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Dive into top HR Analytics books for a better career 

HR analytics is a methodology used to analyze people’s data. Based on HR analytics, more suitable candidates in a short period are identified and better decisions are made during recruitment thereby contributing to the company’s growth. Besides this, based on historical data, an HR analytics person can make better choices for the movement of the candidates to different functions as well as build the future capability of the organization. The HR analytics books cover different techniques for recruitment, appraisal, and recognizing potential candidates for promotion, etc. Further, by using these techniques, HR people in different departments will analyze HR data for making better decisions. Furthermore, if you pursue a HR Analytics course from a reputed institute like Henry Harvin, you will be gaining additional skills, hands-on experience with different projects, and many more.

Top 12 HR Analytics Books

And so, given below are the top 12 hand-picked HR Analytics books that are written by subject matter experts in the field of HR Analytics domain.

1. HR Analytics: Quantifying the Intangible: Linking People, Processes, and Analytics

Overview of the book

You come across analytics in every sector. Moreover, analytics is gaining importance within human resource management in the last few years. Anyone who reads this book can easily understand the basic concepts. Furthermore, the language is also easy to understand. This book gives an introduction to the growing sector of HR Analytics. 

AuthorPublisherPriceEditionNo. of Pages
Anshul SaxenaBlue Rose publicationsRs.333First162

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The target audience of this book

  • Initially, students who are pursuing a bachelor’s degree, or master’s degree programs in the field of management.
  • Next, a person who is an admirer, who has even a little bit of understanding of HR and is interested in understanding deeper into the subject.
  • Furthermore, this book is also helpful for candidates who want to understand its practical applications in the Human Resource sector.

Insight into the book

In the first place, this HR Analytics book will give you an insight into topics like KPIs, primary metrics, and processes involved in various HR subsectors like employee engagement and recruitment. Additionally, it gives an understanding of the terminologies which are used frequently and then briefs about the benefits and implementation of HR processes.

2. Excellence in People Analytics

About the Book

This HR Analytics book is written by two leading authors in the field of people analytics. Also, it compiles the author’s practical experiences and stories of working and advising on this topic for 10 years. Furthermore, this book provides an outline of how to create viable business value with people analytics and develop a data-driven culture in the Human resources field.

AuthorPublisherPriceEditionNo. of Pages
1. Jonathan Ferrar
2. David Green
Kogan pageRs.3,163First384

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Target audience

  • This is an excellent book for business and human resource leaders with every single thing they need to know about generating value from people analytics.
  • This book is a good read for individual employees who want to gain experience.
  • Last but not least, with this book, companies also will get an insight into which areas are important when developing business value. Additionally, this book also demonstrates that using data can improve a company’s profits, increase productivity, and retain talent.

Insight into the book

Excellence in People Analytics book equips professionals with the tools required to deliver real-time impact while traversing the evolving work in the world. Most importantly, this book covers 30 new case studies of major companies including HSBC, Syngenta, Microsoft, Capital One, Bosch, Uber, and American Eagle Outfitters, which are all assembled around the insight222 nine dimensions in people analytics.

3. The Practical Guide to HR Analytics: Using Data to Inform, Transform, and Empower HR Decisions

About the book

This HR Analytics book is a good book that is easy to read along with examples of situations. So, it is a straightforward guide to HR Analytics. Also, it is a good starting point for most HR professionals. Nonetheless, this provides an in-depth practical approach to using data, facing real HR challenges, and elucidates analytics with proper guidelines and recommendations.

AuthorPublisherPriceLatest EditionNo. of Pages
1. Shonna D Waters
2. Valerie N Streets
3. Lindsay A Mcfarlane
4. Rachael Jhonson A Murray
Society for Human Resource ManagementRs.2,228First262

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Target audience

  • This HR Analytics book is a good help for candidates who are new to HR analytics. Because it provides to-the-point examples and additional material that can be put to use immediately.
  • This book is a good read for HR professionals to understand and apply data analytics in a greater way.

Insight into the book

This book covers the basic understanding of the key terms and intelligently applies the data. However, it also gives an insight into the many forms, applications, types, interpretations, and capabilities of HR analytics. Additionally, you also gain knowledge of starting an HR analytics function, making the business case, presenting data through visualization and storytelling, avoiding common pitfalls, and much more.

4. Data-Driven HR: How to Use Analytics and Metrics to Drive Performance

About the book

Data-Driven HR is a practical book that delegates HR professionals to anchorage the value of the large amount of data that is available at their fingertips. Also, this book is well written and with clear references for further reading. Nonetheless, this book covers how to identify useful sources of data and gather information in a transparent way. And so, this book has become a turning point for the HR profession.

AuthorPublisherPriceLatest EditionNo. of Pages
Bernard MarrKogan pageRs.3,187First264

Hence, for more information about the book, click here.

Target audience

  • Firstly, This book is a must-read for all HR professionals who want to make a measurable difference in their companies.
  • Also, for the candidates who are preparing to enter into HR Analytics, this book is a good read. 

Insight into the book

This book covers all the main elements of HR including employee engagement, recruitment, performance management, well-being, and training, Data-Driven HR verifies the ways data can contribute to a company’s success. Additionally, it includes other topics like, driving performance, optimizing processes, and improving the decision-making of HR. Last but not the least, it is filled up with case studies and real-life examples.

5. People Analytics for Dummies

About the book

Data can help you make decisions on everything from where to arrange a team and how to enhance production processes. Further, engrossing with the employees in ways that are true to them. However, this book shows how to collect data, process data, and then apply your results to create a good and more engaged workforce.

AuthorPublisherPriceLatest EditionNo. of Pages
Mike WestFor DummiesRs.2,106First464

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Target audience

  • To resume with, this is a good read for candidates who are just starting their career in People Analytics.
  • Those who have been in People Analytics for many years, and need material to help develop skills for junior staff.
  • One who works in Human resources, but is not able to make truly data-driven decisions and he/she wants to learn the fundamentals of People Analytics can read this book.
  • Finally, this can be read by those who are not in HR, but leads a team and wants a better understanding of People’s Analytics

Insight into the book

This book consists of the right tools and approaches to analyze the data. Furthermore, you will learn how to start a people analytics project, gain knowledge about qualitative data, and collect data via communications. However, this book also gives an insight into topics like why employees violate, why one department has more personal problems than another, and why high performers leave.

6. Predictive HR Analytics: Mastering the HR Metric

About the HR Analytics book

This is a detailed guide for any professional who is interested in this new field. Also, it is precise and clearly written. However, this book is not just about statistics, but about the future of HR. The reason why this book is different is that the author exhibits how to perform the analysis with different HR data. further providing insight into the different statistical models which support them.

AuthorPublisherPriceLatest EditionNo. of Pages
1. Martin R Edwards2. Kristen EdwardsKogan pageRs.3,188Second536

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Target audience

  • Firstly, this book is the best guide for every HR professional, who want to gain in-depth knowledge and capability in predictive analysis.
  • This book is for beginners who are just entering this domain without any statistical background.
  • Next, for anyone who is interested in learning how to apply statistical methods for HR data, this book is an essential read.
  • Last but not the least, this is a must-read book for HR generalists and data scientists who have to learn social scientific analysis and apply statistics to HR data.

Insight into the book

The updated book includes the latest material on biased algorithms, machine learning, data protection and also considering GDPR, a new example using survival analyses. Further, it also includes screenshots and examples with SPSS version 25. Additionally, It includes a new appendix that shows the main R coding. Apart from this, it contains online resources consisting of SPSS and Excel data sets and R syntax along with the case study examples.

7. Fundamentals of HR Analytics: A Manual on Becoming HR Analytical 

About the HR Analytics book

The Human Resource Management profession is totally linked to gaining an understanding of data analytics in the future. Also, this book gives a hands-on approach to linking data to the policies of HR and practices to enhance overall business growth. Nonetheless, the traditional HR skillsets in the book help to make people understand and engage with data analytics for professionals at different levels.

AuthorPublisherPriceLatest EditionNo. of Pages
1. Fermin Diez
2. Mark Bussin
3. Venessa Lee
Emerald Publishing LimitedRs.3,189First280

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Target audience 

  • This book is an important resource for new, aspiring and experienced HR professionals. 
  • Also, data analysts utilize this book for business workforce-focused projects
  • Accordingly, upper-level students in HR who encounter data analytics also use this book for a better understanding of concepts.

Insight into the book

Focusing on the financial and statistical concepts, including people productivity and Return On Investment, the authors traverse key skills and tasks in a bright way. Therefore, it includes data management,  data collection, clean-up and warehousing, data analytic thinking, and building descriptive and predictive models. Last but not the least, it gives an insight into applying HR analytics and tools to recruitment, workforce planning, turnover analysis, and training.

8. The New HR Analytics: Predicting the Economic Value of Your Company’s Human Capital Investments

About the book

This book extends the author’s previous work(ROI of human capital) in useful and innovative ways. Here, the author takes complex and broad issues like HR metrics and puts them into useful and simple frameworks and actions. Nevertheless, his books show that human capital issues are directly related to the success of a business. Also, by quantifying the impact of human capital, HR can help to grow the business in the right way.

AuthorPublisherPriceLatest EditionNo. of Pages
Jac Fitz-enzAmaconRs.1621Second336

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Target audience

This book is suitable for both beginners and experienced candidates in the domain of HR Analytics.

Insight into the book

This book gives an insight into Fitz-enz’s proprietary analytic model, from which readers can learn how to measure and calculate past and current returns. Further, by combining the results along with focused business intelligence and then applying the analytical tools given in the book. Additionally, it also consists of real-world examples. This book takes you into a new era in human resources and human capital management.

9. Redefining HR: Transforming People Teams to Drive Business Performance

About the book

Firstly, this book elaborates on the evolution in the field of people operations and Human Resources. And so, this HR Analytics book provides you with in-depth knowledge of the fundamental concepts of modern HR. Also, this book provides insights of professionals at the cutting edge of transformation of HR from companies including Reddit, Hubspot, Stripe, Eventbrite, Mastercard, VaynerMedia, and Asana.

AuthorPublisherPriceLatest EditionNo. of Pages
Lars SchmidtKogan PageRs.2,205First280

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Target audience

  • This book is recommended for startups across all sectors of the market and business leaders around the globe.
  • Also, this HR Analytics book provides a physical framework of growing ideas and practices for HR practitioners, business executives, and people leaders.

Insights into the book

This book mainly focuses on new viewpoints and approaches for talent management, rethinking recruitment, reducing costs, performance, and reward to save time and achieve greater success in business. Additionally, it also covers people analytics, learning, and development(L & D), employee experience, and also key HR practices including diversity and inclusion. It is also supported by case studies from many organizations.

10. Predictive HR Analytics, Text Mining & Organizational Network Analysis with Excel

This HR Analytics book gives a complete summary of the methods and best practices in the sector of people analytics. Also, HR professionals should utilize this book which includes advanced powers of analytics without the need to learn programming languages.

AuthorPublisherPriceLatest EditionNo. of Pages
Cedric NG Mong ShenPublished independentlyRs.4,621First502

Anyhow, for further details, click here

Target audience

  • By the way, this book is for professionals in the field of performance and reward analytics. And so, for those who are further interested in understanding Predictive HR Analytics, this book is a great help. Additionally, this helps in learning statistical methods and concepts with real-life case study examples.
  • Also, the companies which are still using excel to analyze the data, and formulas, this HR Analytics book might help them a lot.

Insight into the book

To resume with, this book minimizes the need to spend months learning R programming and reduces your necessity to purchase expensive SPSS statistical software. In fact, this is the only HR analytics book from which you can learn text mining and organizational network analysis, and Microsoft Excel. Furthermore, how to apply these tools for Predictive HR Analytics with step-by-step PrintScreen guidance.

11. Human Resource Management: People, Data, and Analytics

About the book

This HR Analytics book gives an insight into the basics of talent management which is combined with data analytics. Further, analyze how the data can be used to support decisions about the people in a company.

AuthorPublisherPriceLatest EditionNo. of Pages
1. Talya Bauer2. Berrin Erdogan3. David Caughlin4. Donald TruxilloSAGE Publications., IncRs.13,206First736

So, for more information, visit amazon.

Target audience

  • Basically, this book is helpful to students, future managers, and future HR professionals, they will be learning best practices for maintaining talent in the changing workplace. 
  • Also, this is a good read for those who want to pursue their career in HR Analytics. This book focuses on the fundamentals of talent management combined with data analytics.

Insight into the book

This book gives readers hands-on opportunities to exercise the analytical and decision-making ability needed to excel in today’s job opportunities. Nonetheless, practical examples illustrate the main Human Resource Management(HRM) concepts and theories. Furthermore, this brings many traditional HRM concepts to life. 

12. Introduction to People Analytics: A Practical Guide to Data-driven HR

About the book

Gaining knowledge about people analytics is an important skill for HR professionals also. However, people analytics is now an important part of every HR job. And so, those who understand the book will gain confidence in their ability to handle employee and company data. Further, use these analytics to make better decisions.

AuthorPublisherPriceLatest EditionNo. of Pages
1. Nadeem Khan2. Dave MillnerKogan PageRs.2,570First352

Hence, interested to buy the book, click here.

Target audience

  • Firstly, this book helps all HR professionals to get confident with analytics.
  • Also, this is an essential read for all HR professionals.

Insight into the book

This book gives an understanding of how to collect data in an organization and analyze it to use these results for better business prospects. Furthermore, this book also contains case studies. Additionally, it also provides expert guidance and practical benefit on how to embed HR processes into analytics.

Henry Harvin’s HR Analytics course

This is an intensive 4-day course which is led by an instructor that is specially designed and mainly focused on applications of the analytics techniques using R in the field of Human Resources for candidates with specialization in HR. the prime topics that are covered in Human Resource Analytics are People Analytics, Talent Analytics, Recruitment Analytics, and Performance Analytics. This course provided by Henry Harvin will help the students learn the fundamentals of R syntax, R programming, variables, and operators building data analytics models to perform specific analyses.

Key features of the course

  • Two-way live interactive online classroom sessions for 35 hours
  • Gain experience by working on projects like data cleaning, R programming, and people and talent management.
  • The internship is provided where you get practical experience of all your learnings.
  • You will be awarded a certification of Certified HR Analytics course from Henry Harvin.
  • Guaranteed 100% placement post successful completion of the course for 1 year
  • You will gain access to video content, assessments, abundant tools and techniques, and many more.
  • Regular boot camps for over 1 year
  • Get a gold membership for 1 year

Benefits of the course

  • You will get hands-on experience to explore, analyze, and solve problems using analytics tools like advanced excel and R.
  • Understand the concepts of data collection 
  • Communicate the objectives of human resources with the given data in a more focused way.
  • To drive the return on investment(ROI) of the company, nowadays, analytics are used to identify core financial parameters.
  • After successful completion, you will be job ready in the field of analytics.
  • Fill the vacancies of a number of high-paying jobs in the analytics domain.
  • You also get guidance on how to improve your CV and LinkedIn profile.
  • By gaining knowledge of analytics, you can support your startup with high ROI.
  • You will get an experience in industry projects during the training.

Why HR Analytics?

Traditionally, the people function used to make decisions based on the higher management guidance without any data evidence. Also, because of this some of the potential candidates could not get the deserved position or movement. However, this has changed with the availability of data as well as the techniques. Hence, HR is now specially placed to use company data to improve performance, both of the people in the organization and the organization as a whole.

Wrapping up about top HR Analytics books

This article on HR Analytics books broadly covers all HR function-related Analytics. These books have been selected such that, it includes the latest data analytics techniques. Hence, candidates going through these books can master all the topics required to become a specialist in this sector. All the HR Analytics books mentioned in this article were written by experienced subject matter experts in the specific HR Analytics domain. Along with these books, if you want to gain industry experience, it is advisable to take an HR Analytics course from a reputed institute.

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Q1. Which is the first book to be launched in the HR Analytics domain?

Ans. The first book to be launched in the HR Analytics domain is The Practical Guide to HR Analytics: Using Data to Inform, Transform, and Empower HR Decisions. This was released in the year 2018 and was published by Society For Human Resource Management.

Q2. Which is the best book for a fresher to understand HR analytics?

Ans. There are many books that give you the fundamentals of HR Analytics concepts. But the latest book “HR Analytics: Quantifying the Intangible: Linking People, Processes, and Analytics” is best for a fresher.

Q3. Which book is best for understanding people’s productivity in this domain?

Ans. There are a quite few books that focus on financial and statistical concepts, but the one book that highlights people’s productivity is Fundamentals of HR Analytics: A Manual on Becoming HR Analytical.

Q4. Could you recommend a book on controlling of attrition rate?

Ans. The main book which gives you an in-depth understanding of controlling attrition rate is people analytics for dummies.

Q5. Apart from the books, is there any course to pursue in the HR Analytics domain?

Ans. Yes, definitely there are many institutes that provide the HR Analytics course. But choosing this course from a reputed institute like Henry Harvin will help you to get into a better job.

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