialist are the same but the role and the responsibility of the individuals may differ. Both human resource professionals do play crucial activities in the HR department. When it comes to department hierarchy HR Generalist/ HR specialist comes under middle-level management.

HR Generalist

The role of an HR Generalist is to handle recruitment operations, training/development programs, competency analysis, onboarding, Induction, orientation, labor laws, employee relations, managerial relations, job analysis, and job design, employee safety, and welfare. They report all the updates of the activities to their senior management and they are an HR manager or HR director.

HR Specialist

The role of an HR specialist is to prepare and plan daily activities within the organization. Their nature of work will be similar and will have in-depth knowledge on every HR activity that happens in an organization which includes HR policies, procedures, documents, labors laws, etc. Mostly, HR specialists handle a specific department in the HR department.

Difference Between HR Generalist/HR Specialist

HR generalists have a vast knowledge of multiple modules in human resources. They are like a jack of all HR disciplines. They have direct contact with the employees and will be present in every function and their role and responsibilities vary day to day as they need to look after multiple HR activities in the department. 

HR Specialists have in-depth knowledge in their specialization in other words They are known as the HR niche. They have a standard and similar work, unlike HR generalists who have to involve themselves in multiple HR functions and need to coordinate with every department. Some of the examples of HR specialists are Recruitment specialists, employee relationship specialists, employee engagement specialists, etc.

In short, people who have broad knowledge in the HR function and handle every function in the HR department are known as HR generalists and the people who are niche in a specific function have in-depth knowledge or expertise in specific function are known as HR specialists. Sometimes HR generalists explore various functions in the HR department and find themselves interested in one specific function and convert themselves into HR specialists by gaining expertise in that specific function.

Eligibility Criteria to become HR Generalist/HR Specialist

First and foremost you need to have a college degree like MBA HR or BSC or MSC in Human resource management, the case, if you don’t have a degree in Human resource management or you, have a different degree that is not related to human resources you can apply for a diploma or a crash course in Human Resources.

You must have basic knowledge of MS Excel, MS Office, and other software which are used in the respective organizations. It’s better to train yourselves in software which are used in the HR department in an organization. It will be helpful to maintain organization vital data.

To exhibit or show your abilities better in an organization it would be nice if you have any experience in the HR field before beginning your career as an HR professional such as volunteering in HR activities or Doing some internship programs.

Further, To add value to your resume or portfolio and to get clarity on HR concepts I am listing out a few institutions which will help you to grab your ideal job as an HR generalist/specialist. No need to worry if you don’t have a degree in the HR domain. You can pursue your certification course in any of these institutions.

1. Henry Harvin

Henry-Harvin logo

Henry Harvin is one of the leading pioneers in India offering multiple courses to develop your competence in your area of interest. Henry Harvin offers HR generalist/HR specialist courses in India. The course is a 9 in one course in which you will get 9 benefits in the course which includes

  • 40 hours of live interactive online training sessions.
  • You will get to perform case studies that help you to understand the statutory compliances and labor laws.
  • Guaranteed internship with Henry Harvin or partnership firms. The internship period will be around 2 months to 6 months and you will be working under HR experts in the Industry.
  • You will be awarded an industry-recognized course competition certificate in the end.
  • Placement assistance for 1 year and you will be getting notifications and emails to your registered mobile number and Email ID
  • E-learning access for lifetime access to course content and recorded sessions of all batches.
  • Latest updates and dashboard on Henry Harvin Management system.
  • Weekly Bootcamp sessions on career-oriented topics like time management, email writing, soft skills, and resume writing

Cities in India offering the HR Generalist Course –

BangaloreHyderabadMysoreMumbai, and Visakhapatnam

Other Henry Harvin Courses:

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2. International Institute of Human Resources – Bangalore (IIHR)


IIHR is a Bangalore-based learning academy offering in India. They will give you a proper understanding of HR practices, approaches, and standards. An IIHR affirmation recognizes you as an expert in the HR field, with demonstrated degrees of abilities and information, and the skill important to relieve dangers and drive business results.

IIHR has established practices, strategies, and standards. An IIHR accreditation recognizes you as an expert in the HR field, with demonstrated degrees of abilities and information, and the capability important to relieve dangers and drive business results. IIHR is set up with the sole reason for creating extraordinary HR professionals with the sole motivation behind creating exceptional HR experts.

3. Protouch

Protouch is one of the best institutions in India and they offer exclusively HR Generalist/HR Specialist courses empowering maintainable business and hierarchical culture sway. Its central goal is to further develop business efficiency and upgrade initiative improvement across the association. It bestows exceptionally captivating corporate preparation, studios, and instructing administrations with a reasonable spotlight on outcomes while creating all-encompassing learning for the members.

Course Details

  • You can enjoy 90 hours of practical training
  • Hands-on experience live projects, case studies
  • The course covers all the concepts in the HR domain such as talent acquisition, payroll, labor laws, and HR analytics.
  • Placement support is available from the protouch team
  • On completion of all requirements of the course, you will receive a course completion certificate.

4. Aptron Solutions

aptron logo

Aptron Solutions in Noida based learning organization that offers IT and Management courses across India. They are specialists in giving Human Resource training sessions to the people who are yearning for a profession incorporated as an HR Generalist / HR Specialist.

The modules on center HR subjects like talent acquisition, remuneration and advantages, execution the executives, and legal consistency, just as Advanced HR, Industrial Relations, and HR Audit, give top to bottom data and expand the ranges of abilities required for HR generalist jobs, empowering him to turn into a full HR proficient.

The student will get a globally perceived HR work situated accreditation, Diploma in Human Resource Management, because of this HR functional preparing

5. Udemy

Udemy Logo

Udemy is an open online massive learning academy that offers on-demand courses on multiple domains. The subject matter experts do upload their sessions on websites at a price and the aspires can subscribe and purchase the course content. Your queries during the self-paced session will be answered in udemy’s Q&A platform. Furthermore, udemy offers HR Generalist / HR Specialist in India and the course content is available in India.

The course content covers Significant HR Management Skills for HR Generalists and Specialists, from Virtual Recruitment, Employee Engagement, Onboarding to Compensation Management, and Payroll management skills like Compensation, Benefits, Indian Payroll Concepts, Payroll Components/Heads and SWOT Analysis.

Qualities to Become an HR Generalist/HR Specialist

An HR Generalist/HR Specialist must have morals and values. The person should understand the potential moral issues should be addressed to the suitable individual or gathering if any circumstance expects exposure to a dependable individual. While this obligation is frequently troublesome, any association worth being important for will see the value in realism, trustworthiness, and the most noteworthy moral norms from their HR experts.

An HR proficient means dealing with the dynamic of being the implementer of multiple tasks while likewise being useful and mindful. This implies likewise being capable of peace-making. 

They are the people who sort out conflicts among colleagues or clarify why specific organization strategies are significant. HR supervisors ought to forever be ready to deal with relational connections. Intervention and compromise preparing can assist with fostering the abilities expected to assist individuals with getting along working.

A day of HR professional incorporates a wide assortment of errands and obligations, including employing, terminating, selecting, compromising, and the executives’ gatherings.

Self-restraint and performing various tasks are fundamental pieces of the gig. The requirements of the executives and representatives shift second to second, and prioritization on the fly is vital for progress. Viable preparation with innovation and designation can help HR administrators foster the capacity to perform multiple tasks moving.

Need for HR professionals

  • Numerous business people get their organizations looking flying so far, however, wrestle with individuals on the board as the business begins to thrive.
  • Overseeing staff takes time and it requires abilities. HR is a specialized topic numerous entrepreneurs need.
  • Notwithstanding abilities, the worth of HR in business isn’t promptly clear all the time. With only a couple of workers, business pioneers feel like they have their finger on the beat with regards to individuals they recruit and make due.
  • However, as a business develops, pioneers regularly carve out there simply isn’t an opportunity to manage everyday individuals the board and enlistment and the emphasis on individuals can undoubtedly get lost. This is an expensive error and can influence worker fulfillment, culture, and long-haul achievement.
  • Think about the results of helpless HR. At the point when representatives don’t feel upheld, aren’t being given open doors, work extended periods, etc, their inspiration to perform is affected.
  • Underdeliver on viable HR and you’ll see a thump on the impact on your primary concern. Individuals, culture, and business achievement go inseparable.
  • Business is compelling in drawing ability. It additionally impacts clients.
  • Except for instance; tormented by a line of HR calamities from inappropriate behavior cases to overlooking representatives, the subsequent terrible exposure has without a doubt hindered numerous from working there or from utilizing their administrations. Terrible HR has annihilated the manager’s image.

Job Opportunities for HR professionals

I am listing a few job opportunities for your reference as you aspire to become an HR professional

HR recruiter

An (HR) human resource recruiter is an ensured proficient person who plays a crucial role in the HR office. They are entrusted explicitly with tracking down appropriate candidates to fill positions where there is the requirement of staff.

HR executive

An HR executive is an authoritative HR job that is fundamentally answerable for guaranteeing an organization’s whole HR division performs well. The individuals who acquire this job have accomplished the most elevated situation in an HR office and are seen as the fundamental expert on all HR matters and capacities

HR analyst

An HR Analyst is an individual who plays out the assignment of HR Analytics for an organization which is a logical examination of the information connected with the HR of an association. HR Analysts are liable for the investigation of information connected with occupations, hirings, pay rates, costs, and so forth

Payroll Officer

A Payroll Officer works out representatives’ remuneration, guarantees convenient installments, and updates interior finance information bases. A definitive objective is helping the finance cycle of an organization run as expected, productively, and precisely.

HR consultant

HR consultants are experts employed from outside of a business or association who are entrusted with settling or meeting an HR-related need. Oftentimes they are utilized to give huge level courses of action and ideas to administrative meetings.

Global Human Resource manager

Global Human resource manager, in some cases alluded to as worldwide HRM, is a term that incorporates all parts of an association’s HR, finance, and ability the executive’s processes working on a worldwide scale.

Training and Development Specialist

Training and improvement experts commonly perform by evaluating training needs utilizing reviews, interviews with workers, or meetings with supervisors or teachers. Also, planning and making reference booklets, internet learning modules, and course materials.

Welfare manager

The Welfare Manager involves a vital job inside the Senior Team and accepts in general accountability for the consideration, prosperity, and security of the workers in the association. The Welfare Manager is crucial to guaranteeing the accomplishment of the association and is answerable for maintaining the great name and notoriety of the organization.

Human Resource Manager

HR managers plan, coordinate and direct the administrative elements of an association. They direct the selecting, meeting, and recruiting of new staff; talk with top manger on essential preparation; and fill in as a connection between an association’s executives and its representatives.

HR admin

HR admin’s role is to form and keep up with representative records. Getting ready and revising important HR reports, for example, business agreements and enlistment guides. Inspecting and recharging organization arrangements and lawful consistency. Speaking with outside partners.

HR associate

HR Associates are ordinary individuals from a group of laborers who team up to guarantee that a customer’s requirements are met during a visit or an exchange. They assist clients with tracking down items that coordinate their financial plan and fulfill their necessities and help with item determination.

HR business partner

HR partners, otherwise called HR partners, are liable for acquiring, recording, and deciphering HR data inside an organization. They are entrusted with overseeing organization HR records and helping new workers with enlistment techniques.

HRIS Manager

A human resource information system (HRIS) chief is responsible for the assistance and backing of an association’s HR systems. They are responsible for handling representative information, producing HR-related reports, overseeing framework overhauls, and keeping up with information uprightness.


The Requirement for HR experts in India has a huge demand Moreover, The Human resource certification will be helpful if you’re presently thinking about a confirmation to aspire to a career in the HR field. Since this certification isn’t consistently a task prerequisite, you’re in good company to address whether contributing the time and exertion will be worth the effort eventually.

As you push your HR profession forward, you’re possibly anxious to do whatever you can to make yourself more serious for a few desired positions. You may likewise be intrigued to realize that confirmation increments gradually for every level of HR experts.

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Recommend Reads:-


1. What is the average income of an HR Generalist in India?

Ans. Rs.3.7 lakhs per annum and it can hike up to Rs. 9 lakhs per annum

2. What is the average income of an HR specialist in India?

Ans. On average Rs. 410,000/- per annum

3. Can an individual without any management background apply for this course?

Ans. yes, any individual from non management background can apply for this course including Btech graduates.

4. Is certification mandatory?

Ans. No, certification is mandatory if you have relevant experience and a degree, however, it gives weightage to your portfolio.

5. Which jobs are available for me as a fresher in the HR department?

Ans. HR recruiter, HR executive, and grievance manager, HR generalist will be available depending upon seniority you will be promoted as seniors.


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