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Some or many such moments in work-life would have made us relate to the above questions. Work-life balance is necessary for an individual to prioritize personal and professional life. Pressure at the workplace is unavoidable, but you must never leave space for the pressure or obstacles to overshadow your performance. Being an HR generalist courses in India is no joke, and it requires a lot of passion and commitment.


How do you love your work and manage your professional life? It has to be a serious question in our cerebrum. The movie Pursuit of Happyness (2006) will help you find the answer to this multi-million dollar question.


A movie based on the real-life story of an American Businessman named Chris Gardner. The moon goes through phases of being full and empty. In the same way, Gardner struggles without having a proper home and only 21.33 USD in his wallet. He starts his journey as a salesman selling scanners and builds his millionaire firm. 


Gardner was consistent right from the beginning of his journey. He never gave up on himself when he was homeless and without food. He broke all the walls that were in front of him. His focus was on the white and black checked flag in the final lap like an Olympic runner.


He never gave excuses though he had a thousand reasons to quit. This real-life story will kindle your inspiration to reach your ultimate destination amidst the pressures. Gardner stands as a symbol of perseverance in the direst of situations that life throws at us. And it is the most essential quality needed to survive in the present competitive world. 

What is HR?

Human Resources are the backbone and asset of an organization and industry. They serve as the workforce management in their organization. Their work comprises recruiting the employees, developing, and managing them with high efficiency. HR plays the role of a right hand in picking the talents necessary for their organization. Each move of the HR Professional impacts the organization, and so it is not an easy role. 


The HR department needs to develop, provide orientation, and training programs for the employees. They should look after employee compensation and benefits. They play a chief role in the selection and promotion of the workforce. They must make the employee allocation to various areas in an organization. The Human Resources department must use resources and cost-efficient solutions correctly.


Are you tired of Googling the best and top 10 HR Generalist Courses in India? Save your time because the following list below is curated to your needs and will provide you with crystal clear, minute information about the HR Generalist Courses in India.

Who can enroll in the HR Generalist Course? 

Students with the following qualifications can enroll for the course: MBA HR, BTech, BE, MCA, Finance, MCom / Commerce / Business Management Graduates. 

Beginners looking forward to upskilling on HR management and Compensation Payroll Management

  • HR Professionals
  • HR Generalists
  • HR Managers
  • HR Executives
  • HR Recruiters
  • Payroll Processors
  • Payroll Managers
  • Payroll Accountants
  • Finance Professionals 
  • Compensation Managers 
  • Someone interested in Human Resource Management, Compensation, and Payroll management.
  • Individuals who are in the idea to shift to the HR domain. 

Role of HR Generalist

  • HR Generalists must be an expert in all fields of Human Resource function.
  • The individual must be well versed in hiring, compensation, performance management, payroll, and other various employment laws. 
  • HR Generalists should possess a strong foundation in all HR-related areas. 
  • They must be able to apply their knowledge and provide solutions that arise in the workplace every day. 
  • Their role is to keep the employees satisfied and attached to the organization/company. 
  • An HR Generalist must be efficient in managing and improving HR practices. 
  • The individual must be able to coach, facilitate and offer recognition to the employees. 
  • They must assess the skills and competencies of the employees. 
  • Engaging with the employees is the most important role of an HR Generalist. 
  • They serve as the bridge between the requirements of an organization and the career goals of an employee. 
  • They should identify, evaluate and place suitable candidates across various industries. 

Value of Certified HR Generalist

  • The HR Generalist Certification helps you have a competitive edge over other employees while looking for a job.
  • You can be confident that you have got the right skills when you are certified.
  • It offers you professional credibility when looking for a job in the IT domain. 
  • It serves as career advancement. 
  • Your marketability increases when you obtain a certification from any leading institution.
  • It portrays your competency, passion for learning, and updating your skills. 
  • The certification helps the organization confidently select you without any second thought because you have the right skills for the job.
  • Job placement in top MNCs and core industries. 

1. Henry Harvin HR Academy

Henry-Harvin logo

Henry Harvin Education is one of the institutes providing top-class training for HR Generalist Courses in India. The Certified HR Generalist (CHRG) Course curriculum designed by Henry Harvin Education is top-notch in its structure and training facilities. The institution has received ISO 29990:2010 certification.
Henry Harvin Education is the recipient of the Top Corporate Training Award. The institution has an affiliation with several associations like UKAF, UKCert, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, MSME, and PMI. You can check the 200 plus Youtube Testimonials, 1400 plus reviews on Google, and 4.5-star ratings on Trustpilot, GoOversea, and Goa board (if you need further evidence on Henry Harvin’s top-ranking and achievements). 

The trainers at Henry Harvin Education are one of the leading instructors of the HR Generalist Course in India. They are handpicked with utmost care to deliver you world-class training at the convenience of your armchair in your favorite corner of your home. The tutors of HR Generalist Course training are seasoned experts who have experience of 12+ years in SAP. They have delivered more than 500+ lectures and 150+ keynote addresses. 

Course Modules – 9 Modules

  • Statutory and Legal Compliances
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Corporate IR / Labour Law Compliances
  • Performance Management System
  • Learning and Organizational Development
  • HR Policies
  • HR Business Partner
  • Employee Relationship Management
  • Recruitment and Selections
  • Two complimentary modules – Soft Skills Development and Resume Building.

What will you learn in this course? 

  • The learners acquire knowledge about HR topics like Statutory Compliances such as Employee Provident Fund, Bonus, Gratuity, and Employee State Insurance. 
  • They gain information on payroll processing, tax planning, logical functions, and data collection. 
  • The students get to know the significant areas in Corporate IR and Labour Law Compliances like HR audit, Trade Union, Contract Labour, etc. 
  • Designing the Performance Management System, Performance Report, and Mapping the KRAs and KPIs are explained in detail. 
  • The learners understand how to build core and functional competency frameworks, ROI Management, and Assessment Process and Feedback analysis.
  • The course module will guide the students about the HR Policy Framework, code of ethics, leave and attendance policies. 
  • They learn about the HR role from a business perspective, attrition issues, and control. 
  • The HR Generalist course guides the students about exit interviews, employee management, grievances, and employee relationship building. 
  • The last module of the course deals with the End-to-end recruitment process, job analysis, and job advertisement. 

Added benefits in the course

  • Eligible for the One-Year Gold Membership after enrollment in one of the leading HR Generalist Courses in India. 
  • Henry Harvin Education provides you with E-learning Access which includes recorded classes, presentations, and other course content (LMS) easy to access anywhere and anytime.
  • The learners receive a Certification of  HR Generalist Training from Henry Harvin (authorized by the Government of India) on completing the course. It will help you to boost your CV and LinkedIn Profile. 
  • Another key benefit of studying the HR Generalist Course in Henry Harvin is the internship opportunity. To help the students to understand the course better through practical knowledge. 
  • Henry Harvin Education also offers boot camps and hackathons for one year to assist the students even after their job placement. 
  • The institution also provides the students with NO COST EMI at a zero percent interest rate with complete transparency (no hidden costs).
  • The learners at Henry Harvin Education have high chances to get hired by International companies like Amazon, Google, JP Morgan, etc. 
  • Stand out from the crowd and get better job opportunities. 

Henry Harvin HR Generalist course fees

Cities in India offering the HR Generalist Course 

Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Online, Noida, Bhopal, Chennai, Kanpur, Gurgaon, Agra, Pune

Henry Harvin also provides these courses

2. SBMC School of Human Resource

SBMC School of Human Resource logo

Shree Balaji Management Consultants (SBMC) is one of the high-ranking HR Generalist Courses in India. SBMC came to its origin in 2004. The headquarters of SBMC is located in Canada and has its corporate office in India. The organization has earned clients worldwide with its strategies and major HR projects.


The main aim of the organization is to make a difference in the future and enhance business solutions. SBMC has been associated with several clients over the years and provides them efficient solutions to business problems. The company has always been the core advising group of many leading institutions. They have provided new solutions with high-quality performance to their associated companies. 


The trainers at SBMC are innovative and strive to provide the latest trends of the HR industry. They are certified professionals who have ten-plus years of industry experience. The training provided by SBMC is student-centered and has an individual approach. The motive of the trainers is to make the students understand the concepts and earn them a job in any of the leading companies. 

Course Modules – 6 Modules 

  • Recruitment
  • Labour Laws & Statutory Compliance
  • Payroll
  • Performance Management & Appraisal
  • Learning and Development
  • Advance Excel

What will you learn in this course? 

  • The students gain information on manpower planning, HR jargon, salary negotiation, and joining / exit formalities. 
  • The students get briefed about Codes on Wages, Social Security, and Working Conditions Code. 
  • The trainers give an in-depth understanding of salary roll, salary slip, PF. They talk about ESI, online challans, and income tax to the students. 
  • The learners get to know appraisal type and forms, SWOT analysis, attrition, and retention calculations. 
  • They understand team building, team management, and grievance handling. 

Added benefits in the course – 

  • Resume Building and Professional Profile Creation are among the takeaways from the leading HR Generalist Courses in India. 
  • They are provided with live projects to get the best and efficient practical experience.
  • They are given the course materials and interview preparation sessions. 
  • The learners are trained in Advance Excel to get the best inputs. 
  • SBMC provides them with an HR Glossary and Management Case Studies. 
  • The students obtain practical industry experience. 
  • Job assistance. 
  • Being the top HR Generalist Courses in India, SBMC is associated with Mercedes Benz, Hyundai, Samsung, Motorola, Accenture, etc. 

Course Duration – 4 to 16 weeks.  

3. Udemy


Udemy is the powerhouse of online courses at affordable prices in the 21st century. The ongoing pandemic has made it difficult for trainers and learners to have face-to-face classes. Research shows that the attention period of students has reduced to a great extent with the advent of learning from home. Self-paced videos have taken over this new era of learning from the comfort of your home. 


Udemy provides Ultimate Human Resources: HR Generalist Course (with Payroll). It is one of the best HR Generalist Courses in India. The trainer of this course is Meghana (NextGen HR).


She is an HR and Payroll Management Professional and Senior Trainer Coach. She has an in-depth understanding of HR Management, Payroll, Compensation, Training Development, and Performance Coaching. She is a passionate trainer with an MBA in HR. She has twelve-plus years of experience in working with all areas of HR. 


The trainer understands the nuances and is an expert in HR Generalist Training, Payroll Software, Labour Law, Compensation and Benefits, HRMS, Employee Engagement, HR, Analytics, Employee Engagement, and Grievance Management. Meghana has trained up to 400 plus employees to date in Payroll Compensation and Benefits. 

Course Content 10 Modules 

  • Compensation, Payroll, and Benefits in India 
  • CTC Structuring and Salary Calculation – explained in Excel. 
  • Salary Calculation with ESIC – Practical and Provident Fund Calculations. 
  • New – Leave Encashment, Gratuity, and Statutory Bonus. 
  • Intro to Payroll Software Process Flow and Outsourcing Process Flow. 
  • HR Career Roadmap. 
  • SWOT Analysis for HR – self exercises to identify skills and weaknesses in career. 
  • New: Best HR Practices in Remote/ Online Recruitment. 
  • Effective Onboarding Tips for Retention and Salary Negotiation Tips. 
  • Case Studies. 

What will you learn in this course? 

  • The candidate acquires top HR and payroll skills from one of the top HR Generalist Courses in India. 
  • The trainer emphasizes HR Management skills like Employee Engagement, Virtual Recruitment, Payroll, and Compensation Management. 
  • The focus is on the Payroll skills like Indian Payroll concepts, Payroll Heads and Components, and Benefits of Compensation. 
  • The students understand the various areas and opportunities in the HR field. It will assist them with planning their career.  
  • The training aims to provide a SWOT analysis. To help the learners create their HR Roadmap. 
  • The course offers lessons about the successful onboarding of new employees. It includes plans, strategies, and case studies (business) in Human Resource Management. 
  • It gives information about employee salary and how to calculate payroll using Excel. The learners come to know about the provident fund concepts and calculations using Excel as case studies. 
  • The course comprises Structure Fixed and Flexible Benefit Plan. It helps to understand the provident fund calculations in depth.
  • The trainer extensively talks about Employee Engagement Best Practices and how to design and Buddy Program in Organizations. 

Added benefits in the course

  • Self-paced videos.
  • Learners can work on practical assignments anywhere and anytime. 
  • They can access the course materials, practice materials, and the downloadable Excel case study worksheets. It will give them the needed practical experience.  
  • Udemy, being one of the top HR Generalist Courses provides a downloadable eBook on Compensation and Payroll. 

Number of Students enrolled – 853

Programme Fee – Rs 3499

Course Duration – 1 hour and 41 minutes

4. Middle Earth HR 

middle logo

Middle Earth HR (MEHR) is one of the high-ranked HR Generalist Courses in India. It was founded in 1997 and stands true to its mission – Practical Joyful Learning in People Management. This 24-year-old company has a massive client base of over 5000 corporates in many sectors.


The courses provided by Middle Earth HR stand among the top 10 courses globally. It has associations with over 350 companies from the Fortune 500 list. Middle Earth HR has conducted over 500 workshops in Asian and African countries. The workshop consisted of participants from over 50 countries. 


The organization has mentored and supported over 5000 organizations with 10000 projects in HR across India, Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. Middle Earth HR has won numerous awards all these years from and Training Industry. The HR Generalist Certification Course from MEHR has trainers who have experience of 15 plus years with leading companies. MEHR is the right place to get the foundational knowledge of the HR Generalist field to propel a learner’s career. 

Course Content – 4 Modules

  • Recruitment and Induction Process
  • Compensation and Payroll System
  • Induction and Engagement
  • Performance and Competency System
  • Performance Improvement and Planning
  • HR Quantification and Analysis

What will you learn in this course? 

  • MEHR is one of the leading HR Generalist Courses in India. It helps the students to obtain the knowledge of a perfect design interface. 
  • The role of government regulation and social security in compensation is worldwide. 
  • The learners get to know the six components that are necessary for a compensation system. 
  • They understand how social, demographic, and global changes affect compensation. 
  • The students learn how to build effective compensation systems. 
  • They learn to structure the Hay Plan. 
  • The students learn efficient structure variable pay systems through eight steps. 
  • They learn how to create various levels of salary benchmarks. 
  • The trainers help the students to design a point plan and job grading system to form internal equity. 
  • The students obtain an understanding of the cafeteria benefits system. 
  • They learn how to plan rewards to cut down the compensation costs. 

Added benefits in the course

  • Live and real-time projects help the learners to obtain practical experience and hands-on knowledge of the subject. 
  • Students understand the practical solutions to the problems faced by HR. 
  • The organization provides one year of coaching and boot camps to sharpen your skills.  
  • No cost EMI options available. 
  • MEHR has the best support team to cater to all your needs and doubts. 
  • The learners have the option to choose a flexible learning path with all the HR courses. 
  • MEHR organizes over 15 community events every month for better interaction between learners. 
  • There is an active membership portal. The team supports providing job opportunities to learners after completing the course. 
  • The course fee includes books, case materials, and tuition expenses. There is no application fee. 
  • MEHR comes under the category of India’s top HR Generalist Courses. The Alumni of IIM, SP Jain, ISB, and other leading business schools recommend this course. 

Number of Students enrolled – 582 plus

Programme Fee – Rs 16000

Course Duration – 6 weeks

5. Protouch

Protouch logo

Protouch is one of the leading providers of HR Generalist Courses in India. It is a recognized institution that provides life-transforming training and skills. The organization has been certified ISO 9001: 2015. Protouch aims to provide sustainable business and organizational culture impact. Protouch serves to enhance business productivity and leadership development.


The organization provides all-around training from basic to advanced levels. The corporate training, workshops, and coaching services offered by Protouch are hugely engaging. It will give the learners good results and skills. 


Protouch holds the rank as one of the leading HR Generalist Courses in India. The main aim of the institute is to enhance the skills of the candidates. Dr. Aparna Sethi is the founder and trainer of Protouch. Her contribution to performance in the management system is immense.


The trainer has an MBA Degree in Marketing and Human Resource Management. She holds 20 plus years of experience with various industries and organizations. Her target is to bring academic research and application to the corporate world across diverse domains. 

Course Content – 3 Modules 

  • Talent Acquisition
  • Payroll & Statutory Compliance
  • Strategic HRM

What will you learn in this course? 

  • The learners will understand the process of recruitment and selection. 
  • They learn personality performance and psychometric tests. 
  • The trainer emphasizes providing efficient onboarding skills. 
  • The students understand statutory compliance along with training in Excel, ECR Challan training, labour law, and payroll input. 
  • The course gives an in-depth understanding of the following concepts – basics of HR Analytics, SAP HCM overview, HR policies, and HR business partner. 

Added benefits in the course

  • The Protouch Institute is one of the HR Generalist Courses that aims to provide top-notch skills and employability. 
  • It involves a 100 percent practical approach tutored by leading experts in the HR field. 
  • Protouch has made the lives of many young professionals easy by giving them lifetime job assistance. 
  • It provides class education through its notable association with Times Group and various other managements. 
  • The alumni of Protouch have global recognition for their note-worthy skills. 
  • Protouch offers a Pro HR Toolkit. It contains –

  • 1600 plus documents
  • 1000 plus job descriptions
  • 20 statutory documents
  • Four engagement plans
  • 60 HR letters
  • 290 plus HR forms,
  • 11 hiring modules
  • Nine performance management process
  • 62 records and formats 
  • 70 plus HR policies
  • 12 compensation and rewards
  • 12 onboarding process
  • Nine exit processes. 

Number of Students enrolled – 582 plus

Programme Fee – Rs 16000

Course Duration – 90 hours

6. International Institute of Human Resources – Bangalore (IIHR)

IIHR logo

IIHR was founded in 2012 and is one of the top HR Generalist Courses in India. It is the number one prestigious institution for Human Resource Management. With ten years of excellence in HR, IIHR Certifications and courses are globally recognized and stand out from the rest. It has been accredited with ISO/IEC 17024:2012 and ISO 9001:2015.


The Government of India acknowledged IIHR for providing the best job-oriented programs and Human Resource Skill Development. The Certified Human Resource Generalist (CHRG) is a valuable credential and professional distinction for learners to boost their resume.

Course Content – 13 Modules 

  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Onboarding, Induction, and Orientation
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Statutory Compliances
  • Indian Labour Laws
  • Advanced MS Excel and MS Word
  • Performance Management System
  • Training and Development
  • Exit Process, Full and final Statement
  • HRMS/ HRIS Management
  • Lean Six Sigma Greenbelt 
  • SAP HCM Self Learning Videos
  • Oracle Fusion HCM self-learning Videos

What will you learn in this course?

  • The learners will understand the concepts of recruitment and selection. 
  • The course provides exclusive sessions of advanced MS Excel and MS Word.
  • The trainers make sure to give the students a practical approach to all concepts. 
  • The students understand the performance of a system. 
  • The students learn the necessary topics of the HR field in this leading provider of HR Generalist Courses in India. 

Added benefits in the course

  • IIHR provides a job support system to the students. 
  • Core topics of the HR field.
  • IIHR has received several accolades as the Best Training Institute and leading provider of HR Generalist Courses in India. 
  • The course materials are available to the students through Online Portal Access. 
  • The HR courses provided by IIHR are for Indian students and professionals who want to take a step forward in their careers. 
  • The students are given a lifetime membership with IIHR. 
  • The learners obtain SAP HCM e-learning certifications and Oracle Fusion HCM e-learning Certification upon completing the course. 
  • The course provides HR Toolkit access with over five thousand HR files and formats. 
  • The IIHR certification is internationally accredited and recognized. It serves as a lifelong investment for your career. 

Number of Students enrolled – 1000 plus

  • Online and Self-learning – Rs 60000
  • Classroom learning – Rs 80000
  • Classroom and On-the-job training – Rs 300000

Course Duration – Six months

7. Croma Campus

Croma Campus logo

Croma Campus Training and Development Private Limited (2010) is the leading center for training in India. It is one of the most resourceful and valuable HR Generalist Courses in India. It won the award for the Leading Training and Placement Company in Noida. The organization is the best IT training center for developing basic to advanced levels.


The trainers are certified professionals who have eight to ten years of industry experience. The trainers at Croma Campus served as HR lead, Talent Management Lead, Consultant, and Trainer in various organizations. The students gain both theory and practical knowledge. It will help the students to master all the domains in HR. 

Course Content – 7 Modules 

  • An Introduction to Human Resources
  • Employee Life Cycle Process (Part – 1)
  • Employee Life Cycle Process (Part -2)
  • Talent Management 
  • Labour Laws
  • Legal Aspects of HR
  • Placement Guide 

What will you learn in this course?

  • The course is one of the top HR Generalist Courses in India offers comprehensive training of all the HR Generalist modules. 
  • Core HR subjects like Compensation and Benefits, Performance Management, Recruitment, and Statutory Compliance.
  • The course covers topics like Indian Labour Laws, Advanced HR, Returns and Penalties, Legal aspects of HR, HR audit, and New Labour Codes are taught to the students. 
  • The course aims to provide all the needed skill set for HR Generalist functions. 

Added benefits in the course

  • The learners attend mock tests, interviews, and exams to test their knowledge. 
  • The course modules are structured to make the learners reach their professional goals. 
  • After the training, an individual can enroll for certification exams. 
  • Recorded video sessions of the training are available to the learners. 
  • The training materials include soft copy handbooks that are available to the students. 
  • The course content meets the latest trends. 
  • The P3 Model ensures job placement for the candidates. 
  • The Croma Campus lab is high-tech and well-equipped. The latest infrastructure ensures to make the practical experience smooth. 
  • The trainers at Croma Campus offer job orientations for HR Generalist Training. 
  • They make sure to help the students get placed in top companies by rigorous preparation. 
  • The Noida Campus of Croma is well facilitated, and classrooms have projectors. 
  • Croma Campus is one of the best HR Generalist Courses and has associations with leading companies like Wipro, Dell, TCS, IBM, Birlasoft, and Tech Mahindra. 

Number of Students enrolled – 3000 plus

Course Duration – 30 hours 

8. Aptron Solutions – Delhi

aptron logo

Aptron Solutions was founded in 2003 and is one of the leading HR Generalist Courses in India. It provides a superior learning experience to the learners. The organization has 250 plus IT and non-IT courses. It provides training for many top firms like Microsoft, SAP, CompTIA, Red Hat, etc. APTRON Solutions aim to provide high-class technologies and a broad curriculum to help the learners upgrade their skills. They have bagged several awards through the years for their uncompromised services to the clients. 


The trainers at APTRON Solutions are certified professionals who have seven-plus years of industry experience. They have received awards for their continuous efforts in providing the best HR Generalist training to the clients. They are specialists in their subject and are associated with many top MNCs to guide their HR teams. The trainers have work experience in leading companies like HCL, TCS, IBM, Birlasoft, etc. 

Course Modules – 5 Modules 

  • HR Generalist Practical Training
  • Special HR Interview Guidance Program
  • HR Generalist Areas List
  • Interview’s Session
  • Recruitment & Selection

What will you learn in this course? 

  • The course syllabus of this leading HR Generalist Course in India includes real-time and live projects for hands-on experience. 
  • The modules in the course cover topics like Statutory Compliance, ESI, Bonus, Recruitment, and EPF. 
  • The other modules of the course contain Joining and Exit Formalities and Head Hunting. 
  • The learners gain a Special HR Interview Guidance Program to develop their interview skills. 
  • Classes on Personality Development. 

Added benefits in the course

  • The course meets the demands of the current IT industry. 
  • The students get placement guidance after completing the HR Generalist course. 
  • Flexible timings for training. 
  • The lab facilities at APTRON are open to students all the days of the year. It will help them to practice their technical skills and obtain experience through live experiments. 
  • The institution provides Extra Time Slots for performing unlimited practical sessions. 
  • The classroom have high-class infrastructure facilities with Wi-Fi, projectors, and digital pads. 
  • The course material includes technical and HR interview questions, soft copies, books, PDFs, and sample papers.
  • The HR Generalist Certification provided by APTRON Solutions is valuable and globally recognized. 
  • The trainers are known to provide individual attention to the students. 
  • The technical topics are made easy and understandable to the students. 
  • The students can attend mock tests, group discussions, interview sessions, and presentation skills to help them build confidence. 
  • APTRON Delhi has a 96% placement rate to date. The institute is one of the finest providers of HR Generalist Courses in India. It helps students build their resumes to match the needs of the present industry. 

Course Duration – 45 to 60 days

9. HR Spot 

HR Spot logo

HR Spot is the leading provider of HR Generalist Courses in India. It is for those who want a career in the corporate industry. It has an ISO 9001:2015 certification. HR Spot is been the one-stop for all HR courses for more than a decade. The company has received awards several times, and it is associated with leading organizations like AIMA, AHRMIO, ISTD, and IIHR.


The company received an award from the Education Congress as the Best Skill Learning Institute for 2020. It has won the position of HR Champion Award in HR Training. The company has earned the Best HR Practice Award and Star Greenbelt Award in Training and Development. 


HR Spot trainers are professionals with several years of HR industry experience with leading companies. They are highly specialized and experienced in the HR industry. The mentors aim to provide the best solution to all the current demands of the HR industry.


The course modules of the Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management Training Program are one of the leading HR Generalist Courses in India. The students get an extensive and comprehensive approach to all the modules. HR Spot serves to cater to all the new skills and technologies of the evolving HR industry. 

Course Modules – 7 Modules 

  • Personality Development Programme
  • Advanced Excel
  • Statutory Compliance
  • Corporate Recruitment
  • HR Operation
  • Employee Handling
  • Mastering Payroll Package

What will you learn in this course? 

  • Students understand the course modules on HR topics like recruitment, performance management, benefits, and compensation.
  • Topics like Advanced HR, HR Audit, and Industrial Relations are in this course.
  • The learners know about the HR functions in detail. 
  • The roles and responsibilities of an HR are explained clearly to the learners. 

Added benefits in the course

  • In this top provider of HR Generalist Courses in India, the students obtain an unlimited number of theory and practical classes.
  • Demo sessions of job interviews.
  • Membership cards contain live projects, case studies, HR training presentations, assignment samples, course materials, and interview preparation questions.
  • HR Spot has been the recipient of several awards for its leading HR services and training. 
  • The learners have access to the internal job portal of HR Spot. 

Course Duration – Two months

10. Computer Education & Technology Promotion Association (CETPA)


CETPA is one of the leading institutions that provide HR Generalist Courses in India. It offers Software and Embedded Training programs for engineering and other fields. CETPA is certified by ISO 9001:2015 for high-quality and specialized training.


It is trusted by all and is the leading training provider for many working professionals. CETPA has tutored over two lakh students. The organization has earned Best IT and Embedded Training Company in the past five years across India. It has provided high-quality education by conducting workshops for more than 500 colleges in India. 


The organization has its specialization in three main domains that include training, consultancy, and development. The trainers at CETPA stand tall due to their knowledge and experience. The trainers provide exclusive attention to each student.


CETPA boosts the trainers to get to know the latest trends and technologies. And the students will gain productive results. CETPA stands for its tagline ‘Action with vision can make a positive difference.’ The company is the top provider of HR Generalist Courses in India has always made a difference with its training services globally. 

Course Content – 13 Modules 

  • Introductions
  • Functions
  • Competencies
  • Statutory compliances
  • Payroll
  • Performance Management System (PMS)
  • Appraisal methods
  • Performance Improvement Plan (PIP)
  • Performance & Development Plan (PDP)
  • Income tax
  • Tax Deducted at Source (TDS)
  • Goods & Service Tax (GST)
  • OT

11. NMIMS: Global Access School for Continuing Education

SVKM’s NMIMS Global Access School for Continuing Education is an institute that offers education through its open and distance learning technology. They want to give people a good education through the Internet. They teach people the skills they need to become experts in the business world.


The group offers a course called HR Generalist course with placement. The length of the HR Generalist course is one year.


Let’s look at what the HR Generalist course is all about:

  • HR Generalist certification course introduces you to basic and essential ideas and strategies.
  • Learn how to solve HR problems by being a good leader and managing people and staff well.
  • Learn about different employment laws, employee policies, and fields of pay.
  • Two semesters make up this Diploma program. There are six units each semester. So, each module covers the basics and more in-depth ideas about Human Resource Management.

HR Generalist course fees: 40000

12. We School- Welingkar Education

You can take an HR Generalist course with placement at We School- Welingkar Education in India. The main goal of this program is to help people understand what Human Resource Management is and what HR managers do in the business world.


The most important things this program offers are:

  • Method of learning online or at a distance.
  • Experts and professionals in this field have put together reading and practice material for you.
  • Professionals who can answer questions and clear up any doubts.
  • Students can appear for Tests online.

The lessons for this program take place over one semester. All of the modules needed for the HR Generalist course are included in the curriculum.

HR Generalist course fees: 30000

13. Seven Mentor

Seven Mentor is an academy with its main office in Pune, India. The institute gives a crash course in HR Generalist certification that lasts six months. The main goal of the course is to teach students how to solve company problems, manage staff, and do many other tasks related to the HR Generalist course.


  • Online classes and sessions are part of the Seven Mentor HR Certification Course.
  • Job placement support.
  • Sessions of professional and expert training
  • Study Material (videos, pdfs, study notes)
  • You can get expert trainers from the Seven Mentor organisation. These trainers have more than 12 years of experience in the HR Corporate field.

HR Generalist course fees: 40000

14. Xavier School of Management (XLRI)

You can get an Executive Diploma in HR Generalist course from the XLRI Institute in India. This course will help you learn the skills you need to work in the business world. It also helps people learn and keep up with the new information they need to know in a constantly changing world.


The course includes the following:

  • Homework, projects, and the dissertation.
  • Group work and talks.
  • Lecture series, case studies.
  • XLRI Jamshedpur will give a certificate for Executive Diploma in Human Resource Management to those who finish the course. The program is also set up to make it easy to pay.
  • More benefits of the course for graduates:
  • Access to the job portal
  • Access to lectures and places to talk with others.
  • Alums are told about different events, activities, sessions, and seminars.

HR Generalist course fees: 42000

15. MDI – Management Development Institute

This institute in India has made a program for people who want to learn more about HR Generalist courses. This HR Generalist course in India aims to teach people how to deal with complicated situations, develop creative solutions, build strong networks, and learn to be flexible and resilient. The MDI Institute uses trainers to give good education.

The organization has set out several different goals and aims:

  • Learn about other problems and issues in the business world that have to do with values, ethics, and principles.
  • You will learn about and be able to name several issues related to trade, policies, the market, management, suppliers, etc.
  • Find, analyse, and solve problems in the business. Also, give accurate answers to the issues you’ve brought up.
  • Make it easy for staff and employees to talk to each other.

HR Generalist course fees: 35000

What will you learn in this course? 

  • The course provides knowledge on designing, and improving testing, procedures, and maintenance activities. 
  • The HR Generalist environment helps the learners to design and develop significant applications. 
  • The learners receive a better understanding of programming and implement them practically in real-time projects and applications. 
  • The course aims to design, support, and develop web and mobile applications. 
  • To make the learners develop websites, an extensive session on web development.
  • CETPA being one of the top HR Generalist Courses in India provides the learners with the best quality training. It gives them complete technical, operational, and management practices. 
  • It gives them tools to improve and expand the learner’s understanding of the various competencies. 
  • The learner will have essential writing skills at the end of the course.

Added benefits in the course – 

  • The learners earn the opportunity to work in leading companies like Wipro, Amazon, Infosys, IBM, and TCS.
  • CETPA is the official training partner of Oracle, Panasonic, Autodesk, Microsoft, and Nuvoton. 
  • Practical experience. 
  • CETPA has high-class lab services and infrastructure.
  • The trainers at CETPA have experience of eight-plus years in the HR industry. 
  • The learners are provided training from basic to advanced levels.
  • They understand the jobs and functioning of the HR department in the industry. 
  • Flexible timings.
  • Feasible fee structure. 
  • The learners understand about the HR management functions in detail. 
  • The trainers aim to sharpen the technical and soft skills of the students. 
  • The course modules meet the needs of the latest trends.
  • Job assistance.
  • The students have the choice to decide between online and classroom training. 
  • The CETPA certification holds immense value because of its association with leading partners. It gives the CETPA learners a competitive edge over others. 

Can HR become the CEO of a company? 

A BIG YES! Recent studies conducted by David Ulrich (Professor at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business) and Ellie Filler (Senior Client at recruiting firm Korn Ferry) proved that HRs possess the ability to become successful CEOs.


The studies found that CHROs of leading companies around the globe demonstrate high-level leadership qualities. They overshadow their CEOs. Some of the CRHOs who have become CEOs are Lisa M Weber, Mary Barra, Nigel Travis, Anne Mulcahy, and Bernard Fontana.


Experienced people from the HR industry know the nuances of management. They serve as the anchor and bridge between the employees and the organization. Managing people and operational work becomes a part of their everyday routine in the HR department. People in the HR department have more scope than the others. They can handle recruitment and training, allocate the employees to various areas, and manage the resources efficiently. 


An HR professional must develop the necessary skills to become a CEO

  • Leadership skills 
  • Strategies
  • Marketing and business skills
  • Finance
  • Engagement with employees
  • Learning from your competitors 


Meeting the demands of both the organization and employees is not an easy task. In the fast-growing era of social and technological changes, it is essential to have people who can handle unique problems and provide unique solutions.


They must keep the present and future demands of the users in mind. The data and products can be processed only through efficient work. Cost reduction plays a significant role in management. It proves the fact that the Human Resources department is the backbone of an organization.


Skilled and efficient HRs are the need of the hour. An HR is needed to produce high-quality work and uphold the values of an organization. They must evolve with the changing trends of technologies and problems. HR Generalist is one of the fast-growing areas in the field of HR. It promises an efficient role in the present as well as the future.

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Q1. Which HR certification is best in India?

Ans. Certified Professional in Learning and Performance, Certified Payroll Specialist, Senior Professional in Human Resources and SHRM Certified Professional, Compensation and Benefits Manager, Certified HR Analytics and Metric Professional, Recruitment Analyst, HR Generalist. 


Q2. What are the pros of working in human resources?

Ans. Provides you with steady growth, you will be a good influence on people around you, help people change or shift their careers, coordinate the entire team together and have a high potential to earn a good salary.


Q3. What are the top 10 highest-paying HR jobs in India? 

Ans. HR Consultant, Recruitment and Placement Manager, Executive Recruiter, HR Director, Training and Development Manager, International HR Associate, HR Manager, Employee Relations Specialist, Compensation and Benefits Manager, VP of Human Resources.


Q4. What are the questions asked in an interview for the role of HR Generalist?

Ans. (i) Role specific questions (ii) Behavioural questions (iii) Situational questions (iv) Problem Solving questions (v) Motivation focussed questions.


Q5. What is the greatest challenge that you have faced in the previous position? 

Ans. Try to be honest and precise with the challenges that you have faced. Employers expect a better description of the solution. The solution provided by you will determine your skills and character.  


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