Optimizing the workforce is the need of the hour to compete and bring growth to the business landscape globally. So, the HR department found a game-changing approach which is HR Analytics which analysed the workforce to make impromptu decisions according to the data analysis. The Human Resource Department uses various methods and tools effectively to implement HR analytics in its organization. Let’s discuss, What is HR analytics, the importance of HR Analytics, HR Analytics Certification, and its tools in detail in this article.

What is HR Analytics?

HR analytics is the process that collects and analyses the Human Resources data of a company or an organization to bring positive changes and improvement in the business. Furthermore, it provides key factors to unlock and identify successful practices. It will result in impeccable business performance changes. HR Analytics helps to understand how the business is performing and when to hire, fire, and promote an employee according to the needs of the hour. It uses various measurements as metrics to assess the employees’ performance and turnover. HR Analytics Courses are available for everyone, who wants to take up this profession. A functional data analyst is also called an HR analyst. He/she focuses on the overall development of the organization’s workforce by collecting and evaluating the HR data.

What is HR AnalyticsKey Metrics

Some of the key metrics are:

  • Time to fill and time to hire
  • Quality of hire
  • Salary range penetration
  • Salary average
  • Absenteeism rate
  • Gender diversity ratio etc.

The outcome of these metrics will lead the HR department to formulate new initiatives to increase the turnover of the business. There are four major types of HR analytics. Thus, they are Descriptive, Predictive, Diagnostic, and Prescriptive Analytic

  1. Descriptive analytics – covers a particular period in a business organization and analyses the workforce in a particular period.
  2. Diagnostic analytics – analyses data to determine the reasons for previous occurrences and actions in the HR sector.
  3. Predictive Analytics – makes predictions about future HR events and employee behavior by using statistical models based on historical and current data.
  4. Prescriptive Analytics – analyses the possible outcomes and scenarios to provide suggestions on how to deal with the HR–related events and challenges in the future.

The Importance of HR Analytics:

Let’s discuss why HR analytics is important and how it will help you to improve your business.

  • HR Analytics is one of the most important technologies-driven strategies to improve and positively develop the company’s growth.
  • In addition, it assists the employer in making strategic decisions based on real-time evidence rather than based on intuition and history.
  • It helps the management to have a clear and unbiased path to improve their company.
  • Then, It uses highly standardized processes for real-time tracking and updating.

What are the Different HR Analytics Tools?

To implement HR analytics in a business organization HR analytics tools are mandatory. HR analytics tools provide software. Furthermore, It helps the HR department to collect, analyze, and determine valuable metrics on the behavior and performance of the working professionals. This tool combines both the business data and the working professionals’ data. Then, it evaluates how far the HR department influenced the company’s performance and the outcome of the influence.

         These tools enable the company to study its business completely. It helps them to make better decisions to improve their productivity. It also evaluates employees’ working culture, and potential and how it affects their performance. So, it helps the management to choose the right person for their company who can optimize the growth of the company. At this point, You may get the question “What are those HR analytics tools, and how do you use them effectively?” This article provides the five best HR tools, which many organizations have used in the current scenario.

1. R:

what is hr analytics

R is one of the most used and liked HR analytics tools by organizations. It is an excellent tool for statistical analysis and visualization. Because it can operate massive data sets. In addition to that, It helps you to analyze and clean data sets that contain millions of rows of information. Moreover, it enables you to visualize your findings and data. The most popular Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for R is RStudio. IDE is one of the components of the analytics software. additionally, It provides tools for analyzing the data and the software development.


2. Python:

what is hr analytics

         Python is a programming language. It serves as an alternative to R in HR analytics. Comparatively many statisticians are using R for better visualization, Python is simple and easy to learn. There are two most popular IDEs for Python. They are PyCharm and Spyder. They provide numerous potential open – resources for Data Scientists to utilize the full potential of Python. Then, Spyder is the acronym for Scientific Python Development Editor. It is designed especially for data science and consists of an advanced editor, an interactive console, a documentation viewer, and development tools which include visualization options. Learn this HR analytics tool in HR Analytics Training.


3. Excel:

         Excel is a fundamental tool. HR analysts use it to complete their tasks. Microsoft Excel is user-friendly also. The analysts can design their tables as per their needs. It also offers many tools to classify and filter the data. Visualization can also be accessed easily through pie charts, bar graphs, line graphs, and histograms which helps the analysts to present the data effectively.


4. Power BI:

what is hr analytics

Microsoft’s Power BI enables data analysts to combine data from different sources such as Twitter feeds, SQL databases, Excel Spreadsheets, and Machine Learning APIs. This tool helps professionals to prepare the HR dashboard for reporting and visualization. It is very user-friendly and adopted by most business environments. Henceforth, it is accessed via desktops and web browsers.


5. Tableau:

Tableau is one of the best business intelligence tools for visualization. Both Power BI and Tableau are found to be similar. Standford University designed Tableau. Therefore, It seems to be expensive compared to Power BI. It enables the analysts to process the data, bring insights and visualize it in the dashboard using the visualization features such as pie charts, and graphs. The interpretation of data becomes very simple and quick using Tableau. Because it reaches a wide audience also. It also provides cloud support.


HR Analytic Course in Henry Harvin:

what is hr analytics

HR Analytic course is one of the globally highly demanding courses. It is because of the recent research done by Deloitte recently. The research states that 75% of the companies have agreed that they have benefitted from this HR Analytics. Numerous online platforms and universities are offering an Online certificate course on HR Analytics. And one of the best online platforms for learning this course is Henry Harvin Education.

Henry Harvin Education is a one-stop for learning numerous skills and technical-based courses. For the HR Analytics profession, Henry Harvin offers many HR Analytics Certification Courses Henry Harvin designed the course to cover the most used practices to measure and analyze the data using advanced Python and advanced Excel. It has four modules, designed to cater to the need of the learner further.

HH offers a unique pedagogy that is goal and action-oriented. It also teaches to solve HR case studies using statistical tools and theory classes. It offers loads of content in its LMS portal which can be accessed anywhere and anytime including books, videos, and case studies. 

Who can Learn?

Working Professionals who work in Marketing, Finance, HR, IT, Research Departments, and Engineering.

Graduates who are pursuing B.Com., BBA., MBA., Engineering, etc., can join this course and pursue their career as HR analysts.

Any individual who wants to build his/her career in industries such as health care, IT, logistics, research, automobile, pharmaceuticals, packaging, etc.,


         Henry Harvin offers a professional certificate. It is globally certified. You can become a certified Python Human Resource Analyst. Further, this certificate will bring a major change in your career. It will open the doors for job opportunities in abroad by updating your HR analytics certificate in your CV and LinkedIn profile. And, You can get promoted by acquiring this most – demanding skill. And, it will also help you to develop your start-up also.


Thus HR analytics plays a vital role in an organisation’s development. It is a job-oriented skill that helps you to get into the job once you complete your course and get your certificate. It also brings you a promotion in your HR career. Thus, this article will enlighten you about what is HR analytics, how it works to develop the company, and the list of tools that can be used effectively for collecting and analyzing the data of working professionals.


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Q1. Will HR Analytics contribute to the development of the company? How?

Yes. It will collect and analyze a company’s workforce data and bring unique ideas to develop the company. 

Q2. Is HR Analytics a programming-based tool?

You can make use of both programming and Non- programming software tools to collect and analyze the data

Q3. Is HR Analytics a job-oriented skill course?

Yes, It provides 100% job after completing the HR Analytics course

Q4. Do HR Professionals need HR Analytics?

Yes, HR Professionals need to implement HR analytics in their workplace to improve the productivity and culture of the working professionals.

Q5. Is Henry Harvin Certification for HR analytics course accepted by all the companies?

Yes, it is accepted globally by all companies. 

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