Top 10 HR Payroll Course in Agra 2021 updated list

Human resource is an integral part of the corporate world. As the corporate world needs manpower, recruiting them and managing them efficiently a special team required. HR Payroll course involves the management of human resource efficiency.

HR Payroll course gives basic knowledge of management oh human resource. After completion, you will be prepared as an HR professional who will efficiently manage a corporate company’s requirement. 

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Here is the information about HR payroll courses in Agra.

Top 10 HR Payroll courses in Agra

Rank#1: Henry Harvin Education

It is ranked amongst the top 3 courses in the HR payroll course. They offer an HR payroll course in Agra.

It is a thirty-two hours instructor-led course that gets you through the fundamental knowledge of the payroll system. 

After completion of the certificate programme duration, they will offer twenty-four hours Bootcamps that will be held for the next year. They also offer you to attend unlimited batches for the next year without paying any extra fee.

Henry Harvin provides trainers who have 10 plus years of experience that are carefully selected. They have an area of expertise and are continuously upgrade themselves with new additional tools. Trainers are also associated with placement units of various companies to help trainee with placements.

They give you hands-on experience with a live project and an alumni status at their HR academy with their gold membership.


  • Twenty-four hours of live training.
  • A CHRPS certification that is industry-recognized.
  • Monthly Bootcamp sessions.
  • One year access to LMS.
  • Recorded videos of the training.
  • Updated and industry-based study material.
  • 100% job assistance, internship opportunity and project assistance. 

For further detail in HR Payroll course please contact Henry Harvin Education.

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Rank#2: IPTM(The Institute of Payroll Training and Management)

The IPTM institute is creating opportunities for their trainees to upgrade their skills on payroll career. They are offering a payroll course in Agra.

They offer fifty hours of training with a duration of two months. They usually held their classes on weekends. Classes are offered in two ways: online and in class.

The institute provides hands-on practice in MS excel and live HRMS. once enrolled they provide daily live recorded videos, in-depth study material and e-notes.

After completion of all the modules of the syllabus, they conduct an examination. Based on the performance in this examination, they issue a course completion certificate.

SAP HR Course Certificate and Trainning

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The IPTM institute provides job assistance, help you to build a resume, will give you the alumni status and help you with a board interview.

Rank#3: is a one-stop source for various virtual payroll course in Agra.

They have customized group that deliver payroll course virtually or on-site. They also have a self-paced course in their bundle.

They have a variety of courses to choose from. For further details, you can call their representative. Some are courses are listed below.

As we talking about bundles, they have three types of courses for you;

  • Instructor-led Live Training(8 classes).
  • Individual Online Self-paced Courses(33 courses).
  • E-learning & Video Collections(4 bundles).
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Rank#4: ISBM Payroll Academy

ISBM Payroll Academy is one of the institutes in India that offers payroll courses in Agra. They are a pioneer body in benchmarking an HR payroll course in India.

Their teaching technique has positively upgraded the role and functions of the various organizations by impacting professionalism and doing positive working practices.

Enrolling in ISBM Payroll Academy gives you benefits in the form of a membership organization. Students also will get full professional membership that allows him/her to be a true professional.

Generally, their courses are of short duration and fast-tracked. They offer time flexibility. After enrolling they give you access to their online module that consists of a discussion board, study materials, video recordings etc. they also conduct an examination.

ISBM offers three programs;

  • The Foundational Certificate in Payroll and Payroll Compliance.
  • The Advanced Certificate in Payroll Management and Compliance.
  • Certificate in Payroll Management

Rank#5: IPA (The Institute of Public Accountants)

IPA institute offers HR payroll courses in Agra. 

They offer a diploma in HR payroll course. The duration of this course is sixty hours that is covered in four months. The course can be completed under experts guidance.

The payroll course will teach students how to record and analyze payroll information. They also provide practical payroll course.

Their classes are held usually on weekends. In the classes, students learn payroll management through payroll software, in-depth knowledge of PF, ESL etc.

Students learn all the payroll techniques through a live project.

Rank#6: Lead Academy

The Lead Academy is one of the institutes that offer HR payroll in Agra.

They firmly believe that their HR payroll course will set you up with a firm foundation in Payroll management and administration. As one of the leading course providers online, they give you the best educational experience.

They offer a self-paced online course with no fixed schedule. They give you lifetime access and 24/7 customer support. They provide high tech e-learning study materials and online assignment questions.

Rank#7: SAC Management India Pvt Ltd.

It is one of the institutes that offers HR payroll course in Agra.

SAC Management company is established in 2003. They offer various HR training course along with payroll course.

The course duration is of sixty hours that completed in two months. Classes are usually held via online mode. Along with theoretical knowledge, students get an abundance of practical sessions.

Their teaching is technology-based with a lot of case studies and planned reading.

Coaching and mentoring is provided. They also provide time flexibility. HR payroll certificate can upgrade your professional skills.

Rank#8: V Skills Certified Payroll Manager 

They are one of the largest payroll certification body. They provide skills set training to improve employability.

The certification body is managed by IIT alumni. The course is designed to give you basic knowledge of payroll system and their management. The duration is of twelve hours with lifetime e-learning access.

It is beneficial to the candidates who are looking for a job at good MNC’s then V skills payroll certification is a good choice.

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Rank#9: HR Spot

Effective management of human resource is key to the success of any organization. At HR spot you will learn to implicate this success key. 

They will help to understand the HR function in details, jobs and responsibilities.

Classes are held online/in-class way. They provide you with study materials with unlimited access. All the classes are delivered by expert faculty. They have a 142% job assistance record.

Rank#10: HR Training Center(Payroll certification program)

At the HR training center, they offer a variety of payroll course. They offer you online classes that can be learned at your own time. 

These courses are designed to upgrade your skills that will eventually land you as a good HR professional. They have an award-winning user interface that provides you with high tech study materials.

They offer you practical hands-on experience. Their training classes are offered in webinars, seminars and online platforms.

From the above list, one thing is clear that there is a huge demand for HR payroll courses. But, what is a payroll course? Let us get some information about it.

What is payroll?

Payroll is the list of employees who get paid by the company. It is also referred to as the total amount of money paid to employees by employers.

The Payroll management systems help to keep the company’s employee’s financial record. With the help of a payroll management system, the software can manage these records in an automated fashion and hassle freeway.

What are payroll courses? 

Payroll courses teach students how to calculate salaries, income taxes, provident funds, and how to structure salaries in the corporate organization. A payroll system is an integral part of the HR system. It also teaches you to calculate the exact amount of the salaries.

Benefits of Payroll course?

  • You will get in-depth knowledge functions and responsibilities of the HR department of any company.
  • As you will get to know deeper knowledge, you can fast-tracked your career in the HR department.
  • You will get knowledge on technical skills and software that are used in the HR payroll system.
  • You can work independently in real life situation for any HR company.
  • You can improve the working efficiency of your company by using the payroll system in a more accurate and timely manner.
  • You can learn about legal and labour laws by working as a payroll manager.


HR department is an important part of any corporate company. If an organization wants to succeed they need a good team. And, to keep a good team they should satisfy with the rewards they get after giving their best performance.

A payroll manager in an HR department is responsible for extracting the correct amount of salaries to the employees, that will keep them happy with the company, Also by doing so the company should also remain in profit.

Doing an HR payroll course will make your career upgrade in a good way. It will get you recognization in the HR world. 


1. What is the HR payroll course?

 The HR payroll course helps individual to get placed in the company’s financial department. And he will be mainly responsible for extracting employee’s salaries.

2. Who can do the HR payroll course?

Individual who did their HR management, or accounting and finances are essentially qualified for HR payroll courses.

3. What is the salary of the HR payroll manager?

 According to a Glassdoor survey, the average salary of an HR payroll manager is ₹10,73,477 in India.

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