“If you want to feel confident, make more money and improve your chances of finding a quality position, a small investment  in TEFL COURSE  will pay off in the eternity”

What does TEFL Certification mean?

TEFL” is the acronym for Teaching English as a Foreign Language or English language instruction for non-native speakers. Also, Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), English Language Teaching (ELT), and teaching ESL (English as a Second Language). The field of TEFL/TESOL represents one of the fastest-growing educational fields in the world and it presents thousands of excellent professional opportunities in all corners of the globe for native and English speakers who earn their TEFL/TESOL certification. Currently, TEFL is an expedient factor that enhances worldwide communication and soars as an excellent career option. Teaching English in a foreign Language can slake the desire for an excursion while continuing with the magnanimous profession.

Why should one complete TEFL Certification? 

TEFL  certification is one of the biggest attractions which contribute toward the inclination of exploring opportunities and advancements, invaluable experiences, enhancing your teaching skills, foster career growth, develop a new interest in the teaching profession, providing tools and techniques for better management of classrooms and educating students to showcase their potential.

English language is considered one of the most popular international languages and has been made compulsory as a second language all over the world. As per the Statista Research Department which was published in December 2020, the number of language students studied worldwide is around 2 billion. The United Kingdom including china had the most number of students learning English as a foreign language which is approximately 678,152. A good TEFL training course will help you to expertise the basic concepts of planning curriculum, classroom management skills, English grammar techniques, and other basic skills that will open the door for teaching English abroad to non-native and native speakers.

English teaching jobs are appropriate for those wanting to keep themselves busy, digital nomads and remote workers, and for those who want extra income as a source or for the people who love teaching  English as a second language. 

TEFL Certification in India

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Perks of doing TEFL Certification course :

  • You will be benefited monetarily and professionally from your teacher’s training certificate  
  • With an esteemed credential, you can bolster your career prospects and can apply for teaching in private schools, international schools, and IB schools.
  • You can educate and motivate students to learn English and invigorate for a better future.
  • TEFL course makes you eligible for jobs in the corporate sector as the corporate trainer or accent trainer.
  • The most entrancing point of TEFL, adds perks to your ability and credibility to work overseas.

TEFL Certification Eligibility Criteria:

If you are interested in accomplishing your career growth with prominent benefits, having a graduate/ post-graduate degree is not enough. TEFL courses will add feathers to your hat. it is a world-renowned qualification that helps you teach English abroad. In simple terms, we can say getting certified in the TEFL course is a low-cost investment benefiting lucrative career possibilities in return. There are many accredited online TEFL courses from where one can learn teaching procedures and core competencies. It is designed in such a way that it helps in developing and nurturing the skills required.

TEFL course duration with insight on how long they take to complete

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Many of the TEFL certificates are self-paced learnings and may take you longer to complete depending on the amount of time you are willing to put into the study to complete it. The most important feature you choose before opting for a TEFL course is determination, motivation, and eagerness to learn.

100 Hours Of TEFL Course 

A TEFL course of 100 hours is considered the minimum international requirement. Less than 100 hours of courses may not qualify you for teaching jobs abroad. This is one of the basic top-up TEFL  courses that is designed to train aspirant teachers with the introduction and fundamentals of English. The curriculum is grounded in contemporary teaching which gives you the essential knowledge, profound insights, clear concepts. It segregates the course into  70 hours of theory assessments and methodology and 30 hours of teaching practicum.

120 Hours Of TEFL Course

In most countries, certification of a minimum of 120 hours TEFL course is recommended. It is one of the sufficient qualifications which qualifies you to teach abroad. Generally, it takes 10-12 weeks to complete the course but if you are unable to complete the course in a certain period you can take the extensions.

It’s an elementary-level course that mainly focuses on subjects relating to teaching skills, theories and methodologies, lesson planning, classroom management, language awareness (English Grammar), and pronunciations.

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The course is divided into 100 hours of theory and course work and 20 hours of teaching practicum. The contents are broadcasted into different phases and each phase is segregated into various modules and assignments.

Aspirants who wish to take the plunge abroad can opt for in-person courses or blended courses(Asia and Europe are highly recommended to study TEFL courses). 

168 hours of TEFL Course 

168 hours of  TEFL is considered as the gold standard and the other term used for this particular course is level 5. Level 5 TEFL course is DEAC approved and is equivalent to CELTA (Certificate In English Language Teaching In Adults). Completion of this course will take months and offers an abundance of opportunities to practice new skills and techniques so that aspirants can teach English to young learners, teens, or adults. The circular includes classroom management, teaching style, and precocious TEFL methodology, principle, and mini-modules on business English teaching. 

120-hours TEFL / TESOL Online Certification Course

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However, the training methodology is specifically designed so that aspirants can learn how to take classes over the phone and how to teach large classes. Plus, completing a Level 5 course will make your job easier, a lesson more energetic, fun, and relevant, and will help you earn more pay than other certifications.

Learning should be fun and learn! Here is a  unique video explaining TEFL Certification 


Scope After Completing TEFL Certification Course 

Online English Teaching

Online teaching is a platform that helps teachers to increase their followers to earn good money. Many higher English education institutes have acquired online teaching as the top priority and therefore offering the highest-paid English teaching jobs to the teachers with professional platforms. Aspirants teachers with TEFL certification can make at least $10-$20 (USD) for classes lasting between 25 to 50 minutes & work schedules are very flexible.

Teaching Overseas

If you love to explore in-person teaching with a steady and stable income then buying an international plane ticket can be worth trying. The certification owned through this course can be used overseas for teaching. Some countries demand visa and JET program specifications to teach English in a particular country 

Note: The demand for teachers across the world is huge and the hiring season is a bonus. 


Accreditation procedures are established by an organization so that education programs meet defined standard quality. Experts deliberate their professional knowledge and experience for the improvement of education in their disciplines. Legitimate TEFL certifications are recognized and trusted which increases the chance of finding a job as the majority of institutes consider aspirants whose TEFL certification meets some benchmark including live practice teachings 

Equipment For Online Teaching

Before you plan to apply for an online English teaching job, you must be prepared with the pieces of equipment like a personal computer/MacBook/laptop, a high-quality webcam, headset, a silent workplace (possibly you’ll be teaching and sitting online often) a good amount of internet speed. you must work from a particular area that has a proper electric supply or generator backup. Even verify that your RAM has enough space to run some software program.

Take away 

Teaching helps in building a virtuous communication platform, tutoring and mentoring are also taken into the consideration. Teachers having a good amount of experience and fluency tags you in the list of highest-paid online English teaching jobs. However one can add credentials in their profile/ resume.


  • Firstly, there is no expiry for a TEFL course or TEFL certificate. That means once you have completed the course, you can avail the benefits for life!
  • It increases career opportunities as well as your pay scale considerably.
  • Gives you a prospect to travel worldwide as well as teach!
  • Provides a wide platform to teach adults/teens and students of various cultures and communities.
  • TEFL curriculum also teaches you the phonetics part of speech which is essential for learning and speaking a language correctly.
  • The course is accepted globally, so the entire world is your canvas.
  • A TEFL course will enhance your skills and knowledge through its advanced curriculum.
  • You will learn effective and meaningful ways to teach English language skills.

Here’s a great future that awaits you as a professional teaching career including all the necessary factors. 

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Q-1. Is Teaching English Online Worth it?

****Online teaching is a great option for folks with little teaching experience who want to supplement their income and put their free time to use.

Q-2. Are there any age restrictions for teaching English abroad 

****Courses are designed for those aged 16 and above and when it comes to finding work for teaching English abroad, there can be age restrictions. 

Q-3. Can you fail an online TEFL course?

****Yes, it’s possible to fail an online TEFL course as it depends upon you and the course. 

Q-4. Can non-native English speakers teach English?

****Yes, but it can be more difficult to find work as most of the recruiters recruit native English speaker teachers.

Q-5. What is the difference between offline and online TEFL courses?

****Offline courses are more practical and fast-paced whereas online courses are more theoretical.

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