Teaching English abroad is one of the most rewarding jobs. There are many countries that actively look for native English-speaking teachers. While in some countries you may just need graduation, others may prefer teachers with a TEFL Certification.


Two of the numerous alternatives are establishing a new vocation and earning money. Educating native English speakers in a foreign nation has several practical advantages. The opportunity to see the globe, experience other cultures, and pick up a new language awaits you.


Moreover, the international experience can do wonders for your resume while applying for future jobs.

Another amazing benefit of traveling and learning a new language is exposure to a variety of part-time jobs. For instance, a job as a translator or interpreter or even a successful travel blogger. Moreover, the new atmosphere can boost your confidence on a personal level. You will be able to make new friends, go out with them, and do new things.


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As mentioned above, there are many countries that look out for English teachers. The most challenging task is choosing the best place.

Criteria for Applying for a Job Abroad as an English Teacher.

  1. Which country do you want to apply for the job?
  2. What is the salary package they are offering?
  3. Cost of living in that country.
  4. How safe is the country?
  5. Have you planned where you will reside? In China’s major cities, such as Shanghai and Beijing, living expenses will be significantly higher than in more rural regions.

Given the aforementioned, which ten nations would you recommend as ideal teaching locations in 2020? Below are the lists.

1. China – The Third Biggest Country

teach English abroad, teaching English abroad, teaching English in another country

China is home to over one billion people and a vast geographical area. Countless individuals annually go abroad for employment opportunities, drawn by the country’s booming economy and fierce competition.


In addition, parents aim for their children to acquire English proficiency. It is because they envision a world where their children can thrive. This explains why English language instructors are in such high demand nationwide.

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You will find teaching in China fun because you will most likely teach children. Whether in kindergarten or daycare centers or schools, the little citizens are always playful and fun-loving. It’s a great joy to work with. Furthermore, interacting with children keeps you mentally and physically occupied and on your toes constantly.


In addition, the lucrative compensation packages they provide may inspire you to pursue English teaching abroad. Typically, someone will be responsible for your lodging. After a year, you’ll get your money back. It also includes the cost of your aircraft ticket. Doing this can save a lot of money while you’re there.


Do you know the living cost in China is relatively inexpensive. Living in big cities like Shanghai and Beijing will be quite costly. So, China is the best country for college students if your primary focus is to pay back your education loan.


Again, China is the ideal country if you are a full-time teacher who wants to save money. 

Here, you can expect to make between ten to fifteen thousand RMB annually in public and private areas.

2. Japan – The Land of the Rising Sun

teach English abroad, teaching English abroad, teaching English in another country

Even though Japan is a small country with just over 126 million people, the economic boom and the flourishing businesses are forcing people to communicate with westerners and to move abroad to seek new jobs. Thus, opportunities for English teachers are plenty.

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Numerous individuals travel to Japan with dual objectives. One of them is to immerse themselves in the local culture and another is to achieve success in a distinctive setting. The most crucial thing to remember is determining whether you are an extrovert. Whether you love the city or are a recluse, who prefers the country.


Japanese hygiene is undeniably one of the key selling points of the country to international educators. According to Travel Noire

When students arrive at school, they leave their street shoes in lockers and change into sneakers. Taking your street shoes off doesn’t only happen at school — when entering homes, you are expected to leave your shoes at the door.

As always, while being in Japan you will get the golden opportunity to learn Japanese which will help you in communicating with locals who find communicating in English challenging. 

Japan is generally considered to be an expensive country, but the salaries are also high there for English teachers. In the http://youcanteachenglish.com it says

In Japan the salaries of English teachers are approximately 250,000 yen and the expenses are roughly 144,000 yen. 

An added advantage, if you are a native English speaker TEFL certification is not required, just a bachelor’s degree will be sufficient.


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3. South Korea – The Republic of Korea

South Korea has a massive industry of electronics, telecommunication, automobile production, steel, etc. among many others. As a result of this, interaction with foreign companies and people has become important. Also, a large number of people often migrate to foreign countries. They do not only go overseas for different careers but they do go for higher studies as well.


There is a great demand for English teachers, thus earnings are high as well. They will even book your travel to Korea and arrange your lodging.


You should be ready to put in much time and effort, even if Seoul is a fantastic urban destination for fun and relaxation. Compared to other countries, you must put effort into earning much more money.

According to a study, you can earn between $ eighteen to nineteen thousand.

4. United Arab Emirates – Dubai and the City of Gold

Dubai is an astonishing city of luxury, high raised buildings, nightlife, and a stunning amount of people from different countries.

Dubai is an expensive city, but the salaries are also good and they are tax-free. Usually, TEFL teachers get paid between $3000 to $4000 per month. Moreover, contracts generally last for two to three years, so for those looking for job security, this is an added advantage.


Moreover, most schools take care of your accommodation and reimburse your airfare.

Interestingly, if you are interested in a teaching career, you could pick up other languages for teaching too. This will help you earn that extra cash for saving or paying off loans.

Teaching English in a foreign country like Dubai can be a culture shock because there’s still a large sense of conservativeness in the population despite the modern-day facilities.

5. Taiwan – A Country Full of Culture and Traditions

teach English abroad, teaching English abroad, teaching English in another country

One of the most popular ports of call for English teachers in Taiwan. 


Taiwan is an island country that’s located close to China, Japan, and the Philippines. This country has a mix of Buddhism and Taoism and also an overwhelming Chinese culture.


Despite the fact that a considerable number of individuals lament the challenges of acclimating to Taiwanese culture, the substantial Chinese influence affords you the opportunity to study Mandarin. Consequently, this facilitates your pursuit of improved prospects in China in the future.


Taiwan is a popular destination for English instructors in large part due to its low cost of living and high income.


Another benefit is that similar to Japan, teaching in Taiwan does not require TEFL certification.

Taiwan is a great spot to teach English abroad. since it is adjacent to several popular tourist destinations, like China, Japan, and the Philippines. You may also make use of the many vacations to visit these countries. However, in Taiwan, in particular, there is much to discover.

6. Saudi Arabia – Oil-rich Country

The initial thought that may enter your mind when contemplating a relocation to Saudi Arabia is determining how to cope with the cultural upheaval. It is among the top places to teach English overseas if you are prepared.

A TEFL certification is not typically required for English teaching positions in Saudi Arabia, especially for native English speakers. Besides, the TEFL certification cost will cover all your lodging, insurance, and transportation.

You can earn up to $4000 a month. Interestingly, like in Dubai, the money you earn it is completely tax-free.

However, as stated above, Saudi Arabia is a religious country that has very strict cultural and religious norms and you need to learn to manage the severely restricted culture in Saudi Arabia. 

For example, if you are a woman you can only teach women and you will need to wear a burqa wherever you go out etc are part of their cultural norms. Moreover, being a Muslim country alcohol, movie theatres, etc are strictly prohibited there. 

In summary, if you are prepared to face challenging cultural restrictions there, it’s a good place to work and earn money.

7. Spain – The Country of Passion

teach English abroad, teaching English abroad, teaching English in another country, teaching English in a foreign country

Spain is a world-renowned tourist destination thanks to its breathtaking landscapes, exciting cities, fantastic beaches, mountains, and nightlife.

Teaching in Spain Can be Fun for the Following Reasons

  • Working hours are comparatively less.
  • Though salary is estimated to be 1000 euros a month, lesser working hours mean that you can earn side income through various means.
  • Because Spanish is among the three most spoken languages in the world, it will be a golden opportunity for you to learn the language spoken by over 450 million people.
  • There are additional advantages if you learn Spanish. This will open doors for you as a translator and interpreter, both personally and professionally, making it easier to communicate with locals. Future trips to South America can also benefit significantly from it.
  • They can assist non-EU citizens in obtaining the notoriously difficult European visa.

According to the International TEFL Academy

You should put money aside for startup expenditures and getting a TEFL degree. A bachelor’s degree is unnecessary, although many businesses still favour candidates with such credentials.

8. Thailand – The land of Smiles

Thailand is host to a bustling tourism sector that attracts a substantial influx of visitors from around the globe.


As mentioned, a significant influx of international visitors to Thailand annually renders English proficiency an imperative necessity for the local population.


Generally speaking, students, even if they pass out of college, tend to speak only Thai. In Thailand, students who can communicate in English have far better opportunities than those who speak only Thai.


Salaries for TEFL teachers generally are about $1000 – $ 1100 dollars a month, but if you follow a simple lifestyle you still can save some money. For example, the average monthly rent there is just about $120 and every meal costs around $2. It’s an extremely cheap country in terms of the cost of living, which is why the number of ex-pats in Thailand has increased over the years.


Moreover, there are other advantages of paid holidays and traveling options which makes Thailand one of the best places for teaching English abroad.

Vaga brothers in their video say

It’s pretty easy to find English teaching jobs in Thailand and most public schools have two-three months off per year fully paid. So this is the best opportunity to backpack around South East Asia.

9. Jordan – The country of Ancient Monuments

teach English abroad, teaching English abroad, teaching English in another country, teaching English in a foreign country

Jordan, a country known for its ancient monuments and beautiful beaches.

But you should mentally prepare for a culture shock. It’s unavoidable, you get used to it, it is worth it as it helps open up your mind. 

When you think about teaching English abroad, definitely Jordan is a recommended place because it is a country that values education, and English teachers are in high demand there. Most schools are located in major cities like Amman, Zarqa, and Irbid. 

You will initially be employed as a private tutor in Jordan. Therefore, you may be required to reside with a family there, and housing concerns may be unnecessary. Jordan’s rich cultural and historical heritage offers all travellers an unforgettable experience.

Secondly, if you are a native English speaker, you don’t need a bachelor’s degree to teach English abroad.

10. Brazil – The Samba Nation

Interested in teaching English abroad? You can add Brazil on the list because Brazilians are usually friendly and open to foreigners.

Despite the lack of openings in public schools, working as a tutor( private or public)school presents numerous opportunities. This is why avoiding densely populated areas like São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro is a wise decision.

Visas are notoriously tricky to obtain. But if you manage to get the working, you will have a lifetime chance to study in Portuguese. Brazil is one of the South American countries where Spanish is not the official language. But it’s also the “liveliest” nation in the world. They brimming with people who are happy, enthusiastic, culturally diverse, and, of course, the most insane soccer and football fans anywhere!

Things to Take Home

Teaching English overseas is an excellent choice. It is best for aspirants who love the English language. Teaching English in a foreign country, however, has its own advantages and disadvantages.

teach English abroad, teaching English abroad, teaching English in another country


  • Guaranteed salary and decent comfortable accommodation.
  • Chance to learn a new foreign language.
  • Numerous opportunities to travel around to many new places and explore the world more.
  • You can get to know new cultures, lifestyles and food habits of other countries.
  • You can look out for other part-time jobs, especially if you know the local language.


  • The language barrier becomes one of your biggest problems unless you learn the regional language.
  • The contracts are usually only for a short term, maybe for a year or a couple of years. Job sustainability in such a case is a bit disappointing.
  • The culture shock can hit you hard unless you go with an open mind.
  • You stay hundreds of miles away from your relatives and friends. This can make you pretty homesick especially if you fall ill etc.
  • Staying in rural areas can make you feel withdrawn.

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Ques 1. When looking for an English teacher, which country ranks first?

Ans. China has some of the highest-paying ESL jobs for English teachers abroad. It is the largest TEFL employment market in the world, with 300 million Chinese students enrolling in English classes annually.

Ques 2. Which nation requires an English instructor?

Ans. Several teaching jobs are available for Indian students from Southeast Asian countries, such as China, Japan, and South Korea. One can find alluring opportunities in the Middle East. They can discover specifically in tax-free nations such as Qatar, Doha, the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia.

Ques 3. Is it challenging to obtain employment at TEFL?

Ans. Obtaining TEFL certification is the most challenging right now. After gaining at least one year of teaching experience, everything becomes considerably more straightforward. Nevertheless, with this exception, the TEFL sector is not dissimilar to any other. In addition, the substantial demand for English language learners is advantageous to the TEFL industry.

Ques 4. Does the United Kingdom have a demand for English teachers?

Ans. In the United Kingdom, pupil enrollment has increased dramatically since the end of the pandemic. Despite the increased demand for English classes in the United Kingdom, schools have needed help maintaining complete staff rooms. There is tremendous demand for EFL and CELTA-certified instructors.

Ques 5. Is the salary of a British educator adequate?

Ans. Teaching pays an average of £40,877 annually in London, United Kingdom. In London, United Kingdom, additional cash compensation for teachers ranges from £1,219 to £3,219 on average, or £1,897.

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